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Castleton Pet Clinic

Castleton Pet Clinic is located at 8445 Castleton Corner Dr in Indianapolis, Indiana 46250. Castleton Pet Clinic can be contacted via phone at (317) 842-7777 for pricing, hours and directions.

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  •   (317) 842-7777

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Q What is the phone number for Castleton Pet Clinic?

A The phone number for Castleton Pet Clinic is: (317) 842-7777.

Q Where is Castleton Pet Clinic located?

A Castleton Pet Clinic is located at 8445 Castleton Corner Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46250

Q What is the internet address for Castleton Pet Clinic?

A The website (URL) for Castleton Pet Clinic is:

Q How big is Castleton Pet Clinic?

A Castleton Pet Clinic employs approximately 20+ people.

Q How is Castleton Pet Clinic rated?

A Castleton Pet Clinic has a 3.7 Star Rating from 3 reviewers.

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Castleton Pet Clinic

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Overall Rating
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Jenilee Kasch on Google

image They have taken great care of all my animals cats and dogs. And along with my boyfriends older cat too. Amazing staff.

Carolyn Miller on Google

image I took my dog to Castleton Pet Clinic for a tooth extraction. The vet at CPC said it was urgent that I get both canines extracted because the exposed pulp could lead to infection and death. When I took my dog in the day of surgery, she was there for 9 hours to have two broken canines extracted, along with a dental cleaning. When I came to pick her up, the vet had only extracted one tooth, but she charged me for two. She said she "ran out of time" to complete the procedure.
When I asked if CPC would be willing to pay for the next round of anesthesia to extract the next tooth, the vet happily agreed, since she had "run out of time". As soon as I paid the check, however, I asked her to write her promise to pay for the anesthesia on the receipt. She refused, even though she had promised to do so moments before. After that, she was incredibly rude to me.
After the surgery, I took my dog to a new vet. The site of the extraction was swollen and oozing. Not only that, but the incisor adjacent to the extraction site is buckled out, with root exposed. The new vet was shocked to see such a messy job. This vet said that my dog would lose the loose tooth within the week. On top of it all, the new vet said that CPC's plan to extract both canines at once was very extreme, because canines have very deep roots and removing both at once can be very traumatic to the jaw. Some double lower canine extractions can even lead to a broken lower jaw.
Finally, my new vet was surprised that CPC would recommend such an extreme procedure for an older dog with a Grade 5 heart murmur (she is a rescue pooch).
In short, this experience was terrible. I am so grateful that my dog did not lose her life.
Buyer, beware.

Brad Wetnight on Google

image The staff here is amazing! The vet is even more amazing! Carolyn Shay was very thorough and gentle in her examination of my large boxers. She was able to explain exactly what she was doing as she was doing it and walked me through the steps to administer medication and diet. Unfortunately, the price of the care was somewhat of a shock when it came time to pay, but we set up an IOU so I could afford to pay in two installments.
Overall impression: 3/3! Well worth the price.

Overall Rating

Overall Rating
( 3 Reviews )

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