San Diego, CA Shoe Repair Shop

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Dons Alterations (Call Only) Logo

Dons Alterations (Call Only)

Clothing Alteration Service, Uniform Store, Shoe Repair Shop

4122 Wightman St San Diego, CA 92105
Norberto Gonzalez

Don is really nice and professional he helped me get some patches sewed on my satin varsity jacket just in time for the big nfl playoff game. Will be coming back great bu ... more

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Magic Touch Cleaners Logo

Magic Touch Cleaners

Dry Cleaner, Laundry, Laundry Service

4196 Adams Ave San Diego, CA 92116
nancy cardenas

Service: Alterations

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Robert’s Shoe Repairs Logo

Robert’s Shoe Repairs

Shoe Repair Shop

4208 University Ave San Diego, CA 92105
David M

I took my motorcycle track suit and got the zipper repaired. Works great now. Good price as well.

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Emie's Alterations Logo

Emie's Alterations

Clothing Alteration Service, Shoe Repair Shop

5430 Clairemont Mesa Blvd ste f San Diego, CA 92117
Brenda O.

I was super impressed with Emies alterations. I had a beautiful hand knitted sweater but the neck opening was too small for my grandsons head. I found some yarn that matc ... more

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Old Town Shoe Repair Logo

Old Town Shoe Repair

Shoe Repair Shop

4080 Harney St San Diego, CA 92110
Robin Lemos Dye

$55 to clean a pair of sneakers!

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Comfort Shoe Center Logo

Comfort Shoe Center

Shoe Store, Orthopedic Shoe Store, Shoe Repair Shop

11619 Duenda Rd San Diego, CA 92127
Ray Frohnhoefer

I've been wearing SAS shoes for the last 10 years or so and this is one of the few stores in San Diego that stocks my size and model. They have a great selection of shoe ... more

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Leather Magic Logo

Leather Magic

Shoe Repair Shop

3639 Midway Dr D San Diego, CA 92110
Gabriel Flores

Great craftsmanship,great service and I recommend the shop to all my co-workers. Nothing is cheap, so I do not expect cheap work. Prices are affordable.

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Chito's Shoe Repair Logo

Chito's Shoe Repair

Shoe Repair Shop

2936 Lincoln Ave San Diego, CA 92104

Trust ONLY them to have MyPrecious Shoes under their repair ... Pick'n up MyFry's "MyBoOoTs THaT were made for Me to do some walk'n & Stomp'n iN ...will share the pic whe ... more

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Regal Shoe Repair Logo

Regal Shoe Repair

Shoe Repair Shop

5239 El Cajon Blvd San Diego, CA 92115
David Vasquez

Friendly fast service at a great price. Tremendous value. Repaired my ballroom dance shoes perfectly.

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The Computerized Cobbler Logo

The Computerized Cobbler

Shoe Repair Shop

8750 Genesee Ave #250 San Diego, CA 92122
Kimberly Giardina

Always goes a great job!

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Balboa Shoe Repair Logo

Balboa Shoe Repair

Shoe Repair Shop, Shoe Store

5252 Balboa Ave San Diego, CA 92117
Feather Fuz

Fixed my shoes exactly how I imagined they would and priced very reasonably.

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Anthony's Shoe Repair Logo

Anthony's Shoe Repair

Shoe Repair Shop, Boot Repair Shop

11885 Carmel Mountain Rd #902 San Diego, CA 92128
Dr. Jeff Spivak

On time, high quality. A+

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Margaret's the Couture Cleaners Logo

Margaret's the Couture Cleaners

Dry Cleaner, Bridal Shop, Fire Damage Restoration Service

5150 Convoy St D San Diego, CA 92111
Jill Winkler

Margaret's Cleaners saved the day! I got my gown hemmed and bustled to start and it turned out beautifully and was very affordable. Then 1 month before my wedding, I went ... more

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Euro Shoe & Leather Repair Logo

Euro Shoe & Leather Repair

Shoe Repair Shop, Boot Repair Shop, Leather Repair Service

1734 Garnet Ave San Diego, CA 92109
Hannah Banana

The added a couple holes to my belt in less than two minutes and charged me hardly anything. Ill be back next time I need something repaired. Thank you!

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Shoe Repair Logo

Shoe Repair

Shoe Repair Shop

3645 Midway Dr San Diego, CA 92110
Allison Sharpe

The best shoe repair service I have ever had!!

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Gilbert's Shoe Repair Logo

Gilbert's Shoe Repair

Shoe Repair Shop

441 W University Ave San Diego, CA 92103
Dewey Anderson

This is by far the most phenomenal, professional, above and beyond Cobbler I have ever and will ever use! I have lived all over the world and have purchased some of the m ... more

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American Shoe Repair Logo

American Shoe Repair

Shoe Repair Shop, Boot Repair Shop, Shoe Shining Service

905 E St San Diego, CA 92101
Ian Koskela

Excellent service. I trust them for all my shoe repairs.

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Downtown Shoe Biz & Repairs Logo

Downtown Shoe Biz & Repairs

Shoe Repair Shop, Leather Repair Service

1819 Fifth Ave San Diego, CA 92101
Lucila Castro

I had taken shoes and purses and they always do a great job. They will text you when ready for pick up. They are very reasonably priced.

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Joe's Shoe Repair Logo

Joe's Shoe Repair

Shoe Repair Shop

2040 Fern St San Diego, CA 92104
Meghan Gilliatt

Closed down.

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Freds Shoe Repair Logo

Freds Shoe Repair

Shoe Repair Shop, Boot Repair Shop, Leather Repair Service

3860 Valley Centre Dr, Ste 408 San Diego, CA 92130
Johnnie Thomas

This man is a true craftsman. He is exceptionally knowledgeable about is craft. In a disposable society, I truly value people who genuinely know their trade.

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John's Shoe Repair Logo

John's Shoe Repair

Shoe Repair Shop

4770 Clairemont Mesa Blvd San Diego, CA 92117
Nikki Lam

Very kind, Super efficient, and excellent communication. I was going to throw away two pair of my favorite heeled booties but decided to stop in here instead. For only $3 ... more

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Nushoe, Inc. Logo

Nushoe, Inc.

Shoe Repair Shop, Boot Repair Shop

8534 Siempre Viva Rd San Diego, CA 92154
DL Rowe

We have used NuShoe for years to have my husband's Ecco shoes resoled. They are prompt and professional. The quality of their service leaves my husband's shoes looking ... more

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Pablo's Shoe Repair Logo

Pablo's Shoe Repair

Shoe Repair Shop, Leather Cleaning Service, Leather Repair Service

5120 Montezuma Pl San Diego, CA 92115
Tom Uter

Permanently closed

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Yes Shoe Repair Logo

Yes Shoe Repair

Shoe Repair Shop

5664 Mission Center Rd #406 San Diego, CA 92108
Dree Berry

This shoe repair does excellent work! They reattached the sole of my FAV boot! The are vintage and worn, but extremely comfortable.

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Anthony's Shoe Repair Logo

Anthony's Shoe Repair

Shoe Repair Shop, Boot Repair Shop

3435 Del Mar Heights Rd D8 San Diego, CA 92130
Bonnie Kalner

Terrible customer service. I should have known and taken my things elsewhere after my experience when trying to drop it off. I stood in the front of the store for easily ... more

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Joey's Shoe Shine Logo

Joey's Shoe Shine

Shoe Repair Shop

121 Broadway San Diego, CA 92101
Kala Jacubs

The only shine and repair I will ever go to even if Im across the county! Love you momma and Joey!! Keep up the good work!

( 10 Reviews )
Tierrasanta Shoe Repair Logo

Tierrasanta Shoe Repair

Shoe Repair Shop

10615 Tierrasanta Blvd # F San Diego, CA 92124
Maria L. Damian

I’ve Try to pick up my shoes I brought for a small repair. I’ve try to pick up my shoes I brought for a small repair. I’ve come by several times in the last three w ... more

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Johnny's Shoe Shine Logo

Johnny's Shoe Shine

Shoe Repair Shop

633 16th St San Diego, CA 92101
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Sole Cobbler Logo

Sole Cobbler

Shoe Repair Shop

5704 Elk St San Diego, CA 92114
Jesus Agsolid

No reply, no whatsoever. It doesnt exist

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Rancho Bernardo Shoe Repair Logo

Rancho Bernardo Shoe Repair

Shoe Repair Shop, Boot Repair Shop

16763 Bernardo Center Dr #3 San Diego, CA 92128

This store owner is very friendly & point to customer-oriented.