Denver, CO Elementary School

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St John's School Logo

St John's School

Elementary School

700 S Franklin St Denver, Colorado 80209
Kerry Fowler

Wonderful faculty and staff. Very warm and welcoming. My kids are 12 and 10 and have been going to St Johns since 2011. Theyre getting a fantastic education!

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Regional Athletics and Activities Program Logo

Regional Athletics and Activities Program

High School, After School Program, Elementary School

4800 Telluride St Denver, CO 80249
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Colorado International School Logo

Colorado International School

Private Educational Institution, Education, Educational Consultant

4100 E Iliff Ave Denver, CO 80222
Speak on Purpose

This school has everything that a child who WANTS to learn needs. It is not a school for children who want to lollygag and goof off. The focus here is 100% on the child ... more

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Kaiser Elementary School Logo

Kaiser Elementary School

Elementary School, School

4500 S Quitman St Denver, CO 80236

THIS SCHOOL SUCKS!DURING 2012,THE TEACHERS GOT MORE STRICT.ESPECILAy MS.stanek.She was the meanest teacher ever!!!!!

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Swigert International School Logo

Swigert International School

Elementary School

3480 Syracuse St Denver, CO 80238
Nathan Krasner

Amazing School!

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Sabin World Elementary School Logo

Sabin World Elementary School

Elementary School

3050 S Vrain St Denver, CO 80236
KhanhVy Nguyen

Best School I went to when I was small! I still remember my teacher and some of my friends !!!

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Montessori School of Denver Logo

Montessori School of Denver

Private Educational Institution, Elementary School, Middle School

1460 S Holly St Denver, CO 80222
David Dumler

Amazing school and staff!

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Rock Solid Christian Academy Logo

Rock Solid Christian Academy

School, Elementary School, High School

29 Del Mar Cir Denver, CO 80209
Vanessa Davis

This school is the best choice I've ever made for my children. Everyone is wonderful. They all treat my children so well, they are kind, and my children love their teache ... more

( 9 Reviews )
Trevista at Horace Mann Logo

Trevista at Horace Mann

Elementary School, Preschool, Public Educational Institution

4130 Navajo St Denver, CO 80211
Aaron V

Well I think that U do not go there so It is not mine and one of this

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Holly Hills Elementary School Logo

Holly Hills Elementary School

Elementary School

6161 E Cornell Ave Denver, CO 80222
Jonathan Leon Alfaro

I went to this school and I had grate memories.

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McElwain Elementary School Logo

McElwain Elementary School

Elementary School, Elementary School

1020 Dawson Dr Denver, CO 80229
NeeCee Martinez

Love this school! So glad we stayed in the area just so my son could go here!

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Archuleta Elementary School Logo

Archuleta Elementary School

Elementary School

16000 Maxwell Pl Denver, CO 80239
Bri'Ann Allen

great school! been here since the 1st grade i would recommend this to parents that child is starting kinder or 1st grade!

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Bradley International School Logo

Bradley International School

Elementary School

3051 S Elm St Denver, CO 80222
Amy Guttmann

We've been at Bradley for three years now and have been very happy with our decision to choice in to the school. To me, what sets Bradley apart from other elementary scho ... more

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Sherrelwood Elementary School Logo

Sherrelwood Elementary School

Elementary School, Kindergarten, Public Educational Institution

8095 Kalamath St Denver, CO 80221
Juan Lopez

I went to that school its OK but it changed so much

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Champions at Monarch Montessori of Denver - Closed Logo

Champions at Monarch Montessori of Denver - Closed

Elementary School

4895 Peoria Street Denver, CO 80239
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Excel Institute Inc Logo

Excel Institute Inc

Elementary School

3050 Richard Allen Ct Denver, CO 80205
Lonnie Boss


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Global Primary Academy (PreK-3) Logo

Global Primary Academy (PreK-3)

Elementary School, Public Educational Institution

7480 Broadway Building #1 Denver, CO 80221
Tisha Eastep

Mapleton public school.

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Montclair School of Academics and Enrichment Logo

Montclair School of Academics and Enrichment

Elementary School

1151 Newport St Denver, CO 80220
Justin Reynolds

i hate this place my kid went there and she learned things she already learned

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The Denver Waldorf School Logo

The Denver Waldorf School

Private Educational Institution, Elementary School, High School

2100 S Pennsylvania St Denver, CO 80210
Jennifer Holschuh

We have been at this school for almost 6 years now, and it in so many ways it feels like a home to us. The teachers are all very supportive of and responsive to their st ... more

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Gust Elementary School Logo

Gust Elementary School

Elementary School, Public Educational Institution

3440 W Yale Ave Denver, CO 80219
Angelica Salcido


( 13 Reviews )
Schmitt Elementary School Logo

Schmitt Elementary School

Elementary School

1820 S Vallejo St Denver, CO 80223
Brandon Phenix

Just had one of the highest growth scores in the city for last school year - great work!

( 14 Reviews )
Bryant-Webster Dual Language ECE-8 School Logo

Bryant-Webster Dual Language ECE-8 School

Elementary School

3635 Quivas St Denver, CO 80211
Erika Pérez


( 14 Reviews )
Hallett Academy Logo

Hallett Academy

Elementary School

2950 Jasmine St Denver, CO 80207
Alex Finley

Hallett Academy is a truly outstanding school in regards to the student achievement, community presence, and unwavering positive atmosphere. Students, staff, and families ... more

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Holm Elementary School Logo

Holm Elementary School

Elementary School, School

3185 S Willow St Denver, CO 80231
( 9 Reviews )
Westerly Creek Elementary School Logo

Westerly Creek Elementary School

Elementary School

8800 E 28th Ave Denver, CO 80238
I need a good cahnnel name

Lol I go here

( 12 Reviews )
Columbian Elementary School Logo

Columbian Elementary School

Elementary School, Kindergarten, Preschool

2925 W. 40th Denver, CO 80211
Alex R.

This elementary is a great small school. It has came a very long way with servicing every student. I love the small class sizes and the personalized learning in every gra ... more

( 36 Reviews )
Monarch Montessori of Denver Logo

Monarch Montessori of Denver

Preschool, Child Care Agency, Elementary School

4895 Peoria St Denver, CO 80239
Molly Davis

We have loved our time at Monarch.

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Brown Elementary School Logo

Brown Elementary School

Elementary School

2550 Lowell Blvd Denver, CO 80211
Neotech Services

Great Education and Educators

( 15 Reviews )
Garden Place Elementary School Logo

Garden Place Elementary School

Elementary School, School

4425 Lincoln St Denver, CO 80216
Aramis Mendoza

The teacher hit me because i got a wrong answer

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Denver Language School - Whiteman Campus Logo

Denver Language School - Whiteman Campus

Elementary School

451 Newport St Denver, CO 80220
Nelson Vazquez

(Translated by Google) Unprofessional They do not answer the calls in the office and when they do answer they only cut the call on purpose and do not provide any type of ... more

( 22 Reviews )
Rocky Mountain Prep Creekside Elementary Charter School Logo

Rocky Mountain Prep Creekside Elementary Charter School

Charter School, Elementary School, Preschool

7808 Cherry Creek S Dr #3-300 Denver, CO 80231
michelle brice

Do not take your chlid/children to this will be so disappointed on every way( teacher cause drama between both parents, principal not taking care of parents c ... more

( 36 Reviews )


Elementary School

1700 S Holly St #3928 Denver, CO 80222
Megan K.

We have had a wonderful experience at RMSEL with children in middle school and high school. We went for the expeditionary learning component but have loved the adventure ... more

( 14 Reviews )
The Logan School for Creative Learning Logo

The Logan School for Creative Learning

Elementary School

1005 Yosemite St Denver, CO 80230
Akira K.

This was my middle school (used a fake name for my email so you might not recognize me) but whereas most people say middle school is the worst years of your life, it was ... more

( 5 Reviews )
Willow Elementary Logo

Willow Elementary

Elementary School

8499 Stoll Pl Denver, CO 80238
Joshua Knight

Wonderful school!

( 18 Reviews )
Knapp Elementary School Logo

Knapp Elementary School

Elementary School

500 S Utica St Denver, CO 80219
Raymond Lerma

The food is bad👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎🙊

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Doull Elementary School Logo

Doull Elementary School

Elementary School

2520 S Utica St Denver, CO 80219
Anonymous Anonymous

I have had my children attend Doull for a total of ten years between all of them and now it has become all about the school rating. Attendance is a huge part of that rati ... more

( 3 Reviews )
Bromwell Elementary School Logo

Bromwell Elementary School

Elementary School, Elementary School

2500 E 4th Ave Denver, CO 80206
Alexandra LAL

Bromwell is Cool.

( 14 Reviews )
Southmoor Elementary School Logo

Southmoor Elementary School

Elementary School

3755 S Magnolia Way Denver, CO 80237
Bryce is cool Ensafian

So I stared in mariners there like a little better bc in the first day of 1st grade every one would talk about me behind my BACK bruh you put be nice signs but they will ... more

( 10 Reviews )
Asbury Elementary School Logo

Asbury Elementary School

Elementary School, School

1320 E Asbury Ave Denver, CO 80210
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Castro Elementary School Logo

Castro Elementary School

Elementary School, Public Educational Institution, School

845 S Lowell Blvd Denver, CO 80219
Tom Clark

I hope the kids treat me fair today.

( 29 Reviews )
Joe Shoemaker School Logo

Joe Shoemaker School

Elementary School

3333 S Havana St Denver, CO 80231
Elisabet Liz

My little brother goes to this school & I gotta say I do NOT like it. Ever since we moved, shoemaker was the closest & thought to give it a try. My son however, did not ... more

( 15 Reviews )
John Amesse Elementary School Logo

John Amesse Elementary School

Elementary School

5440 Scranton St Denver, CO 80239

These wus a grate school that help me nowe a lot then i noow and its beter then my old schools😄😄😄😄😄😉😉😉

( 38 Reviews )
McGlone Academy Logo

McGlone Academy

Elementary School

4500 Crown Blvd Denver, CO 80239
Daisy Ramirez

if i could give this school 0 stars i would, but i cant so im giving them 1star . this school does nothing about bullying, theyre excuse for not taking responsibility abo ... more

( 21 Reviews )
Accelerated Schools Logo

Accelerated Schools

Private Educational Institution, Elementary School, High School

2160 S Cook St Denver, CO 80210
Laura Popovics

Accelerated meets students where they are and provides individualized instruction in an inclusive environment

( 10 Reviews )
William Roberts Elementary Logo

William Roberts Elementary

Elementary School

2100 N Akron Way Denver, CO 80238
Alysia K.

This school was suggested to me by one of my students teachers, she has worked with him over the past few years (even suggested trying GT classes for him) and thought it ... more

( 12 Reviews )
Johnson Elementary School Logo

Johnson Elementary School

Elementary School

1850 S Irving St Denver, CO 80219
Stephanie Sieving

This school is a disgrace! I had my daughter there for 3 days when she was in 1st grade (2 years ago), and her teacher treated her like crap, they have too long of days, ... more

( 19 Reviews )
Monterey Elementary School Logo

Monterey Elementary School

Elementary School

2201 McElwain Blvd Denver, CO 80229
master leo leo123

I'm in the school its so fun

( 15 Reviews )
College View Elementary School Logo

College View Elementary School

Elementary School

2675 S Decatur St Denver, CO 80219
sam joe

This school is a joke the principal is a joke they lie to you and lie to you about your kids do not send your kids to the school it is not a very good school can't wait t ... more

( 1 Reviews )
McMeen Elementary School Logo

McMeen Elementary School

Elementary School

1000 S Holly St Denver, CO 80246
David Adams

This school has amazing students from all around the world and a caring and professional staff

( 24 Reviews )
Marrama Elementary School Logo

Marrama Elementary School

Elementary School

19100 E 40th Ave Denver, CO 80249

Teachers are nice