Brooklyn, NY Cafe

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Hibiscus Brew Logo

Hibiscus Brew

Cafe, Coffee Shop, Health Food Restaurant

546 Flatbush Ave Brooklyn, New York 11225
Daniel Sokol

Had the best experience at Hibiscus. I am originally from Australia and they make our cappuccinos with chocolate on top owner went out of his way to find some chocolate ... more

( 106 Reviews )
Gaia NoMaya Logo

Gaia NoMaya

Wellness Center, Cafe, Restaurant

510 Flatbush Ave Brooklyn, NY 11225
ValfromBlackRockCity AlwaysTastyMusic

Love this place. I ate full of energy Lentil soup, magically Portobello Mushroom Empanada and wonderful Cilantro dip. You can see how yummy it was. Highly recommend this ... more

( 279 Reviews )
Kung Fu Tea Logo

Kung Fu Tea

Bubble Tea Store, Beverage Distributor, Cafe

1422 Avenue U Brooklyn, NY 11229
Dilik Ibodov

Just Good 👍

( 24 Reviews )
Jungle Bowls Logo

Jungle Bowls

Açaí Shop, Cafe, Health Food Restaurant

8821 3rd Ave Brooklyn, NY 11209
Lisa M

You must try the mango classic bowl!!!!!!! Great atmosphere!!!!!

( 132 Reviews )
Mirna's Pupuseria Logo

Mirna's Pupuseria

Cafe, Mexican Restaurant, Restaurant

1350 Flatbush Ave Brooklyn, NY 11210
Evelyn Díaz

Las mejores pupusas de NY con una excelente atención la comida súper deliciosa , postres riquísimos amo el flan y los tamalitos de elote con crema deliciosos ,en fin t ... more

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Pitanga Logo



207 Starr St Brooklyn, New York 11237
Joe McCarthy

We went here for dinner and it was like having a home cooked meal. The food was delicious, super fresh, and served with care, especially the roast chicken and mashed pota ... more

( 71 Reviews )
Kung Fu Tea Logo

Kung Fu Tea

Bubble Tea Store, Beverage Distributor, Cafe

8625 5th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11209
Big Nel

My drink is never filled to the top and if you turn the drink around, it's below the fill line. Too much froth on the top. The previous owner used to skim the froth and a ... more

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Dawn’s Til Dusk Logo

Dawn’s Til Dusk

Cafe, Bakery, Cafe

33 Main St Brooklyn, NY 11201

Drip coffee goes with the lemon scone!

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Kung Fu Tea Logo

Kung Fu Tea

Miscellaneous, Beverage Distributor, Cafe

40 Hoyt St Brooklyn, NY 11201
Mahasen Dabbagh

The customer service was amazing. I came very late and the manager was able to make my drink quickly and was very nice about it. You should definitely visit this location ... more

( 97 Reviews )
Neighbors Logo



60 Furman Street Brooklyn, New York 11201

Beautiful place inside a luxury hotel but their matcha latte was so milky that i couldn't feel a proper matcha taste. Also it felt like they added some sweetener or the m ... more

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maman Logo



154 Court St Brooklyn, New York 11201
Asia Gouldbourne

The pistachio Christmas tree croissant was good but that's about it. The service was horrible. Being served by the barista was like being served by Ms. Trunchbull. She wa ... more

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maman Logo



80 Kent St Brooklyn, New York 11222
Svitlana Karpenko

Best food, coffee and pastry

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Autumn Ave Cafe Logo

Autumn Ave Cafe


323 Autumn Ave Brooklyn, NY 11208
( 86 Reviews )
Beets Caf Logo

Beets Caf

Cafe, Coffee Shop, Coffee Stand

142 Rockaway Ave Brooklyn, NY 11233
Daniel Wright

Great patties. Luv the jerk plantain patties Kid-friendliness: Very friendly staff and great service. This is the reason I come back.

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Panera Bread Logo

Panera Bread


528 Gateway Dr, Mailbox 2, Unit 12 Brooklyn, New York 11239
swade ya boy

One of my fav spots

( 8 Reviews )
Brooklyn Tasty Treats Cafe	 Logo

Brooklyn Tasty Treats Cafe


6216 18th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11204
Adopt me Noob

The Besttttt place , Very Clean and awesome people .

( 50 Reviews )
Commune Logo


Bar, Cafe

415 Classon Ave Brooklyn, NY 11238
Maria Navarro

The coffee here is undeniably delicious, but what truly steals the spotlight is Alicia's sourdough bread. It's so remarkable that I almost hesitated to share this review, ... more

( 33 Reviews )
Pour Quality Logo

Pour Quality


679 Classon Ave Brooklyn, NY 11238
Kristen Caccavale

Raven is the loveliest person! I tried: -the rose matcha latte -the apple cinnamon overnight oats -the chocolate peanut butter overnight oats All of them were great! The ... more

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Blank Street Coffee Logo

Blank Street Coffee

Coffee Shop, Cafe, Pastry Shop

75 Lafayette Ave Brooklyn, NY 11217
Hilary Fitzpatrick

I ordered a breakfast sandwich 10/15 minutes ahead. It wasnt ready when I got there. Had to wait I line to say something, and someone behind the counter was fully aware o ... more

( 17 Reviews )
Tower Isles Cafe Logo

Tower Isles Cafe


2025 Atlantic Ave Brooklyn, NY 11233
Lise lise

They change the recipe again. This time for the worst 1st the crust very heavy and dense. Very flat 2nd Ghost pepper pattie not really spicy. The original spices pattie i ... more

( 261 Reviews )
Pueblo Querido Coffee Roasters Caf de Colombia Logo

Pueblo Querido Coffee Roasters Caf de Colombia

Cafe, Bakery, Coffee Roasters

195 Greenpoint Ave Brooklyn, NY 11222
Andrew Hammond

Love everything about this place.

( 84 Reviews )
Blue Star Parlor Logo

Blue Star Parlor

Cafe, Restaurant, Brunch Restaurant

1112 Cortelyou Rd Brooklyn, NY 11218
Beth Namiat

Vegetarian options: Breakfast options, soups, salads, sandwiches, brunch items, baked goods. Lots of options. Parking: Metered parking and street parking. Kid-friendlines ... more

( 64 Reviews )
Caffe Sette Bello Logo

Caffe Sette Bello


7324 13th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11228
D Crosse

Highly recommended. I didn't expect the service n food would be so amazing. I will visit again with my partner.

( 127 Reviews )


Restaurant, Cafe

159 Greenpoint Ave Brooklyn, NY 11222
Colin Kraczkowsky

Good SEC biscuits and the aesthetic is right

( 63 Reviews )
Sips Logo


Cafe, Lunch Restaurant, Breakfast Restaurant

5 Central Ave Brooklyn, NY 11206
kikwangjonghyun joonieleohong

Great customer service, delicious food with so many flavors of coffee!!!

( 86 Reviews )
Gigis Coffee Shop Logo

Gigis Coffee Shop


511 61st St Brooklyn, NY 11220
Valeria Rivera (Vale)

The staff are very nice and the food also very tasty. I went there so many times their is a indoor and outdoor area where you can sit. The food might take a long time but ... more

( 83 Reviews )
SoBol Bed Stuy Logo

SoBol Bed Stuy


531 Nostrand Ave Brooklyn, NY 11216
Glenn Edwards

Best Acai bowl hands down!!! And its not close!!! im a forever loyal custie customer service is exceptional such a friendly environment

( 139 Reviews )
Mixed Greens Kosher Cafe Logo

Mixed Greens Kosher Cafe


2486 Coney Island Ave Brooklyn, NY 11223
Eliyahou Sankari

Good food and quick service

( 151 Reviews )
Nili Logo



360 Smith St Brooklyn, NY 11231
( 17 Reviews )
Flaming Grill & Deli Cafe Logo

Flaming Grill & Deli Cafe

Deli, Cafe, Sandwich Shop

924 Kings Hwy Brooklyn, NY 11223
Karin Feng

Just such a good deli, also love the food there

( 75 Reviews )
N Bakery Logo

N Bakery

Bakery, Cafe

1323 Avenue U Brooklyn, NY 11229
Shota Kimeridze

Greatplace to buy your sweets from.

( 448 Reviews )
Burchak Pide Logo

Burchak Pide

Turkish Restaurant, Brunch Restaurant, Cafe

1614 Sheepshead Bay Rd Brooklyn, NY 11235
Mehreen Salaria

Loved the flavors

( 87 Reviews )
Winner on Franklin Logo

Winner on Franklin

Restaurant, Bar, Cafe

747 Franklin Ave Brooklyn, NY 11238
Chris Coulthrust

I am giving this place a 5 only because I can't give it a 6. Everything is good

( 33 Reviews )
Apple Eats Logo

Apple Eats


230 Bushwick Ave Brooklyn, NY 11206
Tyler Kirkland

Great place to stop by if you want some food or a juice!

( 101 Reviews )
Tadaima Logo


Bakery, Cafe, Tea House

51 35th St Building 5, 2nd floor Brooklyn, NY 11232
Julia Hsia

Great spot for Japanese-infused western sweets. Super cute store, dedicated and elegant. I love my maple fig scone since it was not too sweet but flavorful. Figs tasted l ... more

( 54 Reviews )
Highly Grounded Cafe Logo

Highly Grounded Cafe


7020 Avenue U Brooklyn, NY 11234

Clean and coffee is delicious

( 87 Reviews )
Tbaar Logo


Cafe, Juice Shop

8520 20th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11214

Had a taro smoothie w tapioca pearls. The smoothie itself was really good, but the pearls had a strange metallic taste. Maybe the combination of the smoothie with boba wa ... more

( 136 Reviews )
Textbook Cafe Logo

Textbook Cafe

Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Cafe

118 Dekalb Ave Brooklyn, NY 11217
Tyler Aitken

This place is super cute, great drinks/food, fun music, enjoyable vibe.

( 153 Reviews )
Frenchy's Food Truck Logo

Frenchy's Food Truck

Cafe, Diner

333 Eastern Pkwy Brooklyn, NY 11216
Meghan Hooper White

Frenchys is the absolute best!! Truly the most delicious pastries in NYC served by lovely humans. Ive been a customer of Davids since he opened and every day Im still exc ... more

( 262 Reviews )
Bora Bora Smoothie Cafe - Bay Ridge Logo

Bora Bora Smoothie Cafe - Bay Ridge

Cafe, Breakfast Restaurant, Açaí Shop

7322 3rd Ave Brooklyn, NY 11209

Soft drinks were delicious, unique and refreshing. Crepes were delicious too. The only thing I didnt like is that the tables were sticky

( 324 Reviews )
Edie Jos Logo

Edie Jos

Bar, American Restaurant, Cafe

630 Flatbush Ave Brooklyn, NY 11225
Hilary P

A place beneath the stars, a tab behind the bar and breakfast for lunch. A good place to be for a juice chicken breast with fries and an orange wine

( 3 Reviews )
109 Montrose Logo

109 Montrose


109 Montrose Ave Brooklyn, NY 11206
Mike Burrill

High quality coffee, great baked goods + superb music selection. Youll thank me later.

( 150 Reviews )
Align Coffee/Crepe Master Logo

Align Coffee/Crepe Master

Coffee Shop, Cafe, Crêperie

Ground floor corner, 319 Hooper St 1st Floor Brooklyn, NY 11211

Shrimp avo is the best!! Truffle mushroom omelette my friend got was very dry though

( 1031 Reviews )
Panera Bread Logo

Panera Bread


345 Adams Street Brooklyn, New York 11201
Gregory Clarke Money Mindset Academy

It was awesome to see the level of detail and service that the members of this location showed during this visit. The staff still adhered to the protocols and it added to ... more

( 128 Reviews )
Café Miguel Logo

Café Miguel


636 Grand St Brooklyn, NY 11211
Chantel Pozon

Love Cafe Miguel. Everyone is so sweet and the food is incredible. The weekend specials in particular keep me coming back!

( 72 Reviews )
MatchPoint Cafe Logo

MatchPoint Cafe

Cafe, Health Food Restaurant

2781 Shell Rd 2nd floor Brooklyn, NY 11223
Katherine C

Great food, delicious and healthy after a good workout! Great guy named Joshua that works there, very helpful!

( 164 Reviews )
Serendipity bk Logo

Serendipity bk


229 S 3rd St Brooklyn, NY 11211
Konrad Skubisz

Great people

( 63 Reviews )
Ovenly Williamsburg Logo

Ovenly Williamsburg

Bakery, Cafe, Cake Shop

43 N 5th St Brooklyn, NY 11249
Alexandra Dennis

This place is good and their drinks are great but the barista with the brown hair who works Sunday mornings is really rude and honestly makes me wanna stop going there.

( 35 Reviews )
Blank Street Coffee Logo

Blank Street Coffee

Coffee Shop, Cafe, Pastry Shop

McCarren Park House, 776 Lorimer St Brooklyn, NY 11211
Todd Elkins

Home sweet home. Great people, good energy. Love the vibes.

( 8 Reviews )
Tonel To Go Logo

Tonel To Go


1364 Jean Jacques Dessalines Blvd BK Brooklyn, NY 11210
farley toussaint

Food was absolutely delicious