Indianapolis, IN Apartment Rental Agency

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Creekside Square Apartments Logo

Creekside Square Apartments

Apartment Rental Agency

5836 Hunnewell Dr Indianapolis, Indiana 46254
Strxppxd Jay

someone stole me and my brother bike and i see bunch of mold and a cold shower

( 122 Reviews )
Williamsburg North Apartments Logo

Williamsburg North Apartments

Apartment Rental Agency

4430 Brookline Ct Indianapolis, Indiana 46220
Deon Binion

I appreciate the community and the quietness of the area everyone is friendly and stores are in walking distance.

( 16 Reviews )
Alpine Studios Logo

Alpine Studios

Apartment Rental Agency

5818 Flight School Drive Indianapolis, Indiana 46221
eunice himely

Ive lived here for a year now, the application and leasing process was smooth and the staff is very understanding. Ive never had any issues on the property, the neighbors ... more

( 154 Reviews )
The Coil at Broad Ripple Logo

The Coil at Broad Ripple

Apartment Complex, Apartment Rental Agency

6349 N College Ave #105 Indianapolis, Indiana 46220
Nora Rasche

I would not recommend living here. At the time my lease was up, it would be a 70% increase in rent to keep the exact same apartment. They made little to no changes to go ... more

( 55 Reviews )
Waterstone Place Apartments Logo

Waterstone Place Apartments

Apartment Rental Agency, Apartment Building

2755 Merlin Lake Drive Indianapolis, Indiana 46229
James White

This place is best. Good value for the money. From the manager on down, they all get 5 of 5 stars review. It's Waterstone Place! Christmas time is beautiful here too! Ne ... more

( 165 Reviews )
Redwood Indianapolis Logo

Redwood Indianapolis

Apartment Rental Agency

7925 Carlington Road, Apt B Indianapolis, Indiana 46237
Kim Hilton

I loved the apartment, especially having a shower and my own garage. Due to mobility issues, being on ground level was really important for me. The leasing agents and ma ... more

( 18 Reviews )
Gathyr Apartments Logo

Gathyr Apartments

Apartment Rental Agency, Apartment Rental Agency

1117 E Market St Indianapolis, IN 46202
Sally Perez

Nice and quiet complex. I love it so far. James is a good dude. He was very helpful with the application and move in process.

( 83 Reviews )
The Lodge Apartments Logo

The Lodge Apartments

Apartment Rental Agency

4816 Alsuda Dr Indianapolis, Indiana 46205
Margie Lee

I enjoy staying here. I have plenty of closet and storage space inside of my apartment. Management and maintenance are friendly and professional. They always listen and t ... more

( 51 Reviews )
Suncrest Logo


Apartment Rental Agency, Apartment Complex

1135 Suncrest Circle Indianapolis, Indiana 46241
Kara Gross

You set up an account on the website, the new women in the office call you until you pay the application fee. You pay the $200 application fee and no one calls. I call to ... more

( 103 Reviews )
360 Market Square Logo

360 Market Square

Apartment Complex, Apartment Rental Agency

360 E Market St Indianapolis, IN 46204
Raychell Ray

I had a tour with Kailey Crenshaw, she was very knowledgeable about the property. Every question I had she was able to answer on the spot. She went out of her way to show ... more

( 169 Reviews )
Circa Apartments Logo

Circa Apartments

Apartment Rental Agency, Apartment Building, Apartment Complex

617 N College Ave Indianapolis, IN 46204
Claire McGuinness

Tommy was absolutely fantastic throughout the entire move in process + onward. He answered and helped with all of my (many) questions for an out of state move. Apartment, ... more

( 542 Reviews )
Kingston Square Logo

Kingston Square

Apartment Complex, Apartment Rental Agency

7171 Twin Oaks Dr Indianapolis, Indiana 46226
Gunior Desravines


( 280 Reviews )
Lakeshore Apartments Logo

Lakeshore Apartments

Apartment Building, Apartment Complex, Apartment Rental Agency

8210 Lakeshore Trail E Dr Indianapolis, IN 46250
Mark Rebamontan

Ive been staying at this complex for almost 2 years now. The people in the office are great and friendly. When there is a breakdown in my unit, they are pretty quick in g ... more

( 129 Reviews )
Summerwood on Towne Line Logo

Summerwood on Towne Line

Apartment Building, Apartment Rental Agency

2520 Summer Dr Indianapolis, IN 46268
Candy Carlson

Holly, mgr and Megan, leasing agent never bother to call one back after several voicemails left. Apartments are way overpriced and the male who sometimes answers the phon ... more

( 23 Reviews )
Lake Camelot Apartments Logo

Lake Camelot Apartments

Apartment Rental Agency, Apartment Building

6475 Excalibur Ct Indianapolis, IN 46268
Janice Donigan

I loved living here!! Maintenance was great and quick and the living area was very clean. The only downside was when I moved out, they literally did not want to give me ... more

( 106 Reviews )
Overlook at Valley Ridge Logo

Overlook at Valley Ridge

Apartment Building, Apartment Rental Agency

6810 Valley Ridge Drive Indianapolis, Indiana 46237
amanpreet singh

It’s been 3 years we are living here and we are very happy with their services. All the staff members are very helpful and friendly.we had a great experience with them ... more

( 100 Reviews )
Pangea Parkwest Apartments Logo

Pangea Parkwest Apartments

Apartment Building, Apartment Rental Agency, Furnished Apartment Building

5816 W 38th St Indianapolis, IN 46254
Almika Jenkins

This apartment complex really needs to be torn down and rebuilt it’s infested with so many roaches it makes no sense. I will be breaking my lease and filing bankruptcy ... more

( 8 Reviews )
Gathyr Apartments Logo

Gathyr Apartments

Apartment Rental Agency

1117 East Market Street Indianapolis, IN 46202
Delaney Ford

Having recently visited Gathyr Apartments in Indianapolis, I can confidently say it's a standout community. As a fellow property manager, I recognize the effort and care ... more

( 87 Reviews )
Pickwick Farms Apartments Logo

Pickwick Farms Apartments

Apartment Rental Agency, Apartment Building

1540 Handball Lane Indianapolis, Indiana 46260
Kevin Constantine

I live there for a year now I joy Living there places is nice places secured. Nice apartment complex in the people are really nice. They keep up with the maintenance and ... more

( 84 Reviews )
Suncrest Apartments Logo

Suncrest Apartments

Apartment Rental Agency, Apartment Complex

1135 Suncrest Cir Indianapolis, IN 46241

Having a great time with the kids at the Easter egg hunt that stone creast provided for everyone in the complex!!!

( 16 Reviews )
Fountainview Apartments Logo

Fountainview Apartments

Apartment Rental Agency, Apartment Building

4800 N Post Rd Indianapolis, IN 46226
jackie nieto

Wish I could give a -100 star. These apartments are honestly my worse nightmare. Roaches EVERYWHERE. they send pest control that sprays the whole apartment in literally t ... more

( 124 Reviews )
Lake Marina Apartments Logo

Lake Marina Apartments

Apartment Rental Agency, Apartment Building

9515 Shoreland Ln Indianapolis, IN 46229

We love our apartment! Very reasonable price for what you get. We feel safe here. My favorite thing about this place is the balcony, i love hanging out and looking out at ... more

( 252 Reviews )
9 on Canal Logo

9 on Canal

Apartment Building, Apartment Rental Agency

335 W 9th St Indianapolis, IN 46202
Ashley Morrison

Jessica was the most helpful agent during this process keeping me in the loop and updating me through the whole process! Couldnt have picked a better place to call home e ... more

( 61 Reviews )
Ralston Apartments Logo

Ralston Apartments

Apartment Rental Agency

1201 Indiana Avenue Indianapolis, Indiana 46202
Valeria Arianna

water in apartment cuts out randomly, without a warning for several hours. issue has repeatedly occured over several months, office doesnt know what is going on and is no ... more

( 34 Reviews )
The Assembly Logo

The Assembly

Apartment Rental Agency

1301 East Washington Street Indianapolis, Indiana 46202
Keondre McCartney

I love living here, the office staff is great!

( 118 Reviews )
The Seasons of Carmel Logo

The Seasons of Carmel

Apartment Rental Agency

9815 Seasons W Drive Carmel, Indiana 46280
Jarod Nelson

I just recently visited Seasons and had a tremendous experience. The office staff was extremely helpful, especially the Property Manager, Emily. She was very knowledgeabl ... more

( 16 Reviews )
Veranda At Speedway Apartments Logo

Veranda At Speedway Apartments

Apartment Rental Agency

6038 W 25th St Indianapolis, IN 46224
jann k

Everything was okay until the hidden parking fees for overnight guests & misleading info about application fees came along. Leasing office lady told me the unit I applie ... more

( 122 Reviews )
Trails at Lakeside Logo

Trails at Lakeside

Condominium Complex, Apartment Complex, Apartment Rental Agency

3836 Arbor Green Ln Indianapolis, IN 46220
Darlene Rodriguez

Community manager is awesome!

( 25 Reviews )
Briarwood Apartments Of Lexington Logo

Briarwood Apartments Of Lexington

Apartment Rental Agency

1349 Centre Prkwy Indianapolis, Indiana 46240
Christy Carter

My mother lives there .

( 141 Reviews )
Fountain Lake Villas Logo

Fountain Lake Villas

Apartment Building, Apartment Complex, Apartment Rental Agency

8960 S Keystone Ave Indianapolis, IN 46227
Tammy Howard

Was a nice place for 2 years but since new people down below me always playing loud music bc their bass is turned up to loud and smoking pot where you can't sit out side ... more

( 494 Reviews )
The Tyler Apartments Logo

The Tyler Apartments

Apartment Rental Agency

1201 Indiana Avenue Indianapolis, Indiana 46202
hope elliot

Overall living here has been an experience. There have been things I have not been happy about but it is student housing so I did not have high expectations coming in to ... more

( 15 Reviews )
College Crossing At National Logo

College Crossing At National

Apartment Building, Apartment Complex, Apartment Rental Agency

1840 National Ave Indianapolis, IN 46227
Karlee Psurny

College Crossing is a great place to live. There are nice amenities and the staff is super helpful and kind. I would highly recommend.

( 6 Reviews )
Senate Manor Apartments Logo

Senate Manor Apartments

Apartment Rental Agency

549 North Senate Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46204
Abuna About

Professional, understanding, open lines of communication and affordable. Clean units and its incredible living so close to downtown.

( 113 Reviews )
The Jameson Logo

The Jameson

Apartment Rental Agency

1854 Century Way Indianapolis, IN 46260
Mavis Mizinga

Very horrible their customer service is horrible, maintenance people are very lazy wont do their job, instead they lie about working on a work order that they dont even ... more

( 4 Reviews )
Country Lake Estates Logo

Country Lake Estates

Apartment Rental Agency

9201 E 30th St Indianapolis, IN 46229
( 32 Reviews )
The Grove on 79th Logo

The Grove on 79th

Apartment Rental Agency

2000 W 79th St Indianapolis, IN 46260
Bernice Alford

My year mark is coming up and I have decided to stay another year..this complex has grown on me. The staff in the office are so very helpful and attentive. Deborah, Chr ... more

( 72 Reviews )
A62 Apartments Logo

A62 Apartments

Apartment Building, Apartment Complex, Apartment Rental Agency

6111 Allisonville Rd Indianapolis, IN 46220
Drew Davis

Love it here! Blanca is great

( 78 Reviews )
The Whit Apartments Logo

The Whit Apartments

Apartment Building, Apartment Rental Agency

307 North Pennsylvania Street Indianapolis, IN 46204
Shinjini Neogi

I absolutely love this community and the whole search process was pretty smooth. My leasing agent Martez was very helpful and made my move very easy. Recommend 10/10.

( 83 Reviews )
Wylde at Eagle Creek Logo

Wylde at Eagle Creek

Apartment Rental Agency

6612 Eagle Pointe Dr N Indianapolis, IN 46254
Caroline R

Edit: I had a 5 star review under the old management.

( 88 Reviews )
Edison at Meridian Hills Logo

Edison at Meridian Hills

Apartment Rental Agency

811 Antique Ct Indianapolis, IN 46260
Virginia Fitzwater

Dont move here. Unprofessional. Want maintenance. None. Call the Board of health, because your place is uninhabitable. They will find a way to evict you. Office help a ... more

( 9 Reviews )
Wheeler Lofts Logo

Wheeler Lofts

Apartment Rental Agency

1035 Sanders Street Indianapolis, IN 46203
Nicholas Arbuckle

It is a nice walkable location to the heart of fountain square. Appliances are new and very nice materials used. However the walls/ceilings are very thin so you definitel ... more

( 1 Reviews )
The Line Logo

The Line

Apartment Rental Agency

950 E 64th St, Suite 1 Indianapolis, Indiana 46220
Jake Wells

I would not live here. The building put together very cheaply and the whole place leaks when it rains. Maintenance also neglects your request. They will come by and take ... more

( 25 Reviews )
The Grove on Harcourt Logo

The Grove on Harcourt

Apartment Rental Agency, Apartment Complex

8002 Harcourt Rd Indianapolis, IN 46260
Natsinet Geretsadik

Literally the WORST apartment complex I have lived at. We have been calling for maintenance for about 3-4 months now and they dont care to came in. Nothing works properly ... more

( 166 Reviews )
Solana at the Crossings Logo

Solana at the Crossings

Apartment Rental Agency

7745 Solana Dr Indianapolis, IN 46240

Love these apts... very spacious!

( 145 Reviews )
Island Club Logo

Island Club

Apartment Rental Agency

7938 Island Club Dr Indianapolis, IN 46214
K dn-kennedy

Been calling the office and placed request for services at my apartment in January was told that my request was not important and maintenance would get to it when they co ... more

( 7 Reviews )
Morton School Senior Apartments Logo

Morton School Senior Apartments

Apartment Complex, Apartment Building, Apartment Rental Agency

2101 N College Ave Indianapolis, IN 46202
Desiray Berry

They are nice apartments and all but my uncle stays there and is in a wheelchair and they do not have the appropriate handicap accessibilty he has to go around the whole ... more

( 3 Reviews )
The Landing Apartments Logo

The Landing Apartments

Apartment Rental Agency

9906 Runway Drive Indianapolis, IN 46234
Camden Roembke

The property is in great shape and management has been very responsive so far.

( 178 Reviews )
The Otis at Fort Ben Logo

The Otis at Fort Ben

Apartment Rental Agency

9310 Otis Avenue Indianapolis, Indiana 46216
Wilking Chali Alphonse

Leyha Jones Was awesome showing me the units available and helping me find the best option for me 10/10

( 28 Reviews )
Lake Camelot Apartments Logo

Lake Camelot Apartments

Apartment Rental Agency

6475 Excalibur Ct Indianapolis, IN 46268
Ify Jewels

This is the smoothest leasing experience ever!!!. Lizet is kind , helpful and very professional. we were in constant communication from the very first day i called thei ... more

( 35 Reviews )
Waterstone Place Apartments Logo

Waterstone Place Apartments

Apartment Rental Agency

2755 Merlin Lake Ct Indianapolis, IN 46229
DorisAnn Glenn

my very first apartments & they were AMAZING .. beautiful & affordable !! & the office & maintenance staff was alway so pleasant ... i had an unforeseen accident so unfor ... more