Dallas, TX Dry Cleaner

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McKinney Ave. Cleaners Logo

McKinney Ave. Cleaners

Dry Cleaner, Laundry, Laundry Service

3128 McKinney Ave Suite E Dallas, TX 75204
ernie cote

They use 'COVID' hours, NOT the ones on their DOOR or their WEBSITE. Been trying to get my dry cleanings for days - they are never open and don't answer the phone. I'm l ... more

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Comet Cleaners Logo

Comet Cleaners

Dry Cleaner, Laundry

2420 W Red Bird Ln Dallas, Texas 75237
LaKimbra Taylor

Always a pleasant visit, the ladies at the Red Bird Lane location are very nice every time I come in.

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Comet Cleaners Logo

Comet Cleaners

Dry Cleaner

2420 W Red Bird Ln Dallas, TX 75237
Sharion Fisher

Good work great customer service. I trust them with my garments.

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Top Hat Cleaners Logo

Top Hat Cleaners

Dry Cleaner

8517 Ferndale Road, Dallas Dallas, Texas 75238
Carol Gutierrez

I would give zero stars if I could. This place is the dry cleaners in my neighborhood and the first time I went they shrunk my sweater and ruined a skirt trying to remove ... more

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Hill Park Cleaners Logo

Hill Park Cleaners

Dry Cleaner

4520 Frankford Rd #700 Dallas, TX 75287

Due to Quarantine Weight Gain, I tipped seams on a suit coat pretty bad. Vianey took time to send pics of it to the person over alterations to see if repair was possible ... more

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Press Cleaners Logo

Press Cleaners

Dry Cleaner, Laundromat, Laundry

10809 N Central Expy #2250 Dallas, TX 75231
demarcus majors

I scheduled an appointment here to have my suit cleaned for a friend's wedding that was the weekend coming up. THEY NEVER SHOWED UP!!!! I was Furious. I had to clean and ... more

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Dallas Tailors & Dry Cleaning Logo

Dallas Tailors & Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaner

11722 Marsh Ln #346 Dallas, Texas 75229
Rafael Robledo

Great service, definitely recommend.

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US Cleaners Logo

US Cleaners

Dry Cleaner

5706 E Mockingbird Ln #100 Dallas, TX 75206
Justin Evans

Avoid using this cleaners at all cost. They lost my order. No remorse. No apology. No attempt to find it. Just a repeated "we'll look into it."

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Bibbentuckers - Preston Hollow Logo

Bibbentuckers - Preston Hollow

Dry Cleaner

11741 Preston Rd Dallas, TX 75230
Logan Waters

First time using their services and I don't think I could be happier with everything. The clothes look fantastic and I realized after pick up I had forgotten to ask about ... more

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Bibbentuckers - Kessler Park Logo

Bibbentuckers - Kessler Park

Dry Cleaner

750 Fort Worth Ave Suite 110, Ste #110 Dallas, TX 75208
Henry Talamantes

Seems like the chain forgets about this little outpost at times which is a mistake - the staff is about 10x as friendly as other locations.

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Smart Dry Cleaner Logo

Smart Dry Cleaner

Dry Cleaner

3474 Highland Rd Dallas, TX 75228
paul castaneda

Great service, amazing people. I brought my stuff in the morning, and they had it ready the same day! That is unheard of these days. Will definitely go back.

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Avon Cleaners Logo

Avon Cleaners

Dry Cleaner

4347 Lovers Ln Dallas, TX 75225
Kelvin Flood

I manage a retail store that has to have mattress coverrs cleaned pretty often. The staff at Avon is always friendly and prompt whenever I'm in the store. They always rem ... more

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Bibbentuckers - Park Cities Logo

Bibbentuckers - Park Cities

Dry Cleaner

6817 Hillcrest Ave Dallas, TX 75205
Dawn K.

My recommendation is that you never bring your clothing to the store. I've used other bibbentuckers stores in the past that were great but this store lost Part of my ... more

( 2 Reviews )
N.T Cleaners Logo

N.T Cleaners

Dry Cleaner

1128 Forest Ln Dallas, TX 75234
Peter Song

I've been going to this dry cleaners for several year, back when they used to have a location called Posh cleaners over on Walnut Hill and Marsh, but it was destroyed by ... more

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Star Super Cleaners Logo

Star Super Cleaners

Dry Cleaner

6350 Frankford Rd Dallas, TX 75252
Jamal Hale

Recently new to the area I needed a dry cleaners I read the reviews they were mixed but then again you can't believe everything you read can you? I decided to take a chan ... more

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Tide Cleaners in 7-Eleven Logo

Tide Cleaners in 7-Eleven

Dry Cleaner

1722 Routh St Dallas, TX 75201
nina salazar

Great new concept from p and g.

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Tide Cleaners in 7-Eleven Logo

Tide Cleaners in 7-Eleven

Dry Cleaner

511 N Akard St Dallas, TX 75201

Great service

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AVON cleaners Logo

AVON cleaners

Dry Cleaner

3236 Oradell Ln Dallas, TX 75220
Scott Simpson

This is just a warehouse from what I can see. AVON has been someone I trust for some time. If you take a minute to get to know the people behind the counter at the retail ... more

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Tide Cleaners Logo

Tide Cleaners

Dry Cleaner

2610 Oak Lawn Ave Dallas, TX 75219
Babatunde Ogundele

They always take care of me. Never had an issue and always do a great job. Felicia is amazing

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Tide Cleaners Logo

Tide Cleaners

Dry Cleaner

10242 Midway Rd Dallas, TX 75229
Deric Richardson-Riddle

Despite a delivery timing conflict, they handled it professionally and resolved the issue swiftly. Highly recommend this location for excellent customer service and dry c ... more

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Cleaners Water Inn Logo

Cleaners Water Inn

Dry Cleaner

3414 Lombardy Ln Dallas, TX 75220
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Jet Cleaners Logo

Jet Cleaners

Dry Cleaner

5441 Alpha Rd #100 Dallas, TX 75240
M. J. Kim

Their price is way too expensive compared to other stores in the area. The previous owner was very kind and provided a reasonable price. This new owner is unkind and even ... more

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EcoCleaners Logo


Dry Cleaner

7865 Firefall Way #160 Dallas, TX 75230
Cessna Citation

Services: Comforter cleaning, Alterations, Eco-friendly cleaning

( 74 Reviews )
Up Town Cleaners II Logo

Up Town Cleaners II

Dry Cleaner

2707 McKinney Ave Dallas, TX 75204
Ad E

Great quick service! Perfect tailoring!

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Hill Park Cleaners Logo

Hill Park Cleaners

Dry Cleaner

6911 Frankford Rd #100 Dallas, TX 75252

Great customer service

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Feather Laundry Logo

Feather Laundry

Dry Cleaner, Dry Cleaner

4819 Ross Ave Dallas, TX 75204
Scott Koch

Management and the ladies inside are very polite and professional. They take good care of their customers and try to make all accommodations to reasonably serve their ne ... more

( 22 Reviews )
Dallas Mold Consultants Logo

Dallas Mold Consultants

Dry Cleaner

10440 N Central Expressway Dallas, TX 75231
James Brannin

I am a licensed mold remediation contractor and I have worked with alot of of mold consultants over the years. Dayna with Dallas Mold Consultants is one of the most profe ... more

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Mr Clean Cleaners Logo

Mr Clean Cleaners

Dry Cleaner

3797 Forest Ln #109 Dallas, TX 75244
Bernard Artis

This is the only dry cleaners that I've been extremely satisfied with since moving to Dallas 2 years ago. They have never messed up ANY of my shirts and I have a lot of ... more

( 9 Reviews )
Rinse - Laundry & Dry Cleaning Delivery Logo

Rinse - Laundry & Dry Cleaning Delivery

Dry Cleaner

2202 Manana Dr Suite 230 Dallas, TX 75220
Jasmine Reddick

An expensive service, but needed for my duvet and super convenient. I typically do not interact with the Rinse Washers face to face as we have designated pick up times an ... more

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Signature Garment Care Logo

Signature Garment Care

Dry Cleaner

4830 Lakawana St Dallas, TX 75247
Jake Falcon

Prices should be illegal. They charged me $167 to wash 1 medium load of clothes. They attach some plastic piece to the each item and if you rip it off it rips a hole in ... more

( 12 Reviews )
Clean Care Cleaners Logo

Clean Care Cleaners

Dry Cleaner

10677 Northwest Hwy # 420 Dallas, TX 75238
Melissa Neuman

These cleaners go above and beyond! I love that they know me by name and can drop off my bag of clothes and it is ready the next day. They have even mended some of my clo ... more

( 20 Reviews )
Texas Star Cleaners Logo

Texas Star Cleaners

Dry Cleaner

2408 N Haskell Ave. Dallas, TX 75204
Rex K.

I use the dry cleaners every week for my shirts and jeans. It usually takes a couple times to get right, but this store gave me exactly what I asked for at a very reasona ... more

( 25 Reviews )
Johnson's Cleaners Logo

Johnson's Cleaners

Dry Cleaner

13936 Montfort Dr # A Dallas, TX 75240
Ashleigh J.

Literally just called them to ask a simple question about bulk laundry cleaning services. Her response, "ummmm not today, but on Monday." In a very sarcastic tone ... more

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Wildcat Cleaners Logo

Wildcat Cleaners

Dry Cleaner

9330 Lookout Point #166 Dallas, TX 75231
Timothy Cedor

Quick turnaround. Friendly employees. I drive across town to use them even though I do not work on that side of town anymore.

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Comet Cleaners Logo

Comet Cleaners

Dry Cleaner, Laundry Service

7730 Forest Ln Dallas, TX 75230
bayan noori

Never will be back again First of all they need to change their name its not Comet anymorewhen I asked them how much will cost they said $ 35 and when I came to pay they ... more

( 56 Reviews )
Diamond Cleaners Logo

Diamond Cleaners

Dry Cleaner

4344 S Hampton Rd #300 Dallas, TX 75232
Jehangir Shaikh

The staff is very friendly. They have 30% off every day with prepay, and you must have at least 3 pieces to take advantage of the 30% off

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Sunshine Laundry & Dry Cleaner Logo

Sunshine Laundry & Dry Cleaner

Dry Cleaner, Laundry

4114 Maple Ave Dallas, TX 75219
Walter Hedman

Charm of view

( 61 Reviews )
US Cleaners Logo

US Cleaners

Dry Cleaner

2127 Greenville Ave Dallas, TX 75206
Braden Horton

Closes early.

( 49 Reviews )
Dallas Dry Cleaning Logo

Dallas Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaner

10531 Northwest Hwy Dallas, TX 75238
Dino Robison

Great quality. No worries they are great, friendly and prompt.

( 11 Reviews )
Cadet Cleaners Logo

Cadet Cleaners

Dry Cleaner

4330 Gannon Ln B Dallas, TX 75237
R.H. Campos

I have used Cadet Cleaners for many years (30+ years) now since moving to D'vlle. We have since moved south but I still use them. I have been very pleased with the cleani ... more

( 94 Reviews )
J's Tailor & Cleaners at Sherry Logo

J's Tailor & Cleaners at Sherry

Dry Cleaner, Tailor

6050 Sherry Ln Dallas, TX 75225
Baylor Worman

Best in the city.

( 139 Reviews )
Dry Clean Super Center Logo

Dry Clean Super Center

Dry Cleaner, Clothing Alteration Service, Laundry

3220 N Fitzhugh Ave Dallas, TX 75204
Michelle Walker

They did a awesome job on my alterations. Thank you so much!

( 28 Reviews )
Baccus Cleaners Logo

Baccus Cleaners

Dry Cleaner

3509 Sunnyvale St Dallas, TX 75216
Renaneail Gross (Miss Honey)

Service: Clothes pressing

( 35 Reviews )
Steam Cleaners Logo

Steam Cleaners

Dry Cleaner

1509 Jackson St #195 Dallas, TX 75201
Jessie Evans

If you are looking for a quality dry cleaner, this is the place to go. This team brought back to life a blazer that another Dallas dry cleaner ruined. The previous cleane ... more

( 15 Reviews )
Professional Dryer Vent Cleaners Logo

Professional Dryer Vent Cleaners

Dry Cleaner

2223 Singleton Blvd Dallas, TX 75212

I recently hired Professional Dryer Vent Cleaners to clean my dryer vent, and I couldn't be happier with the results. The technicians were punctual, professional, and eff ... more

( 12 Reviews )


Dry Cleaner

9025 Forest Ln #105 Dallas, TX 75243
Issam Bahaj

You do it right!

( 12 Reviews )
Menzie's Cleaners Logo

Menzie's Cleaners

Dry Cleaner

3104 E Illinois Ave Dallas, TX 75216
Dion Askew

He's a nice fella

( 35 Reviews )
Millennium dry Cleaners Logo

Millennium dry Cleaners

Dry Cleaner

4043 E Trinity Mls Rd #102 Dallas, TX 75287
Nyisha Hinton

I brought in 2 pair of trousers. Both needed dry cleaning but one needed a new zipper. I was given the price upfront and they do require prepayment of services. When I pi ... more

( 47 Reviews )
Hill Park Cleaners Logo

Hill Park Cleaners

Dry Cleaner

4485 Trinity Mills Rd # 212 Dallas, TX 75287
Rocky Snyder

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for Claudia and her team's exceptional service that they have provided to us. They have been very dependable and given us ... more

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Laundromat, Dry Cleaner

4343 W Camp Wisdom Rd Dallas, TX 75237
Christopher Jones

Great washer and free dryer good on time and money