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How do you plan on growing your business?

Take Advantage of All Chamber Has to Offer with a Chamber PREMIUM Membership! Call 888-242-6237


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billed annually

How do you plan on growing your business?

ake Advantage of All Chamber Has to Offer with a Chamber PREMIUM Membership!

The Benefits of Premium

Top Placement In Your Local City

Most customers don't make it past the 1st page of results, so businesses with top placement listings get the most visits.

As a Chamber of Commerce member you get premium listing spots at the top of search results

BONUS:Members also get a premium Listing badge which boosts clicks and exposure by an additional 35%.

Ads and Competitors Removed

Most listings generate revenue from ads, but this means your competitors ads might show up on your business profile.

As a Chamber of Commerce member your profile will have no ads, and no competitor listed in the near by businesses section.

This means when someone searches your business, you get to keep all that traffic on your listing. No distractions from your page means more customers

Dispute Negative Reviews

75% of customers choose a business based off online reviews

Bad Reviews can be Damaging to your Reputation. As a Chamber of Commerce Member, We allow you to Dispute Reviews that are False or Incorrect.

We help you Maintain your Positive Standing in the Community to Gain your Customers trust.

Accreditation Badge

Customers want to know your business is trustworthy, and this official Chamber of Commerce badge shows you are a verified and trusted member of the community.

As a Paying member of Chamber of Commerce, this Badge is Displayed on your Business in the Search Results and your Business listings.

This Verification results in more clicks, more Exposure, and more Customers.

Online Business Visibility Report

You Lose 76% of customers if you're not properly listed in search engines

Our comprehensive scan automatically identifies located on data errors, as well as, areas of improvement within two minutes. Once you see exactly what needs to be done, upon signup, our software automatically does all of this for your for an additional cost.

Exclusive Deals and Discounts

Our team researched the landscape of business services, testing the criteria that business owners care about: a modern user interface, the right scope of features, competitive pricing, great user reviews, and more

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ChamberofCommerce.com?

ChamberofCommerce.com is one of the largest and most trusted online business directories. Chamber specializes in helping small businesses grow their business on the web while facilitating the connectivity between local businesses and more than 7,000 area Chambers of Commerce worldwide.

With more than 2 million business community members, ChamberofCommerce.com is the leading online platform created for small to medium-sized businesses to attract new customers while saving on the products and services they use every day.

Kickstart your business today by becoming a Chamber Member and get connected with the over 25 million customers searching ChamberofCommerce.com for products and services like yours every year.

Is Chamber of Commerce.com associated with my local chamber?

We have relationships with several thousand local chambers of commerce. Chamber of Commerce.com, like your local chamber of commerce, is a pro-business organization that helps small businesses connect with potential customers. In addition, we provide solutions for small businesses who want to grow their business on the web

How do find a business in my local area?

You can Search in a Variety of ways, By Selecting Find a Business form the Top Menu, You can Search for a type of Business or an individual business name in your local area. also, you can manually browse our business directory by either selecting the city and state and then narrowing it down by category, or selecting the category and then narrowing it down by City and state.

How do I Find a Local Chamber of Commerce?

You can browse our Listing of local chamber of commerce by selecting Find a chamber from the top Menu. Your may then Narrow your Search by the Particular city and state you are looking for.

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