Portland, OR Non-Profit Organization

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LatinoBuilt Logo


Non-Profit Organization

8548 SW Apple Way Portland, OR 97225
Randy Ramos

This incredible organization has benefited numerous Latino businesses. We are proud to be a LatinoBuilt member!

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Northeast Community Child Development Center Logo

Northeast Community Child Development Center

Non-Profit Organization

1624 NE Hancock St Portland, OR 97212
Nicole H

Both of my daughters have attended NCCDC and it is wonderful! Great staff, incredible outdoor space, and everything is well sanitized!

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Make-A-Wish Car Donation Logo

Make-A-Wish Car Donation

Charity, Charity, Foundation

1001 SW 5th Ave #1100 Portland, OR 97204
scott lynch

What a nightmare. They kept telling me they were going to pick up my motorhome. Guess what they never did. Even though the motor home was in great condition and they co ... more

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Whole Systems Healthcare Portland Clinic Logo

Whole Systems Healthcare Portland Clinic

Medical Clinic, Acupuncturist, Chinese Medicine Clinic

1220 SW Morrison St #500 Portland, OR 97205
Philip Bradford

Ive been coming to whole systems for about a year and I would highly recommend being a patient. While I came for a specific healthcare need Dr. Ohlinger is so thorough I ... more

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Anniebug's Attic Thrift Store Logo

Anniebug's Attic Thrift Store

Thrift Store, Donations Center, Non-Profit Organization

11034 NE SANDY BLVD PORTLAND, Oregon 97220
Corey S.

Owners were polite and store seems to be orderly enough for a second hand store .

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AARP Oregon State Office Logo

AARP Oregon State Office

Non-Profit Organization

1455 SW Broadway Portland, OR 97201
michael marticorena

Not a member. I am over 50. After reading what people have gone through just to speak with someone at AARP sounds like I'm definitely better off having NOTHING to do with ... more

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Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC) Logo

Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC)

Arts Organization, Non-Profit Organization

318 SE Main St 145 & #155 Portland, OR 97214
Phil Yien

Wonderful local resource for DIY printers, typesetters, etc. Id love to learn more someday about the various crafts the equipment here helps create.

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Project Lemonade Logo

Project Lemonade

Non-Profit Organization, Clothing Store

1008 Lloyd Center Portland, OR 97232
Adrián Neri Reyes

(Translated by Google) This project is a marvel. The place is super organized and the items are mostly of good quality. Definitely go if you are thinking about whether it ... more

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Craft Store, Non-Profit Organization, Art Supply Store

1736 SW Alder St Portland, OR 97205
Zeke G

Stuff! Stuff! Stuff! Got some buttons and really nicely priced film for my camera and had a great time doing it. Good vibes and staff was friendly. If you want weird thin ... more

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Oregon Historical Society Logo

Oregon Historical Society

Historical Society, Library, Local History Museum

1200 SW Park Ave Portland, OR 97205
Vincent Mok

Very informative exhibit on the history of Oregon. It's not fancy but I liked the content

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Latino Network - Rockwood Office Logo

Latino Network - Rockwood Office

Non-Profit Organization

312 SE 165th Ave Portland, OR 97233
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Fraternal Order of Eagles Logo

Fraternal Order of Eagles

Fraternal Organization, Bingo Hall, Non-Profit Organization

4904 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland, OR 97215
Alex Hill

And where are the eagles?

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Old Town Recovery Center Logo

Old Town Recovery Center

Non-Profit Organization, Addiction Treatment Center, Community Health Centre

33 NW Broadway Portland, OR 97209

Successfully located this particular office, and was allowed to sit and wait for a friend there without being directed to their outside door. I was actually quite an impr ... more

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Cultivate Initiatives Logo

Cultivate Initiatives

Non-Profit Organization

14625 SE Stark St Portland, OR 97233
Doll Crain

Always a great day at Cultivate Initiatives "FOR & WITH"

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PDX Hackerspace Logo

PDX Hackerspace

Community Center, Woodworker, Print Shop

7608 N Interstate Ave Portland, OR 97217

I was denied membership with no explanation. Don't know if I didn't have the right clique cred or what. Took the tour, seemed cool (if small). Filled out application, ne ... more

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True Colors Recovery Center Logo

True Colors Recovery Center

Non-Profit Organization

3807 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Portland, OR 97212
Sarah Robins-Barber

Amazing community asset. LGBTQ recovery drop in center. They have snacks, drinks, and mentors! There is a pool table and ping pong. Beautiful portraits adorn the walls of ... more

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The Children's Book Bank Logo

The Children's Book Bank

Non-Profit Organization

1915 NE 7th Ave Portland, OR 97212
Britt B

A great nonprofit dedicated to filling homes with an inclusive range of books! A great community feel!

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St. Johns Food Share Logo

St. Johns Food Share

Non-Profit Organization

8100 N Lombard St Portland, OR 97203
Alix Powell

Kind people, good food, convenient hours. Always an interesting selection

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Ronald McDonald House Charities Portland East House Logo

Ronald McDonald House Charities Portland East House

Non-Profit Organization

2620 N Commercial Ave Portland, OR 97227
Tommy Morales

I volunteered to help clean the facilities at The Ronald McDonald House as a part of CVC Community Volunteer Core. It is a program running through Central City Concerns' ... more

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Loyal Order of Moose East Portland Lodge 1891 Logo

Loyal Order of Moose East Portland Lodge 1891

Fraternal Organization, Non-Profit Organization

16411 NE Halsey St Portland, OR 97230
Scott Tabor

Great deals on meals.

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Our House of Portland Logo

Our House of Portland

Non-Profit Organization

2727 SE Alder St Portland, OR 97214
Jeremiah Megowan

Great RCF, that really cares for their residents.

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Bethany Library Logo

Bethany Library

Public Library, Non-Profit Organization

15325 NW Central Dr Suite J-8 Portland, OR 97229
Zach Meynarez

Staff member Becca was extremely rude after I asked a single question about the due date to a book. Reading takes a longer time for me than it does for most people and I ... more

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Cascade AIDS Project Logo

Cascade AIDS Project

Non-Profit Organization, STD Testing Service

208 SW 5th Ave #800 Portland, OR 97204
Conrad Boettger

WOW...THE MOST WELL RUN ORGS I'VE EXPERIENCED in my 40+ years of public service. I commend the executive mgmt for the STELLAR EXECUTION of their responsibilities. Next as ... more

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Oregon Kosher Logo

Oregon Kosher

Non-Profit Organization

6698 SW Capitol Hwy Portland, OR 97219
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Casa din Betania Logo

Casa din Betania

Non-Profit Organization

16001 NE Morris St Portland, OR 97230
Mobile-Video Team

Casa din Betania is a amazing place, among a peaceful and quiet neighborhood is the source of many Video Recordings of comforting, hope-full, teach-full, encouraging and ... more

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Community Warehouse + Logo

Community Warehouse +

Non-Profit Organization

819 SE 202nd Ave Portland, OR 97233
Karen Ford

Excited to have Community Warehouse in Gresham. Friendly accessible staff/volunteers. Please support and donate items to set up first homes for people.

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Oregon & SW Washington African Community Development Center Logo

Oregon & SW Washington African Community Development Center

Non-Profit Organization

10245 NE Clackamas St Portland, OR 97220
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Social Purpose Works Logo

Social Purpose Works

Volunteer Organization, Non-Profit Organization

1010 SE Stark St Portland, OR 97214
Katherine Giatis

I worked with Doug Anders when I was just starting out looking for my first job. Now seven years of employment later, I still lean on the tools and methods he shared with ... more

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Native Arts and Cultures Foundation - Center for Native Arts and Cultures Logo

Native Arts and Cultures Foundation - Center for Native Arts and Cultures

Non-Profit Organization

800 SE 10th Ave Portland, OR 97214
Chris Stonebraker

We love seeing the Indigenous Market there.

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Storymasters Toastmasters Logo

Storymasters Toastmasters

Non-Profit Organization

9205 SW Barnes Road, Conference Rm 20, Stanley Family Conference Ctr Portland, OR 97225
Watson Clinton

of Toastmasters. When I became involved I had little to no control over the English language. These days I am perfectly comfortable in conversation with governors or oth ... more

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Chamber Music Northwest Logo

Chamber Music Northwest

Non-Profit Organization

1201 SW 12th Ave #420 Portland, OR 97205
T Neighbors

Amazing musicians, friendly staff, a great way to spend an evening. We are fortunate to have CMNW here in Portland.

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The Salvation Army Portland Tabernacle Logo

The Salvation Army Portland Tabernacle

Church, Community Center, Non-Profit Organization

1712 NE Sandy Blvd Portland, OR 97232
George Kingsley

They are the least corrupt of all the Charities I am familiar with unfortunately at this time they are not giving away food boxes in Portland I strongly believe in their ... more

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Kars4Kids Car Donation Logo

Kars4Kids Car Donation

Charity, Donations Center, Service Establishment

Serving Portland, OR
Emil Ontko

This donation was so easy, I would recommend donating to Kars4Kids. Everyone involved was so polite and helpful. So glad that I chose this charity.

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Dress for Success Oregon Logo

Dress for Success Oregon

Non-Profit Organization

1532 NE 37th Ave Portland, OR 97232
Sheila Benson

Such a terrific organization!

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Oregon Humane Society Logo

Oregon Humane Society

Animal Shelter, Non-Profit Organization

1067 NE Columbia Blvd Portland, OR 97211

Excellent Pet Clinic. Well org

( 58 Reviews )
Hacienda CDC (Community Development Corporation) Logo

Hacienda CDC (Community Development Corporation)

Non-Profit Organization

6700 NE Killingsworth St Portland, OR 97218
Afrikan Prince

Zero Stars.

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Polaris Dance Theatre Logo

Polaris Dance Theatre

Non-Profit Organization

1826 NW 18th Ave Portland, OR 97209
Luz Norman

Michele was amazing!!! Without any previous dance experience, my Husband and I wowed our guests with some sweet moves on the dance floor. She was patient, entertaining an ... more

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Columbia Gorge Model Railroad Club Logo

Columbia Gorge Model Railroad Club

Non-Profit Organization, Social Club

2505 N Vancouver Ave Portland, OR 97227
Homestead De Lee

Been going here since Jim Dryden took me here. My favorite part about CGMRC is Crown Point and The Cemetery. I actually like the whole thing, but those two areas in parti ... more

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Dav Bingo Logo

Dav Bingo

Bingo Hall, Non-Profit Organization

8725 NE Sandy Blvd Portland, OR 97220
Cassidy Mercer-Szady

Absolutely amazing! Great prices and a wonderful assortment of snacks. Neat little place!

( 58 Reviews )
Ride Connection Logo

Ride Connection

Non-Profit Organization

9955 NE Glisan St Portland, OR 97220

They are a great service there always on time an always very nice. Thank you all. For being there!!!

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Mazamas Logo


Non-Profit Organization, Tourist Attraction

527 SE 43rd Ave Portland, OR 97215
Timothy Hardhead Evans

This is a must-see establishment in Portland Oregon it is so beautiful inside there

( 409 Reviews )
Taborspace Logo


Non-Profit Organization

5441 SE Belmont St Portland, OR 97215
Emma Brophy

Lovely church and community center that hosts many events and groups. Friendly staff, always clean and very homey.

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Q Center Logo

Q Center

Non-Profit Organization

4115 N Mississippi Ave Portland, OR 97217
Beverly Tuttle

The Q Center helps me be able to afford stretching my food dollar. And they are very helpful people!

( 53 Reviews )
Portland Housing Center Logo

Portland Housing Center

Social Services Organization, Mortgage Broker, Non-Profit Organization

3233 NE Sandy Blvd Portland, OR 97232
L. Zoe Zuschlag

I had an incredible experience working with the Portland Housing Center! The staff are so supportive, patient, and responsive. This program really helped me understand, p ... more

( 49 Reviews )
North Portland Tool Library Logo

North Portland Tool Library

Non-Profit Organization

2209 N Schofield St Portland, OR 97217
Kathleen Todd

Love the North Portland tool library! Its great if you have a project to get done but are maybe missing a few high dollar items that you may not use often enough to justi ... more

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MLK Jr. Workers' Center Logo

MLK Jr. Workers' Center

Non-Profit Organization

240 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Portland, OR 97232
Krystal Reynolds

Enjoy going to work and the clientele that requires my own customer service experience in providing services to pay my bills and support my cat. I like most of the people ... more

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Meals on Wheels People Logo

Meals on Wheels People

Non-Profit Organization

7710 SW 31st Ave Portland, OR 97219
Pam Louie

Checked this place out from a friends suggestion. Will keep them in mind if needed in the future.

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Northwest Children's Theater and School Logo

Northwest Children's Theater and School

Non-Profit Organization, Childrens Theater

1819 NW Everett St Portland, OR 97209
Maiya LaMar

This is a very nice theater with wonderful staff and the show was excellent! I had the opportunity to see a production of Dragons Love Tacos with my daughters school (and ... more

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Bikes for Humanity PDX Logo

Bikes for Humanity PDX

Non-Profit Organization

3366 SE Powell Blvd Portland, OR 97202
Colin Wonnacott

Bikes for Humanity makes me miss A Better Cycle. Maybe this was a hype spot pre-covid, but the communication and assistance I received trying to get my houseless neighbor ... more

( 47 Reviews )
Northwest Pilot Project Logo

Northwest Pilot Project

Non-Profit Organization

1430 SW Broadway Suite 200 Portland, OR 97201
Pinkie Easley

It took about a week to hear from someone but the recording did say it would probably be a week before someone would be able to get back to me. And she was great! I expla ... more