Portland, OR Welder

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Electro-Chem Metal Finishing, Inc. Logo

Electro-Chem Metal Finishing, Inc.


4849 SE 26th Ave Portland, OR 97202

Paid 2000 for a custom swingarm for my motorcycle had them anodize it they sent back a worthless chunk of Aluminum worth it's weight in scrap metal avoid this place at al ... more

( 4 Reviews )
Hop Back Fabrication Logo

Hop Back Fabrication

Metal Fabricator, Brewing Supply Store, Metal Workshop

6318 NE Going St Portland, OR 97218
Andy Stanton

Todd helped me out with a smaller custom stainless steel tig weld job. He did an amazing job. A lot of attention to detail. Its hard to find good tig welders for a reason ... more

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Prefab Steel Building Solutions, LLC Logo

Prefab Steel Building Solutions, LLC

Welder, Metal Workshop

18989 Northeast Marine Drive Portland, Oregon 97230
Justin johnson

Rick helped me buy my first investment building late last year and he couldnt have made it easier. I wasnt sure what to expect and didnt really have any idea what I was d ... more

( 59 Reviews )
Hall Tool Company Logo

Hall Tool Company

Tool Store, Construction Equipment Supplier, Metal Working Shop

1724 SE Grand Ave Portland, OR 97214
Daniel Canham

I've never seen the selection of tools that these guys have, it's impressive, working in the mining industry it's hard to find the bigger tools like 3/4" drive and bigger ... more

( 116 Reviews )
Curtis Custom Welding Logo

Curtis Custom Welding


3215 SE 131st Ave Portland, OR 97236
Ryan Bernards

Ron was incredibly helpful with my one off project I had for some coilovers. Price was spot on to what he quoted me for when I dropped off the parts which I highly apprec ... more

( 11 Reviews )
Specialty Metal Fabricators Logo

Specialty Metal Fabricators

Sheet Metal Contractor, Manufacturer, Metal Finisher

2501 N Columbia Blvd Portland, OR 97217
Craig Stewart

SMF Does amazing work for sure Doug saw some custom stainless steel trim pieces I should have for our hood fan at home he took a couple quick notes next day trim pieces ... more

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Avos Inc - Wrought Ironwork Ornamental Fence Gates Structural Steel Logo

Avos Inc - Wrought Ironwork Ornamental Fence Gates Structural Steel

Iron Works, Fence Contractor, Metal Fabricator

5822 NE 109th Ave Portland, OR 97220
Jerry Jiang

I don't know how many thanks can express my gratitude. My gate was often blown open by the strong wind, and once it even hit my panel and smashed it. I called Serge. He c ... more

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Machine Products Inc Logo

Machine Products Inc

Machine Shop, Food Machinery Supplier, Machine Maintenance

1629 SE 11th Ave Portland, OR 97214
Charlie Laur

2nd time ive been here for some minor welding! First time fast and professional welding, very reasonable! Now this time my clutch/brake pedal bracket in toyota 4x4 cracke ... more

( 4 Reviews )
Practical Fusion LLC Logo

Practical Fusion LLC

Metal Fabricator, Manufacturer, Welder

18147 SW Boones Ferry Rd Portland, OR 97224
Alpha King

Great equipment at great prices ! 😆

( 11 Reviews )
Buffalo Welding Inc Logo

Buffalo Welding Inc


3701 SE Naef Rd Portland, OR 97267
Collin Wade

Buffalo has exceptional fitting and structural and architectural welding. Frame frames and pipes, great work on their E- drawing skillet.

( 10 Reviews )
Flo Fab Freestyle Welding Logo

Flo Fab Freestyle Welding


811 NE 157th Ave Portland, OR 97230
Marco Murillo

If I could give these guys 6 stars I would. Talented, easy going and great collaborators

( 6 Reviews )
Axiom Custom Products Logo

Axiom Custom Products

Manufacturer, Architectural And Engineering Model Maker, Design Agency

2424 NE Riverside Way Portland, OR 97211
( 17 Reviews )
Central Cylinder Head inc. Logo

Central Cylinder Head inc.

Auto Machine Shop, Auto Machine Shop, Welder

1041 SE Brooklyn St Portland, OR 97202
Tracy Herman

Jerry,Randy, and Alan have been great to me in all my engine rebuilds. Very knowledgeable in knowing the right stuff in building motors.Even Randy came out to help me ge ... more

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Honeyman Aluminum Incorporated Logo

Honeyman Aluminum Incorporated

Manufacturer, Aluminum Welder, Vacuum Cleaner Store

7715 NE 21st Ave Portland, OR 97211
Bingus McTingus

Great service with great, solidly built, handmade products. 10/10 would recommend if you’re looking for quality custom order handtrucks

( 10 Reviews )
Hedron Prototype Logo

Hedron Prototype

Metal Fabricator, Design Agency, Welder

2020 SE Bush St Portland, OR 97202
Hilary Wittrock

Awesome makerspace in Portland housing a ton of skilled builders and engineers. I worked with Hedron to build a large custom interactive metal LED sculpture for an art op ... more

( 3 Reviews )
Rol-Away Truck Manufacturing Co Inc Logo

Rol-Away Truck Manufacturing Co Inc

Material Handling Equipment Supplier, Aluminum Frames Supplier, Aluminum Welder

6143 SE Foster Rd Portland, OR 97206
Michael Morsman

Been working there for 41 years must be an awesome place

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Rose City Weld and Fab L.L.C. Logo

Rose City Weld and Fab L.L.C.


16431 NE Glisan St #6 Portland, OR 97230
( 1 Reviews )
Cmk Mobile Welding And Fabrication Logo

Cmk Mobile Welding And Fabrication


11517 SE Stephens St Portland, OR 97216

Very organized and proffesional

( 1 Reviews )
Flux Design LLC Logo

Flux Design LLC

General Contractor, Furniture Maker, Welder

703 NW 16th Ave Portland, OR 97209
Stephen Endy

Brian and his team apply beautiful craftsmanship on every job, offering creative design details for any challenge. We are thrilled with our simple handrail that is just ... more

( 24 Reviews )
McKenna Metal LLC Logo

McKenna Metal LLC

Metal Fabricator, Laser Cutting Service, Metal Working Shop

2300 NW Nicolai St Portland, OR 97210
Cole Pole

The owner's polite friendly.. company is very capable

( 4 Reviews )
Loper & Slag metal design and fabrication Logo

Loper & Slag metal design and fabrication


627 N Tillamook St Portland, OR 97227
Ian Ghahate

I had a bar stool that needed some joints re-welded and the owner was responsive, quick, and professional. Highly recommend.

( 9 Reviews )
Howser Steel Inc Logo

Howser Steel Inc

Sheet Metal Contractor, Welder, Aluminum Welder

8235 N Kerby Ave Portland, OR 97217
J Lax

Only the best.

( 8 Reviews )
Metal Enterprises Inc Logo

Metal Enterprises Inc


2425 NW 23rd Pl Portland, OR 97210
Sergio Zanon

Stopped by with a simple project (bending a pipe) and was very happy with the results had more coming their way. Great people

( 1 Reviews )
Taylor's Portable Welding Logo

Taylor's Portable Welding


16130 Oatfield Rd Portland, OR 97267
( 1 Reviews )
American Steel Products Logo

American Steel Products

Manufacturer, Aluminum Welder, Metal Fabricator

5620 NE 65th Ave Portland, OR 97218
david coldivar-mena

great staff with over 13 years of experience, good pricing quality guarantee

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Mobile Hydraulics Logo

Mobile Hydraulics


3740 SE Licyntra Ct Portland, OR 97222
Katrina Abbott

Great company.

( 1 Reviews )
Ron's Custom Welding Logo

Ron's Custom Welding


2343 SE 162nd Ave Portland, OR 97233
( 1 Reviews )
H & H Welding Logo

H & H Welding


5242 NE Columbia Blvd Portland, OR 97218
( 3 Reviews )
Slavik Iron Works Llc Logo

Slavik Iron Works Llc

Welder, Welder

15060 SE Robinette Ct Portland, OR 97267

Horrible services. Try to set up an appointment they didn’t even take one to take it. That’s unheard of. If you and the business you don’t turn away your clients li ... more

( 2 Reviews )
R & B Welding Logo

R & B Welding


10505 N Portland Rd Portland, OR 97203
Count Leo

Had some problems with a lift carrier for my power scooter, R&B was great, they rebuilt my carrier at a fair price and helped me out of a bad spot.

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Avos Inc - Wrought Iron Engineering Logo

Avos Inc - Wrought Iron Engineering

Iron Works, Fence Contractor, Railing Contractor

5822 NE 109th Ave Portland, OR 97220
( 0 Reviews )
European Security Iron Spec Logo

European Security Iron Spec


2141 SE Powell Blvd Portland, OR 97202
( 0 Reviews )
Summit Stainless Steel LLC Logo

Summit Stainless Steel LLC

Welder, Professional Services

4732 NE 190th Ln Portland, OR 97230
( 0 Reviews )
Welding Inspection & Conslntng Logo

Welding Inspection & Conslntng


18115 NW Tillamook Dr Portland, OR 97229
( 0 Reviews )
Isley Welding Services Logo

Isley Welding Services


5555 N Channel Ave Portland, OR 97217
( 0 Reviews )
Est & D Logo

Est & D


9449 NW Kaiser Rd Portland, OR 97231
( 0 Reviews )
Available Portable Welding Fab Logo

Available Portable Welding Fab


2343 SE 162nd Ave Portland, OR 97233
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Ebony Iron Works Logo

Ebony Iron Works

Welder, Professional Services

2401 NW 22nd Ave Portland, OR 97210
( 0 Reviews )
Precision Fabrication & Weld Logo

Precision Fabrication & Weld


6400 SE 101st Ave Portland, OR 97266
( 0 Reviews )
Portland Steel Structures Inc Logo

Portland Steel Structures Inc

Welder, General Contractor

10157 SW Barbur Blvd # 106C Portland, OR 97219
( 0 Reviews )
Argo Safety Railings Inc Logo

Argo Safety Railings Inc


6906 SE Johnson Creek Blvd Portland, OR 97206
( 0 Reviews )
Born Motorheads Logo

Born Motorheads


9220 SE 74th Ave Portland, OR 97206
( 0 Reviews )
T and A off road Logo

T and A off road


8319 SE Lindy St Portland, OR 97086
( 0 Reviews )
Deq Repair Welding Logo

Deq Repair Welding


17309 SE Division St Portland, OR 97236
( 0 Reviews )
Tfe Connection Logo

Tfe Connection


650 NE Holladay St #1600 Portland, OR 97232
( 0 Reviews )
Saint's Suds Logo

Saint's Suds


1311 NE Schuyler St Portland, OR 97212

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