Dallas, TX Thrift Store

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A Better Buy Furniture & Thrift Store Logo

A Better Buy Furniture & Thrift Store

Mattress Store, Mattress Store, Thrift Store

5003 S Lancaster Rd Dallas, TX 75216
Judith Juarez

Amazing customer service and extremely kind individuals! I got a gently used couch for a very reasonable price and it was delivered that same day. Very professional gentl ... more

( 184 Reviews )
Out of the Closet - Dallas Logo

Out of the Closet - Dallas

Thrift Store, HIV Testing Center, Second Hand Store

3920 Cedar Springs Road Dallas, TX 75219
Dikota McNeal

Vinny is an absolute angel. One of the most genuine souls I've met in a very long time!! He has a plethora of knowledge and is always willing yo help no matter how big or ... more

( 175 Reviews )
Thrift Shop / Super Thrift Logo

Thrift Shop / Super Thrift

Thrift Store

11411 E Northwest Hwy Dallas, Texas 75218
Oh La

I love this store

( 10 Reviews )
Random Bobbitt Provisions Logo

Random Bobbitt Provisions

Retail Space Rental Agency, Second Hand Store, Boutique

3104 Fairmount St Dallas, TX 75201
Jani Hardenbrook

Shop says they open at 12:00 p.m. Went there today at 12:30 p.m. and they werent opened. Super disappointed!! No signs or any indication of the reason for not being opene ... more

( 7 Reviews )
The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center - Dallas Logo

The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center - Dallas

Thrift Store, Second Hand Store, Used Clothing Store

5554 Harry Hines Boulevard Dallas, TX 75235
Yvette Gonzalez

Tried to attend a group meeting, got there and the front desk person just told me to walk in...5 minutes later I get escorted out without any willingness to direct me to ... more

( 7 Reviews )
V&V Thrift Store Logo

V&V Thrift Store

Thrift Store

922 W Jefferson Blvd Dallas, TX 75208
norma castruita

I love this place, they have excellent home items in perfect condition and at unbeatable prices. If you haven't visited it yet, I recommend it, you won't regret it.

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Da Good Thrift Logo

Da Good Thrift

Thrift Store

2233 N Prairie Creek Rd C-4 Dallas, TX 75227
Jeremiah Halse

Very good Variety of clothes, dressers, housewares, house items, nick nacks, hats. Sizes for small to us big guys. The owner is very friendly and helpful. It is a woman r ... more

( 202 Reviews )
The Salvation Army Thrift Store & Donation Center Logo

The Salvation Army Thrift Store & Donation Center

Thrift Store, Second Hand Store, Used Clothing Store

4810 Village Fair Drive Dallas, TX 75224

I call looking for a wheelchair,reason i call was for no to have to drive 40 minutes and not find any, the person answering the phone WAS SO RUDE didn't help me ,he told ... more

( 634 Reviews )
The Salvation Army Thrift Store & Donation Center Logo

The Salvation Army Thrift Store & Donation Center

Thrift Store, Second Hand Store, Used Clothing Store

5554 Harry Hines Boulevard Dallas, TX 75235
Christopher Ehemann

Always great deals for everything

( 3 Reviews )
Super Hot Deals Logo

Super Hot Deals

Thrift Store

2683 Cedar Crest Blvd Dallas, TX 75203

They don't open when they say they open

( 3 Reviews )
Crest Resale and Thrift Logo

Crest Resale and Thrift

Thrift Store

2721 S Lancaster Rd Dallas, TX 75216
Lisa Page

I was in the area noticed store dropped in and very impressed with the nice quality items, pricing and atmosphere. I bought everything but a pair of shoes and bag ...Savi ... more

( 473 Reviews )
Uptown Cheapskate University Park Logo

Uptown Cheapskate University Park

Thrift Store

5400 East Mockingbird Lane Dallas, TX 75206
Josh Berrios

Great selections and also some very good prices for the brands

( 2 Reviews )
Thrifty Sistas Resale Shop Logo

Thrifty Sistas Resale Shop

Thrift Store

601 Fort Worth Ave #170A Dallas, TX 75208

This place is so cute my daughter loved the childrens clothing and accessories. Found some vintage board games, my son found an awesome baseball helmet and my daughter sh ... more

( 669 Reviews )
Thrift Giant Logo

Thrift Giant

Thrift Store, Discount Store, Used Clothing Store

11710 East Northwest Highway Dallas, TX 75218
Elder Padilla amezquita

I really love this place! But now the crew was bad like angry!! 3039 store! Rina Caleas!

( 248 Reviews )
Dated Faded Worn Logo

Dated Faded Worn

Thrift Store

2924 Main St #103 Dallas, TX 75226
Tom S

Sick mfn selection. Found a ICP classic, real vintage, worn perfectly

( 414 Reviews )
Thrift Giant Logo

Thrift Giant

Thrift Store, Discount Store, Shoe Store

10544 Harry Hines Boulevard Dallas, TX 75220
Karina Martinez

Carmen is an excellent employee, very kind and always with a smile in her face...

( 71 Reviews )
Rescue Thrift Store Logo

Rescue Thrift Store

Thrift Store

2344 Oates Dr Dallas, TX 75228
Rusty ShackLford

Permanently closed

( 58 Reviews )
Ross At Peak Thrift Shop Logo

Ross At Peak Thrift Shop

Thrift Store

4114 Live Oak St Dallas, TX 75204
Asiyah Rashid-Crow

Great selection and well organized

( 198 Reviews )
Thrift Shop / Super Thrift Logo

Thrift Shop / Super Thrift

Thrift Store, Consignment Shop, Discount Store

11411 E NW Hwy Dallas, TX 75218
Isaac Marrs

If you are a thrift junkie this is the place. The prices are a bit high from time to time but every thrift store in the area is the same. Great selection of clothing and ... more

( 590 Reviews )
Genesis Benefit Thrift Store Logo

Genesis Benefit Thrift Store

Thrift Store

3419 Knight St Dallas, TX 75219
Virginia Sanchez

Fantastic. I visited today for the first time and my experience was awsome. I will come back for sure. Thanks

( 42 Reviews )
PB&J Thrift Logo

PB&J Thrift

Thrift Store

912 Jefferson Blvd B Dallas, TX 75203
Amy Aims Velis

They have soo much to check out. Since their selections change from week to week you never know what you'll find! Come check them out!! I just wish I brought more money w ... more

( 467 Reviews )
Thrift Town Logo

Thrift Town

Thrift Store

1516 S Westmoreland Rd Dallas, TX 75211
Dolores Concha

I'm always finding good deals in here. There is always a 50 percent off or 75 percent off. Staff goes way above beyond to help in what I need. Nice prices you just have t ... more

( 144 Reviews )
Thrift Mart Logo

Thrift Mart

Thrift Store

2819 W Illinois Ave Dallas, TX 75233

This store sucks. Over priced items. You might as well look at the clearance section at Macys!

( 78 Reviews )
EV's Thrift Store Logo

EV's Thrift Store

Thrift Store

4307 Willow St #110 Dallas, TX 75226
Lisa Bruce

We've had such great luck finding what we need here. Ladder, tools, flower vases, tables, desks, chairs. Great prices obviously. Wish I had use for some of the cool antiq ... more

( 310 Reviews )
Prime Thrift Second Avenue Logo

Prime Thrift Second Avenue

Thrift Store, Clothing Store, Furniture Store

4640 S Second Ave Dallas, TX 75210
Sherrie Barrett-Smith

Convenient location, basically bomdiggity

( 314 Reviews )
Thrift Giant Logo

Thrift Giant

Thrift Store, Discount Store, Shoe Store

3039 West Northwest Highway Dallas, TX 75220
Eidelberth Gonzalez

Very bad treatment from the cashiers, especially the girl with curly hair.

( 217 Reviews )
Buckner Thrift Logo

Buckner Thrift

Thrift Store

1654 S Buckner Blvd Dallas, TX 75217
the chickens the scwad

Amazing i saw guchi for 50 dollars only

( 17 Reviews )
Priseless Intentions Logo

Priseless Intentions

Thrift Store

4614 S Malcolm X Blvd ste 140 Dallas, TX 75215
Miguel Magallanes

Very good

( 280 Reviews )
Casa View Thrift Logo

Casa View Thrift

Thrift Store

2303 Gus Thomasson Rd Dallas, TX 75228
Arlandra Smith

I was told I could only use my senior discount once , after I returned to the store, that is wrong.I was bringing you guys a new customer and decided to make another purc ... more

( 69 Reviews )
TheTurn•Around Agenda Outreach Center Logo

TheTurn•Around Agenda Outreach Center

Non-Profit Organization, Thrift Store

7125 S Polk St #1 Dallas, TX 75232
Dedra Richardson

Beautifully organized thrift store. MS. RICHARDSON who works in the store very polite. I'm guaranteed to buy something each time I visit

( 16 Reviews )
Jesse's Thrift Store Logo

Jesse's Thrift Store

Thrift Store

311 S Tyler St Dallas, TX 75208
Rosie Garcia

I bought two of the most beautiful antique lamps her prices were not bad either.

( 115 Reviews )
Pennies For Heaven Resale Logo

Pennies For Heaven Resale

Thrift Store, Antique Store, Fashion Accessories Store

17471 Preston Rd Dallas, TX 75252
Rachel Walton

really great selection of vintage pieces, and the 50% off was so nice! the employees were lovely and it was a great experience.

( 505 Reviews )
Prime Thrift Garland Road Logo

Prime Thrift Garland Road

Thrift Store, Clothing Store, Furniture Store

10030 Garland Rd Dallas, TX 75218
Blitz _v1

Is the shop closed forever?? :(

( 66 Reviews )
Voodoo Chile Logo

Voodoo Chile

Thrift Store

5643 Bell Ave Dallas, TX 75206
kim Mclaughlin

This place is awesome so eclectic. they have everything from high quality fur coats to world war II books. Their retro clothes and interesting items make it worth a visit ... more

( 159 Reviews )
DFW Thrift Store Logo

DFW Thrift Store

Thrift Store, Furniture Manufacturer, Used Clothing Store

6300 Skillman St #147a Dallas, TX 75231
Paul Phillips

Don't waste your time. Price cost more than new stores

( 245 Reviews )
Value World Thrift Store Logo

Value World Thrift Store

Thrift Store

2594 Gus Thomasson Rd Dallas, TX 75228
Amonica Turner

This is the worst thrift store around their prices are high they think their an department store the manager and cashier cant speak good English and they only cater to th ... more

( 14 Reviews )
Thrift Store Logo

Thrift Store

Thrift Store

7986-8010 Mattison Dr Dallas, TX 75217
Die Mel

Terrible place, i was racially profiled for no reason. They tried to be slick with it, DO NOT COME HERE.

( 153 Reviews )


Thrift Store

1515 Buckner Blvd SUITE #183 Dallas, TX 75217
Jasmine Jones

They are listed as someone who takes donations but no.

( 448 Reviews )
Buffalo Exchange Logo

Buffalo Exchange

Thrift Store, Consignment Shop, Costume Store

3424 Greenville Ave Dallas, TX 75206
Jordan Kenney

Friendly staff and fun store with funky clothes. Nice real jewelry selection

( 98 Reviews )
Goodwill Industries of Dallas Logo

Goodwill Industries of Dallas

Thrift Store

Corporate Office, 3020 N Westmoreland Rd suite a Dallas, TX 75212
La Chinita

I wish I could give headquarters front desk Destiny Robinson and the rest of the ladies 10 I went there today Jan 25 to get information about others organization and hel ... more

( 19 Reviews )
Everything Store Logo

Everything Store

Thrift Store

9640 Webb Chapel Rd Dallas, TX 75220
Gerardo Lagunes

I was amazed by this place, the owner os my friend, I have not visited in 3 years, now he has brand new clothes, pants, shirts, work booths, hard hats, belts, wallets etc ... more

( 145 Reviews )
The Family Place Resale Shop Logo

The Family Place Resale Shop

Thrift Store

11722 Marsh Lane, Suite 354 Dallas, TX 75229
Katrina Erwin

I usually find good things here such as books, accessories, wall art and furniture. They have a variety of items for sale including shoes. I am never in a long period of ... more

( 447 Reviews )
Thrift World Logo

Thrift World

Thrift Store

3046 Forest Ln # 100 Dallas, TX 75234
Xochil Garcia

Who places the prices? Literally pricing at almost full price. Ridiculous!

( 114 Reviews )
Value World Logo

Value World

Thrift Store

2223 Buckner Blvd # 250 Dallas, TX 75227
Saul Torres

Been going here for over 10 years and have always been satisfied. Only complaints are that the game consoles are too overpriced.

( 2 Reviews )
East Jefferson Blvd. The Garage Sale Logo

East Jefferson Blvd. The Garage Sale

Thrift Store

642 E 10th St Dallas, TX 75203
( 642 Reviews )
St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store of Dallas Logo

St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store of Dallas

Thrift Store, Clothing Store, Donations Center

Serving the Dallas Diocese, 3052 W Northwest Hwy Dallas, TX 75220
Rob Simones

It's not just the thrift stores. The so called SOCIETY unless your some how a favorite or a pregnant mom you won't get nothing. I've been Catholic for 54 yrs never need ... more

( 349 Reviews )
Lake June Thrift Logo

Lake June Thrift

Thrift Store

9024 Lake June Rd Dallas, TX 75217
Betty Jones

I drove an hour away to go shop my son likes going here but I had like 8 pairs of jeans that were $20 I ask if the dressing rooms were closed The lady said yes I said I c ... more

( 1 Reviews )
Familia Thrift Logo

Familia Thrift

Thrift Store

1050 N Westmoreland Rd Dallas, TX 75211
( 1 Reviews )
Salvation Army Thrift Store Logo

Salvation Army Thrift Store

Social Services Organization, Thrift Store, Volunteer Organization

939 W Jefferson Blvd Dallas, TX 75208
( 1 Reviews )
Compass Bancshares  Inc Logo

Compass Bancshares Inc

Thrift Store

8344 E R L Thornton Fwy Dallas, TX 75228