Brooklyn, NY Delivery Restaurant

( 181 Reviews )
A-Pou's Taste Logo

A-Pou's Taste

Taiwanese Restaurant, Delivery Restaurant

963 Grand St Brooklyn, NY 11211

The most Taiwanese food and host you can find in New York City!

( 192 Reviews )
New Kingston Pizza Logo

New Kingston Pizza

Pizza Restaurant, Delivery Restaurant, Pizza Delivery

259 Kingston Ave Brooklyn, New York 11213
Eric Myers

Great food and great delivery on time and food is fresh and hot

( 227 Reviews )
Gino's Pizzeria Logo

Gino's Pizzeria

Pizza Restaurant, Delivery Restaurant, Pizza Restaurant

831 Flatbush Ave Brooklyn, New York 11226
moonchild Sky.

I remember taking my kids there about 20 years ago, so now am driving through the area and stopped in for to regular slice but instead got 2 slices of Sicilian brought i ... more

( 309 Reviews )
Roebling Pizza Logo

Roebling Pizza

Pizza, Art Gallery, Italian Restaurant

326 Roebling St Brooklyn, NY 11211
Ken Allen

Super tasty sour dough based pizza slices. What a treat.

( 865 Reviews )
My Little Pizzeria Logo

My Little Pizzeria

Pizza, Italian Restaurant, Delivery Restaurant

114 Court St Brooklyn, New York 11201
Jaye D.

Hygiene! Unfortunately I couldnt find a way to email the business owner and had to write here. I witnessed repeatedly the cashier alternating between handling the money a ... more

( 249 Reviews )
Little Italy Logo

Little Italy

Pizza, Diner, Italian Restaurant

876 Broadway Brooklyn, New York 11206
Arleen Perez

They do better pizza and it doesn't take that long for it to come

( 444 Reviews )
Tony's Pizza Logo

Tony's Pizza

Pizza, Delivery Restaurant, Takeout Restaurant

850 Nostrand Ave Brooklyn, New York 11225

I Love Tony's Pizza They make the best pizza in Brooklyn NY

( 436 Reviews )
Halal Xpress Logo

Halal Xpress

Fast Food Restaurant, Delivery Restaurant

221 Church Ave Brooklyn, NY 11218

Always passed by before renovation. After renovation, I visited. Tried the fried chicken. LOVED IT!!! and now they accepted Apple Pay. 2nd visit, purchased more fried chi ... more

( 255 Reviews )
Dickey's Barbecue Pit Logo

Dickey's Barbecue Pit

Barbecue Restaurant, Catering Food And Drink Supplier, Box Lunch Supplier

196A Flatbush Ave Ste A Brooklyn, New York 11217
Nick Seunarine

Located in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn near the Barclays Center is Dickey's Barbecue Pit. The food in this store is amazing and well done. They have professional staff ... more

( 399 Reviews )
Brooklyn Pizza II Logo

Brooklyn Pizza II

Pizza, Delivery Restaurant

1806 Church Ave Brooklyn, New York 11226
Angel Rivera

The pizza is too pricy ($3.00), not that good, and looked like a flat tire. You can do better. I get better pizza from Jay St-Metro for .99 cents, and their sauce is bett ... more

( 195 Reviews )
Oaxaca Taqueria Logo

Oaxaca Taqueria

Mexican Restaurant, Burrito Restaurant, Gluten-Free Restaurant

75 Hoyt St Brooklyn, New York 11217
Kajsa Kous

Whoever picked up the phone at 9.30am on 3/9 need some serious training. Her response to an incomplete order was "well you can get a refund". You missed the point. She sa ... more

( 142 Reviews )
Crown Fried Chicken & Coffee Shop Logo

Crown Fried Chicken & Coffee Shop

Chicken Restaurant, Delivery Restaurant, Restaurant

3149 Fulton St Brooklyn, NY 11208
Desi Traveller Worldwide

Dirtiest fried chicken place i have ever seen, even for the location! the guy pictured literally picked his nose and made food without washing his hands. when pointed ou ... more

( 261 Reviews )
Luigi's Pizzeria Logo

Luigi's Pizzeria

Pizza Restaurant, Delivery Restaurant, Pizza Delivery

1615 Avenue U Brooklyn, New York 11229

Perfect service! 👍🏼

( 197 Reviews )
AJ's Pizzeria & Restaurant Logo

AJ's Pizzeria & Restaurant

Pizza Restaurant, Delivery Restaurant

4412 Fort Hamilton Pkwy Brooklyn, New York 11219
Mylittle Wang

The food is great and they make you feel like family.

( 224 Reviews )
New York Fried Chicken & Pizza Logo

New York Fried Chicken & Pizza

Fast Food Restaurant, Delivery Restaurant, Pizza Restaurant

2837 86th St Brooklyn, NY 11223
Blue Raspberry

The new guys running this place need to get their act together real quick or this place is going to go out of business. Last night I made 2 orders and they botched it. Al ... more

( 152 Reviews )
Nicky's Pizza Logo

Nicky's Pizza

Pizza Restaurant, Delivery Restaurant, Takeout Restaurant

1750 Bath Ave Brooklyn, New York 11214
Elizabeth Sanchez

Worst customer service. Food isn’t good and pricey.

( 81 Reviews )
Pizza On The Run Logo

Pizza On The Run

Pizza Restaurant, Delivery Restaurant

2914 Stillwell Ave Brooklyn, New York 11224
Melvin Mercado

Good food and good service.

( 34 Reviews )
MrBeast Burger Logo

MrBeast Burger

Delivery Restaurant, Service Establishment

Mullet Freebush

That burger is one of a kind I buy there again

( 61 Reviews )
King Royal Fried Chicken Logo

King Royal Fried Chicken

Chicken Restaurant, Delivery Restaurant

590 5th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11215
Tom Chottayil Varghese

Great and affordable food. Lovely staff!

( 48 Reviews )
Great Wall Logo

Great Wall

Chinese Restaurant, Delivery Restaurant

6820 Fort Hamilton Pkwy Brooklyn, NY 11219
Kristine Joyner

Chicken and broccoli came with no sauce and the wonton soup was so salty that I couldn’t eat it. The fried dumplings were decent.

( 210 Reviews )
Sapporo Logo


Sushi Restaurant, Fine Dining Restaurant, Delivery Restaurant

7812 3rd Ave Brooklyn, NY 11209
Ariel Tamez

Great sushi. Modest prices. Our local favorite and to-go for sushi. If you get vegetarian rolls and water two people can eat dinner for less than $30 in NYC.

( 51 Reviews )
Brother Asian Cuisine Logo

Brother Asian Cuisine

Chinese Restaurant, Delivery Restaurant

8621 4th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11209
J Mulls

Best quality meat and flavored crispy sesame chicken. In fact, do yourself a favor and order the large, you won't regret it.

( 848 Reviews )
Rico Chimi Brooklyn Logo

Rico Chimi Brooklyn

Hamburger Restaurant, Delivery Restaurant

2928 Atlantic Ave Brooklyn, NY 11207
Barry McKockiner

Paid 20.50 for two chimis and 2 cokes.. the chimi meat came like it was defrosted for 3 mins on the grill and put on the bun. That’s disgusting. Cant believe i tipped t ... more

( 341 Reviews )
Saketumi Asian Bistro Logo

Saketumi Asian Bistro

Asian Fusion Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Japanese Restaurant

118 Montague St Brooklyn, NY 11201
Adalis Facenda

Brooklyn Area looking for a meal this option THAI - Malaysia was perfect. I 've eaten Duck Pat Thai , wuaooooo and foe dinner we bought sushi and sashimi to tale away. ... more

( 94 Reviews )
China Wok Logo

China Wok

Chinese Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Delivery Restaurant

888 5th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11232
Mau Jabbar

One of those American-Chinese take out joints where you have to know exactly what you like. Not high end. I am not a fan of the yellow fried rice.. not sure why but becau ... more

( 126 Reviews )
George's Luncheonette Logo

George's Luncheonette

Diner, Restaurant, Delivery Restaurant

2157 Utica Ave Brooklyn, NY 11234
Lowez Walker

Great Spot for a Nice breakfast and/or Lunch. Food : 5/5 | Service : 5/5 | Atmosphere : 5/5 More

( 316 Reviews )
Philadelphia Grill Logo

Philadelphia Grill

Cheesesteak Restaurant, Delivery Restaurant, Pizza Restaurant

10004 4th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11209
Crystal Valerio

Awful. Sweet sauce. Just nothing remarkable. Food : 1/5 | Service : 1/5 | Atmosphere : 1/5 Recommended dishes Slice of Pizza More

( 114 Reviews )
Golden Star Logo

Golden Star

Chinese Restaurant, Delivery Restaurant

3719 Church Ave Brooklyn, NY 11203
Ronning Perez

best around hands down since 2008

( 760 Reviews )
La Villa Pizzeria Logo

La Villa Pizzeria

Pizza Restaurant, Italian Restaurant, Delivery Restaurant

6610 Avenue U Brooklyn, NY 11234
Nora simchi

Been coming for along time but this time was a real downfall. The bolognese sauce was watery and the mud cake taste like it was in the refrigerator for too long. Ill give ... more

( 526 Reviews )
La Villa Logo

La Villa

Pizza Restaurant, Delivery Restaurant

1529 86th St Brooklyn, NY 11228
Diane Uzar

Wonderful food , atmosphere and friendly staff Food : 5/5 | Service : 5/5 | Atmosphere : 5/5 More

( 146 Reviews )


Italian Restaurant, Delivery Restaurant, Pizza Restaurant

2426 Pitkin Ave Brooklyn, NY 11208
Nadia League

Very vegan friendly Servers are knowledgeable, super accommodating and friendly A little gem where I bring all my friends especially on Mondays and Tuesdays Happy hour is ... more

( 75 Reviews )
Twist Pizza Corp Logo

Twist Pizza Corp

Pizza Restaurant, Delivery Restaurant

2703 Church Ave Brooklyn, NY 11226
0mar Quintana

(Translated by Google) Very rich from Buffalo chicken I recommend (Original) Muy rica de Buffalo chicken les recomiendo

( 142 Reviews )
Triangolo Pizzeria Logo

Triangolo Pizzeria

Pizza Restaurant, Delivery Restaurant

1017 Manhattan Ave Brooklyn, NY 11222
George Wu

Good food and reasonable prices

( 200 Reviews )
Shobu Sushi Logo

Shobu Sushi

Sushi Restaurant, Delivery Restaurant, Japanese Restaurant

9427 5th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11209
Debra M.

one of my favorite sushi spots, its right on my corner in bay ridge and the food is always fresh and delicious and they have some thai/curry options which are just as goo ... more

( 167 Reviews )
Ben's Pizzeria Logo

Ben's Pizzeria

Pizza Restaurant, Italian Restaurant, Delivery Restaurant

8125 3rd Ave Brooklyn, NY 11209
Michael Fuller

Pretty solid spot for a quick slice. If I remember correctly, the grandma slice was the way to go. Pizza Adventures: Destination #186

( 251 Reviews )
East Sushi Bistro Logo

East Sushi Bistro

Sushi Restaurant, Japanese Restaurant, Delivery Restaurant

2106 E 19th St Brooklyn, NY 11229
Alegris Nin

I love sushi, I was looking for a sushi place late night, found this small place. I ordered 3 different types of sushi, but liked only 1 of them, 2nd was barely ok, 3rd w ... more

( 504 Reviews )
Taquitos Mexico NY Logo

Taquitos Mexico NY

Mexican Restaurant, Delivery Restaurant

6720 14th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11219
Julia Reavely

Food : 5/5 | Service : 5/5 | Atmosphere : 5/5 Recommended dishes Chimichanga, Nachos Con Carne Al Gusto More

( 104 Reviews )
Super 403 Logo

Super 403

Chinese Restaurant, Seafood Restaurant, Mexican Restaurant

403 Church Ave Brooklyn, NY 11218

Food : 4/5 More

( 176 Reviews )
Taqueria Maria and Ricardo Logo

Taqueria Maria and Ricardo

Mexican Restaurant, Delivery Restaurant

915 Cortelyou Rd Brooklyn, NY 11218
Lisa Cuba Mi Amor

Well today was my first time ordering from this location. Marcos is absolutely very nice. My food was absolutely delicious. I have no complaints and no problems. the amou ... more

( 142 Reviews )
Ciccios Pizza Logo

Ciccios Pizza

Pizza Restaurant, Delivery Restaurant

207 Avenue U Brooklyn, NY 11223
Stephanie Hertz Kane

Pizza was ok. The chicken roll lacked flavor. Pepperoni garlic knots had so little pepperoni, I thought I received plain garlic knots. Nothing to write home about. No re ... more

( 251 Reviews )
Panino Rustico of Mill Basin Logo

Panino Rustico of Mill Basin

Italian Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Crêperie

5801 Avenue N Brooklyn, NY 11234
Kayah D

Went here today for lunch with friends and truly had a wonderful experience!! The food came out relatively quickly for lunch hour rush! And you could tell that quality in ... more

( 209 Reviews )
Nonno's Pizza Logo

Nonno's Pizza

Pizza Restaurant, Delivery Restaurant

8816 3rd Ave Brooklyn, NY 11209
Arnold Frederick Tamasar

Best pepperoni pizza in NY. Food : 5/5 | Service : 5/5 | Atmosphere : 5/5 More

( 169 Reviews )
Sicily's Best Logo

Sicily's Best

Pizza Restaurant, Chicken Restaurant, Family Restaurant

190 Cypress Ave Brooklyn, NY 11237
Roseann Bongiovanni

Clean, airy, great service, not fine dining but great food. Family run pizzeria, with home cooked food. Gaspar and his father are very friendly and make you feel right at ... more

( 448 Reviews )
The House of Pizza & Calzone Logo

The House of Pizza & Calzone

Pizza Restaurant, Italian Restaurant, Delivery Restaurant

132 Union St Brooklyn, NY 11231
Anne S.

Ordered first time on Slice. Food delivered hot and on time. Ordered a calzone and sausage and broccoli rabe Stromboli, plus cannoli. Quality of food was exceptional, and ... more

( 66 Reviews )
786 Crown Chicken and Pizza Logo

786 Crown Chicken and Pizza

Chicken Restaurant, Delivery Restaurant, Restaurant

407 Saratoga Ave Brooklyn, NY 11233
Joe Mazzaro

I been there,I don't believe for one minute that photo of that pepperoni pizza is from their store.they should have shown a piece of cardboard.i wouldn't even give this p ... more

( 106 Reviews )
Crown Fried Chicken Logo

Crown Fried Chicken

Takeout Restaurant, Restaurant, Delivery Restaurant

229 Malcolm X Blvd Brooklyn, NY 11221
Ace Aerial

Popcorn chicken was juicy and would get again but the friend chicken pieces came with aluminum foil still embedded in it. Just be more careful with the prep.

( 277 Reviews )
P&C Logo


Dominican Restaurant, Restaurant, Spanish Restaurant

191 Utica Ave Brooklyn, NY 11213
tails Morales

Ribs go hard

( 415 Reviews )
Lichee Nut Logo

Lichee Nut

Chinese Restaurant, Delivery Restaurant

162 Montague St Brooklyn, NY 11201
Joe Robinson

The pork dumplings were absolutely amazing. The tender meat filling and the delicate dumpling skin were a match made in heaven. Each dumpling was a burst of flavor that l ... more

( 108 Reviews )
Tasty House Logo

Tasty House

Chinese Restaurant, Restaurant, Delivery Restaurant

253 Avenue U Brooklyn, NY 11223
Shaquana Wright

They are racist because I live in a housing development which is literally down the block they said they don't deliver here

( 54 Reviews )
New No. 1 Logo

New No. 1

Chinese Restaurant, Delivery Restaurant

1082 Bedford Ave #1 Brooklyn, NY 11216
Julissa Williams

I always order from this place but lately those foods have been tasting horrible and old like its been left out overnight I dont think Im gonna be ordering from them no m ... more