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The Process Server

Process Server

13416 North 32nd Street Phoenix, Arizona 85032
Brittney Taylor

Great experience, very friendly, prompt, and informative. They answered all of my questions and got the job done. They answered my emails in a timely fashion and called m ... more

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National Injury Attorneys

Personal Injury Attorney

3030 N Central , 1109 Phoenix, AZ 85012
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Oz Morgan Law


4500 N 32nd St #115 Phoenix, AZ 85018

I originally had a different attorney before coming to Oz Morgan Law and I must say that my experience with Oz Morgan Law has been nothing short of exceptional. Their unm ... more

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Phoenix Accident and Injury Law Firm

Personal Injury Attorney, Lawyer, Legal Services

2550 West Union Hills Drive, Suite 350 Phoenix, AZ 85027
Nicole Leatherwood

I was very pleased with my experience. They kept me informed the whole way through the process and checked on me through my treatment. Definitely would recommend

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Sweet James Accident Attorneys

Lawyer, Personal Injury Attorney, Law Firm

2828 North Central Avenue, Suite 1130 Phoenix, AZ 85004
Jen M

Cathy and Jeff were great! Always responsive and very helpful! Im so grateful for their help with my case.

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Hastings Law Firm, Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Medical Lawyer, Law Firm, Attorney

4041 N Central Ave suite 565 Phoenix, AZ 85012
Erin Bingham

I reached out to Hastings Law Firm about a potential case. They were start to finish incredibly professional and made sure i understood the process and answered all ques ... more

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Feller & Wendt, LLC - Personal Injury & Car Accident Lawyers Logo

Feller & Wendt, LLC - Personal Injury & Car Accident Lawyers

Personal Injury Attorney

1 N 1st St Suite 7550 Phoenix, AZ 85004
Rachel Sharpe

The team at Feller and Wendt AZ office was friendly and helpful throughout the whole process! I would highly recommend!

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Evans Garrey PLLC

Personal Injury Attorney

4647 N 32nd St, Suite B230 Phoenix, Arizona 85018
Over Kill007

It was great working with, Steve Evans.

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Sweet Lawyers

Personal Injury Attorney

4742 N 24th St., Suite 300 Phoenix, Arizona 85016
William Arzuaga

Positive team to work with.

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John Rizvi, P.A. - The Idea Attorneys

Patent Attorney

2828 North Central Avenue, 10th Floor Phoenix, Arizona 85004
Tom Gray

This is my 2nd patent I have filed with John Rizvi P.A. And his team. Nothing but the best all the way through the process.

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The Law Office Of Laura Gillis PLLC Logo

The Law Office Of Laura Gillis PLLC

Family Law Attorney

20 E Thomas Rd #2200 Phoenix, Arizona 85012
Hussein Azab

Excellent law firm! Extremely professional, worth every penny. I want to do a special shout out to Laura herself, she took my case very seriously and was able to get the ... more

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IBF Law Group

Divorce Lawyer

3101 N Central Ave # 1250 Phoenix, AZ 85012
Diana Boling

The team at IBF Law Group is highly knowledgeable in personal injury law. They fought for my rights and secured a settlement that was far beyond what I expected.

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Wright Law Offices: Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorney Logo

Wright Law Offices: Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy Attorney

2999 N 44th St STE 250 Phoenix, AZ 85018
David Goldstick

Attorney Wright humanizes a process none of us want to be in and set the stage for my financial renewal. His office is skilled, responsive, and a good value. Much appreci ... more

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Southwest Injury Law Logo

Southwest Injury Law

Personal Injury Attorney, Insurance Attorney, Law Firm

4425 N 24th St # 225 Phoenix, AZ 85016
Emilio Varela

Great service, excellent communication!

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Zinda Law Group Logo

Zinda Law Group

Personal Injury Attorney, Law Firm

11201 N Tatum Blvd # 300 Phoenix, AZ 85028
alfonso vega

My experience with the zinda law group was extremely satisfactory mine was a minor case and the effort they put in to it seem like it was a huge case for the whole team h ... more

( 109 Reviews )
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Saavedra Law Firm, PLC

Personal Injury Attorney

14001 N 7th St Suite B-104 Phoenix, AZ 85022
Smooth Operator

I've been takcare of as a new client, seamless care, both legal and physical attention.

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Curiel & Runion Personal Injury Lawyers - Phoenix Office Logo

Curiel & Runion Personal Injury Lawyers - Phoenix Office

Personal Injury Attorney

1221 E Osborn Rd UNIT 201 Phoenix, Arizona 85014
Klayja Mergel

This may come across as a stream of consciousness- I apologize about that. I have bad ADHD Whitney is the best attorney on the face of the planet. I used to work in bill ... more

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Nicole Pavlik Law Firm Logo

Nicole Pavlik Law Firm

Estate Planning Attorney, Attorney, Legal Services

21436 N 20th Ave Suite 201 Phoenix, AZ 85027
Marc A. Morales De Castillo

Nicole and her staff did an excellent job of making a seemingly complex process....simple. I would highly recommend her for services you may require with an Estate- Plan ... more

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Benikov Law Firm Logo

Benikov Law Firm

Criminal Justice Attorney

3317 E. Bell Road, Suite 101-271 Phoenix, Arizona 85032

Alex is great! And very reasoanble! Would use him again if needed.

( 197 Reviews )
Torgenson Law Logo

Torgenson Law

Personal Injury Attorney, Insurance Attorney, Law Firm

333 W Roosevelt St Phoenix, Arizona 85003
Beverly Riley

Kyle was great! Hard working, professional, so kind and understanding! Great team here at Torgenson Law! Very happy with their work!

( 112 Reviews )
Law Office of Daniel Hutto, PLLC Logo

Law Office of Daniel Hutto, PLLC

Criminal Justice Attorney, Divorce Lawyer, Family Law Attorney

2201 E Camelback Rd Suite 120 Phoenix, AZ 85016
Logan Spruell

Got my divorce done quick and easy.

( 55 Reviews )
Palestini Law Logo

Palestini Law

Criminal Justice Attorney, Criminal Justice Attorney, Trial Attorney

1641 E Osborn Rd Suite #8 Phoenix, AZ 85016
Ayoni Lanier

He is awesome and knows his job well. Went to trial today and got found not guilty. I highly recommend him. Thank you so much

( 117 Reviews )
Litwak Law Group Logo

Litwak Law Group

Criminal Justice Attorney

1 N 1st St Suite 716 Phoenix, AZ 85004
Allan Brown

Prior to the this incident in which I needed a lawyer, I had never been in trouble with the law and didn't even know the first place to start. On a whim and based on exce ... more

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Grand Canyon Law Group Logo

Grand Canyon Law Group

Criminal Justice Attorney, Attorney, Trial Attorney

621 N 5th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85003
Henry Hoskinson

Matt Hayes represented me during a tough case and did a great job! I would highly recommend GCLG

( 135 Reviews )
Feldman Royle Logo

Feldman Royle

Criminal Justice Attorney

3200 N Central Ave, Suite 1850 Phoenix, Arizona 85012
shann gleave

I was referred to Gabe Hassen over four years ago for a case that should have been finished quickly. Gabe hung in with me through the entire process. He travelled to Casa ... more

( 105 Reviews )


Personal Injury Attorney

7201 N 7th St Phoenix, AZ 85020
Bulldog03 Leatherneck

First time visiting their offices, met with Mr. Ron and two beautiful ladies, all smiles, great ambiance. Mr. Ron wasted no time, we covered important key points in a sh ... more

( 119 Reviews )
Nava Law Firm Logo

Nava Law Firm

Criminal Justice Attorney

1641 E. Osborn Rd, #8A Phoenix, Arizona 85016
Thomas Burch

So grateful

( 126 Reviews )
MDK Law Group Logo

MDK Law Group

Personal Injury Attorney, Immigration Attorney, Law Firm

Tudor Plaza Office Condominium, 4105 N 20th St STE 260 Phoenix, Arizona 85016
Andre Jordan

I lost my baby mama and my oldest daughter 2 years ago. It's been hard everyday is a challenge. So when I looked for a lawyer for the insurance claim i came across mdk la ... more

( 142 Reviews )
CIMA Law Group Logo

CIMA Law Group

Law Firm

350 E Virginia Ave Phoenix, AZ 85004
Ken Ladner

We can't be more thankful for all the help we get from CIMA law group, especially with the lawyer Ayensa, she is so kind and understand our needs, I have recommended her ... more

( 105 Reviews )
Colburn Hintze Maletta PLLC Logo

Colburn Hintze Maletta PLLC

Family Law Attorney

2150 E Highland Ave UNIT 212 Phoenix, AZ 85016
Kimmy Trindl

I cannot say enough good things about this place. I had them take care of a few different things for me and they were incredible. Everything was submitted quickly and it ... more

( 86 Reviews )
Alpha Accident Lawyers Logo

Alpha Accident Lawyers

Personal Injury Attorney, Law Firm

2828 N Central Ave #1033 Phoenix, AZ 85004
August Patterson

I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to my personal injury lawyer for their exceptional representation. They're not just my lawyers, they're my legal dream team. M ... more

( 46 Reviews )
The Feldman Law Firm, PLLC Logo

The Feldman Law Firm, PLLC

Criminal Justice Attorney, Law Firm, Attorney

3200 N Central Ave # 1850 Phoenix, AZ 85004
Carton Sale

Good Original review mistaken for another firm

( 50 Reviews )
Robert J. Campos & Associates, P.L.C. Logo

Robert J. Campos & Associates, P.L.C.


51 East Lexington Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85012

Its Been Over Two Months Since I First Contacted Robert J. Campos And Have Been Very Relieved With My Results! Very Knowledgeable & Wise In The Field, Thank You

( 670 Reviews )
Jacobs Driving & Traffic School Logo

Jacobs Driving & Traffic School

Driving School, Criminal Justice Attorney

15255 N 40th St STE 155 Phoenix, Arizona 85032
Elaine Suleymanova

Jacobs driving school is very interesting and informational. The class here is fun while you also learn a lot. The instructor was patient and funny while presenting the i ... more

( 73 Reviews )
Hutzler Law, PLLC Logo

Hutzler Law, PLLC

Personal Injury Attorney, Attorney, Legal Services

4323 N 12th St Suite 101 Phoenix, Arizona 85014
Brandonc Cerpa

Called them up asking if they could help out a friend. My friend didnt know what to do about her car accident but the lawyers at Hutzler Law were able to give valuable in ... more

( 51 Reviews )
Simmons & Greene, P.C. Logo

Simmons & Greene, P.C.

Law Firm, Personal Injury Attorney, Bankruptcy Attorney

2432 W Peoria Ave Ste 1284 Bldg 18 Phoenix, Arizona 85029
Naseeba Ishmael

Very rude, he called me and because I ask him for help about how to go ahead fang start my paperwork but he said okay good luck and Hang up like thats how you treated som ... more

( 76 Reviews )
O'Steen & Harrison, PLC Logo

O'Steen & Harrison, PLC

Personal Injury Attorney, Law Firm

300 W Clarendon Ave #400 Phoenix, AZ 85013

OSteej law enforcer agency has too many doors. The windows were like some sort of plexified glass/metal combo, and the whole place smelled of despair, and old rat lungs. ... more

( 84 Reviews )
Law Office of Carissa A. Jakobe, PLLC Logo

Law Office of Carissa A. Jakobe, PLLC

Criminal Justice Attorney, Law Firm

2 N Central Ave Suite #1800 Phoenix, Arizona 85004
Marissa Ferro

I will like to thank you Carissa, You handle it like a BOSS you are. You reputation speaks for itself. - Steve Ferro

( 111 Reviews )
Law Office of Aaron M. Black, PLLC Logo

Law Office of Aaron M. Black, PLLC

Criminal Justice Attorney, Attorney, Trial Attorney

4702 N 32nd St Phoenix, AZ 85018
Eddie Gebler

Aaron is a wealth of knowledge and his experience will bring you to a clear understanding what youre going through. Thats also why he answers his own calls, I believe. He ... more

( 157 Reviews )
The Foster Group Logo

The Foster Group

Employment Attorney, Trial Attorney, Legal Services

902 W McDowell Rd Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Amazing people to work with. They call/email in a timely manner and took my concerns seriously. I really recommend coming here with questions and concerns. (Please rememb ... more

( 48 Reviews )
Gurion Legal, PLLC Logo

Gurion Legal, PLLC

Criminal Justice Attorney, Trial Attorney, Personal Injury Attorney

4323 N 12th St Suite 100 Phoenix, Arizona 85014
Hunter Ritta

There legal team was extremely accommodating and professional. They took care of everything from A-Z without any effort or concern on my part. They got my case thrown out ... more

( 237 Reviews )
Solorzano Law Firm Logo

Solorzano Law Firm

Personal Injury Attorney, Legal Services, Immigration Attorney

1052 E Indian School Rd Pheonix, Arizona 85014
Salvador Bravo

Best lawyer in Az!!!!

( 1 Reviews )
Jeff Wasley - CMG Home Loans Loan Officer Logo

Jeff Wasley - CMG Home Loans Loan Officer

Mortgage Lender, Medical Office, Insurance Agency

( 59 Reviews )
Urgent Law Logo

Urgent Law


420 E Bell Rd Suite 6 Phoenix, AZ 85022
Cindy Hum

It has been such a wonderful experience working with Brandon at Urgent Law. Brandon has been so kind and considerate with helping me with my case and working non-stop aro ... more

( 63 Reviews )
Blumberg & Associates Logo

Blumberg & Associates

Criminal Justice Attorney

3600 N 19th Ave Phoenix, Arizona 85015
Jared Robberts

Bruce Is by far the most HONEST and helpful Attorney I have ever met! He is knowledgeable and treats you like family! He works timely and always gets back in no time at a ... more

( 55 Reviews )
Law Office of Roman A. Kostenko, PLC Logo

Law Office of Roman A. Kostenko, PLC

Divorce Lawyer

202 E Earll Dr, Ste 490 Phoenix, Arizona 85012
Alejandra Gomez

Roman represented me in a family law matter, his services exceeded all expectations. Roman is beyond knowledgeable professional and ethical. He was always available to an ... more

( 46 Reviews )
Birth Injury Lawyers Group Logo

Birth Injury Lawyers Group


11811 N Tatum Blvd Phoenix, AZ 85028
Frank Stalter Stalter

Very happy to be with someone who stays in touch with the situation and is informative to my needs

( 50 Reviews )
Wendy Hernandez Family Law Logo

Wendy Hernandez Family Law

Family Law Attorney

3636 North Central Avenue, Suite 820 Phoenix, AZ 85012
Scott Rogers

This family law practices unethical email tampering. Falsified documents were sent. Verified proof that this law office is not abiding by law. Customer beware

( 33 Reviews )
Goldman Law, LLC Logo

Goldman Law, LLC

Divorce Lawyer

3550 N Central Ave #1420 Phoenix, Arizona 85012
Jessica S

I hired Stephanie for a family court matter involving children and she did an excellent job helping me along the way through the process. She was easy to communicate with ... more

( 66 Reviews )
Notary On Wheels Logo

Notary On Wheels

Legal Services

Cameron Befus

Excellent service. Came out on short notice on a Sunday to help us.