Portland, OR Excavating Contractor

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Keystone Industries Inc Logo

Keystone Industries Inc

General Contractor, Concrete Contractor, Handyman/Handywoman/Handyperson

5031 Southeast Jenne Road Portland, OR 97236
Jenny Johnston

Keystone Industries replaced my sidewalk in front of my house, and they did a wonderful job. In less than a week they got the city permit, removed 37 ft of concrete and h ... more

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Angelo Underground LLC Logo

Angelo Underground LLC

Excavating Contractor

2323 SE Clatsop St Portland, Oregon 97202
robin koch

I would love to work with Michael again. He is outstandingly hard-working, communicative, and professional.

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Walsh Custom Landscape Logo

Walsh Custom Landscape

Landscaper, Deck Builder, Tree Service

Julia Hicks

Rob is an artist, his medium is rock, dirt, wood, metal, and water. He creates masterpieces that thrill all your senses!

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PDXcavation - Excavation and Sewer Line Repairs Logo

PDXcavation - Excavation and Sewer Line Repairs

Excavating Contractor

3901 SE Naef Rd Suite 426 Portland, OR 97267
Charles Frank

I had an excellent experience with PDXcavation. You never want to have to deal with an emergency sewer line replacement but their whole team made the process as painless ... more

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A To Z Excavation Logo

A To Z Excavation

Excavating Contractor

Anna Walsh

Update to my previous review. Two years in after the job Steve did not honor his warranty even though his pipe failed at 50%. Three other plumbing companies told me it sh ... more

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Sierra Excavation & Construction Logo

Sierra Excavation & Construction

Excavating Contractor, Construction Company

422 NE 188th Ave Portland, OR 97230
Matthew Turkoly

Ideally you never need to deal with your sewer line but when you do, Id call these guys at Sierra excavation. They handled it quickly and explained the entire process. ... more

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Clog Pro Plumbing & Drain Logo

Clog Pro Plumbing & Drain

Plumber, Excavating Contractor

833 SE Main St Mailbox 210 Portland, OR 97214
Julia Kennedy

Absolute pros. My toilet was acting up and I called this team and they were like BET. We got you. Within 24 hours they had popped into my home, diagnosed the problem, and ... more

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Lovett Inc. Logo

Lovett Inc.

Plumber, Closed Circuit Television, Drainage Service

6920 NE 42nd Ave Portland, OR 97218
scott schroeder

True craftsmen at their trade. Diego and Brandon are awesome.

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Valley Excavating Specialists Logo

Valley Excavating Specialists

Excavating Contractor, Excavating Contractor

1320 SW Broadway #22 Portland, OR 97201
Robert Clark

I can't recommend Valley Excavating Specialists enough. Their excavation work on our new construction project was flawless from start to finish. Top notch!

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Teal’s Land Clearing and Excavation Logo

Teal’s Land Clearing and Excavation

Excavating Contractor

8044 SE Malden St Portland, OR 97206
mikki morlue

*UPDATE* Not cool, not great. the concrete blocks have never been picked up, though Ryan said hed pick them up weeks ago. Ive tried to contact about completing the work p ... more

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Western Oregon Builders Logo

Western Oregon Builders

Construction Company, Design Engineer, Excavating Contractor

3909 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Suite 204 Portland, OR 97212
Leo Suzuki

Alex and his team at Western Oregon Builders are just the best. We feel so lucky to have been able to hire them to fix our home. They are not only reliable and honest, th ... more

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Soil Solutions Logo

Soil Solutions

Environmental Consultant, Excavating Contractor, Soil Testing Service

3540 SE 28th Ave Portland, OR 97202
Monique Farinha

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The field team showed on time and the work was completed efficiently. Next day test results and the company follow through was as ... more

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Precision Excavation Logo

Precision Excavation

Excavating Contractor, Service Establishment

Serving, #102C Portland, OR
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J Dig Construction LLC Logo

J Dig Construction LLC

Excavating Contractor

8936 SE Valentine Dr Portland, OR 97086
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AmeriChoice Contractors Logo

AmeriChoice Contractors

Excavating Contractor, Gutter Cleaning Service, Insulation Contractor

6614 SE 74th Ave Portland, OR 97206
Lg Ga

Chad is the best in the business always does good work

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Superior Underground, LLC Logo

Superior Underground, LLC

Excavating Contractor, Utility Contractor, Drainage Service

6400 SE 101st Ave UNIT 3 Portland, OR 97266
Anita Cornea

A rare find in the Portland Metro area! So glad we found them. They gave me a great quote for a new sewer hookup, easily outtbidding every other company that quoted us, a ... more

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Laneco Logo


Excavating Contractor, Utility Contractor, Excavating Contractor

8823 N Harborgate St Portland, OR 97203
Timm Doc Wheeler


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Northwest Infrastructure LLC Logo

Northwest Infrastructure LLC

Excavating Contractor, Garbage Collection Service

2323 SE Clatsop St Portland, OR 97202
Patrick Castle


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Call Before You Dig Logo

Call Before You Dig

Excavating Contractor

305 NE 102nd Ave #300 Portland, OR 97220
Laura Bales

Had them survey our property & give us the results within 2 business days!

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pdxdigger.com Logo


Excavating Contractor

1524 SE 85th Ave Portland, OR 97216
Michael Martin

I've Personally worked with Esau for several years before he started his own company. Great team player and knows how to work! I would recommend him for anyone looking fo ... more

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DT Directional Drilling PGE. certified conduit power and more Logo

DT Directional Drilling PGE. certified conduit power and more

Drilling Contractor, Contractor, Excavating Contractor

4722 NE Holman St Portland, OR 97218
Natasha Ochs

Camco Excavation & Plumbing is my favorite company for sewer scopes. As a Realtor, I must have a company I can depend on since time is of the essence. John Nash at Camco ... more

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Danielson Contractors Inc Logo

Danielson Contractors Inc

Excavating Contractor

5106 SE 99th Ave Portland, OR 97266
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Dana Thompson Tanks and Soil Logo

Dana Thompson Tanks and Soil

Soil Testing Service, Environmental Consultant, Environmental Program

930 SE Lincoln St Portland, OR 97214
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B & J Excavating Inc Logo

B & J Excavating Inc

Excavating Contractor

1848 NE 116th Pl Portland, OR 97220
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Dan Riehl Excavating Logo

Dan Riehl Excavating

Excavating Contractor

Serving Portland, OR 97206
Todd Hopkins

The best

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Olson Brothers Excavating Inc Logo

Olson Brothers Excavating Inc

Excavating Contractor

4515 NW Silverleaf Dr Portland, OR 97229
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JW Underground, Shop Logo

JW Underground, Shop

Excavating Contractor

2121 SE 190th Ave Portland, OR 97233
Jim Larson

I'm a little bias on this one my roommate works there, but I have met the owner and his wife and you'd be hard pressed to find nicer people.

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Highland Construction Logo

Highland Construction

Excavating Contractor

10798 SE 129th Ave Portland, OR 97086
David Floyd

Had a great experience with them, they are a small local company, I had them do some foundation repair to my house, along with some sewer upgrades and repair, they did a ... more

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Dunn Construction Logo

Dunn Construction

Excavating Contractor

9620 SE Linwood Ave Portland, OR 97222
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Allen's Excavating Logo

Allen's Excavating

Excavating Contractor

9945 NE Shaver St Portland, OR 97220
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Parsons Excavating Inc Logo

Parsons Excavating Inc

Excavating Contractor

15315 SW Bull Mountain Rd Portland, OR 97224
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Tight Access Excavating Logo

Tight Access Excavating

Excavating Contractor, Service Establishment

Serving Portland, OR
Amanda S.

Mark helped me with a very difficult landscaping problem years ago. I never forgot his kindness. Literally one of the nicest guys I've ever met, and definitely most h ... more

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CRN Excavation Logo

CRN Excavation

Excavating Contractor

6400 SE 101st Ave Portland, OR 97266

they will come back and steal from you they are all strung out on dope and drink there eq is stolen they don't pay there employees and they need to be ran out of Portland ... more

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Wilson & Sons Dump Truck Logo

Wilson & Sons Dump Truck

Excavating Contractor

489 SE Baty Rd Portland, OR 97230
Lawrence Gillespie Jr.

We have used Wilson and Son's for multiple jobs and they are great. Super responsive, meticulous in their approach and great to work with!

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Brown Contracting Logo

Brown Contracting

Excavating Contractor

60 SW Naito Pkwy Portland, OR 97204
Joseph Duquette

Cigarette smoking in groups around properties, with children. Leaving butts and trash around and even burying some under their projects near me. Witnessed a worker random ... more

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Accurate Excavation Logo

Accurate Excavation

Excavating Contractor

1857 SE 150th Ave Portland, OR 97233
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Gregory Pacific Corporation Logo

Gregory Pacific Corporation

Excavating Contractor

11650 SW 67th Ave #130 Portland, OR 97223
Tim Coon

Sam Wiseman the owner of this company does not allow brakes during a 10 hour shift. And he is a hothead that flies off of the handle when you take one or mention it. His ... more

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DiBona Stone Logo

DiBona Stone

Masonry Contractor, Concrete Contractor, Excavating Contractor

4736 NE Going St Portland, OR 97218
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Elder Demolition, Inc. Logo

Elder Demolition, Inc.

Demolition Contractor, Concrete Contractor, Construction Company

6400 SE 101st Ave # 201 Portland, OR 97266
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Rick Myron Bulldozing & Building Logo

Rick Myron Bulldozing & Building

Excavating Contractor

15812 NE Stanton St Portland, OR 97230
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MRP Services / Metro Rooter USA Logo

MRP Services / Metro Rooter USA

Plumber, Drainage Service, Excavating Contractor

5410 NE 109th Ave Portland, OR 97220
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Portland Excavation Pros Logo

Portland Excavation Pros

Excavating Contractor

1936 NE 38th Ave Portland, OR 97212
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A Cut Above Excavation Logo

A Cut Above Excavation

Excavating Contractor

14512 SE Mill St Portland, OR 97233
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Salt & Pepper Construction Co Logo

Salt & Pepper Construction Co

Excavating Contractor

4805 NE Buffalo St Portland, OR 97218
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Malone Concrete Logo

Malone Concrete

Excavating Contractor

4742 N Syracuse St Portland, OR 97203
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Andy Davidson Co Logo

Andy Davidson Co

Excavating Contractor

3026 SE 112th Ave Portland, OR 97266
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Dirt Logic Logo

Dirt Logic

Excavating Contractor

820 N River St Portland, OR 97227
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E J Excavation & Construction LLC Logo

E J Excavation & Construction LLC

Excavating Contractor

Serving Portland, OR 97214
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Cascade Paving & Excavation Logo

Cascade Paving & Excavation

Excavating Contractor

Serving Portland, OR 97209
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Robert C Pierce Excavating Logo

Robert C Pierce Excavating

Excavating Contractor

4702 SW Scholls Ferry Rd # 222 Portland, OR 97225