Seattle, WA Real Estate Developer

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Multi-M Contracting, Inc Logo

Multi-M Contracting, Inc

Contractor, Construction Company, Custom Home Builder

818 Industry Dr Seattle, WA 98188
Mark L

I've worked with Mark and the team at Multi M Contracting for the last 6 months. For commercial construction in the Renton/South Seattle area, they're one of the best. I ... more

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Raffetto Real Estate Logo

Raffetto Real Estate

Real Estate Agency, Real Estate Consultant, Real Estate Developer

737 Olive Wy Seattle, WA 98101
Mark Stoner

I bought an investment property through Raffetto Real Estate that was a gold mine hiding in plain sight. The other broker I had been using didn't even have this property ... more

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Domora Logo


Real Estate Developer, Investment Company, Real Estate Consultant

1819 E Denny Way UNIT 303 Seattle, WA 98122
Madisen Dixon

Jacob genuinely cares about people and how to help them in stressful situations involving real estate. I highly recommend him for any of your real estate needs in Seattle ... more

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Sabey Corporation Logo

Sabey Corporation

Real Estate Developer, Business To Business Service

12201 Tukwila International Boulevard Fourth Floor Seattle, WA 98168
Desberg Ferres

those guys take care. good facilities.

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Dwell Development Logo

Dwell Development

Real Estate Developer

5221 Lake Washington Blvd S Seattle, WA 98118
Nate Rock

I had the pleasure of renting one of their properties over the summer in the Seattle area. The folks at Dwell Development were professional, attentive and fantastic to wo ... more

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SolTerra Logo


Solar Energy Contractor, Electrician, Real Estate Developer

2910 First Avenue South, Suite 201 Seattle, WA 98134
Peter Schumacher

We had a great experience with Solterra. They were extremely helpful in working with us to determine the best v system for our house. Their installation crew was awesome ... more

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Infiniti Real Estate & Development Logo

Infiniti Real Estate & Development

Real Estate Developer, Real Estate Agency, Real Estate Agents

4258 Fremont Ave N Seattle, WA 98103
Micco Emeson

Eva is a great person to work with. She helped me purchase my first home in the Seattle area during the pandemic, beating out five other offers without having to engage i ... more

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Nitze-Stagen Logo


Real Estate Developer, Property Management Company

159 S Jackson St Seattle, WA 98104
Misty Burns

I worked here for a General Contractor for Starbucks Headquarters and also for the new Amazon Delivery shopping center. Great people to work with and for!

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Green Canopy NODE Logo

Green Canopy NODE

Real Estate Developer

27 S Hanford St Seattle, WA 98134
Chris Johnson

Green canopy NODE, is a company who cares about their employees which helps them build a better home. This is not a typical builder who is just here to flood the market w ... more

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Pacific Crest Real Estate Logo

Pacific Crest Real Estate

Real Estate Agency, Real Estate Developer

200 1st Ave W UNIT 520 Seattle, WA 98119
David W

Initially I was not impressed but then I found that the building was sold and as soon as the transfer was approved - Everyone abandoned the place leaving Pacific Crest hi ... more

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Onni Group Logo

Onni Group

Real Estate Developer

112 Boren Ave N Seattle, WA 98109
Roberto Negron

Great place to live! Been here for a year and is the place to be. Perfect for young professionals that want to have fun and a great time. You cant buy a full gym, karaoke ... more

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Pine Street Group LLC Logo

Pine Street Group LLC

Real Estate Developer

1505 5th Ave Seattle, WA 98101
Kari Knowles

Good place

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South Lake Union Discovery Center Logo

South Lake Union Discovery Center

Marketing Agency, Real Estate Agency, Real Estate Developer

101 Westlake Ave N Seattle, WA 98109
Derek Buhr

Nice summary of the area and how it has transformed this last decade.

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Earlington Village - Taylor Morrison Logo

Earlington Village - Taylor Morrison

Home Builder, Mortgage Lender, Real Estate Developer

8214 S 132nd St Seattle, WA 98178
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Daly Partners Llc Logo

Daly Partners Llc

Real Estate Developer, Commercial Real Estate Agency, Investment Service

1101 N Northlake Way # 106 Seattle, WA 98103
Mateo Blumer

Daly Partners is one of Seattle’s best property developers. As an investor, Jim Daly is the only developer I know to deliver or exceed the initially forecasted returns ... more

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BCI Pacific Real Estate Development Logo

BCI Pacific Real Estate Development

Real Estate Developer

3926 Aurora Ave N Seattle, WA 98103
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Slattery Properties Logo

Slattery Properties

Real Estate Developer

4039 21st Ave W Seattle, WA 98199
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Prologis Logo


Real Estate Developer, Logistics Service, Warehouse

12720 Gateway Dr S #110 Seattle, WA 98168
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Hunters Capital Logo

Hunters Capital

Real Estate Developer

1620 Broadway Suite 200 Seattle, WA 98122
Kristi Lord

Hunters Capital has been nothing short of amazing to work with. They are incredibly responsive and take an active interest in seeing our business succeed . They care ab ... more

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Summit Capital Partners LLC Logo

Summit Capital Partners LLC

Real Estate Developer

3803 NE 45th St Seattle, WA 98105
Rob Genovese

I was interested in getting into real estate investment but didn't have the time. My friend referred me to Summit Capital, they do everything in house, are efficient, and ... more

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FIX Impact Development Logo

FIX Impact Development

Real Estate Developer

3317 E Pike St Seattle, WA 98122
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Medawar & Co Logo

Medawar & Co

Real Estate Developer

PO Box 31256 Seattle, WA 98103
Jackie Bringolf

We rented a condo in edmonds for four years through Medawar real estate. We have nothing but positive things to say about our dealings with this company. They have always ... more

( 4 Reviews )
Alliance Residential Company - Seattle Logo

Alliance Residential Company - Seattle

Real Estate Developer

1900 N Northlake Way #237 Seattle, WA 98103
Karl Horcher

Great renting experience so far! The team is very organized, thoughtful, personable, and most importantly, available/helpful. These guys are fantastic.

( 19 Reviews )
TRF Pacific LLC Logo

TRF Pacific LLC

Property Management Company, Real Estate Developer

2620 2nd Ave Seattle, WA 98121
Mie Ichiyama Miller

If I can give a zero star rating to TRF, I would. TRF is the worst property management company Ive ever experienced. They have no professionalism and they are useless as ... more

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Teutsch Partners Llc Logo

Teutsch Partners Llc

Real Estate Developer

2001 Western Ave #330 Seattle, WA 98121
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Blume Company Real Estate Logo

Blume Company Real Estate

Real Estate Developer

617 Eastlake Ave E #340 Seattle, WA 98109
Fred Kwiatkoski


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Falkin Associates Inc Logo

Falkin Associates Inc

Real Estate Consultant, Real Estate Developer

7900 East Green Lake Dr N, Ste 104 Seattle, WA 98103
Mark Walsh

Best construction consultants!!

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Hal Real Estate Logo

Hal Real Estate

Real Estate Developer

2025 1st Ave STE 700 Seattle, WA 98121
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The Schuster Group Logo

The Schuster Group

Real Estate Developer

2808 E Madison St #203 Seattle, WA 98112
Stephanie Skeffington

Schuster Group is not only a collection of extremely knowledgeable and professional individuals but their focus on creating beautiful, unique and green buildings to compl ... more

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Hal Griffith & Associates Logo

Hal Griffith & Associates

Real Estate Developer

1301 Alaskan Way Seattle, WA 98101
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M S Cavoad Co Logo

M S Cavoad Co

Real Estate Developer, Commercial Real Estate Agency

4038 NE 58th St Seattle, WA 98105
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Tarragon L.L.C. Logo

Tarragon L.L.C.

Real Estate Developer

601 Union St #3500 Seattle, WA 98101

I had a tour with a gentleman by the name of Joseph. Great customer service skills , very polite and displayed a glimpse of empathy once I in summary spoke on my relocati ... more

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Colpitts Development Co Logo

Colpitts Development Co

Real Estate Developer

2256 38th Pl E Seattle, WA 98112
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Gull Industries Inc Logo

Gull Industries Inc

Real Estate Developer

3404 4th Ave S Seattle, WA 98134
PR1M3 T1M3

To many dope fiends before you get to the door.

( 3 Reviews )
Segale Properties Logo

Segale Properties

Real Estate Developer

5811 Segale Park Drive C Seattle, WA 98188
Sarafina Anderson

I go to the foodbank and walk over a mile to get the bus.......I got beat up on Segale Property..but 3 women before noon on a Saturday......held my ground....gee Mark can ... more

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TimberRise Logo


Real Estate Developer

1424 11th Ave Suite 400 Seattle, WA 98122
Joe Duckett

I love the concept and brand promise of TimberRise. And with the passion and integrity of the team, this is a company with great things ahead of it!

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Seattle House Logo

Seattle House

Real Estate Developer

2230 8th Ave Seattle, WA 98121
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Wagner Management Corporation Logo

Wagner Management Corporation

Property Management Company, Real Estate Agency, Real Estate Developer

801 23rd Ave S #201 Seattle, WA 98144
Braden Sigua

I lived in one of their properties for a year, and enjoyed the experience greatly! The hallways were always cleaned, the property manager David (I think it's a family run ... more

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Burrard Properties Logo

Burrard Properties

Real Estate Developer

1924 1st Ave Suite 300 Seattle, WA 98101
( 15 Reviews )
206 Property Management Logo

206 Property Management

Property Management Company, Real Estate Developer, Real Estate Rental Agency

2825 Eastlake Ave E Seattle, WA 98102
Bridget Sweet

We never would have rented from 206 Property Management, but they unfortunately bought our apartment building. As soon as they did, they instituted TWO rent increases in ... more

( 2 Reviews )
Indian RIVER Development Llc Logo

Indian RIVER Development Llc

Real Estate Developer

10735 22nd Ave SW Seattle, WA 98146
Limozone Towncar

Excellent service and food

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Information Builders Inc Logo

Information Builders Inc

Real Estate Developer, Professional Services

1420 5th Ave #3250 Seattle, WA 98101
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American Life Inc Logo

American Life Inc

Real Estate Developer

270 S Hanford St Seattle, WA 98134
Ari Kohn

Sued and fined by the SEC; reportedly being sued by investors; multiple Notices of Violation issued by City of Seattle for construction violations; breached lease-contrac ... more

( 2 Reviews )
HB Management Logo

HB Management

Real Estate Developer

600 University St #2018 Seattle, WA 98101
Army Olsen

Great Company to work with!

( 3 Reviews )
DA LI Development USA Logo

DA LI Development USA

Real Estate Developer

450 South Main St Suite 168 Seattle, WA 98104
Joule Sea

It is unethical and unprincipled to try to silence the community and its elders who just want to help mitigate the damage your development is doing to our neighborhood. S ... more

( 10 Reviews )
Intracorp Homes (Washington) Logo

Intracorp Homes (Washington)

Real Estate Developer

411 1st Ave S #650 Seattle, WA 98104
Phil Hutchinson

Stunningly bad build quality. Their defects have cost our HOA and individual residents hundreds of thousands to repair. When notified of major defects in their work, Intr ... more

( 6 Reviews )
Build Urban Logo

Build Urban

Real Estate Developer

999 N Northlake Way #215 Seattle, WA 98103
Thomas Woldendorp


( 6 Reviews )


Real Estate Developer

2212 Queen Anne Ave N Seattle, WA 98109
shay shay

As tenants at Queen Anne Exchange, one of their apartment buildings, we know first-hand the difference between the hype and the reality. Angela Faul did a great job selli ... more

( 1 Reviews )
Avenue 55, LLC Logo

Avenue 55, LLC

Real Estate Developer

600 University St UNIT 2305 Seattle, WA 98101
( 3 Reviews )
StoryBuilt. - Seattle Logo

StoryBuilt. - Seattle

Real Estate Developer

5840 Airport Way S #131 Seattle, WA 98108
TheTruth NothingElse

-ve stars please? If you want to live a little, make sure to stay away from these guys. I wasnt smart enough.