Seattle, WA Furniture Maker

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Kaci Woodworks, LLC Logo

Kaci Woodworks, LLC

Cabinet Maker, Bathroom Remodeler, Service Establishment

Serving Seattle, WA
Keven Ben

I was referred to kaci woodworks for a kitchen remodeling by a friend that has used them several times for his house projects. It was the easiest and most straight forwa ... more

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Focal Fabrication Logo

Focal Fabrication

Furniture Maker

3035 W Commodore Way Seattle, WA 98199
Matt W

Great communication. Fast. Quality work. Can't say enough good things.

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Tapered Grain LLC Logo

Tapered Grain LLC

Furniture Maker

2533 Westlake Ave N Seattle, WA 98109
N. Leary

What a gorgeous table! Its the perfect size for our space. Truly a functional piece of art and we couldnt be more excited to own this piece. Jim is an incredible crafts ... more

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La Matriarca WoodWorkings LLC Logo

La Matriarca WoodWorkings LLC

Furniture Maker

9315 7th Ave S Seattle, Washington 98108
Chantell O

I live in Las Vegas and last year I lost my brother. I got this amazing piece to hang something on. It was so beautiful I ended up hanging the piece next to it just to sh ... more

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Tirto Furniture Logo

Tirto Furniture

Furniture Store, Bedroom Furniture Store, Cabinet Store

1908 E Mercer St Seattle, WA 98112
Benjamin Manne

I bought our patio furniture from Tirto about four years ago and it looks as good as it did the day they delivered it. I don't think they usually deliver, but they were h ... more

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Plank & Grain Furniture Co Logo

Plank & Grain Furniture Co

Furniture Maker

666 S King St Seattle, WA 98144
Matt Clark

Doug built us a beautiful dining table and was overall amazing to work with. Highly recommend using these folks as they were extremely responsive and walked us through th ... more

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Two Blue Mules, Design Studio LLC Logo

Two Blue Mules, Design Studio LLC

Metal Fabricator, Blacksmith, Furniture Maker

4806 25th Ave SW Seattle, WA 98106
Andres Mauricio Montao

Excellent craftsmanship. Highly recommended !

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Mosquito Fleet Design Logo

Mosquito Fleet Design

Furniture Maker

12241 2nd Pl SW Seattle, WA 98146
manlio loconte

Service: Shelving/rack construction & installation

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AtelierLuer Logo


Furniture Maker, Cabinet Maker, Interior Designer

5448 Shilshole Ave NW Seattle, WA 98107
simul ahmed

The products was really good.

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Couch Logo


Furniture Store, Furniture Maker

5304 Ballard Ave NW Seattle, WA 98107
Graeme Williams

The sales people were wonderful at guiding me through all the choices to make the perfect couch for me. They steered me towards velvet to handle cats as well, which I had ... more

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Rydawell Builds Logo

Rydawell Builds

Furniture Maker

324 NW Bowdoin Pl Seattle, WA 98107
Dawn Sherburne

We could not be more happy with our build from the Rydawell team. From their excellent two way communication to the quality craftsmanship, all phases of our project surp ... more

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EcoBalanza Logo


Furniture Maker, Organic Shop

624 S Lander St suite 32 Seattle, WA 98134
Faustino Quiroz

Nice furniture!!

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Urban Hardwoods Logo

Urban Hardwoods

Furniture Maker, Furniture Maker, Office Furniture Store

4755 Colorado Ave S C Seattle, WA 98134
David Walker

Travis and Goose gave us a great tour of Urban Hardwoods. It was inspiring to see so many large wood slabs harvested and recovered from our local area. Thank you so muc ... more

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Wallbeds Northwest Logo

Wallbeds Northwest

Furniture Maker, Furniture Maker

1000 Aurora Ave N Seattle, WA 98109
Echo Pickrell

Great customer service from start to end. The sales person was very helpful by answering all my questions and customization (color, handle, extra height, crowns, etc). Af ... more

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Joybird Logo


Furniture Maker

1520 10th Ave Seattle, WA 98122
Crystal Carrigan

Jacy at Joybird was very helpful in selecting and ordering our sectional sofa. We were able to get the exact set up we wanted. She answered all of our questions via email ... more

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David M. Fen Logo

David M. Fen

Furniture Maker

912 NE 53rd St Seattle, WA 98105
C. W.

I purchased a reclaimed wood plank with the idea that I could turn it into a project. I decided it would make a great fireplace mantle, but because it wasn't long eno ... more

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Island Reclaimed Wood LLC Logo

Island Reclaimed Wood LLC

Furniture Maker

2700 4th Ave S Seattle, WA 98134
Jutta Maas

Noel did such an amazing job with our ocean wave table. You can see his passion for the tables he creates. He put in an incredible amount of work to create our table unti ... more

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Big Saw Productions Logo

Big Saw Productions

Furniture Maker

16052 28th Ave NE Seattle, WA 98155

We LOVE our patio furniture! And I love the smell of cedar when I sit in it. Jason does beautiful work. He is a craftsman and I am so glad we found him.

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PlyPly Furniture Seattle Logo

PlyPly Furniture Seattle

Furniture Maker

525 S Brighton St Unit C11 Seattle, WA 98108
Dolan Honsa

I own a small tea shop and have commissioned several large, custom pieces from Ben at PlyPly that have been indispensable in making my business more functional and beauti ... more

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Ebanista School of Fine Woodworking Logo

Ebanista School of Fine Woodworking

Woodworker, Furniture Maker, Wood Working Class

300 S Orcas St Seattle, WA 98108
david crutcher

I just finished the beginnings I class and I am currently signed up for three more classes. it is a pleasure learning from Jonathan. and i am looking forward to the next ... more

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Hacienda Custom Woodwork Logo

Hacienda Custom Woodwork

Furniture Maker, Furniture Maker, Kitchen Remodeler

4660 E Marginal Wy S Seattle, WA 98134
Robin White

We hired Hacienda Custom Woodwork to build and install our custom kitchen cabinets. We made our decision based on the existing Google reviews and a visit to Joses shop. I ... more

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Don Willis Furniture Logo

Don Willis Furniture

Furniture Store, Bedroom Furniture Store, Furniture Maker

10516 Lake City Way NE Seattle, WA 98125
Wes Thompson

Moving sale not as cheap as hoped but inventory is good with lots of good looking furniture.

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Bamboo Hardwoods, inc Logo

Bamboo Hardwoods, inc

Furniture Maker, Furniture Store

6405 Roosevelt Way NE Seattle, WA 98115
Arkhai Ne'khurin

They had what I was looking for (Moso bamboo poles) at a very good price. After having searched around quite a bit, it was nice to finally find a source. The young lady ... more

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Rook Logo


Antique Store, Furniture Maker, Furniture Rental Service

241 S Lander St Seattle, WA 98134
Richie F

Wow - Amazing place. This large (8,000 sq feet?!) attractively set up display of fascinatingly unique items, furniture, and decor captivated our attention all afternoon! ... more

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All Custom Design Logo

All Custom Design

Furniture Maker

4841 W Marginal Way SW Seattle, WA 98106
Eric West

wow. Muha is a gem - a guy in the construction sector who is honest and honors his commitments! That is so rare to find. He worked incredibly hard to build a custom ca ... more

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Village Interiors Inc Logo

Village Interiors Inc

Furniture Maker, Interior Designer

217 S Findlay St Seattle, WA 98108
Zach Wunder

We needed their services for a television production we were making in town. They were very accommodating, and Randy, the owner, was amazing in working with us to help ge ... more

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16th workshop Logo

16th workshop

Furniture Maker

1128 Poplar Pl S Seattle, WA 98144
( 4 Reviews )
Lundin Fine Woodworking Logo

Lundin Fine Woodworking

Furniture Maker

5233 28th Ave S Seattle, WA 98108
Jensen DeLaRosa

I reached out to Jorn to get a custom engagement box made. I had someone else that was commissioned to do this work, and they said they couldnt complete 2 weeks out. I re ... more

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Blue Snow Inc Logo

Blue Snow Inc

Furniture Maker

107 Spring St Seattle, WA 98101
Rachel Fedor, REALTOR RRE-RBS-LIC-70495

This is a business built on outstanding, hands on customer service! They so clearly understand their craft as well as their business role in service and whole-experience ... more

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IsGood Woodworks Logo

IsGood Woodworks

Woodworker, Arts Organization, Furniture Maker

4660 E Marginal Wy S Seattle, WA 98134
Tim Newsome

Great workshop with a good sense of community.

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Cooper Woodworks LLC Logo

Cooper Woodworks LLC

Furniture Maker

2501 Westlake Ave N Unit C Seattle, WA 98109
Nancy G

Great quality game board, quick and secure shipping!

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Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers Logo

Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers

Architect, Furniture Maker, Interior Designer

3132 Western Ave Seattle, WA 98121
John O'Leary

Great website content

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City Trees Furniture Logo

City Trees Furniture

Furniture Maker

4616 14th Ave NW Seattle, WA 98107
Nicole Gagnier

We could not be more pleased with our beautiful table and experience with City Trees Furniture. The owner is a joy to work with and an amazing craftsman. We get so many ... more

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Fin Design Shop Logo

Fin Design Shop

Furniture Maker

3220 1st Ave S #400 Seattle, WA 98134
( 17 Reviews )
Northwest Wood Design Logo

Northwest Wood Design

Furniture Maker

1762 Airport Wy S Seattle, WA 98134
Kelly Lyman

If you want the very best finished product possible, Dale is your guy. We talked to many furniture and woodworking companies in the area, but no one else impressed us as ... more

( 5 Reviews )
Creoworks Logo


Furniture Maker, Finishing Materials Supplier, Industrial Design Company

4501 W Marginal Wy SW Seattle, WA 98106
Matt R - Levelset Collections

Great at their job and friendly staff! Will give you the exact results you are looking for at a quality price

( 9 Reviews )
This Is Urban Made Logo

This Is Urban Made

Furniture Maker

3511 Interlake Ave N Seattle, WA 98103
Chris DiNoia

I ordered a walnut dog crate from This Is Urban Made. It feels wrong to even call it a crate. It's truly a piece of furniture that has improved the look of our room.The q ... more

( 6 Reviews )
Art & Function Custom Woodworking Solutions Logo

Art & Function Custom Woodworking Solutions

Woodworker, Cabinet Maker, Furniture Maker

930 N 127th St Seattle, WA 98133
Akemi Royal cleaning

I highly recommend this company they are excellent at what they do!! They are very professional and punctual!

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Hugh Montgomery Woodworking Logo

Hugh Montgomery Woodworking

Furniture Maker, Cabinet Maker

7869 Fletcher Bay Rd NE Seattle, WA 98110
( 5 Reviews )
Slab Art Wood Studio Logo

Slab Art Wood Studio

Furniture Maker, Cabinet Maker, Furniture Accessories

3100 Airport Way S Seattle, WA 98134
Anthony Thomas

No longer exists.

( 1 Reviews )
Bloot Furniture & Design Logo

Bloot Furniture & Design

Furniture Maker

1721 1st Ave S Seattle, WA 98134
( 24 Reviews )
Crafthammer Design Logo

Crafthammer Design

Furniture Maker

13409 80th Ave S Seattle, WA 98178
Jason Morgan

After 6 years of waiting on projects that took forever I pulled the plug on them with Jesse. He is pass due on bills and never current. I have a line of communication w ... more

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Roy McMakin Inc Logo

Roy McMakin Inc

Furniture Maker, Artist

1422 34th Ave Seattle, WA 98122
maureen carlson

Long time Ago - I bought a wonderful high four-drawer chest. Still love it. Now thinking about the green sofa. How much?

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Stephen Hultberg Furniture Maker LLC Logo

Stephen Hultberg Furniture Maker LLC

Furniture Maker, Antique Furniture Restoration Service

5800 Rainier Ave S B Seattle, WA 98118
Bee B.

Stephen Hultberg is a dedicated, skillful and compassionate craftsperson. He is honest about what he can do, when he can do it. He took the time to be sure we were please ... more

( 3 Reviews )
Mayer Designs, Inc.- Metal Work and Custom Furniture Logo

Mayer Designs, Inc.- Metal Work and Custom Furniture

Furniture Maker, Furniture Maker, Metal Workshop

719 S Monroe St Seattle, WA 98108

I went in for an interview after they recently moved shops and re setting up. The work they do is splendid.

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Darrell Peart Furnituremaker Logo

Darrell Peart Furnituremaker

Furniture Maker

9824 30th Ave SW Seattle, WA 98126
Inanimate Honest Reviews

Darrell is a damn fine carpenter, he makes high quality stuff!

( 5 Reviews )
Marian Built Logo

Marian Built

Furniture Maker, Construction Company, Furniture Maker

4511 Shilshole Ave NW Seattle, WA 98107
Erin O'Meara

Michael does great work!

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Collette Collins Design Logo

Collette Collins Design

Woodworker, Artist, Furniture Maker

6720 15th Ave NW Seattle, WA 98117
( 2 Reviews )
Hurst Custom Furniture LLC Logo

Hurst Custom Furniture LLC

Furniture Maker

1520A NW Ballard Way Seattle, WA 98107
Stephen Bercik

I was taken on a tour of the shop and was impressed by the number of machines Hurst Custom Furniture has at their disposal. The attention to detail, and quality of work b ... more

( 9 Reviews )
Urban Reclamations Logo

Urban Reclamations

Furniture Maker

1400 Alaskan Wy Seattle, WA 98101
Naomi DuBois

Beautiful furniture and great folks!