Dallas, TX Asian Restaurant

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Elephant East Logo

Elephant East

Asian Restaurant

2823 McKinnon St, Suite 120 Dallas, Texas 75201
Megan Prast

Incredible. The place is small with a great vibe. The food was out of this world - we got the Bang Bang Shrimp, the Wings, Chinese Broccoli, Drunken Noodles, Wagyu New Yo ... more

( 836 Reviews )
Banana Leaf Thai Cuisine Logo

Banana Leaf Thai Cuisine

Thai Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Restaurant

17370 Preston Road, Suite 500 Dallas, TX 75252
Max Rasquinha

Always the best food and service experience! Been going here over 20 years

( 210 Reviews )
Bonchon Addison Logo

Bonchon Addison

Asian Fusion Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Chicken Restaurant

4980 Belt Line Road, Suite 140 Dallas, TX 75254
Mandy Pu

Love the wings! The best wings Ive had in Dallas.

( 541 Reviews )
Kobe Steaks Japanese Restaurant Logo

Kobe Steaks Japanese Restaurant

Japanese Restaurant, Asian Fusion Restaurant, Asian Restaurant

5000 Belt Line Road, Ste 600 Dallas, TX 75254
Carol Rabb

Usually a great place but our chef tonight sucked turtles. Didnt speak to us. Bad knives skills

( 8 Reviews )
Komé Sushi and Handroll Bar Logo

Komé Sushi and Handroll Bar

Japanese Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Sushi Restaurant

8041 Walnut Hl Ln Suite 820 Dallas, TX 75231
John Lee

Awesome Sushi and Handrolls. The service was great too.. I can't wait to go back again.

( 484 Reviews )
Best Thai Signature - Dallas (Frankford Rd) Logo

Best Thai Signature - Dallas (Frankford Rd)

Thai Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Caterer

18352 Dallas Pkwy #112 Dallas, Texas 75287
shannon Miller

My sister and I I love this place. Some of the best curry and dumplings I have ever had. Service is awesome. Everything is super fresh. We order take out often and were a ... more

( 147 Reviews )
Maison Chinoise Logo

Maison Chinoise

Asian Restaurant

4152 Cole Ave #106 Dallas, Texas 75204
Salman Zindani

A fair experience overall that I wish was better than just that. The food was over priced for what it offered and focused more on presentation than taste. Service was als ... more

( 410 Reviews )
Pei Wei Asian Kitchen Logo

Pei Wei Asian Kitchen

Chinese Restaurant, Asian Fusion Restaurant, Asian Restaurant

9540 Garland Rd Dallas, TX 75218
J Fierro

Love the food and the service Thank you

( 4346 Reviews )
King Buffet Logo

King Buffet

Buffet Restaurant, Sushi Restaurant, Seafood Restaurant

10250 Technology Blvd W Dallas, TX 75220
Hassan Meraj

Most of the foods were good. Especially their sushi. As it's not a high end restaurant and not even a Japanese sushi Bar. Their sushi quality and variety of tastes is rea ... more

( 813 Reviews )
Tampopo Japanese Cafe Logo

Tampopo Japanese Cafe

Sushi Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Sushi Restaurant

6130 Greenville Ave # 100 Dallas, TX 75206
Jinhao S.

Went there for lunch since it's close. The sushi fish was not fresh and the katsu was super wimpy and small.

( 642 Reviews )
Vindu Logo


Indian Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, South Asian Restaurant

4701 Frankford Rd #237 Dallas, TX 75287
Marissa T.

I have been going to Vindu for around 8 years, and it has consistently been my favorite place to eat for Indian food. I no longer live nearby, but I will drive 30 minutes ... more

( 248 Reviews )
Alice Logo


Pan-Asian Restaurant, Asian Fusion Restaurant, Asian Restaurant

1623 North Hall Street Dallas, TX 75204
Keith Vavrinak

Stopped one Saturday around 9:00 p.m. to grab some food, but apparently you really should make reservations there because it's a small place and it was packed. We were to ... more

( 527 Reviews )
Hungry Belly Logo

Hungry Belly

Asian Restaurant

2818 N Fitzhugh Ave Dallas, TX 75204

The food here was amazing! We had 4 differnt types of sushi rolls shrimp fried rice, shishito peppers, fried veggie goyza , sashimi and saki and a margarita. Everything ... more

( 91 Reviews )
AT Bistro | Au Troisime Logo

AT Bistro | Au Troisime

Restaurant, American Restaurant, Asian Restaurant

8305 Westchester Dr Dallas, TX 75225
Zs Varga

Food is perfect as well as the service.

( 769 Reviews )
Mr. Sushi Logo

Mr. Sushi

Japanese Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Sushi Restaurant

4860 Belt Line Rd Dallas, TX 75254
John Podrebarac

The chef's each had a signature dish, all were amazing. Could have eaten forever!

( 732 Reviews )
Rice Garden Chinese Restaurant Logo

Rice Garden Chinese Restaurant

Miscellaneous, Asian Restaurant

4016 W Camp Wisdom Rd #2423 Dallas, TX 75237
Nora Guerrero

The waiter seem to want to get you out in a hurry.

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New Wok Express Logo

New Wok Express

Miscellaneous, Asian Fusion Restaurant, Asian Restaurant

1212 Buckner Blvd Dallas, TX 75217
Carlos Guerrero

Very good food

( 1618 Reviews )
Mei Mei Chinese Buffet Logo

Mei Mei Chinese Buffet

Miscellaneous, Asian Restaurant, Buffet Restaurant

10455 N Central Expy #123 Dallas, TX 75230
Helena Riihiaho

This was a great Chinese buffet. The food was hot and there was a very good variety at a reasonable price.

( 99 Reviews )
Kuai Asian Kitchen Logo

Kuai Asian Kitchen

Miscellaneous, Asian Restaurant, Gluten-Free Restaurant

325 North St. Paul Street C9 Dallas, TX 75201
w h

Nasty and cheap. The chicken is that horrible processed fake meat. The sauce is worse than you'd find in a supermarket. It couldn't be less Asian.

( 501 Reviews )
Shinsei Restaurant Logo

Shinsei Restaurant

Miscellaneous, Asian Restaurant, Japanese Restaurant

7713 Inwood Rd Dallas, TX 75209

Ive never had a bad experience at shinsei. There is a reason they have been open for over a decade now. Food is amazing and the atmosphere is the place to be seen. I re ... more

( 1825 Reviews )
crushcraft Thai Eats Logo

crushcraft Thai Eats

Miscellaneous, Asian Restaurant, Bar

2688 Laclede St #100 Dallas, TX 75201
Kristina Hickey

Loved it! Great, casual Thai option. We tried the B*tch salad (great taste and lots of healthy veg!), the Penang Curry and the fresh rolls (loved the sauce). Good neighbo ... more

( 571 Reviews )
Panda Express Logo

Panda Express

Miscellaneous, Restaurant, Asian Restaurant

2400 Aviation Dr Dallas, TX 75261
Evelyn Elston

the best Panda Express Ive ever been to- they told me they put the managers in the kitchen sometimes to switch it up. I just think thats cool. We said the food looked goo ... more

( 660 Reviews )
Thai Orchid - Addison Logo

Thai Orchid - Addison

Miscellaneous, Asian Restaurant

4930 Belt Line Rd Suite 190 Dallas, TX 75254
Mercedes Zaugg

The food was a bit Americanized. But overall, still a delicious meal. We plan to return

( 58 Reviews )
Kenichi Logo


Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Bar

2400 Victory Park Ln Dallas, TX 75219
Chandra Copplin

Terrible. The fish was tough, the drinks ($12 drinks) were super weak. The waiter forgot half the order. We ordered hot sake, it came cold. When the bill came, the sake w ... more

( 137 Reviews )
Sushi Star Logo

Sushi Star

Sushi Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Bar

5956 Royal Ln Dallas, TX 75230
Timothy Lawrence

This spot is good! Good rates, large dishes and the staff members are constantly friendly.

( 270 Reviews )
C Rolls Sushi Logo

C Rolls Sushi

Sushi Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Japanese Restaurant

18101 Preston Rd #300 Dallas, TX 75252
carter ranton

Great sushi and customer service!

( 342 Reviews )
Thai Lotus Kitchen Logo

Thai Lotus Kitchen

Thai Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Southeast Asian Restaurant

3851 Cedar Springs Rd Dallas, TX 75219
Milani Mai

I know this place doesn't have the glitz and glamz like other places on this lgbtq+ district but LAWD, this is some good authentic Thai restaurant. I am visiting town a ... more

( 60 Reviews )
Bangkok Thai Restaurant Logo

Bangkok Thai Restaurant

Thai Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Bar

5290 Belt Line Rd #144, Ste 144 Dallas, TX 75254
Frank Kho

Okay food place but nice looking resturaunt

( 202 Reviews )
Bangkok Inn Logo

Bangkok Inn

Thai Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Southeast Asian Restaurant

6033 Oram St Dallas, TX 75206

Tried the yellow and red curries with beef. This is one of the more flavorful curries I've had in the area, I prefer Thai Monkey in Irving tho, but it is probably a close ... more

( 939 Reviews )
Niwa Japanese BBQ Logo

Niwa Japanese BBQ

Japanese Restaurant, Asian Fusion Restaurant, Asian Restaurant

2939 Main Dallas, TX 75226
Abraham Vargas

This place is great! Great food, great service, great atmosphere. The dining experience is very much like Korean bbq, except that like most kbbq spots, this is NOT an all ... more

( 150 Reviews )
Ginger Thai Restaurant Logo

Ginger Thai Restaurant

Thai Restaurant, Asian Restaurant

6434 E Mockingbird Ln Ste 111 Dallas, TX 75214
Trey Teel

It's tight

( 134 Reviews )
Edohana Sushi Logo

Edohana Sushi

Sushi Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Japanese Restaurant

3839 McKinney Ave Dallas, TX 75204
( 374 Reviews )
Green Papaya Logo

Green Papaya

Asian Fusion Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Restaurant

3211 Oak Lawn Ave B Dallas, TX 75219
johnny saimon

The food there was great. I truly enjoy the egg roll and the orange chicken . The food was perfect

( 644 Reviews )
Fujiyama Logo


Sushi Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Sushi Restaurant

18217 Midway Rd Suite #108 Dallas, TX 75287
tara niemann

Food was excellent. We left very full. Ordered 5 rolls for 3 people. About $100, so mid priced. The service was quick at lunch and definitely worth it! I would go back ag ... more

( 55 Reviews )
SushiYAA Logo


Sushi Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Buffet Restaurant

1700 Pacific Ave c111 Dallas, TX 75201
Alexis Block

Phone orders only, but doesn't answer the phone! And no, the line wasn't busy.

( 298 Reviews )
Ginger Thai Cuisine Logo

Ginger Thai Cuisine

Thai Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Southeast Asian Restaurant

3797 Forest Ln #107 Dallas, TX 75244
Nick Aviles

Great food and friendly staff.

( 141 Reviews )
Sushi Kyoto Logo

Sushi Kyoto

Sushi Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Japanese Restaurant

6429 Hillcrest Ave Dallas, TX 75205
Sara Grinbergs

My favorite sushi in Dallas by FAR. The ginger dressing on their house salad I could drink with a straw. Don't judge. The butterfly kiss roll is riceless and SO delicious ... more

( 169 Reviews )
Steel Sushi Restaurant and Lounge Logo

Steel Sushi Restaurant and Lounge

Asian Restaurant, Asian Fusion Restaurant, Bar

3180 Welborn St Dallas, TX 75219
Alexandra Hart

This sushi wasn't anything special. I got the firecracker, summer roll, and hand pressed rolls. Salmon sashimi was the best thing we got - very fresh and delicate. Pretty ... more

( 99 Reviews )
Maki Boy Logo

Maki Boy

Japanese Restaurant, Asian Restaurant

2330 Royal Ln Dallas, TX 75229
Kyong Han (azuki)

bento box very subpar.

( 97 Reviews )
Waikiki Teriyaki Logo

Waikiki Teriyaki

Asian Fusion Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Hawaiian Restaurant

4344 S Hampton Rd # 150 Dallas, TX 75232
Lina Cristina

OMG THE BEST FOOD ON THE BLOCK!!!! AMAZING !!!! I highly recommend their spicy pork bulgogi!!!! I LOVE IT HERE 😚😋😋😋😋❤️❤️❤️ ... more

( 316 Reviews )
Imoto Restaurant Logo

Imoto Restaurant

Asian Restaurant, Pan-Asian Restaurant, Restaurant

2400 Victory Park Ln Dallas, TX 75219
Yuki Hamanaka

A bit overpriced for the quality and taste and originality but enjoyed the good service.

( 475 Reviews )
Hibashi Logo


Teppanyaki Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Japanese Restaurant

13465 Inwood Road Dallas, TX 75244
Stephani r

My mom and I went here after Christmas shopping and it was awesome

( 327 Reviews )
Mot Hai Ba Logo

Mot Hai Ba

Asian Restaurant, Asian Fusion Restaurant, Bar

6047 Lewis Street Dallas, TX 75206

Alluring atmosphere, sensual tastes. I adore the staff. Everyone attending through service and visit. Nurturing all of your senses through velvet waves of delight. An exp ... more

( 180 Reviews )
Mot Hai Ba Logo

Mot Hai Ba

Asian Restaurant

665 High Market Street Dallas, TX 75219
Rex Tullius

If I could leave 10 stars I would. I don’t know who paid who to leave a bunch of bad reviews to try and bring this spot down but this place is the real deal. Definitely ... more

( 432 Reviews )
Lá Me Logo

Lá Me

Vietnamese Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Restaurant

9780 Walnut St #140 Dallas, TX 75243
Don Huynh

Food : 2/5 | Service : 1/5 | Atmosphere : 3/5 More

( 507 Reviews )
Howard Wang's Uptown Logo

Howard Wang's Uptown

Chinese Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Bar

3223 Lemmon Ave #103 Dallas, TX 75204
Daniyal Hamid


( 259 Reviews )
Ming Place China Bistro Logo

Ming Place China Bistro

Chinese Restaurant, Chinese Restaurant, Chinese Restaurant

1201 Elm St Suite FC2 Dallas, TX 75270
Christopher Zoas

This place is terrible. First and foremost there was hair in my rice so I tossed the meal. They sent me "extra crispy" general Tsaos which was essentially deep fried batt ... more

( 171 Reviews )
Egg Roll Yeh's Logo

Egg Roll Yeh's

Chinese Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Delivery Restaurant

10518 E NW Hwy #4833 Dallas, TX 75238
Reddy Now

Picked up late and was rather shocked - no directions on the order board at drive thru - so I pulled around. Simple if you havent been here before would have been nice

( 993 Reviews )
Panda Express Logo

Panda Express

Chinese Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Restaurant

8950 E R L Thornton Fwy Dallas, TX 75228
estela Morales

(Translated by Google) The hard rice, also hard and very dry, I don't like the food of that panda or the other people, I have commented, the food is not at all similar to ... more

( 371 Reviews )
Chef Chu Fine Chinese Food Logo

Chef Chu Fine Chinese Food

Chinese Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Delivery Restaurant

3355 E Trinity Mls Rd Suite 213 Dallas, TX 75287
Robert Glenn

Since new ownership took over this place is absolutely the worst Chinese restaurant to try and order from. They don't have a clue of what they are doing they are out of e ... more