Portland, OR Agriculture & Industry

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Mi Conveyance Solutions Logo

Mi Conveyance Solutions

Belt Shop, Rubber Products Supplier, Aggregate Supplier

2621 NW Industrial St Portland, OR 97210
ATC Transport

Hey, I have delivery to your company tomorrow, whats the receiving hours for you and a good phone #?

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WasteXpress Logo


Waste Management Service, Environmental Consultant, Demolition Contractor

7133 N Lombard St Portland, OR 97203
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Superfab Logo


Woodworker, Furniture Maker, Interior Designer

1875 SE Belmont St Portland, OR 97214
Andrew Boden

It was super fab!!!

( 30 Reviews )
Blooming Porch Flower Farm and Design Studio Logo

Blooming Porch Flower Farm and Design Studio

Florist, Farm, Flower Delivery

9923 SW 55th Ave Portland, OR 97219
Kaia Wagner

Great customer service when I called, easy online ordering, same day delivery and a text to show the final delivered bouquet! It was the most beautiful bouquet with uniqu ... more

( 8 Reviews )
Strata Design LLC Logo

Strata Design LLC

Geotechnical Engineer, Civil Engineer

2117 NE Oregon St #502 Portland, OR 97232
Khush Hans

I would give zero star, if possible. No respect for timeline. Randy is rude and liar. Report was not provided for 4 months which was promised in one month. Stay away, if ... more

( 7 Reviews )
US Ecology Logo

US Ecology

Environmental Engineer

6211 North Ensign Street Portland, Oregon 97217
corey Freeman

Worked on the Queen of the West very clean organized operation.

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United Rentals - Fluid Solutions: Pumps, Tanks, Filtration- CLOSED Logo

United Rentals - Fluid Solutions: Pumps, Tanks, Filtration- CLOSED

Water Pump Supplier

9050 Ne Halsey St Portland, Oregon 97220
( 12 Reviews )
Frenchys Junk Removal Logo

Frenchys Junk Removal

Debris Removal Service, Waste Management Service, Garbage Collection Service

4619 SE Knight St Portland, OR 97206
Beth Herrick-Brown

I called on Eric to remove some last items in the process of a move. He was very prompt in getting back to me and set up a time that worked well for me. They got the job ... more

( 64 Reviews )
King Harvest Hummus Drive- Thru Logo

King Harvest Hummus Drive- Thru

Food Manufacturer, Wholesaler

1502 SE Morrison St Portland, OR 97214
Shawna Irvine

My favorite hummus ever!! Jalapeño is my #1 and chipotle is my #2. Consistency is perfect and the flavor is so addictive. So glad I found a local company I love!

( 17 Reviews )
Uroboros Glass Logo

Uroboros Glass


2139 N Kerby Ave Portland, OR 97227
René Ross

Awesome staff, they're wonderful people as well as their glass products

( 35 Reviews )
COAST Products Logo

COAST Products

Manufacturer, Business To Business Service

8033 NE Holman St Portland, OR 97218

I have a coast HP7.XDL flashlight does anyone know if you can remove the end of the flashlight where the LED is as I cannot do it on mine I think I might have just receiv ... more

( 77 Reviews )
Vigor Logo


Shipbuilding And Repair Company, Metal Fabricator, Steel Fabricator

5555 N Channel Ave Portland, OR 97217
Desmond Anderson

My work

( 11 Reviews )
Advanced Powder Coating, Inc. Logo

Advanced Powder Coating, Inc.

Powder Coating Service

8969 SE 58th Ave Portland, OR 97206
Tracee Engelking

Fantastic company. Scott and the gang are extremely helpful. Their quality is top notch. All my company's powder coating goes to them!!

( 14 Reviews )
Blacksmith Bolt and Rivet Supply Logo

Blacksmith Bolt and Rivet Supply

Fastener Supplier, Service Establishment

Serving Portland, OR
Mark Zenone

Fast shipping and FANTASTIC customer service. Needed to make one change on an order, and with one quick phone call they had the additional items sent immediately. THANK ... more

( 35 Reviews )
Verdun Chocolates Logo

Verdun Chocolates

Chocolate Factory

The Gregory on 10th Ave, 421 NW 10th Ave Portland, OR 97209
Roman Bysko

Not real baklava. Just lose time and money.

( 50 Reviews )
Bob's Metals Logo

Bob's Metals

Scrap Metal Dealer

9000 N Interstate Ave Portland, OR 97217

The staff I delt with were pleasant and helpful. But if its your first time there it can be kinda confusing where to go.

( 11 Reviews )
Pacific Putty Co Logo

Pacific Putty Co

Fastener Supplier, Store

1330 SE 8th Ave Portland, OR 97214
Shane Shelton

Great customer service they're a major supplier in my industry and they do a good job of getting you what you need to get a job done at a reasonable cost

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Omnipak Logo


Packaging Supply Store, Packaging Company, Plastic Bag Supplier

4409 SE 24th Ave Portland, OR 97202
Geoff B

Connor was fantastic to work with. Very quick and easy communication. Great selection of products. Easy to use website. Thank you guys!

( 23 Reviews )
Baisley Hi-Performance Logo

Baisley Hi-Performance

Motorcycle Repair Shop, Machine Shop

5511 N Interstate Ave Portland, OR 97217
jimmy grulkey

Best motorcycle machine shop in the west, by far

( 17 Reviews )
Jantzen Beach Hydroponics & Indoor Gardening Logo

Jantzen Beach Hydroponics & Indoor Gardening

Garden Center, Hydroponics Equipment Supplier

909 N Tomahawk Island Dr Portland, OR 97217
Jim Stillwell

Awesome staff, super helpful. They always have what I am looking for and can order products as well.

( 3 Reviews )
Universal Applicators, Inc. Logo

Universal Applicators, Inc.

Corporate Office, Environmental Consultant

10111 NE 6th Dr Portland, OR 97211
Aaron Alfrod

Was broke down in front of their shop because I stopped work on something on my vehicle they told their children that probably was an alcoholic bad drinking problem and a ... more

( 82 Reviews )
Homebrew Exchange Logo

Homebrew Exchange

Beer Store, Beer Garden, Beer Store

6550 N Interstate Ave Portland, OR 97217
Dustin Stensland

Very friendly and helpful workers who helped me pick out my home brew supplies for my mead. Will definitely be back.

( 9 Reviews )
Quantum Therapy, PC Logo

Quantum Therapy, PC

Physical Therapist, Holistic Medicine Practitioner, Mfr

7929 SW 37th Ave E Portland, OR 97219
Lori Bassham

I have had chronic headaches for over two years. A few months ago, I heard about Myofascial Release and I found Quantum Therapy. At that point I was treating headaches wi ... more

( 43 Reviews )
No Limits PDX Logo

No Limits PDX

Sticker Manufacturer, Consignment Shop, Coworking Space

Serving Portland, OR
James Umbrella

Great prices for custom stickers & posters. Healthy customer service and all around good vibes. Definitely worth a stop by if your in the Alberta community.

( 13 Reviews )
Overlook Tree Preservation Logo

Overlook Tree Preservation

Arborist And Tree Surgeon, Service Establishment, Tree Service

Serving Portland, OR
Rachel Crowley

Kevin and Brady cleaned up two large bay laurels in my backyard. Kevin expertly trimmed enough so I have beautiful, dappled light but not so much that I see into my neigh ... more

( 174 Reviews )
The Jasmine Pearl Tea Company (Online only) Teashop Permanently Closed Logo

The Jasmine Pearl Tea Company (Online only) Teashop Permanently Closed

Tea Manufacturer, Tea Market Place, Tea Wholesaler

2222 NE Oregon St Suite 107 Portland, OR 97232
Gabriel Anderson

Iv'e been a wholesale customer for over 3-years now. Having ordered hundereds of pound of their loose-leaf teas, tisanes, and matcha, I can attest that the team at The Ja ... more

( 11 Reviews )
David G. Monette Corporation Logo

David G. Monette Corporation

Musical Instrument Manufacturer

6918 NE 79th Ct Portland, OR 97218
Edmund Cord

Instruments and mouthpieces for those musicians who happen to be trumpet players. Simply the best.

( 148 Reviews )
Naomi's Organic Farm Supply Logo

Naomi's Organic Farm Supply

Garden Center, Farm Equipment Supplier, Animal Feed Store

3454 SE Powell Blvd Portland, OR 97202
Daryl Carson

No contact ordering and pick up. Lots of great gardening supplies.

( 17 Reviews )
Mold Inspection Sciences, Inc. Logo

Mold Inspection Sciences, Inc.

Home Inspector, Environmental Consultant, Environmental Health Service

Serving Portland, OR
Kim Epling

Craig was great at breaking down the issues he saw and talking through all the options. I really appreciated his help.

( 25 Reviews )
BIOrganic Mold Removal Logo

BIOrganic Mold Removal

Water Damage Restoration Service, Environmental Health Service, Service Establishment

Serving Portland, OR
Vivek Ajjarapu

I will be hiring the business when I get my roof replaced. Especially given he was very clear that we only needed remediation in small space.

( 0 Reviews )
Junk It Junk Removal Logo

Junk It Junk Removal

Debris Removal Service, Estate Liquidator, Waste Management Service

4618 NE 86th Ave Portland, OR 97220
( 19 Reviews )
Portland Ironworks, LLC Logo

Portland Ironworks, LLC

Iron Works, Service Establishment, Railing Contractor

Serving Portland, OR
Sean Sherman

Andrew created a custom set of iron railing for our old home. They look great and are inspired from photos we shared with Andrew from trips to Northern Europe. We are ver ... more

( 18 Reviews )
East Side Plating, Inc. Logo

East Side Plating, Inc.

Metal Fabricator

8400 SE 26th Pl Portland, OR 97202
Evan Witham

Company is super unprofessional, if you have metal needs or employment here I recommend looking elsewhere they'll get it done better quality and 3x as fast

( 37 Reviews )
Northwest Wools Logo

Northwest Wools

Yarn Store, Knit Shop, Knitting Instructor

3524 SW Troy St Portland, OR 97219
Ginny Stegemiller

Great customer service, good location, wonderful yards at a great price.

( 11 Reviews )
Wild Sweets Chocolate Factory Logo

Wild Sweets Chocolate Factory

Chocolate Factory

1412 SE Madison St Portland, OR 97214
Erica Keenan - Torppa

My husband and I went to Saturday Market today. A lot has change over the years, but one constant is Wild Sweets. I was beyond thrilled to see their booth today. I've bee ... more

( 15 Reviews )
Glass Alchemy Logo

Glass Alchemy


6539 NE 59th Pl Portland, OR 97218

Thank you for fast unloading 😎👍

( 17 Reviews )
Higher Taste Ltd Logo

Higher Taste Ltd

Food Manufacturer, Fast Food Restaurant

4512 SE 28th Ave Portland, OR 97202
Brooke j

I'm so thankful that the Natural Grocers in Salem gets these sandwiches and pasta salads. Veggie Chik is my favorite. I agree that the hoagies are thick, that was my firs ... more

( 73 Reviews )
Advanced Hydraulic Supply Logo

Advanced Hydraulic Supply

Hydraulic Equipment Supplier

4444 NE 148th Ave Portland, OR 97230
Spencer Engwall

Ultimately they didn't have what I was looking for but they were courteous and willing to hear out my request and even helped me with some advise! Rare level of customer ... more

( 20 Reviews )
Blackline Inc Logo

Blackline Inc

Plating Service

2425 NW St Helens Rd Portland, OR 97210
Julian Voss-Andreae

Great local shop for black oxidization of stainless steel parts.

( 15 Reviews )
McGuire Bearing Company Logo

McGuire Bearing Company

Bearing Supplier

947 SE Market St Portland, OR 97214
Ryan Blackburn

Made this guy look like he knows what he is doing!

( 22 Reviews )
Vestas-American Wind Tech Logo

Vestas-American Wind Tech

Auto Parts Manufacturer, Repair Service

12021 NE Airport Way suite g Portland, OR 97220
Matthew Mastison

Absolutely great set-up for training. Staff is highly knowledgeable and ready to help. Some of the best training I have seen from a company in a long time.

( 29 Reviews )


Meat Wholesaler, Farm

223 SE 3rd Ave Portland, OR 97214
Paul Stanislaw

Always a great product with nice people

( 11 Reviews )
Imperial Yeast - West Coast Logo

Imperial Yeast - West Coast


19649 NE San Rafael St Portland, OR 97230
Drake Malu

Top-notch customer service, even for small clients. Liz is a f'n life-saver, and the people at the lab are real mensches.

( 116 Reviews )
Salvage Works LLC Logo

Salvage Works LLC

Lumber Store, Furniture Maker, Wood Supplier

2024 N Argyle St Portland, OR 97217
Matthew Andree

This is a recycling of wood Bonanza. Best ever

( 14 Reviews )
ON3P Skis Logo

ON3P Skis

Manufacturer, Ski Shop

5622 NE Hassalo St Portland, OR 97213
Will Siebert

The customer service at ON3P is truly second to none. I had an issue with the tune on a pair of newly bought skis and they were quick to respond and sort it out. Bombproo ... more

( 34 Reviews )
Honey Mama's Logo

Honey Mama's

Food Manufacturer

2030 N Williams Ave Portland, OR 97227
Asuki Yakumada

I love chocolate so much so that I've searched all over for a few good types Honey Mama's.Chocolate in bar form in not to my taste I had the lavender and the coconut ones ... more

( 59 Reviews )
Elemental Energy Logo

Elemental Energy

Solar Energy Company, Consultant, Contractor

1339 SE 8th Ave Portland, OR 97214
Toby Query

Elemental has been so helpful at maintaining and upgrading our solar system. They are really easy to work with and highly recommended.

( 29 Reviews )
Alter Ego Cider Logo

Alter Ego Cider

Cider Bar, Bar, Beer Hall

2025 SE 7th Ave Portland, OR 97214
Tanya Scheibe-Mirek

Great ciders. Very friendly staff

( 37 Reviews )
Portland Pet Food Company Logo

Portland Pet Food Company

Food Manufacturing Supply, Service Establishment

Serving Portland, OR
Janis Bailey

Finally, a food my dog will eat the second time I put it down! My mini schnauzer will eat a new food the first time, then turn her nose up and walk away the next time I p ... more

( 16 Reviews )
The Adams Approach Logo

The Adams Approach


1407 NE Davis St Portland, OR 97232
Jack “Baluespirit”

Very friendly and accommodating


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