Seattle, WA Night Club

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Live Music Venue, Event Venue, Concert Hall

925 E Pike St Seattle, WA 98122
Shantha Matthews

Great little concert spot. It is standing room only, so if you want a good spot in the front, get there early.

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The Devil's Triangle Logo

The Devil's Triangle

Night Club

2027 Westlake Ave Seattle, WA 98121
Ris Northey

ageist, but im a woman so that may have played a part. the girls looked pretty tho. on site dog humped me and denied tips. would recommend.

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Revolver Bar Logo

Revolver Bar

Bar, Night Club, Restaurant

1514 E Olive Wy Seattle, WA 98122
Chris Contos

Impressive record collection. I hadn't been to a place where the bartender spins vinyl. He turned me onto Death, the pioneering punk band.

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Dream Girls at Rick's Logo

Dream Girls at Rick's

Night Club, Club, Lounge

11332 Lake City Way NE Seattle, WA 98125
Han Duncan


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Deja Vu Showgirls Lake City Logo

Deja Vu Showgirls Lake City

Night Club, Club

14556 Bothell Way NE Seattle, WA 98155
Ram Babrekar

I used in VIP room , the Dancer name ( sin) or something start with S. was not good. She looks not comfortable or probably dislike me. She was avoiding when I used to tou ... more

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Dream Girls at SoDo Logo

Dream Girls at SoDo

Night Club, Night Club, Club

1530 1st Ave S Seattle, WA 98134
Brandon M

It's like walking into a car dealership. The girls absolutely swarm you hoping to take you for an $800/hr ride. The sales pitch is never ending. And if you say no enough ... more

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Deja Vu Showgirls Seattle Logo

Deja Vu Showgirls Seattle

Adult Entertainment Club, Night Club, Club

1510 1st Avenue Seattle, WA 98101
Kamal605 Madbar

It would just be unremarkable notwithstanding previously mentioned Writers with Drinks. So an additional star for that. I anticipate going to a Mortified too. It is exces ... more

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Supernova Seattle Logo

Supernova Seattle

Night Club

110 S Horton St Seattle, WA 98134
Jade One


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Q Nightclub Logo

Q Nightclub

Night Club

1426 Broadway Seattle, WA 98122
Kevin Flores

This club made a new Google page to remove all their bad reviews. They are aggressive and kick people out for no reason. Pretty slick to change your Google page and give ... more

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Cultura Seattle Logo

Cultura Seattle

Night Club

916 E Pike St Seattle, WA 98122
Charlena Hauck

Great music. I had fun dancing. It was a very busy night and it was packed with really fun people. It was a little hot though and was like that one song "till the sweat d ... more

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Darrell's Tavern Logo

Darrell's Tavern

Bar, Night Club

18041 Aurora Ave N Seattle, WA 98133
Joe Meenach

Great little dive bar for live music

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The Underground Logo

The Underground

Night Club

122 S Washington St Seattle, WA 98104
Veronica Smith

HUGE mold problem. This should be a health concern. My asthma started acting up almost immediately after we got there. Apparently they had a huge mold issue that they jus ... more

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LO-FI Performance Gallery Logo

LO-FI Performance Gallery

Night Club

429 Eastlake Ave E Seattle, WA 98109

Comfy vibe, larger than it looks, strong drinks, great service, and friendly staff.

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Taste of the Caribbean Logo

Taste of the Caribbean

Miscellaneous, Jamaican Restaurant, Lounge

1212 E Jefferson St Seattle, WA 98122
seven ate

Best places to come very family oriented extremely good customer service the food amazing thank you guys. I will be coming back.

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Nectar Lounge Logo

Nectar Lounge

Night Club, Bar, Concert Hall

412 N 36th St Seattle, WA 98103
Esther Utley

Love this venue! 2 levels, fire pits, and great music!

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Full Tilt Ice Cream Logo

Full Tilt Ice Cream

Miscellaneous, Dessert Shop, Night Club

9629 16th Ave SW Seattle, WA 98106
Aaron Goss

Honest and true ice cream. Community focused biz. Owner Justin was a friend of mine. RIP

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The Mercury @ MachineWerks Logo

The Mercury @ MachineWerks

Night Club

1009 E Union St Seattle, WA 98122
Mary Scrimpsher

No food avalable. Good strong drinks. Fun music

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The Playground Cabaret Logo

The Playground Cabaret

Night Club, Night Club

7509 15th Ave NW Seattle, WA 98117
Honey Jeffries

I absolutely love this club. 100% recommend dancing with Trouble. She was amazing and we loved her VIP rooms.

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Chop Suey Logo

Chop Suey

Night Club, Night Club, Restaurant

1325 E Madison St Seattle, WA 98122
Gilberto Ral Snchez

Without any greeting, alert or warning, a blonde man with ex-convict tattoos on his face snatched a drink from me that I was having in line. Later, a fat ginger man, came ... more

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Dimitriou's Jazz Alley Logo

Dimitriou's Jazz Alley

Night Club, Jazz Club, Night Club

2033 6th Ave Seattle, WA 98121
Courtenay Chandler

Ambience. A total adult vibe

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Red Lounge Logo

Red Lounge

Night Club

1212 E Jefferson St Seattle, WA 98122
RDH Tooth Talk

Good atmosphere. Food 3.5 stars, Very Nice Staff Some dishes are really exactly how I would have it back in Jamaica. The curried goat and ackee and saltfish dishes were ... more

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Night Club, Bar, Restaurant

315 2nd Ave S Seattle, WA 98104
Nelson Reid

They have a very contradictory and unnecessary dress code, was a hot summer evening and was told I couldnt come in wearing shorts while other people were wearing shorts w ... more

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Club Sapphire Logo

Club Sapphire

Night Club

14220 Interurban Ave S Seattle, WA 98168

Wow is all I can say. We definitely will be back

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Supernova Seattle Logo

Supernova Seattle

Night Club

110 S Horton St Seattle, WA 98134
Hannah Lapanowski

Pretty disappointing club music. $20 cover for overpriced drinks and empty environment on Saturday night.

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Keys on Main Logo

Keys on Main

Night Club

1114 Howell St Seattle, WA 98101

Had a good time in only real complaint is that the audio system in there is pretty poor. It was difficult to make out the words the musicians were singing...the ... more

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Rob Roy Logo

Rob Roy

Cocktail Bar, Bar, Lounge

2332 2nd Ave Seattle, WA 98121
Jamie Nielsen

I came here and Roarke was an extraordinary bartender. I told him my vibes and he made drinks to fit it in ways I wa snot expecting! I want to make this place my regular ... more

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Night Club

925 E Pike St Seattle, WA 98122
Amelie Buchard

Terrible experience. The music was not good and the workers were not kind.

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Night Club, Bar, Performing Arts Theater

1114 Howell St Seattle, WA 98101
Frances Olson

I'm so glad this bar has continued to flourish and innovate in the face of COVID. The streeteatery is lovely, you can easily book a reservation, and the cocktails and foo ... more

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Highway 99 Blues Club Logo

Highway 99 Blues Club

Night Club, Bar, Club

1414 Alaskan Way Seattle, WA 98101
Valerie Shinn

Amazing venue with great music. Check out the signature wall.

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Rumba Notes Lounge Logo

Rumba Notes Lounge

Event Venue, Event Venue, Night Club

5041 Rainier Ave S Seattle, WA 98118
Kytu Kytu

Great staff, great music and super cool people. A very down to earth bar.

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Egan's Ballard Jam House Logo

Egan's Ballard Jam House

Night Club, Night Club

1707 NW Market St Seattle, WA 98107
No Name (Cres)

We ate the Meditation Chicken meal, mine was over the Jazmine rice, and it was super delicious. The wait staff was quick and very polite. The venue is small and needs res ... more

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The Baltic Room Logo

The Baltic Room

Night Club, Bar

1207 Pine St Seattle, WA 98101
Kamal605 Madbar

We had an astonishing night at The Baltic Room for my better half's 40th. Sarah assisted us with arranging and host significant occasion. We were attracted to the space b ... more

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Funhouse Logo


Night Club, Restaurant, Night Club

109 Eastlake Ave E Seattle, WA 98109
Yana Sosnovskaya

It's a dive bar with local music. A lot of local musician starts here their musical career. Always nice and friendly atmosphere here. You can support local music buying t ... more

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Pandora's Adult Cabaret Logo

Pandora's Adult Cabaret

Night Club, Night Club

8914 Lake City Way NE Seattle, WA 98115
Jake Lockly

This club has normally been pretty decent to me, with some of the Prettiest women in the area compared to others but as of recently it hasn't been the same. My first tip ... more

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The Woods Logo

The Woods

Night Club

1512 11th Ave Seattle, WA 98122
Cody Taylor

It was green and, wet Vegetarian options: They can eat the moss off the trees they hug..

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Sarajevo Nightclub Logo

Sarajevo Nightclub

Night Club, Bar, Lounge

2218 Western Ave #100 Seattle, WA 98121
Sebastian Lutu


( 577 Reviews )
Vue Lounge Logo

Vue Lounge

Night Club

2326 2nd Ave Seattle, WA 98121

Amazing Experience , Great Staff, Service , People. Very Welcoming to all guest , Drinks are amazing as well! Highly recommended for a Seattle Night Out

( 161 Reviews )
Club Sur Logo

Club Sur

Night Club

2901 1st Ave S Seattle, WA 98134

The worst place to come to enjoy good music, 2 bartenders for 50 clients, those of us who paid for VIP were of no use, they are all mixed up and super expensive prices, I ... more

( 543 Reviews )
Trinity Logo


Night Club

107 Occidental Ave S Seattle, WA 98104
Mimi Underwood

some really nice girly let me hit her nic in the bathroom and the bouncer continued to press me for and hr asking ME for said nicotine and kicked me out. i didnt have th ... more

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OHM Nightclub Logo

OHM Nightclub

Night Club

172 S Washington St Seattle, WA 98104
Angela Danzig

I have had the best experience Ive had at a club in a long time. The security at the door were very friendly. Soon as we got inside, they treated me and my party like VIP ... more

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Kremwerk Logo


Night Club

1809 Minor Ave #10 Seattle, WA 98101
Zack MacHardy

Love the venue but they completely oversell there tickets its way to busy and no room to dance. Maybe track your ticket sells and dont be so money hungry so the vibe isnt ... more

( 126 Reviews )
Ora Nightclub Logo

Ora Nightclub

Night Club

2330 1st Ave Seattle, WA 98121
Chloe Lindenauer

All I purchased at ora was 5 dollar coat check, yet I had a 60 dollar charge from them in the morning. Have yet to hear back from anyone in regard to this. Definitely won ... more

( 151 Reviews )
The Rhino Room Logo

The Rhino Room

Night Club

1535 11th Ave Seattle, WA 98122
Sadie Duff

Security literally bent my friends ID so it wouldnt scan but scanned just fine at the dispo down the street. Weird.

( 11 Reviews )
Cherry Logo


Night Club

1809 Minor Ave #10 Seattle, WA 98101
Jack Hayward-Hughes (Monkeysawmonkeydid)

Its a small venue great for a chill night out dancing.

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Black Lodge Logo

Black Lodge

Night Club

Serving Seattle, WA 98109
Omgitsdatguy !!

While the venue is small, the vibes are immaculate. Saw Clean Fight and other preform on my visit and had a great time

( 149 Reviews )
Kittens Cabaret Logo

Kittens Cabaret

Night Club, Night Club

5800 4th Ave S Seattle, WA 98108

A girl name haley there is a bad person 0 stars if i could

( 116 Reviews )
Pony Logo


Night Club

1221 E Madison St Seattle, WA 98122

felt nothing but respect from staff, drinks were fairly priced for seattle, good furry graffiti out on the patio

( 12 Reviews )
Empire Lounge Logo

Empire Lounge

Lounge, Bar, Night Club

113 Bell St Seattle, WA 98121
Brick ONeil

Great atmosphere, deals on pitchers

( 176 Reviews )
Grim's Provisions & Spirits Logo

Grim's Provisions & Spirits

Night Club, Bar, Lounge

1512 11th Ave Seattle, WA 98122
Kamal605 Madbar

I'm a regular supporter of Grim's and I typically prescribe Grim's to the entirety of my companions in Seattle and those who drop by on the grounds that it's normally an ... more

( 266 Reviews )
Foundation Nightclub Logo

Foundation Nightclub

Night Club

2218 Western Ave #100 Seattle, WA 98121
Nathan Branham

Are they really permanently closed? That's so sad. I liked going there with a few friends of mine (Whom we don't talk anymore unfortunately) and they shut it down for goo ... more