Portland, OR Chinese Restaurant

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Yes Restaurant - Chinese & Japanese Logo

Yes Restaurant - Chinese & Japanese

Chinese Restaurant

4240 NE 122nd Ave Portland, OR 97230
Geetika Mehta

Loved the food we ordered. Very good quality. And decent quantity

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Yomie's Rice X Yogurt | Portland Logo

Yomie's Rice X Yogurt | Portland

Chinese Restaurant

1968 SW Broadway Portland, OR 97201
Liam Cadavid

This place is one of our favorites in Portland. Better than boba teas that come with syrups. They maketheir own yogurt, the flavors are naturals fruits and the beverages ... more

( 17 Reviews )
Din Tai Fung Logo

Din Tai Fung

Chinese Restaurant

700 Southwest 5th Avenue Portland, OR 97204
Anna A

Only complaint is soup dumplings were cold by the time we walked 4 blocks back to hotel. Wontons were some of the best food I ever had. The black vinegar to go

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Chen's Good Taste Logo

Chen's Good Taste

Chinese Restaurant

18 NW 4th Ave Portland, OR 97209
Nash Tsai

Best Chinese food in Portland!

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Taipei noodle haus Logo

Taipei noodle haus

Chinese Restaurant, Taiwanese Restaurant

11642 NE Halsey St Portland, OR 97220
Nicole Johnson-Jones

Food : 4/5 | Service : 4/5 | Atmosphere : 3/5 Recommended dishes Black Bean Noodles More

( 64 Reviews )
Bamboo Cafe Logo

Bamboo Cafe

Chinese Restaurant

8145 SE 82nd Ave #6501 Portland, OR 97266
Shawarma express Halal 2

Delicious food

( 231 Reviews )
Stickers Asian Cafe Logo

Stickers Asian Cafe

Chinese Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Chinese Restaurant

6808 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR 97202
Stacy Alexander

An outstanding Sellwood Asian-fusion restaurant that is the go-to place for the majority of Sellwood residents. Fabulous food. Fabulous cocktails. Great atmosphere!

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The Ambassador Logo

The Ambassador

Chinese Restaurant

4744 NE Sandy Blvd Portland, OR 97213
Jordan Kanalopolis

Honestly shocked this place is still in business. Beware of gratuity on your check before you leave, as they are well known for doing sketchy things. Also, the food here ... more

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JC | Rice Noodle Shop & Restaurant Logo

JC | Rice Noodle Shop & Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant, Restaurant

8405 SE Foster Rd Portland, OR 97266
Dave Huang

The beef and house special rice noodles are the go to deals for a great family meal. Call ahead and order for take out. There is no dine in option here but you could alwa ... more

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Danwei Canting Logo

Danwei Canting

Chinese Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Restaurant

803 SE Stark St Portland, OR 97214
Nate Smith

Food: 5/10 Service: 7/10 Vibes: 3/10 Recommendation Level: 3/10

( 295 Reviews )
Dragonwell Bistro Logo

Dragonwell Bistro

Chinese Restaurant

735 SW 1st Ave Portland, OR 97204
Natalie Roth

Great restaurant and great staff would recommend to anyone looking for authentic Chinese!

( 61 Reviews )
Vegas Deli Logo

Vegas Deli

Chinese Restaurant

17252 SE McLoughlin Blvd Portland, OR 97267
Michael Fung

Great food! Tasty, large portions and excellent fast service. Bobo drinks are good. Very clean establishment. Lottery games are nice to have too. Vegetarian options: Just ... more

( 27 Reviews )
PFE Sushi Logo

PFE Sushi

Chinese Restaurant

432 SW 3rd Ave Portland, OR 97204

Food tastes way, way better than the pictures on the menu might lead you to think. I am obsessed with Chinese food, and this place ranks highly.

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Decoy Logo


Chinese Restaurant, Bar

10710 NW St Helens Rd Portland, OR 97231
Nate Savage

Great food and friendly service.

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Asia Kitchen Logo

Asia Kitchen

Chinese Restaurant

18801 E Burnside St Portland, OR 97233
Kathi Hare

Best Chinese around me. Wish they opened earlier so I could get lunch. I'd eat there everyday. No joke!!! June 15th just drove by and they are closed down. Thought I was ... more

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Candlelight Restaurant and Lounge Logo

Candlelight Restaurant and Lounge

Miscellaneous, Bar, Breakfast Restaurant

7334 NE Glisan St Portland, OR 97213
Willie Gentry

Had late night food, combo and egg flower soup, it was really delicious at that time of night which surprised us. Heard a lot of good things about the breakfast, I'll hav ... more

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Thiên Hoàng | Vietnamese & Chinese Restaurant Logo

Thiên Hoàng | Vietnamese & Chinese Restaurant

Miscellaneous, Chinese Restaurant, Family Restaurant

8001 SE Powell Blvd K Portland, OR 97206
kaley dang

Amazing delicious foods & outstanding customer sevices definitely make you feel like home

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Beijing Hot Pot Restaurant Logo

Beijing Hot Pot Restaurant

Miscellaneous, Asian Restaurant, Chinese Restaurant

2768 SE 82nd Ave Portland, OR 97266
Jesse Hammond

This place will make you happy.

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Taiwan Bistro PDX Logo

Taiwan Bistro PDX

Miscellaneous, Bar, Chinese Restaurant

11136 SW Capitol Hwy Portland, OR 97219
Dragons & Foxes

My first time going here and it has a very cozy atmosphere. The foods not bad, despite being a bit pricey. The owner is really nice and they have a variety of novelty dri ... more

( 51 Reviews )
EC Kitchen Taiwanese Food Logo

EC Kitchen Taiwanese Food

Miscellaneous, Chinese Restaurant, Taiwanese Restaurant

6335 SE 82nd Ave Portland, OR 97266
Ash P

Quality ingredients making quality dishes! Very savory. Loved the beef rolls in particular. Nice clean empty space. Kid-friendliness: Family run safe environment

( 116 Reviews )
Mandarin Cove Logo

Mandarin Cove

Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Chinese Restaurant

111 SW Columbia St Portland, OR 97201
Dex W

Will miss this restaurant

( 87 Reviews )
Chopsticks III Logo

Chopsticks III

Chinese Restaurant, Bar, Karaoke Bar

535 NE Columbia Blvd Portland, OR 97211
Lori Booker

Excellent food

( 558 Reviews )
Rose City Food Park Logo

Rose City Food Park

Food Court, Bar, Barbecue Restaurant

5235 NE Sandy Blvd Portland, OR 97213
Evan Williamson


( 176 Reviews )
St. John's Kitchen Logo

St. John's Kitchen

Chinese Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Korean Restaurant

9501 N Lombard St Portland, OR 97203
Dustin Fischer

Aside from the food (which is good and flavorful) the place stinks very bad like they have 10 dirty litter boxes in there and has a pungent ammonia smell. based on that I ... more

( 25 Reviews )
Kai's Stir Fry Logo

Kai's Stir Fry

Chinese Restaurant

3612 SE 82nd Ave Portland, OR 97266
Joshua Lynch

Food was good! The chicken was phenomenal!

( 85 Reviews )
Imperial House Chinese Restaurant Logo

Imperial House Chinese Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant

1815 SE 82nd Ave Portland, OR 97216
dan junk


( 624 Reviews )
Mandarin Palace Restaurant / Lounge Logo

Mandarin Palace Restaurant / Lounge

Chinese Restaurant

9225 SW Allen Blvd Portland, OR 97223
Greg Dawson

Food : 5/5 | Service : 5/5 | Atmosphere : 5/5 Recommended dishes Mongolian Beef, General TSO's Chicken, Chow Mein, Pan Fried Noodles, Sweet & Sour Chicken More

( 198 Reviews )
Springwater Station Logo

Springwater Station

Chinese Restaurant, Lounge

8106 SE 82nd Ave Portland, OR 97266
Travis Martin

Good service. Menu they redid. Needs work. Nut they care about you.

( 144 Reviews )
Teriyaki Heaven Logo

Teriyaki Heaven

Chinese Restaurant

7332 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Portland, OR 97211
expanding curiosity

Terrible place. They are greedy with their parking and will try to trap people Iin with buckets and even go as far as to block off their own entrance from people trying t ... more

( 74 Reviews )
New China Garden Restaurant Logo

New China Garden Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant

14908 SE Powell Blvd Portland, OR 97236
Cory Ternes

No stars if it was an option FOUND HAIR(S) IN MY RICE

( 74 Reviews )
Bing Mi Dumpling and Noodle Bar Logo

Bing Mi Dumpling and Noodle Bar

Chinese Restaurant

2572 NW Vaughn St Portland, OR 97210
Melissa Laos

The menu is very limited, but i believe it's enough for the location and service.

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Double Peppers Logo

Double Peppers

Chinese Restaurant

13816 NE Sandy Blvd Portland, OR 97230
Rebecca Payne Lane

Although you can only order food to go it was a nice little place. And while you wait on your order you can go to the bar and play video poker.

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Tin Tin Buffet Logo

Tin Tin Buffet

Chinese Restaurant

2236 SE 182nd Ave Portland, OR 97233
Brandon Mitchell

Horrible service. Had dinner with my family we served ourself. When paying the waitress insisted on a tip. We all served our self. So I declined. She said ( oh my God) an ... more

( 892 Reviews )
Panda Express Logo

Panda Express

Chinese Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Restaurant

1462 NE 122nd Ave Portland, OR 97230
jon mathews

Quick fix for a late hangover lunch. No expectations, no disappointment

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Mr. Chen's Chinese Kitchen Logo

Mr. Chen's Chinese Kitchen

Chinese Restaurant, Restaurant, Delivery Chinese Restaurant

17940 NE Glisan St Portland, OR 97230
LaTonia Washington

I purchased 2 Broccoli Beef's and a order of crabpuffs. The crabpuffs taste funny as if it was out dated. I called to let them know as an FYI that the puffs didn't taste ... more

( 358 Reviews )
Republic Cafe and Ming Lounge Logo

Republic Cafe and Ming Lounge

Miscellaneous, Asian Restaurant, Bar

222 NW 4th Ave Portland, OR 97209
Caitlin Clay

Never been so disgusted. We spent 80 dollars on delivering food because I used to love this place many years ago BUT I took 1 bite of white rice (in its own container) an ... more

( 88 Reviews )
Mar's Meadows Chinese Restaurant Logo

Mar's Meadows Chinese Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant

9620 N Whitaker Rd Portland, OR 97217
Philip Zimmer

Very good food.

( 3 Reviews )
Royal Garden Restaurant Logo

Royal Garden Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant, Restaurant

13816 NE Sandy Blvd Portland, OR 97230
Ba N

Everyone is nice and friendly. Looking at the customers smile and laugh demonstrates the quality in service and cuisine. It is a family owned restaurant that invests much ... more

( 263 Reviews )
Lung Fung Restaurant Logo

Lung Fung Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant

2025 N Lombard St Portland, OR 97217
frankie Benjamin

Such great memories!

( 170 Reviews )
China Hut Logo

China Hut

Chinese Restaurant

16721 SE Division St Portland, OR 97236
Cyrus C.

I assembled a shelving unit and dresser from IKEA before they delivered our food. 2+ hours it took them.. Unless you're planning on dining at their location, I would just ... more

( 114 Reviews )
Jade Dragon Chinese Restaurant Logo

Jade Dragon Chinese Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant

6327 SW Capitol Hwy # A Portland, OR 97239
Luz Loflin

La comida es super deliciosa

( 115 Reviews )
Chinese Village Restaurant Logo

Chinese Village Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant, Restaurant

520 SE 82nd Ave Portland, OR 97216
beth Henson

My husband and I loved this place... I said loved. Last night we were there and while eating our food we saw three very large rats scurry above us in the lights(the stain ... more

( 548 Reviews )
Kenny's Noodle House Logo

Kenny's Noodle House

Chinese Restaurant

8305 SE Powell Blvd Portland, OR 97266
Yuxi Shen

Tasty Cantonese style noodle and congee. Love the congee and fried Chinese doughnut, and steamed side order.

( 100 Reviews )
House of Louie Logo

House of Louie

Chinese Restaurant

331 NW Davis St Portland, OR 97209
Marci Sleightam

Amazing Szechuan beef

( 44 Reviews )
Gold Bowl Restaurant Logo

Gold Bowl Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant, Restaurant

3582 SE Powell Blvd Portland, OR 97202
Ben Lindsey

Perfect food. Cozy space. Friendly staff.

( 992 Reviews )
Canton Grill Logo

Canton Grill

Chinese Restaurant, American Restaurant

2610 SE 82nd Ave Portland, OR 97266
Christy Williams

Excellent waitress though

( 154 Reviews )
Good Taste Noodle House Logo

Good Taste Noodle House

Chinese Restaurant

8220 SE Harrison St Portland, OR 97216
Alexander Hung

Next time I go I will ask them to not use any

( 40 Reviews )
Lucky Strike Restaurant Logo

Lucky Strike Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant

3862 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland, OR 97214
Garrett Pfarr

I love how friendly the staff is at this bar.

( 6 Reviews )
JingHuaLou Logo


Chinese Restaurant

57 SW 1st Ave Portland, OR 97204
Wan Kyun Ham

Good Chinese foods, very clowded for lunch, fine and clean food

( 4 Reviews )
Tiger Express Logo

Tiger Express

Chinese Restaurant

120 SW Ankeny St Portland, OR 97204

waisted my time and money.