Portland, OR Museum

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Wells Fargo Museum Logo

Wells Fargo Museum


1300 SW 5th Ave, 2nd Floor Portland, OR 97201
Gene Whitford

Closed for the summer of 19. Desk doesn't know when theyll reopen.

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The Skeleton Key Odditorium Logo

The Skeleton Key Odditorium


939 SW 10th Ave Portland, OR 97205
Duy Le Anh

I recently had the opportunity to visit The Skeleton Key Odditorium, drawn in by its fascinating promise as a museum of curious oddities. It certainly delivers on its uni ... more

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The Historic Belmont Firehouse Logo

The Historic Belmont Firehouse


900 SE 35th Ave Portland, OR 97214
Diann Christiansen

My 3 year old grandson loved the museum. Very hands on, can touch everything including climbing into the cab of a real firetruck. Open Wednesday and is free. Received a f ... more

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Portland Chinatown Museum Logo

Portland Chinatown Museum

Museum, Art Gallery, Art Museum

127 NW 3rd Ave Portland, OR 97209
Christina Salazar

A hidden gem! Great history of Portland's Chinatown, with lots of artifacts and exhibits. On the smaller side so it won't take too long. A great place to visit if you're ... more

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Japanese American Museum of Oregon Logo

Japanese American Museum of Oregon

History Museum, Cultural Center, Gift Shop

411 NW Flanders St STE 100 Portland, OR 97209

We had a lovely time visiting this educational history museum of the Japanese Culture in America. The hosts were friendly and informative. We'll be back for the cherry bl ... more

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Architectural Heritage Center Logo

Architectural Heritage Center

Tourist Attraction, Art Gallery, Local History Museum

701 SE Grand Ave Portland, OR 97214
Bud Coe

Went to a lecture on tall buildings and enjoyed a brief tour of the museum. If history is your thing, and Portland is the subject, it's worth the stop

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The Zymoglyphic Museum Logo

The Zymoglyphic Museum


6225 SE Alder St Portland, OR 97215
Jamie Jefferson

WOW. If you're from out of town, put this on your list. An incredible, well-cared for museum of oddities and wonders. It's free to get in so pick up a book or a postcard ... more

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Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education Logo

Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education

Museum, Art Museum, Education Center

724 NW Davis St Portland, OR 97209
- Liesl -

First off, I LOVE museums and spend a lot of time exploring them so I feel like I've got a pretty good "museum meter," if there was such a measurement tool. Sadly, our ex ... more

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Hippo Hardware & Trading Co Logo

Hippo Hardware & Trading Co

Lighting Store, Antique Store, Architectural Salvage Store

1040 E Burnside St Portland, OR 97214

$35 for a queen anne burner. Get a fresh one online for $10. And they were going to charge me 50 for an Aladdin chimney, those are 40 new.

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The Freakybuttrue Peculiarium and Museum Logo

The Freakybuttrue Peculiarium and Museum

Tourist Attraction, Museum, Novelty Store

2234 NW Thurman St Portland, OR 97210
Wesley Wilson

Wacky funky quirky cool. Small place, big fun stuff crammed in everywhere. Not for large groups or rowdy small children.

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Portland Japanese Garden Logo

Portland Japanese Garden

Tourist Attraction, Art Gallery, Botanical Garden

611 SW Kingston Ave Portland, OR 97205
Meine Frage

Very beautiful Garden. The garden really beautifully arranged and seems almost flawless. As a foreigner, it feels weird to pay for a city garden but its definitely worth ... more

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Hoyt Arboretum Logo

Hoyt Arboretum

Tourist Attraction, Tourist Attraction, Park

4000 SW Fairview Blvd Portland, OR 97221
Mike Clarke

Always beautiful if a bit crowded.

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Kidd Toy Museum Logo

Kidd Toy Museum

Toy Museum, Museum, Tourist Attraction

Kidd's Toy Museum in Portland, 1301 SE Grand Ave Portland, OR 97214
Jeff Velez

Racist toys

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Bliss House Museum Logo

Bliss House Museum


1809 NW Johnson St Portland, OR 97209

This place is the greatest way to spend a few hours if you love vintage fashion! Each room is dressed for the season and has a wonderful variety of different dresses, han ... more

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Hellenic American Cultural Center & Museum of Oregon and SW Washington Logo

Hellenic American Cultural Center & Museum of Oregon and SW Washington


3131 NE Glisan St Portland, OR 97232
Robert H.

I've been wanting to visit this museum since they featured Greek artist Tom E. Stefopoulos (yelp.com/biz/lovejoy-col….) So the annual Greek Festival, which I've b ... more

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The Lincoln Street Kayak & Canoe Museum Logo

The Lincoln Street Kayak & Canoe Museum


5340 SE Lincoln St Portland, OR 97215
Sierra Nash Bird

The coolest museum in portland!

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Lumber Room Logo

Lumber Room

Museum, Tourist Attraction

419 NW 9th Ave Portland, OR 97209
R. Pearson

Great space in downtown Portland.

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Historic Scottish Rite Temple Logo

Historic Scottish Rite Temple


709 SW 15th Ave Portland, OR 97205
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Stark's Vacuum Museum Logo

Stark's Vacuum Museum


Unnamed Portland, OR 97232
Julie Rall

They have all the vacuum cleaner bags

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Portland Art Museum Logo

Portland Art Museum

Tourist Attraction, Art Gallery, Event Venue

1219 SW Park Ave Portland, Oregon 97205
Sunny Sun

The museum was very disappointing. Half of the museum was closed for renovations. I wish this was communicated better to us when purchasing the tickets, which they were s ... more

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The Morrison Street Minigallery Logo

The Morrison Street Minigallery


3229 SE Morrison St Portland, OR 97214
Casey Elliott

Super cute! I love miniatures and this little display changes often with the best mini works! Definitely a great little pit-stop if you are anywhere close in town.

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Ground Art Logo

Ground Art


6707 SE Woodward St Portland, OR 97206
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April Waterfall Logo

April Waterfall


11895 NW Cornell Rd Portland, OR 97229
Jett Castaneda

Great spot for walks with your furry sidekick

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The Buster Memorial Fire Table Logo

The Buster Memorial Fire Table


2420 SW 76th Ave Portland, OR 97225
Tucker Cholvin

A poignant and touching tribute to a pillar of the community.

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Portland Police Museum and Historical Society Logo

Portland Police Museum and Historical Society


1111 SW 2nd Ave Portland, OR 97204
Tera Clipse

Closed for now, they are working on re opening it. I hope it comes back

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Jon Jeibmann LLC Logo

Jon Jeibmann LLC


3945 NE Couch St Portland, OR 97232
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Montes MOTOR company Logo

Montes MOTOR company


1604 SW Alder St Portland, OR 97205
Evelyn Bonney

A fantastic tour of fabulous cars.

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Textile Hive Logo

Textile Hive


133 SW 2nd Ave UNIT 430 Portland, OR 97204
Lauren Goding

A stunning collection of textiles and fabric samples to swoon over.

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Lewis & Clark Expedition Historical Marker Logo

Lewis & Clark Expedition Historical Marker


Serving Portland, OR 97231
jacalynn krediet

It's nice

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Smith and bybee parking Logo

Smith and bybee parking


5325 N Marine Dr Portland, OR 97203
Jason Weeks


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Discovery Museum Logo

Discovery Museum


SW Knights Blvd Portland, OR 97221
nuts and bolts photography

Fun stop to make if you and yours are exploring Washington Park. The old log train is great, and you can hop onboard and check out the cockpit

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C.C. Stern Type Foundry Logo

C.C. Stern Type Foundry


8900 NE Vancouver Way Portland, OR 97208
Louis Two shoe's

Good place to spark up a dubby

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Portland International Film Festival Logo

Portland International Film Festival


934 SW Salmon St Portland, OR 97205
John Acerbi

A must attend two week Portland event.

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PataPDX Logo



625 NW Everett St #104 Portland, OR 97209
Lionel Di Giacomo

Unique and intimate gallery with wonderful and personable curators. The shows selected are the right mix of whimsical and thoughtful for my taste, and the family in resid ... more

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East County Historial Organization Logo

East County Historial Organization

Historical Society, Museum, Tourist Attraction

17111 NE Sandy Blvd Portland, OR 97230
Katrina Voll

It's a very neat house, with a unique and important local history that should be better known. However, it still needs a lot of TLC in the restoration and could use some ... more

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Museum of Contemporary Craft Logo

Museum of Contemporary Craft


724 NW Davis St Portland, OR 97209
Spencer Lambert

Now permanently closed thankfully. It was a total waste of time.

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Nate's Scrap Metal Sorting Logo

Nate's Scrap Metal Sorting


2350 SE Reedway St Portland, OR 97202
Steve Gramstad

Long time business

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Guild Theater Logo

Guild Theater

Museum, Tourist Attraction

829 SW 9th Ave. Portland, OR 97205
Bart Mattingly

It's permanently closed. A Japanese book store "Kinokuniya"is in progress of opening up there.

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The Salami Gallery Logo

The Salami Gallery


Serving Portland, OR 97213
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The Inglenook Dwells Logo

The Inglenook Dwells


520 NE 185th Pl Portland, OR 97230
null .ItemGet

mostly spiders

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SLS Studio Lab Set Logo

SLS Studio Lab Set


10480 SW Eastridge St #92 Portland, OR 97225
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Waters-Singh Fountain View Logo

Waters-Singh Fountain View


9731 N Clarendon Ave Portland, OR 97203
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3D Center of Art and Photography Logo

3D Center of Art and Photography


1928 NW Lovejoy St Portland, OR 97209
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Pecilium Logo



Serving Portland, OR 97210
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Bell of Sisterhood Ulson, ROK and Portland, OR, USA Logo

Bell of Sisterhood Ulson, ROK and Portland, OR, USA


Serving Portland, OR 97232
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Sisterhood Commemorative Bell Sapporo, JPN and Portland, OR, USA Logo

Sisterhood Commemorative Bell Sapporo, JPN and Portland, OR, USA


Serving Portland, OR 97232
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Little free Library Charter #5281 Logo

Little free Library Charter #5281


2545 NE 37th Ave Portland, OR 97212
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Shirleys 3rd floor Logo

Shirleys 3rd floor


2238 NE 13th Ave Portland, OR 97212
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Lake Cully Logo

Lake Cully


5265-5233 NE 62nd Ave Portland, OR 97218
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Heritage japanese larch Logo

Heritage japanese larch


4626 NE 37th Ave Portland, OR 97211