Portland, OR Film Production Company

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Moving Pictures Logo

Moving Pictures

Video Production Service, Commercial Photographer, Film Production Company

107 SE Washington St #164 Portland, OR 97214
Travis McQueen

Hiring a wedding videographer was the best decision we ever made for our wedding! After all the excitement of wedding planning and the festivities have died down, our wed ... more

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Vertica Productions LLC Logo

Vertica Productions LLC

Film Production Company

Serving Portland, OR 97206
DJ Braye

I had an amazing experience working with Ian and Vertica Productions! They were very professional and worked with every need I had. Most of our communication was over ema ... more

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LoGoat Pictures Logo

LoGoat Pictures

Video Production Service, Animation Studio, Film Production Company

866 N Columbia Blvd #C4 Portland, OR 97217
Matathon Mouxl

The LoGoat Pictures team was so great in helping me get product videos and photos for my small business. They were professional, timely and the quality of my photos were ... more

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Digital One Logo

Digital One

Recording Studio, Film Production Company, Video Production Service

2112 SW 1st Ave Portland, OR 97201
Dave Walsh

I recently hosted a 2-day voiceover workshop at Dig 1 and their crew were ROCKSTARS! They were incredibly accommodating and our engineer for the weekend, Josh Millman, c ... more

( 19 Reviews )
Vision8Studio - Acting Classes + Film Production Logo

Vision8Studio - Acting Classes + Film Production

Film Production Company

6635 N Baltimore Ave #276 Portland, OR 97203
aubrey sorensen

I am late with my review but wanted to say that Tristan is amazing! I bought my daughter a Groupon because she wanted to try an acting class. He met with her one on one- ... more

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Weeble Mountain Casting Logo

Weeble Mountain Casting

Talent Agency, Film Production Company

425 SE 3rd Ave Unit 305 Portland, OR 97214
Jeffrey Kaiser

There is such an amazing energy from this Casting Company that I do find it hard to leave it like that! But when the word is out- it's out. Great inclusion of diverse tal ... more

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Desert Island Studios Logo

Desert Island Studios

Movie Studio, Film Production Company

1316 SE 12th Ave Portland, OR 97214
Tk Mua

I've had the pleasure of shooting in this studio multiple times now. (A couple films and photoshoots) as an MUA I love a studio with spaces made with my department in min ... more

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Cast Iron Studios Logo

Cast Iron Studios

Film Production Company

1430 SE 3rd Ave Portland, OR 97214
Rochelle MacDonald

I find it interesting that they have shows listed from 10 years ago on their website, yet they have only been in business for 7 years. I worked on one of the shows that's ... more

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Hybrid Moon Logo

Hybrid Moon

Video Production Service, Film Production Company, Marketing Agency

25 NW 23rd Pl #143 Portland, OR 97210
Adam Smith

I recently hired Hybrid Moon to create an explainer video for my Kickstarter campaign. The video is probably the most important element of any crowdfunding campaign, and ... more

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Reckless Heart Logo

Reckless Heart

Film Production Company

Reckless Heart | Flagship Studio, 425 SE 3rd Ave #202 Portland, OR 97214
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Black Bulb Creative Logo

Black Bulb Creative

Film Production Company

1701 NW Thurman St #205 Portland, OR 97209
( 9 Reviews )
Andy Batt Studio Logo

Andy Batt Studio

Commercial Photographer, Film Production Company, Photography Service

866 N Columbia Blvd suite B-215 Portland, OR 97217
nick condon

Such an amazing experience every time I work with this studio. I feel so well taken care of and feel they always have my interests at heart. They make this work playful, ... more

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Collective Eye Inc Logo

Collective Eye Inc

Film Production Company

1315 SE 20th Ave #3 Portland, OR 97214
James-Michael Boyer

A fantastic company to work for!

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The North Warehouse Logo

The North Warehouse

Event Venue, Art Gallery, Auction House

723 N Tillamook St Portland, OR 97227
a guy

Refused refund for my tickets when they were shut down for new years. Stole $250 from me. Do not support this company. They were shut down by the fire Marshall for a reas ... more

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Hinge Logo


Film Production Company, Advertising Agency, Design Agency

9450 SW Barnes Rd STE 150 Portland, OR 97225
Stuart McPherran (AnimeDude892)

Toonami brought me here. :)

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Juliet Zulu Logo

Juliet Zulu

Film Production Company, Animation Studio, Movie Studio

4243 SE Belmont St #100 Portland, OR 97215
Valarie Cooley

Super cool agency, awesome people, great work!

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Letting Go Foundation Logo

Letting Go Foundation

Film Production Company

2000 SW Palatine Hill Rd Portland, OR 97219
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Hip Stew Studios Logo

Hip Stew Studios

Film Production Company

9517 SW Barbur Blvd Portland, OR 97219
Dr. Jon Simon

Great people and amazing music!

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G P Productions Logo

G P Productions

Film Production Company

320 SW Montgomery St Portland, OR 97201
( 9 Reviews )
CreativeDrive Logo


Design Agency, Business To Business Service, E-commerce Service

1710 SE Brooklyn St Portland, OR 97202
Noah Schultz


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CC FIlms Logo

CC FIlms

Film Production Company

9531 N Portsmouth Ave #1935 Portland, OR 97203
Sandra Abadia

CC Films did our Wedding Videography and exceed our expectations. Max was very easy to work with and very friendly. The video turned out beautifully and was absolutely ... more

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Film Production Company

4617 SE Madison St Portland, OR 97215
( 5 Reviews )
Cherry Street Films Logo

Cherry Street Films

Film Production Company, Arts Organization, Film Production Company

8371 N Interstate Ave Portland, OR 97217
Ash Lynx

Staff ignores bullying. My daughter had food repeatedly thrown at her and staff response to me that "it was just one cracker and they weren't intending any harm". I final ... more

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Fortem Films Logo

Fortem Films

Film Production Company

2240-2262 N Albina Ave Portland, OR 97227
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filmscience Logo


Film Production Company

4930 NE 29th Ave Portland, OR 97211
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LABS Media Logo

LABS Media

Film Production Company

209 NW 4th Ave 2nd Floor Portland, OR 97209
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Aberration Film Studios Logo

Aberration Film Studios

Film Production Company

1638 SE 12th Ave Portland, OR 97214
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Furry Monkey Logo

Furry Monkey

Transcription Service, Film Production Company, Video Production Service

3439 NE Sandy Blvd Portland, OR 97232
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NB Rigging Logo

NB Rigging

Film Production Company

4720 SE 26th Ave Portland, OR 97202
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Arts Academy Logo

Arts Academy

Film Production Company

605 NW 11th Ave Portland, OR 97209
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Joshua Records LLC Logo

Joshua Records LLC

Film Production Company, Movie Studio, Musician

3308 NE Peerless Pl Portland, OR 97232
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Battleground Productions Logo

Battleground Productions

Film Production Company

5299, 7137 SE Steele St #3 Portland, OR 97206
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Aaron's Moon Chicken Studio Logo

Aaron's Moon Chicken Studio

Photographer, Film Production Company, Media Consultant

3721 SE 13th Ave Portland, OR 97202
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Only Today Logo

Only Today

Video Production Service, Film Production Company, Video Editing Service

2222 NE Oregon St Suite 110 Portland, OR 97232
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MacroMalo Productions Logo

MacroMalo Productions

Film Production Company

SW Multnomah Blvd Portland, OR 97219
( 4 Reviews )
JVR Films Logo

JVR Films

Film Production Company

3733 SE 34th Ave Portland, OR 97202
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Hybrid Moon Video Productions Logo

Hybrid Moon Video Productions

Video Production Service, Film Production Company, Media Consultant

2181 NW Front Ave Portland, OR 97209
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Hewn Film Logo

Hewn Film

Film Production Company

Upper Unit, 3402 SE Division St Portland, OR 97202
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NameAndAFace Productions Logo

NameAndAFace Productions

Film Production Company

6924 N Swift St Portland, OR 97203
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Swimming Weather Logo

Swimming Weather

Video Editing Service, Film Production Company

120 NW 9th Ave #215 Portland, OR 97209
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Wabi Sabi Visuals Logo

Wabi Sabi Visuals

Film Production Company

4949 SE 26th Ave # 102 Portland, OR 97202
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Hinterland Video Productions Logo

Hinterland Video Productions

Video Production Service, Film Production Company

726 NE 174th Ave Portland, OR 97230
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Dj Twin Logo

Dj Twin

Film Production Company, Marketing Agency, Media Consultant

465 NE 181st Ave #736 Portland, OR 97230
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Road's End Films, Inc. Logo

Road's End Films, Inc.

Film Production Company

16409 SE Division St #216 Portland, OR 97236
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Compassionate Disaster Films Logo

Compassionate Disaster Films

Film Production Company

303 NE 16th Ave Portland, OR 97232
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Muse Storytelling Logo

Muse Storytelling

Film Production Company

2625 SE 26th Ave Portland, OR 97202
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Drg Communications Inc Logo

Drg Communications Inc

Film Production Company

555 Nw Park Ave Apt 803, Apt 803 Portland, OR 97209
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Magaurn Video Productions Logo

Magaurn Video Productions

Film Production Company

1933 Nw 27th Ave Portland, OR 97210
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Galaxy Productions Inc Logo

Galaxy Productions Inc

Film Production Company

11630 Se 27th Ave Portland, OR 97222
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Susan Shadeburne Productions Logo

Susan Shadeburne Productions

Film Production Company

1221 NW Summit Ave Portland, OR 97210