Philadelphia, PA Woodworker

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Woodcraft Products Logo

Woodcraft Products


4057 G St Philadelphia, PA 19124
Quirin Darms

I recently had the pleasure of working with Woodcraft Products and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed. Not only was the quality of his work exceptional, but he was al ... more

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Dan Does That Logo

Dan Does That

Miscellaneous, Wood Working Class, Sign Shop

Mary J.

Cannot say enough about how professional Dan is.  He came out and priced my back wood deck steps and everything was completed within 4 days.  The old steps were dry rotte ... more

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Museum for Art in Wood Logo

Museum for Art in Wood

Art Museum, Woodworker, Museum

141 N 3rd St Philadelphia, PA 19106
Aloe Vera

Interesting museum, free to enter. You do need to lookup information on the computer inside or ask one of the staff questions to understand the artifacts you're looking a ... more

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CNC Philly Logo

CNC Philly

Manufacturer, Woodworker, 3D Printing Service

1753 N 2nd St Philadelphia, PA 19122
Anushka Samant

I worked with CNC Philly for one of my design projects and Elliot was very helpful! They were very accommodating of changes, assisted in understanding which material woul ... more

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Manayunk Timber Logo

Manayunk Timber

Woodworker, Furniture Maker, Furniture Store

5100 Umbria St Philadelphia, PA 19128
Sherry Holt

This place is the biggest Lumber Yard, with creative craftsman making beautiful pieces of furniture with wood that YOU pick out!

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Philadelphia Precision CNC Logo

Philadelphia Precision CNC

Furniture Maker, Woodworker, Water Jet Cutting Service

2128 E Somerset St Philadelphia, PA 19134
Lenny Topper

STAY AWAY They lie and steal from clients. had MUCH better luck with CNC Philly

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Philadelphia Woodworks Logo

Philadelphia Woodworks

Woodworker, Lumber Store, School

4901 Umbria St Philadelphia, PA 19128
John Rossi

Awesome time doing the cutting boards! Mike and Adam hooked it up!

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JOTT Designs Logo

JOTT Designs

Art Studio, Woodworker, Store

Serving Philadelphia, PA 19130
michele mcveigh

I needed some custom work done for a few people who are impossible to buy for because they have everything! JOTT Designs was great to work with, had many suggestions on t ... more

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The Philadelphia Woodworking Company Logo

The Philadelphia Woodworking Company


4530 Germantown Ave unit b Philadelphia, PA 19144
mark hanlon

Great place!

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C Chandler Co Logo

C Chandler Co

Woodworker, Bar Restaurant Furniture Store, Furniture Maker

6610 Hasbrook Ave building 7 Philadelphia, PA 19111
Heather C.

C Chandler Co, Inc did an outstanding job on my kitchen. They custom built every cabinet to my satisfaction! They were very professional and paid attention to detail. The ... more

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Cabinet Makers Custom Built-in Bookcases Logo

Cabinet Makers Custom Built-in Bookcases


4508 E Thompson St Philadelphia, PA 19137
Jenna McGuire

Mike did an AMAZING job with our custom cabinets and bookcase which came out better than I ever imagined! He takes so much pride in his work, calling me to talk through h ... more

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All Wood Carpentry Logo

All Wood Carpentry


9531 Clark St Philadelphia, PA 19115
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Flannel and Hammer Workshop Logo

Flannel and Hammer Workshop


Loading Dock Address, 4540 Merion Ave Philadelphia, PA 19131
Grayce Hoffman

Best in the biz!

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Erector Sets Inc Logo

Erector Sets Inc


4926 Benner St Philadelphia, PA 19135
Sophie Frost

This was the first project I worked on with Erector Sets, and will be the first of many! From their thorough understanding of every aspect of the job to their professiona ... more

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Length Times Width Logo

Length Times Width


967 N 9th St Philadelphia, PA 19123
Peter Brown

Length Times Width made us an incredible custom dining table and dining bench with storage. Both pieces are gorgeous and work beautifully in the space. We loved their wor ... more

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Staack Moore Woodworking Logo

Staack Moore Woodworking

Woodworker, Design Agency, Woodworker

2810-28 E Victoria St Philadelphia, PA 19134
Cathy Quinn

Great selection of home improvement needs.

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South Philly Woodcraft Logo

South Philly Woodcraft


1209 Mifflin St 2nd floor Philadelphia, PA 19148
Rory Gledhill

Extremely pleased with the workmanship and service. I bought a table and Sam custom made me a live edge floating shelf out of the same wood. He met with me to discuss exa ... more

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Pappajohn Woodworking Inc Logo

Pappajohn Woodworking Inc

Woodworker, Furniture Maker, Furniture Repair Shop

4355 Orchard St # 1 Philadelphia, PA 19124
Wim May

Ian is great to work with, and hires quality operators for his cnc.

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ML Woodworking Logo

ML Woodworking

Woodworker, Cabinet Maker, Wood Working Class

2131 N American St Philadelphia, PA 19122
Nick O'Leary

What a great class! I took the Wegner stool course coming in with limited woodworking knowledge and left with an understanding and experience of the whole furniture build ... more

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Woodcraft Products Logo

Woodcraft Products


4057 G St Philadelphia, PA 19124
Quirin Darms

I recently had the pleasure of working with Woodcraft Products and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed. Not only was the quality of his work exceptional, but he was al ... more

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Amor Construction inc Logo

Amor Construction inc

Bathroom Remodeler, Woodworker, Wood Floor Refinishing Service

1537 Devereaux Ave Philadelphia, PA 19149
Maria Rojas

Amor construction is very professional high quality work. They have done a couple of remodelations in my home and Ive never had an issue. They made a bathroom in my moms ... more

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A-K Custom Interiors Logo

A-K Custom Interiors

Woodworker, Carpenter, Millwork Shop

1745 Tilghman St Philadelphia, PA 19122
Adrienne Swiatocha

I am an architect and I hired Kevin to do work at my own home. Working with Kevin was very difficult as much of the work needed major corrections and I had so much troub ... more

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Wayward Trading Post Logo

Wayward Trading Post


4313 Tackawanna St Philadelphia, PA 19124
Josh E

I commissioned a net to be made and could not have been more please with every step of the process. Super talented and friendly artist and woodworker. 10/10 would recomen ... more

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Bristol Millwork Inc Logo

Bristol Millwork Inc

Woodworker, Woodworker

4560 Tacony St Philadelphia, PA 19124
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Plane Woodworks Inc Logo

Plane Woodworks Inc


6522 Upland St Philadelphia, PA 19142

I own my own company also Restoration business looking for a partner or a building

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PSI Woodworking Logo

PSI Woodworking


9900 Global Rd Philadelphia, PA 19115
Don Derieg

Got some great wood to work with.

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Independence Woodwork Co Inc Logo

Independence Woodwork Co Inc


6834 Greenway Ave Philadelphia, PA 19142
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McBrien Custom Woodworks and Design Logo

McBrien Custom Woodworks and Design


2548 Edgemont St Philadelphia, PA 19125
Peter Mooney

Ben is a true craftsman at the top of his game. When I contacted him to receive a quote for custom doors he responded promptly and professionally. The quality of work and ... more

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Woodcraft cabinets PA. Inc Logo

Woodcraft cabinets PA. Inc

Cabinet Maker, Woodworker

624 Moore St Philadelphia, PA 19148
madison Morton

This place doesn't exist anymore it's now a pile of debris

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Yeager Woodworking Inc Logo

Yeager Woodworking Inc

Woodworker, Door Manufacturer, Furniture Maker

20 Herman St Philadelphia, PA 19144
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Hanse 75 Woodworking Logo

Hanse 75 Woodworking


953 N 5th St Philadelphia, PA 19123
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Edgewood Made Logo

Edgewood Made


4865 Stenton Ave Philadelphia, PA 19144
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Craft Furniture and Form Logo

Craft Furniture and Form


1102 E Columbia Ave Philadelphia, PA 19125
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Bruno Design & Build, LLC Logo

Bruno Design & Build, LLC


2844 Frankford Ave Philadelphia, PA 19134
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Dovetail Wood Arts Logo

Dovetail Wood Arts


3525 I St Philadelphia, PA 19134
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Chestnut Hill Woodworking Logo

Chestnut Hill Woodworking


61 E Mermaid Ln Philadelphia, PA 19118
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Baranyai Woodworking Co Logo

Baranyai Woodworking Co


2400 E Huntingdon St Philadelphia, PA 19125
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Kensington Root Logo

Kensington Root


2203 Dreer St Philadelphia, PA 19125
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Jtd carpenters Logo

Jtd carpenters


2954 Hale St Philadelphia, PA 19149
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Gwynn-E-Co-Inc Logo



2810 E Victoria st 28 Philadelphia, PA 19134
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Katsapis Woodworks & Construction Logo

Katsapis Woodworks & Construction


237 W Girard Ave Philadelphia, PA 19123
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Grass John Wood Turning Co Logo

Grass John Wood Turning Co


146 N 2nd St Philadelphia, PA 19106
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Innovative Carpentry Logo

Innovative Carpentry


1247 N 2nd St Philadelphia, PA 19122
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Schoppworks Inc Logo

Schoppworks Inc


4355 Orchard St # 3, Ste 3 Philadelphia, PA 19124
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Atlas Wood Products Logo

Atlas Wood Products


6000 Belfield Ave Philadelphia, PA 19144
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Premium Pallet Co. Logo

Premium Pallet Co.


5000 Richmond St Philadelphia, PA 19137
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American Pallet Logo

American Pallet


8130 Terry St Philadelphia, PA 19136
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Quality Penn Products Inc Logo

Quality Penn Products Inc


1746 N Front St Philadelphia, PA 19122
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F & B Woodworking Logo

F & B Woodworking


4935 National St Philadelphia, PA 19135
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Kingbig Inc Logo

Kingbig Inc


1228 Leopard St Philadelphia, PA 19125