Philadelphia, PA Antique Store

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Anastacia's Antiques Logo

Anastacia's Antiques

Antique Store

617 Bainbridge St Philadelphia, PA 19147

I called them and no return call

( 109 Reviews )
8th Street Gold & Diamond Buyers LLC Logo

8th Street Gold & Diamond Buyers LLC

Jewelry Buyer, Antique Store, Art Dealer

109 S 8th St Philadelphia, PA 19106
Gina Colanero

Very friendly people, great service! Highly recommend

( 108 Reviews )
Goods Vintage Logo

Goods Vintage

Antique Store, Diamond Buyer, Gold Dealer

1022 S 9th St Philadelphia, PA 19147
Pamela S Green

We recently sold and bought some items in this store, we were pleased with the transactions. The owner is very professional and knowledgeable with valuable vintage items. ... more

( 62 Reviews )
Wilson's Estate Jewelry Logo

Wilson's Estate Jewelry

Jewelry Designer, Antique Store, Jeweler

4319 Main St Philadelphia, PA 19127
debbie buttar

If you are looking for high-quality jewelry with a professional jeweler look no further. I am so thoroughly impressed with Wilson estate jewelry. I purchased my ring onli ... more

( 83 Reviews )
Anything &Everything Logo

Anything &Everything

Antique Store

3283 Belgrade St Philadelphia, PA 19134
McPhoenix ImtheLitPhoenix

All I know is that Mickey seems like such a great guy!! I saw the video of EdBassMaster visiting Anything and Everything and everyone was SO cool and down to earth lol. I ... more

( 82 Reviews )
Philadelphia Salvage Logo

Philadelphia Salvage

Architectural Salvage Store, Antique Store, Carpenter

2234 W Westmoreland St Philadelphia, PA 19140
Jennifer M.

This business fell on hard times in July 2022 and it's customers were understanding for months. However, Philadelphia Salvage has failed to notify of its customers, f ... more

( 206 Reviews )
Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles Logo

Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles

Antique Store, Thrift Store, Non-Profit Organization

832 N Broad St Philadelphia, PA 19130
itssalvi. tv

This place is amazing I just got a couch for 80$!

( 74 Reviews )
Jinxed West Philly Logo

Jinxed West Philly

Antique Store, Antique Furniture Store, Antique Store

4521 Baltimore Ave Philadelphia, PA 19143
Lily Isabelle

Love shopping here. The owner Mike was nice enough to do me a huge favor. Solid business with a constant revolving door of inventory, fair prices, and great finds. Also t ... more

( 305 Reviews )
Material Culture Logo

Material Culture

Antique Store, Antique Store, Auction House

4700 Wissahickon Ave Philadelphia, PA 19144
Konstantine Elizbarashvili

Its unexpectedly pleasant hidden gem of Philadelphia. Proper place for the hunters of exotic antiquities (mostly from South and South-Eastern Asia).

( 39 Reviews )
Chelsea Plating Company Logo

Chelsea Plating Company

Metal Finisher, Antique Furniture Restoration Service, Antique Store

920 Pine St Philadelphia, PA 19107
Tom Figueira

Our experience was essentially quite positive. Our object was well cleaned.

( 80 Reviews )
Provenance Logo


Antique Store, Architectural Salvage Store, Building Materials Store

1801 N American St Philadelphia, PA 19122
Nephtali Andujar

Great people friendly as well.

( 48 Reviews )
Jinxed South Philly Logo

Jinxed South Philly

Antique Store

1915 Washington Ave Philadelphia, PA 19146
Jennifer Lerch

Unique items fair priced

( 28 Reviews )
Panda Antiques/Gifts Store Logo

Panda Antiques/Gifts Store

Antique Store

50 S 2nd St Philadelphia, PA 19106
Andrew L

Very cute store with some interesting tidbits and Asian-themed souvenirs :) Worth a quick stop if you're interested in Asian cultures!

( 15 Reviews )
Arcana Vintage & More Logo

Arcana Vintage & More

Antique Store

1410 E Moyamensing Ave Philadelphia, PA 19147
Lydia Bianchi

Fantastic spot- great collection and excellent customer service. The owners are kind and helpful - they found me the exact lamp I wanted! Highly recommend Arcana.

( 15 Reviews )
Garden Gate Antiques Logo

Garden Gate Antiques

Antique Store

8139 Germantown Ave Philadelphia, PA 19118
Carrie Gobreski

One of my favorite places to go if I’m looking for a gift/new jewelry/just browsing for new trinkets and cool finds!! I almost always find something I absolutely love t ... more

( 16 Reviews )
De Ja Vu Collectibles Logo

De Ja Vu Collectibles

Antique Store

111 RR 20 Philadelphia, PA L0S 1E0
Chris Honcoop

Great store, reasonable, large selection and friendly

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The Strange and Unusual Logo

The Strange and Unusual

Antique Store, Store

523 S 4th St Philadelphia, PA 19147
Jason Smith

Closed down

( 1 Reviews )
Redmond Gallery Logo

Redmond Gallery

Antique Store

4223 Main St Philadelphia, PA 19127
Patrick Breslin

Stop in and visit Prune and check out all the great things he has. Follow him on Instagram for a good laugh. This guy is going to be a star!

( 36 Reviews )
A Four Foot Prune Logo

A Four Foot Prune

Antique Store

142 N 2nd St Philadelphia, PA 19106
Samantha Peterson

My husband and I were in town for the day and came across this cute antique store. Lots of neat things and the guy working said they get new stuff in all the time. We wil ... more

( 3 Reviews )
Select 18 Antiques Logo

Select 18 Antiques

Antique Store

7356 Frankford Ave Philadelphia, PA 19136
Grace G

Beautiful selection of antiques at a reasonable price. The Best!

( 13 Reviews )
Blum's Chestnut Hill Antiques Logo

Blum's Chestnut Hill Antiques

Antique Store

45 E Chestnut Hill Ave Philadelphia, PA 19118
Joseph Berkowitz

A wonderful antique shop if you like a very specific style of traditional old fashioned furnitur , silver's , and mirrors. Very knowledgeable and friendly owner.

( 12 Reviews )
M Finkel & Daughter Logo

M Finkel & Daughter

Antique Store, Art Gallery

936 Pine St Philadelphia, PA 19107
( 3 Reviews )
George T Hobe Fine Art Logo

George T Hobe Fine Art

Antique Store

8407 Germantown Ave Philadelphia, PA 19118
Aaron Brown

Anything of antiquity and or intriguing interest, You will find here. One of a kind, Professional...

( 26 Reviews )
Architectural Antiques Exchange Logo

Architectural Antiques Exchange

Antique Store, Antique Furniture Restoration Service, Antique Furniture Store

721 N 2nd St Philadelphia, PA 19123
Gary Berti

Has lots of intriguing product. Knowledgeable staff

( 1 Reviews )
Owen's Antiques Logo

Owen's Antiques

Antique Store

7132 Germantown Ave Philadelphia, PA 19119
Camille Richardson

One day, I was walking by Owens Antique Shop, and, saw the most beautiful desk. I was automatically attracted to it. So I called about the desk, and, set up an appointmen ... more

( 16 Reviews )
Worm’s Emporium - Art & Design Mall Logo

Worm’s Emporium - Art & Design Mall

Antique Store, Antique Store, Vintage Clothing Store

523 S 4th St Philadelphia, PA 19147
Alexander Shypula

This place is goated

( 8 Reviews )
C Neri Antiques Logo

C Neri Antiques

Antique Store

313 South St Philadelphia, PA 19147
James Coulter

I have bought many beautiful lamps from Mr. Neri. There is no place like it. My FAVORITE store!

( 2 Reviews )
Keys To the Attic Logo

Keys To the Attic

Antique Store

314 E Girard Ave Philadelphia, PA 19125
( 1 Reviews )
Jinxed 609 Logo

Jinxed 609

Antique Store

609 S 4th St Philadelphia, PA 19147
( 1 Reviews )
2627 consignment shop Logo

2627 consignment shop

Antique Store

2627 E Allegheny Ave Philadelphia, PA 19134
( 1 Reviews )
McCarty Fine Art and Antiques Logo

McCarty Fine Art and Antiques

Antique Store, Art Gallery, Antique Store

7733 Winston Rd Philadelphia, PA 19118
Peter Clarke

When ever I am in Philadelphia/Chestnut Hill I always check out the McCarty Gallery. Good art from estates and more often than not I am able to come away with a treasure ... more

( 4 Reviews )
Janus Gallery & Collectibles Logo

Janus Gallery & Collectibles

Antique Store

1135 Pine St Philadelphia, PA 19107
This is Me

Nasty woman who runs the place. No idea how she is in business. DO NOT waste your time.

( 33 Reviews )
PAWN SHOP - Watches Etc Logo

PAWN SHOP - Watches Etc

Pawn Shop, Antique Store, Jewelry Buyer

3140 Kensington Ave Philadelphia, PA 19134
aShLeY 215

All my gold got stolen and someone took it up to this pawn store and they bought all my stolen jewelry and when I go up there and show them the pics of my jewelry they ki ... more

( 7 Reviews )
Jeffrey L Biber Antiques Logo

Jeffrey L Biber Antiques

Antique Store

1030 Pine St #6007 Philadelphia, PA 19107
Tay Keith

This guy ripped me off so bad. I was selling some of my late aunts things and these candle holders were among the items. This guy paid me $50 for two of them. Theyre wort ... more

( 9 Reviews )
Antique Showcase Logo

Antique Showcase

Antique Store

1625 Pine St Philadelphia, PA 19103
Anne Dunlap

Beautiful antiques - lighting , armoires,

( 1 Reviews )
Conservation Studio for Arts Logo

Conservation Studio for Arts

Antique Store

1818 Callowhill St Philadelphia, PA 19130
Cassidy Wurtz

Love the artwork!

( 24 Reviews )
The Antique Gallery Logo

The Antique Gallery

Antique Store, Fashion Accessories Store, Jewelry Appraiser

8523 Germantown Ave Philadelphia, PA 19118
Cass Pierce

I dont understand how this gentleman gets these terrible reviews. He is very kind, helpful, and knowledgeable. I loved his outgoing personality and his knowledge of all t ... more

( 4 Reviews )
Gallery51 Logo


Antique Store

51 N 2nd St Philadelphia, PA 19106
AV Guy


( 25 Reviews )
Tucker's Digs Logo

Tucker's Digs

Antique Furniture Store, Antique Store, Jewelry Buyer

611 S 4th St Philadelphia, PA 19147
( 4 Reviews )


Antique Store

403 S 60th St Philadelphia, PA 19143
Donna Rauscher

Lovely owner, very helpful and personable, wide variety of antiques and beautiful china

( 12 Reviews )
2nd Hand Treasures Logo

2nd Hand Treasures

Antique Store

4730 Lansing St Philadelphia, PA 19136
Patrick W

Great place to find hidden treasure of all kinds very kind & friendly gentleman helped me find something I been looking for a long time so I say great service great 5 sta ... more

( 1 Reviews )
Findings Logo


Antique Store

246 Race St Philadelphia, PA 19106
George Chambers

A wonderful shop filled with unique treasures. The owner is very charming and quite knowledgable of the history of all the items she sells.

( 2 Reviews )
Lavender Hill Home Logo

Lavender Hill Home

Antique Store, Boutique, Fashion Accessories Store

8121 Germantown Ave Philadelphia, PA 19118
Chris Roberts

Such a cool place! The owner Florence is great. They have beautiful things for around the house!

( 1 Reviews )
Philadelphia Trading Post Logo

Philadelphia Trading Post

Furniture Store, Antique Furniture Store, Antique Store

4021 Market St Philadelphia, PA 19104
Teresa Rapp

Moved to Philly and needed to get pretty much all my furniture for my new apartment. I picked out eight pieces of furniture and got them for only $900, including delivery ... more

( 7 Reviews )
Sam's antiques Logo

Sam's antiques

Antique Store

2148 N Front St Philadelphia, PA 19122
Jordan Stein

hey sam still have those headphones and the gameboy game for you.. seeing when I can cross over and give them to you.. you said today but no time.. dont want to be itrusi ... more

( 7 Reviews )
Tylers Used Furniture & Antiques Logo

Tylers Used Furniture & Antiques

Antique Store

5249 Germantown Ave Philadelphia, PA 19144
John Rodgers

Tons of interesting things, all in pretty good condition, at hole in wall spot kinda prices. Will it be open when you go? Who knows. But if you had the benefit of perusin ... more

( 5 Reviews )
Eberhardt's Antiques Logo

Eberhardt's Antiques

Antique Store

2010 Walnut St Philadelphia, PA 19103
Debra Kirschner

Many years ago, my mom purchased in Italy a fine porcelain sculpture of two intertwined giraffes. It was a piece made by Herrin, with the netting The piece was very delic ... more

( 0 Reviews )
Karlie Corporation Logo

Karlie Corporation

Antique Store

1535 Gillingham St Philadelphia, PA 19124
( 0 Reviews )
Fiona's Revival Logo

Fiona's Revival

Antique Store

2713 E Westmoreland St Philadelphia, PA 19134
( 0 Reviews )
Francis J Purcell Inc Logo

Francis J Purcell Inc

Antique Store

251 N 3rd St Philadelphia, PA 19106