( 47 Reviews )
Action Karate Fairmount Logo

Action Karate Fairmount

Martial Arts School, Physical Fitness Program, Martial Arts Club

2616 W Girard Ave Philadelphia, PA 19130
Aaron Heintz

My child is having a blast and we can't thank the AK Fairmount team enough for all the work they have done to truly connect with them, helping them persevere and grow. We ... more

( 70 Reviews )
Action Karate Parkwood Logo

Action Karate Parkwood

Karate School, Karate Club, Martial Arts Club

171 Franklin Mills Blvd Philadelphia, PA 19154
Robert Wynne Jr.

Excellent family atmosphere, challenging training for people of all ages and most of all, fun! A+++

( 19 Reviews )
Action Karate Northern Liberties Logo

Action Karate Northern Liberties

Martial Arts School, Body Shaping Class, Karate Club

862 N 3rd St Philadelphia, PA 19123
Fred Posimo

Action Karate Northern Liberties is an amazing school to teach kids confidence, self-control and focus! I highly recommend this school for anyone looking to grow.

( 101 Reviews )
Action Karate Mt. Airy Logo

Action Karate Mt. Airy

Martial Arts School, Karate Club, Karate School

11 W Mt Airy Ave Philadelphia, PA 19119
Claudia Higgins

Best Karate Studio Ever! Ms B and her staff really cares about their student's overall well being. They are very welcoming to all backgrounds and cultures and are very de ... more

( 37 Reviews )
Action Karate South Philadelphia Logo

Action Karate South Philadelphia

Martial Arts School, Karate Club, Karate School

1731-33 S 6th St Philadelphia, PA 19148
Dorinda ODonnell

Action Karate has been such a positive, motivating, encouraging environment for my daughter. She loves going to karate!! The teachers go above and beyond to teach, uplift ... more

( 67 Reviews )
Juniper Muay Thai Gym Logo

Juniper Muay Thai Gym

Muay Thai Boxing Gym

2019 S Juniper St floor 2 Philadelphia, PA 19148
Ren (Femalewithoutiron)

Its a very nice gym with people in there trying to make you use your full potential.

( 3 Reviews )
Richardson's Martial Arts Academy Logo

Richardson's Martial Arts Academy

Martial Arts School

7563 Haverford Avenue Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19151
Jha Sheppard

I absolutely love this place and my son just started you can feel the love in this place I highly recommend them

( 30 Reviews )
Rumble Boxing Logo

Rumble Boxing

Boxing Gym

1520 Walnut St Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102
Cort H

Had a great first experience! Kat was awesome and extremely motivating! I left feeling really good I will be returning!

( 3 Reviews )
Minger & Lee Taekwondo Logo

Minger & Lee Taekwondo

Martial Arts School, Karate School, Self Defense School

3003 Byberry Rd Philadelphia, PA 19154
Ronson Lamond

This place has had 55 years of tradition. Master Minger has decided to retire in 2021.

( 147 Reviews )
Action Karate Manayunk Logo

Action Karate Manayunk

Martial Arts School

4799 1/2 Silverwood St. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19128
sami johnson

My son is currently taking classes here. I like how the teacher interact with him and how they built a bond with him. He is getting better with each class. The teacher ar ... more

( 90 Reviews )
The Jiu Jitsu Company Logo

The Jiu Jitsu Company

Martial Arts School

31 S 2nd St 2nd floor Unit C-5 Philadelphia, PA 19106
Emil Pichardo-Marcano

I have been training on and off for years always searching for the right team and Im happy to say Ive finally found my crew. Great group of people, great training, great ... more

( 73 Reviews )
Old City Aikido Logo

Old City Aikido

Martial Arts School

722 Market Street, 3rd Floor., We are located between 7th & 8th on Market Street., Our entrance is between to Subway restaurant and a dentist office. Philadelphia, PA 19106
William Bausch

I came to Old City Aikido in early 2018. I had begun training in NYC a year before, and was nervous about transitioning a new dojo. Sensei Jason Perna and Sempai Jessie w ... more

( 83 Reviews )
USTC's Red Tiger Taekwon-do Logo

USTC's Red Tiger Taekwon-do

Martial Arts School, Taekwondo School

1912 Welsh Rd Philadelphia, PA 19115
Nodirjan Salimov

This family owned place is not just to learn some self defence techniques and shred some pounds, the professional trainers teach discipline and respect. The activities ar ... more

( 61 Reviews )
Maleek Jackson Fitness Boxing Gym Logo

Maleek Jackson Fitness Boxing Gym

Boxing Gym, Gym, Fitness Center

926 N 2nd St Philadelphia, PA 19123
Fisnik Lokku

Great gym for all skill levels from absolute beginners to advanced boxers. Maleek is a natural born teacher and you can sense that immediately. All the trainers/staff/mem ... more

( 95 Reviews )
8 Limbs Academy Logo

8 Limbs Academy

Muay Thai Boxing Gym, Gym, Kickboxing School

5111 Chancellor St Philadelphia, PA 19139
Anthony Pezzotti

Awesome gym, great coaches. Everyone is super friendly and its a great environment to learn Muay Thai! Happy I joined!!

( 63 Reviews )
Amerikick Martial Arts Northeast Philly Logo

Amerikick Martial Arts Northeast Philly

Martial Arts School, Kickboxing School, Karate School

8025 Roosevelt Blvd 2nd Floor Philadelphia, PA 19152
Mari Ramirez

Thank you, thank you for the warm welcome, i know i find the right place for my kid.

( 67 Reviews )
North Star MMA Logo

North Star MMA

Martial Arts School

5904 Greene St Philadelphia, PA 19144
Tom Weksler

Best MMA gym in Philly. Great facility, great vibes, friendly and top level all around. Reccommend both for beginners and professionals!

( 20 Reviews )
Title Boxing Club Philadelphia Logo

Title Boxing Club Philadelphia

Physical Fitness Program, Boxing Club

2101 Market St Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103
Peter Royal

Yo..y gotta check it out..very cool..great work out

( 1 Reviews )
Paul Kroll Boxing Logo

Paul Kroll Boxing

Boxing Club

461 N 9th St Philadelphia, PA 19123
Tameko T.

permanently closed without giving prior notice! you care about the kids, ???? you know we train these kids and to abruptly close the doors without having a conversation! ... more

( 44 Reviews )
Burning Spirits Muay Thai Logo

Burning Spirits Muay Thai

Muay Thai Boxing Gym

2011 Amber St Philadelphia, PA 19125
Camille Ferruzzi

If youre interested in learning traditional Thai based Muay Thai, this is your spot. Amazing coaches, stellar training partners with a weekly changing curriculum to keep ... more

( 112 Reviews )
Daniel Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Philadelphia Logo

Daniel Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Philadelphia

Martial Arts School, Self Defense School

2301 N Front St 1st Floor Philadelphia, PA 19133
Rosanna Scimeca

Daniel Gracie is an awesome instructor!

( 78 Reviews )
Amerikick Karate Logo

Amerikick Karate

Karate School, Martial Arts School, School

1617 Snyder Ave Philadelphia, PA 19145
Joann Nop

Amerikick has become family, all the sensei teach and guide each and every student to their potential. They teach the rights and wrongs of doing karate in the real world ... more

( 78 Reviews )
Martinez BJJ Fitness Center Logo

Martinez BJJ Fitness Center

Martial Arts School

3511 Cottman Ave Philadelphia, PA 19149
Alex Portuano

Best martial arts school in Philadelphia, hands down. This school produces great fighters competing in multiple organizations, including UFC.

( 38 Reviews )
Balance Studios: Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, MMA and Self Defense Logo

Balance Studios: Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, MMA and Self Defense

Jujitsu School, Martial Arts School, Martial Arts Supply Store

7530 Frankford Ave Philadelphia, PA 19136
eric stafford

I started training with the Migliarese brothers in 2006 and found the community to be very welcoming. as a new student I was given time to grow my skill and confidence be ... more

( 38 Reviews )
Gracie Academy Philadelphia Logo

Gracie Academy Philadelphia

Jujitsu School

1231 Bainbridge St Philadelphia, PA 19147
"Alex" Caroline Robboy

Wonderful people Strong teachers.

( 2 Reviews )
Cerberus Combat System Logo

Cerberus Combat System

Martial Arts School

2, Germantown Ave Philadelphia, PA 19140
Tairon Hatake (Tai)

I recently had the opportunity to learn from a incredible instructor, & I cant say enough positive things about their teaching style & expertise. This instructor possesse ... more

( 75 Reviews )
Balance Studios HQ: Gracie Jiu-Jitsu & Muay Thai Logo

Balance Studios HQ: Gracie Jiu-Jitsu & Muay Thai

Martial Arts School, Boxing Gym, Judo School

1314 Frankford Ave Philadelphia, PA 19125
Eric Eysenbach

My daughter attended a trial class with Steve and quite a few neighborhood kids who attend. Nice clean space, Steve was very nice to the newcomers. It would appear that m ... more

( 1 Reviews )
Inclusion Martial Arts Logo

Inclusion Martial Arts

Martial Arts School

1901b Washington Ave Philadelphia, PA 19146
Chris Perri

Great place for your kids to learn Martial Arts. Highly recommend.

( 43 Reviews )
Philadelphia Elite MMA Logo

Philadelphia Elite MMA

Martial Arts School, Boxing Gym, Jujitsu School

3122 Willits Rd Philadelphia, PA 19136
Evelyn Rivera

Is this place still open? Been trying to call and emailed a couple times but no one has answered.

( 45 Reviews )
Amerikick Andorra Logo

Amerikick Andorra

Karate School

701 E Cathedral Rd Suite 6 Philadelphia, PA 19128
Jackie Vergel

Amerikick in Andorra has been an amazing experience for my child. They combine instruction and fun in a way that has my son wanting to go everyday. The instructors are pe ... more

( 26 Reviews )
Shin Karate Logo

Shin Karate

Martial Arts School

709 Oregon Ave Philadelphia, PA 19148
Sarah Fabritiis

Gianna is an amazing instructor, everyone has been so friendly and helpful. My 4 year old is loving it so far!

( 71 Reviews )


Martial Arts School, Karate School, Physical Fitness Program

2237 Hartranft St Philadelphia, PA 19145
Tom Kwiatkowski

Sensei John is a great mentor. Awesome group of students too! This is a great program for your kids to meet new friends and learn valuable life skills beyond just Karate

( 22 Reviews )
Maxercise Logo


Martial Arts School

707 Chestnut St Philadelphia, PA 19107
Julio Dally Vlogs

The greatest gym I have ever train at

( 135 Reviews )
Stay Fly Muay Thai Logo

Stay Fly Muay Thai

Muay Thai Boxing Gym, Boxing Gym, Gym

1360 N American St Philadelphia, PA 19122
William Cooper

Stay Fly is amazing! The staff is excellent and super welcoming and the training is great. Would totally recomend!

( 39 Reviews )
Royal StriKing Muay Thai & BJJ Logo

Royal StriKing Muay Thai & BJJ

Martial Arts School

910 McKean St Philadelphia, PA 19148
Ali Doukali

Recommended for everyone who wants to achieve a better version of yourself.

( 15 Reviews )
Aikido Aikikai of Phila Logo

Aikido Aikikai of Phila

Martial Arts School, Aikido School

entrance of mezzanine, 3502 Scotts Ln Unit 1417 Philadelphia, PA 19129
Jeffrey Womack

I started going to this dojo in 2019 and have continued to present. Now also get to train alongside my 7yo on Thursdays and Saturdays. It's a great place filled by a frie ... more

( 20 Reviews )
Martial Posture Logo

Martial Posture

Martial Arts School

2210 Walnut St Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phillip Pane

What a wonderful place. Our second grader comes to Martial Posture for everything: after school programs; summer camp; Martial Posture is even open for half-day and full- ... more

( 119 Reviews )
Philadelphia Jiu-Jitsu Logo

Philadelphia Jiu-Jitsu

Martial Arts School

1760 Barbara St Philadelphia, PA 19145
Eddie J

I been coming to Philadelphia Jiu Jitsu for about 3 years and for the past 3 years it has been nothing but great and exciting! Damon and the other instructors know their ... more

( 36 Reviews )
Marquez MMA Logo

Marquez MMA

Martial Arts School

4500 Worth St Unit 401A Philadelphia, PA 19124
Talha Mahmud

Believe me when I say, there isn't a gym on this planet that's better than eefc. And that's a fact.

( 23 Reviews )
El Idrissi Judo USA Logo

El Idrissi Judo USA

Martial Arts School

1231 Bainbridge St Philadelphia, PA 19147

Awesome experience! very welcoming and helpful

( 16 Reviews )
World Class MMA Philadelphia Logo

World Class MMA Philadelphia

Martial Arts School

4501 Woodhaven Rd #19 Philadelphia, PA 19154
Mohamed S. Abdel-Hakeem

This by far the best place for youth to practice judo in Philadelphia!! Great friendly atmosphere, and very highly qualified coaches at the highest international level! T ... more

( 32 Reviews )
Heavy Hitters Thai Boxing Logo

Heavy Hitters Thai Boxing

Muay Thai Boxing Gym

1141 N Front St 1st Floor Philadelphia, PA 19123
Geoff Dempsey

Solid, supportive coaches who keep you honest. Good balance between technique, conditioning, and strength. Highly recommended.

( 22 Reviews )
Osagame Martial Arts and Fitness Logo

Osagame Martial Arts and Fitness

Martial Arts School

1168 S Broad St Philadelphia, PA 19146

Very friendly to someone dropping in from out of town

( 33 Reviews )
Lemon Hill Aikido Logo

Lemon Hill Aikido

Martial Arts School

2511 W Girard Ave Philadelphia, PA 19130
Bob Koncelik

I have trained in a good many dojos during my 15 or so years of practice, and I must say these guys are impressive. While they share the space with other fitness profess ... more

( 52 Reviews )
Shorty's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Logo

Shorty's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Martial Arts School

4542 Baltimore Ave 2nd Fl Philadelphia, PA 19143
Drew Fagin

Highly recommend Shorty's to anyone interested in BJJ. From first-timers to advanced competitors, you'll find a spot here. They also offer a 3 class free trial.

( 23 Reviews )
Semper Fi Mixed Martial Arts Academy Logo

Semper Fi Mixed Martial Arts Academy

Martial Arts School

7977 Oxford Ave Philadelphia, PA 19111
Jason G

I started here last month and the environment has been very welcoming and informative. The instructors are great and everyone in the class is helpful and supportive wit ... more

( 72 Reviews )
Rami Elite Logo

Rami Elite

Muay Thai Boxing Gym

7249 Rising Sun Ave Philadelphia, PA 19111
Marwan Elazazy

Rami elite actually is a Great gym i love the environment for My kids !!my kids they been training here since they were 6and 9 they are in the Muay Thai and taekwondo p ... more

( 34 Reviews )
Broad Street Kickboxing Logo

Broad Street Kickboxing

Martial Arts School

1168 S Broad St Philadelphia, PA 19146
Danny Higgins

Amazing gym, amazing coaches, amazing environment. After the first month youll be hooked, and probably in the best shape youve ever been in both mentally and physically. ... more

( 73 Reviews )
Undisputed mma ,llc Logo

Undisputed mma ,llc

Martial Arts School

6501 Ogontz Ave Philadelphia, PA 19126
Anthony Chisholm

Great teachers and good discipline for the kids

( 120 Reviews )
Logic Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, & Martial Arts Logo

Logic Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, & Martial Arts

Martial Arts School

1360 N American St Philadelphia, PA 19122
Lindsey Thurlow

If you're looking for a martial arts facility where training and progress is taken seriously then you'll find no better place in Philly. The instructors are talented and ... more