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Bulk Bookstore Logo

Bulk Bookstore

Book Store

1 Lincoln Center, 10300 SW Greenburg Rd #430 Portland, OR 97223
Quadzilla- Fit

I love using Bulk Bookstore for my small business. They make it so easy to find what I'm looking for, the books always show up packaged well, and on time. Couldn't be hap ... more

( 6 Reviews )
Trial Guides LLC Logo

Trial Guides LLC

Book Store

2350 NW York St Portland, Oregon 97210
Daniel Brill

Trial Guides has added tremendous value to my practice as a plaintiff's lawyer. Their webinars, treatises, and CLEs are top-notch. I can recommend them with the highest ... more

( 59 Reviews )
Daedalus Books Logo

Daedalus Books

Book Store

2074 NW Flanders St Portland, Oregon 97209
Yulia Kharitonova

Daedalus, in contrast to the famous Powell's City of Books, is a gem. They are small, but quite selective when it comes to the quality of the literature they offer. To go ... more

( 40 Reviews )
Scholastic Book Fairs Logo

Scholastic Book Fairs

Book Store

5127 NE 158th Ave Portland, OR 97230
Points69 FN

Such a great and fun place...they do so much good for kids

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Books with Pictures Logo

Books with Pictures

Comic Book Store

1401 SE Division St Portland, OR 97202
Murtaza Batla

Favorite comic book store in town. Always friendly and helpful. Great selection of comics. Have masking only hours in the first half of the day.

( 84 Reviews )
Arches Bookhouse Logo

Arches Bookhouse

Book Store, Childrens Book Store, Christian Book Store

8900 N Wall Ave Portland, OR 97203
Marti Holder

Small book store. Awesome books.

( 363 Reviews )
Annie Bloom's Books Logo

Annie Bloom's Books

Book Store, Greeting Card Shop

7834 SW Capitol Hwy Portland, OR 97219
Cindra Davis

Very cute bookstore! I was able to grab a poetry book at a reading there, and a book for my son. Will definitely be back! Friendly staff and great selection of books.

( 75 Reviews )
Two Rivers Bookstore Logo

Two Rivers Bookstore

Book Store, Yarn Store

8836 N Lombard St Portland, OR 97203
Stephen Farrell

Lovely independent bookstore with exceptionally friendly owners and staff.

( 79 Reviews )
Flutter Logo


Gift Shop, Home Goods Store, Vintage Clothing Store

3948 N Mississippi Ave Portland, OR 97227
Daniela Rojas

I have been coming here for years. During my freshman year of college I came here to get postcards to decorate the walls of my walls. I have gotten lots of stickers and c ... more

( 27 Reviews )
Hoot-n-Annie Resale Boutique for Women & Children Logo

Hoot-n-Annie Resale Boutique for Women & Children

Children's Clothing Store, Baby Clothing Store, Women's Clothing Store

7323 SW Barnes Rd Portland, OR 97225
Amy Moon

Very cute!

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Cosmic Monkey Comics Logo

Cosmic Monkey Comics

Comic Book Store

5335 NE Sandy Blvd Portland, OR 97213
Andrew Sunada

This place is absolutely excellent for finding all the remote, random back issues and uncommon independent books. They have a large selection of manga and anime as well. ... more

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Pittock Mansion Logo

Pittock Mansion

Local History Museum, Gift Shop, Heritage Museum

3229 NW Pittock Dr Portland, OR 97210
niky flores

Nice place

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The Herbivore Clothing Company Logo

The Herbivore Clothing Company

Gift Shop, Book Store, Clothing Store

The Herbivore Clothing Company, 1211 SE Stark St Portland, OR 97214
Alice A.

Previously located in the heart of Portland and within the vegan mini strip mall during my visit. Currently they have moved closer East, right off Morrison Bridge. As the ... more

( 51 Reviews )
A Children's Place Logo

A Children's Place

Childrens Book Store, Book Store

1423 NE Fremont St Portland, OR 97212
Sarah Crisp

This place has the best selection of books and the staff are so friendly and helpful! We love coming here :)

( 75 Reviews )
Grasshopper Boutique Logo

Grasshopper Boutique

Toy Store, Childrens Book Store, Children's Clothing Store

1816 NE Alberta St Portland, OR 97211
Cyd Gann

We buy all our kids' friends birthday gifts here, and they wrap them for us. Good selection of quality good. Mostly for the younger kids, below 8, probably. Small clothin ... more

( 102 Reviews )
Tender Loving Empire Logo

Tender Loving Empire

Store, Book Store, Clothing Store

3541 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland, OR 97214
Trevor G.

SUCH a well-curated space!! With gifts and souvenirs aplenty both for tourists and locals. My friend and I visited this place during our time in Portland last week and we ... more

( 62 Reviews )
Tender Loving Empire Logo

Tender Loving Empire

Gift Shop, Book Store, Clothing Store

525 NW 23rd Ave Portland, OR 97210
Yany Avelar-Saboe

Such a great shop for unique finds + gifts. You're bound to find something here. Plus everyone is always so kind, no matter what location you visit.

( 48 Reviews )
Persida Logo


Book Store

11051 SE Division St Portland, OR 97266
Viacheslav Zhurba

I was in this store to send a package to Ukraine via Meest express, very nice people, excellent service, I recommend.

( 40 Reviews )
Monograph Bookwerks Logo

Monograph Bookwerks

Rare Book Store, Arts Organization

5005 NE 27th Ave Portland, OR 97211
Matthew K.

I love MBW. It's chock full of fascinating book, magazines. Zines, posters, tchotchkes, and all manner of cultural artifacts. It's like a museum where everything ... more

( 53 Reviews )
Chaparral Books Logo

Chaparral Books

Rare Book Store

5210 S Corbett Ave Portland, OR 97239
Jerry Holmes

Just a lovely indie bookstore. A very well curated selection of books. Quiet, well organized, tastefully decorated.

( 109 Reviews )
Backstory Books & Yarn Logo

Backstory Books & Yarn

Book Store

3129 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland, OR 97214
Samantha Rocknowski

I really liked the collection here! And the owner, Amanda, was kind and easy to talk to.

( 52 Reviews )
Melville Books Logo

Melville Books

Book Store

2827 NE Alberta St Portland, OR 97211
Amanda Martin-Tully

I discovered Meville Books because my phone was nearly dead, and for a brief few minutes I was listening to the world around me instead of drowning it out with headphones ... more

( 53 Reviews )
Revolutions Bookshop Logo

Revolutions Bookshop

Book Store

8713 N Lombard St Portland, OR 97203
Zach Tevault

Got a ton of books and some cool stickers

( 241 Reviews )
Third Eye Books Accessories & Gifts LLC Logo

Third Eye Books Accessories & Gifts LLC

Book Store

2518 SE 33rd Ave Portland, OR 97202
Miss Myers

I just received this free book from Third Eye Books in the mail. I am looking forward to learning (and un-learning) from it. This one was free, and because I've had suc ... more

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Excalibur Comics Logo

Excalibur Comics

Comic Book Store, Used Book Store

2444 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland, OR 97214
100 Heroes

Nice little comic shop with HUGE selection of back issues and very well organized. I thought pricing was good. My only complaint would be the lack of backboards...without ... more

( 5 Reviews )
Imclaim Makers Logo

Imclaim Makers

Publisher, Book Store

205 SE Spokane St Portland, OR 97202
Deirdre Thompson

Oregonian forever and ever, Bro

( 8 Reviews )
Up Up Books Logo

Up Up Books

Book Store

1211 SE Stark St Portland, OR 97214
Paul Ahnn

Super cute and great selection of books! Definitely would recommend going here especially if youre in the area

( 13 Reviews )
Sunrise Books Logo

Sunrise Books

Childrens Book Store

4605 NE Fremont St UNIT 208 Portland, OR 97213
Shar Star

If you want your littles to have a fun impactful learning environment this is the place! There is always fun events the owner Edee has set up! Great book selection for ki ... more

( 12 Reviews )
Bishop & Wilde at Tin House Logo

Bishop & Wilde at Tin House

Book Store, Plant Nursery, Record Store

2601 NW Thurman St Portland, OR 97210
Kristin Bergman

Beautiful little shop, very friendly owner and excellent stock. I picked up a lovely little book recommended by their staff and couldn't be more pleased with the selectio ... more

( 18 Reviews )
Barnes & Noble Logo

Barnes & Noble

Book Store, Gift Shop, DVD Store

9963 NE Cascades Pkwy Portland, OR 97220
Brad Gates

Great little bookstore with a little of everything. Not overwhelming like their big stores. Friendly staff ready to help

( 1 Reviews )
Honeyed Words Logo

Honeyed Words

Book Store

2504 NE Sandy Blvd Portland, OR 97232
Sofia Hart

Great queer book selection! Very cute shop too

( 144 Reviews )
Cloud 9 Comics Logo

Cloud 9 Comics

Comic Book Store

2621 SE Clinton St Portland, OR 97202
John Caughman IV

Very helpful and efficient!

( 117 Reviews )
Psychic Sister Logo

Psychic Sister

Psychic, Book Store, Candle Store

entrance on 19th Ave, 1829 NE Alberta St ste c Portland, OR 97211
Estrella Gonzales

Absolutely divine! Everything about this store makes me feel a deep sense of happiness and love.

( 138 Reviews )
Vivienne Kitchen & Pantry Logo

Vivienne Kitchen & Pantry

Book Store

4128 NE Sandy Blvd Portland, OR 97212
Kristen Simpson

Such good cake, friendly conversation with the owner, and an amazing selection of books!

( 52 Reviews )
She Bop Logo

She Bop

Toy Store, Book Store, Toy Store

909 N Beech St suite a Portland, OR 97227
Bob Marlin

Went in with my partner to find something new for bedroom. Immediate judgement from the sales associate when I asked about a small vibrator apparently we are boring in ou ... more

( 212 Reviews )
Kids At Heart Toys Logo

Kids At Heart Toys

Toy Store, Book Store

3445 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland, OR 97214
Shil V

Excellent choice for kids. Lots of small toy S that are very engaging for kids.

( 78 Reviews )
Grotto Christian Gifts & Books Logo

Grotto Christian Gifts & Books

Book Store, Gift Shop

8840 NE Skidmore St Portland, OR 97220
Jason Martinez

Book selection somewhat limited. Great store.

( 247 Reviews )
Multnomah County Central Library Logo

Multnomah County Central Library

Public Library, Book Store, Tourist Attraction

801 SW 10th Ave Portland, OR 97205
Shelby Walden

this library is great, but Im so disappointed by the choice to close it for such long periods of time, and especially over the summer. I understand that renovations take ... more

( 28 Reviews )
Friends Library Store Logo

Friends Library Store

Used Book Store, Book Store, Childrens Book Store

801 SW 10th Ave Portland, OR 97205
Ashley C.

What a gem of a place on the ground floor of the central library. There are all sorts of library souvenirs, as well as shelves of discount books. There's a 50% off sh ... more

( 630 Reviews )
Kinokuniya Portland Logo

Kinokuniya Portland

Book Store

829 SW 9th Ave. Portland, OR 97205
Kevin Riedl

It's weeb heaven, that's all you need to know.

( 182 Reviews )
Broadway Books Logo

Broadway Books

Book Store

1714 NE Broadway Portland, OR 97232
Paul T. Allen

My favorite bookstore in portland

( 78 Reviews )
Belmont Books Logo

Belmont Books

Book Store

3415 SE Belmont St Portland, OR 97214
This sad ghost

Located right next to a tiny food cart pod, this is a prime location for used books. Grab a new book then head over to grab a cup of coffee or a bite to eat. Every nook a ... more

( 244 Reviews )
Other Worlds Games & Comics Logo

Other Worlds Games & Comics

Game Store, Comic Book Store

6350 SW Capitol Hwy Portland, OR 97239
Meredith Isordia

Wonderful shop! Knowledgeable crew, family friendly, great spot for gifts. Theres something for everyone here!

( 46 Reviews )
Microcosm Publishing Logo

Microcosm Publishing

Book Publisher, Book Store, Comic Book Store

2752 N Williams Ave Portland, OR 97227
Rob C

This business is literally life changing. 15 years ago I happened across the mailing catalog and I'm a different person because of it. They have something for whatever yo ... more

( 24 Reviews )
Portland Center for Spiritual Living Logo

Portland Center for Spiritual Living

Religious Organization, Church, Religious Book Store

6211 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Portland, OR 97211
fesseha sishu

I like

( 283 Reviews )
Antique Alley Logo

Antique Alley

Antique Store, Collectibles Store, Craft Store

2000 NE 42nd Ave Portland, OR 97213
Myron Tremblay

Things are getting better and I hear from vendors that things are looking up. 5 stars for those that are doing their best to bring you a great selection of antiques and c ... more

( 137 Reviews )
Mother Foucault's Bookshop Logo

Mother Foucault's Bookshop

Book Store

523 SE Morrison St Portland, OR 97214
Amanda Martin-Tully

If you're reading a review about a book store... just stop, and go. There's nothing that I can say to fully describe how movie-esc Mother Foucault's is. You walk in and i ... more

( 68 Reviews )
Pinwheels Resale Logo

Pinwheels Resale

Children's Clothing Store, Baby Store, Book Store

Bernard McDowell, LCSW in Portland, OR, USA, 2700 SE 26th Ave A Portland, OR 97202
Youn Hee Lee

Sara is amazing! I love Pinwheel. I bring many items that my son doesn't want or need any more. She goes through each item right away and offer cash or store credits. She ... more

( 30 Reviews )
Tender Loving Empire Logo

Tender Loving Empire

Gift Shop, Variety Store, Souvenir Store

Concourse D, 7000 NE Airport Way Ste 2226 Portland, OR 97218
Serena Becker

Super cute ones, but theyre on the higher price and as it most airports tend to be. Let the lighting staff kind of ignored me.

( 61 Reviews )
Future Dreams Logo

Future Dreams

Comic Book Store

1847 E Burnside St #116 Portland, OR 97214
Giuseppe LoBasso

Very kind staff, great place to find some hidden treasures!