Seattle, WA Charity

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Food Lifeline Logo

Food Lifeline

Non-Profit Organization, Food Bank, Charity

815 S 96th St Seattle, WA 98108

(Translated by Google) This is the best food bank!!! they provide the highest quality products! I highly recommend it to everyone (Original) !!! !

( 56 Reviews )
Jubilee Women's Center Logo

Jubilee Women's Center

Non-Profit Organization, Homeless Shelter

620 18th Ave E Seattle, WA 98112
Drea Jacka

This place is amazing. They give women clothes that are in need.

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Make-A-Wish Car Donation Logo

Make-A-Wish Car Donation

Charity, Charity, Foundation

701 5th Ave Seattle, WA 98104
Bart Kelly

Super easy, and good cause

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Rainier Valley Food Bank Logo

Rainier Valley Food Bank

Food Bank

9021 Rainier Ave S Seattle, WA 98118
Kallejah Rollins

The last time I was here was a dear ones funeral. Though bittersweet, I love the idea that turned this prolific building into a space that helps nurture and feed the poor ... more

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Puget Sound Labor Agency Logo

Puget Sound Labor Agency

Food Bank

5300 4th Ave S Seattle, WA 98108
Manny Maez


( 316 Reviews )
Ballard Food Bank Logo

Ballard Food Bank

Food Bank, Social Services Organization

1400 Leary Way NW Seattle, WA 98107
Tony Clark

Cafe lacks reasonable drink selection

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American Red Cross Logo

American Red Cross

Charity, Volunteer Organization, Charity

1900 25th Ave S Seattle, WA 98144
Benjamin Rostick

Easy to find parking in their lot.

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Jewish Family Service of Seattle Logo

Jewish Family Service of Seattle

Social Services Organization, Food Bank, Non-Profit Organization

1601 16th Ave Seattle, WA 98122
Khalid Kakar

Not recommending it for emoployment, I had 3 interveiws with JFS seattle Two 3 months ago, and they have told me that they will inform me either way, it's the 3rd month a ... more

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Beverly Park Baptist Church Logo

Beverly Park Baptist Church

Baptist Church, Auditorium, Baptist Church

11659 1st Ave S Seattle, WA 98168
Jason Lorance

The music and message is from God, with God, and for God directly from God's own written Word.

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West Seattle Food Bank Logo

West Seattle Food Bank

Non-Profit Organization, Food Bank

3419 SW Morgan St Seattle, WA 98126
Jamey Brewer

A friendly, welcoming staff that offers a smile even when they don't want to.. the feeling of being actually cared about, even for only a few minutes, gives me more than ... more

( 10 Reviews )
SODO Community Market - Food Distribution Center Logo

SODO Community Market - Food Distribution Center

Food Bank

1915 4th Ave S Seattle, WA 98134
Toni Ann Mills

Serving our community so that no one goes hungry

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Wing Luke Museum Logo

Wing Luke Museum

Museum, Arts Organization, Charity

719 S King St Seattle, WA 98104
Sarah Cichomski

This museum is my favorite in all of Seattle. The level of care & attention to detail with which this museum shares Asian American stories is nothing short of incredible. ... more

( 126 Reviews )
Pike Market Food Bank Logo

Pike Market Food Bank

Food Bank, Non-Profit Organization, Social Services Organization

1531 Western Ave P Seattle, WA 98101
Andrae Jones

Better than most. Mostly good items, but some items are expired. Be sure to check your expiration dates.

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White Center Food Bank Logo

White Center Food Bank

Food Bank, Social Services Organization

10829 8th Ave SW Seattle, WA 98146
Trevor Hurst

It's the staff that makes it run, and I thank u

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Helpline House Logo

Helpline House

Social Services Organization, Food Bank

282 Knechtel Way NE Seattle, WA 98110
Cristina Nashman

Bainbridge Island best org. Excellent en people.

( 63 Reviews )
St. Vincent de Paul Georgetown Foodbank Logo

St. Vincent de Paul Georgetown Foodbank

Food Bank

5972 4th Ave S Seattle, WA 98108
Michael Hale

Good people

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Kars4Kids Car Donation Logo

Kars4Kids Car Donation

Charity, Donations Center, Service Establishment

Serving Seattle, WA
Sydney ET Boyd

My 96 year old mother could no longer drive her car. This was a loss for a strong independent women, losing her independence. We decided the best thing to do was donate ... more

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Plymouth Housing Logo

Plymouth Housing

Non-Profit Organization, Homeless Service

2113 3rd Ave Seattle, WA 98121
Tammy Shook

Current resident

( 141 Reviews )
Des Moines Food Bank Logo

Des Moines Food Bank

Food Bank

22225 9th Ave S Seattle, WA 98198
Perrin & Val Marino

wmplce with good heart people!!

( 101 Reviews )
Highline Area Food Bank Logo

Highline Area Food Bank

Food Bank

18300 4th Ave S Seattle, WA 98148
chantrelle esquimalt

They hook it up with alot of good food.

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Tukwila Pantry - Emergency Food Bank Logo

Tukwila Pantry - Emergency Food Bank

Non-Profit Organization, Food Bank

3118 S 140th St Seattle, WA 98168
Second Home Childcare

Kind People

( 93 Reviews )
Northwest Harvest - Cherry Street Food Bank Logo

Northwest Harvest - Cherry Street Food Bank

Non-Profit Organization, Charity, Food Bank

711 Cherry St Seattle, WA 98104
Insene Huqa

The manager the white lady is the rude person I have ever seen yelling at everyone not even letting people to come in

( 30 Reviews )
United Indians of All Tribes Labateyah Youth Home Logo

United Indians of All Tribes Labateyah Youth Home

Non-Profit Organization, Homeless Shelter

9010 13th Ave NW Seattle, WA 98117
Jacob Lucarelli

Awesome garden. Kind people. Warm welcome to neighborhood.

( 41 Reviews )
St Martin De Porres Shelter Logo

St Martin De Porres Shelter

Homeless Shelter

1561 Alaskan Way S Seattle, WA 98134
Robert Bowman

Nice people. Helpful staff.

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Marys Place North Logo

Marys Place North

Homeless Shelter

1155 N 130th St Seattle, WA 98133
Maureen Spath

Not bad for a not bad for a homeless not bad at all before it's light makes my back

( 15 Reviews )
UW Food Pantry Logo

UW Food Pantry

Food Bank

University of Washington Poplar 210 Box 351266 Seattle, WA 98195

Great staff!

( 11 Reviews )
North Helpline - Bitter Lake Logo

North Helpline - Bitter Lake

Food Bank

13000 Linden Ave N Seattle, WA 98133
Vera reiki

They help with a lot of food and the very friendly and there's no fighting and people getting mad most of the people are like friends that come down and talk and meet eac ... more

( 429 Reviews )
University District Food Bank Logo

University District Food Bank

Food Bank

5017 Roosevelt Way NE Seattle, WA 98105
Brady Cardell

I went there last week and I was given a Batch of food in a brown paper bag that was old and some of the food was expired however the staff are respectful but I would war ... more

( 26 Reviews )
North Helpline - Lake City Logo

North Helpline - Lake City

Charity, Charity, Homeless Service

12736 33rd Ave NE Seattle, WA 98125
Edmund Griffin

I came into the food bank on Wednesday and was in-and-out within 20 minute they have plenty of food and I was able to feed my family. Thank you North helpline!

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Asian Counseling and Referral Service Logo

Asian Counseling and Referral Service

Non-Profit Organization, Community Center, Employment Center

3639 Martin Luther King Jr Way S Seattle, WA 98144
Jimmy W.

ACRS is a wonderful place for counseling. I'm a client of ACRS from 1985. It's more than 35 year so far. I'm on & off with ACRS since then. ACRS always he ... more

( 17 Reviews )
ReStyle for Ryther Logo

ReStyle for Ryther

Thrift Store, Charity

5435 Ballard Ave NW Seattle, WA 98107
Diane M.

This is the second time I have driven there , spent 15 minutes parking an no one there. Out of business? Signs on door indicate their hours but......

( 4 Reviews )
Church of Mary Magdalene Logo

Church of Mary Magdalene

Religious Organization, Homeless Service, Religious Organization

1830 9th Ave Seattle, WA 98101
Lovell Coleman

Truly GODs helpers....... thank you for helping my daughter Holly Mae Dee...... she is there working on a boat...... and she needed an address to abtain an I.D. and rec ... more

( 94 Reviews )
New Horizons Ministries Logo

New Horizons Ministries

Homeless Shelter, Religious Organization

2709 3rd Ave Seattle, WA 98121
Tide Bottle


( 295 Reviews )
Seattle's Union Gospel Mission: Men's Shelter Logo

Seattle's Union Gospel Mission: Men's Shelter

Social Services Organization, Homeless Shelter, Non-Profit Organization

318 2nd Ave Ext S Seattle, WA 98104
Henry Morales

(Translated by Google) excellent (Original) Exelente

( 42 Reviews )
Immanuel Community Services Logo

Immanuel Community Services

Food Bank, Homeless Service, Homeless Shelter

1215 Thomas St Seattle, WA 98109
Victor Santiago

If you don't have food, I will recommend you to come over and you will be able to get food. Free

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Compass Housing Alliance Logo

Compass Housing Alliance

Housing Development, Homeless Service, Homeless Shelter

77 S Washington St Seattle, WA 98104
Rachel F.U. Barbarone

NEW HOURS of operation are now, MONDAY-FRIDAY: 8:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. SATURDAY & SUNDAY: CLOSED (most recent update as of June 22, 2023) FYI

( 2 Reviews )
Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church Food Bank Logo

Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church Food Bank

Food Bank

7500 Greenwood Ave N Seattle, WA 98103
Stephanie Steinbach Roos

Love this church and all the people that work so hard there helping other members of the community , The outreach coordinator Patrick is so sweet and helpful, not to ment ... more

( 15 Reviews )
Asian Counseling & Referral Service Logo

Asian Counseling & Referral Service

Food Bank

919 S King St Seattle, WA 98104
Cody Smalls

Wednesday to Friday 11:30 to 1:00

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Center For Ethical Leadership Logo

Center For Ethical Leadership


1752 NW Market St #952 Seattle, WA 98107
Dirk van Velzen

Awesome work!

( 5 Reviews )
Children's Home Society of Washington Logo

Children's Home Society of Washington

Charity, Association Or Organization, Charity

2400 S 240th St Building 0 Seattle, WA 98198
( 6 Reviews )
Kenyan Community International Church Logo

Kenyan Community International Church


9656 Waters Ave S Seattle, WA 98118
Hezron Nzengah

What time does the service begin on Sunday? It's a simple question but you won't find a straightforward answer throughout the pages. You would have to call somebody and a ... more

( 36 Reviews )
Seattle's Union Gospel Mission: Administrative Offices Logo

Seattle's Union Gospel Mission: Administrative Offices

Social Services Organization, Charity, Homeless Service

3800 S Othello St Seattle, WA 98118
Hassan Omar

Reopen The Place Bruh It was a good place where it kept the community active and helps kids stay off dem streets

( 11 Reviews )
Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets - PSKS Logo

Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets - PSKS

Homeless Service, Education, Homeless Shelter

1609 19th Ave #100 Seattle, WA 98122
Sheen Hunter (#SheenTV! #SeattleFreeze)

I'm really happy that will help me with any resources they can and that they have papers to print out to help tell you where to go and the shelter. This is the last place ... more

( 67 Reviews )
Roots Young Adult Shelter Logo

Roots Young Adult Shelter

Homeless Shelter

4541 19th Ave NE Seattle, WA 98105
Greg Castillo

Shifty humans and staff

( 37 Reviews )
Queen Anne Food Bank at Sacred Heart Logo

Queen Anne Food Bank at Sacred Heart

Food Bank

232 Warren Ave N Seattle, WA 98109
Nicole Ocampo

Great chicken and steaks for those that have the means to cook. Lots of food you can eat if you don't cook. Win win.

( 3 Reviews )
Soulumination Logo


Non-Profit Organization, Charity, Non-governmental Organization

911 N 145th St Seattle, WA 98133
Taunna Johnson

Wonderful. Organization

( 21 Reviews )
Wellspring Family Services Logo

Wellspring Family Services

Social Services Organization, Family Counselor, Homeless Service

1900 Rainier Ave S Seattle, WA 98144

Thee most amazing resource center in Seattle. The people are courteous and emphatically cordial. Whether you need counseling, clothing, or just wanna get something life c ... more

( 25 Reviews )
YouthCare's Orion Center Logo

YouthCare's Orion Center

Non-Profit Organization, Homeless Shelter, Youth Center

1828 Yale Ave Seattle, WA 98101
Corey Fisher

Seems like maybe this used to be a bad place to go to, but whenever I go there I'm only ever treated with respect and humanity. Some of the staff there seem like they hat ... more

( 9 Reviews )
Neighborcare Health at Ballard Logo

Neighborcare Health at Ballard

Medical Clinic, Homeless Service, Non-Profit Organization

1753 NW 56th St #200 Seattle, WA 98107
Robin Easley

Neighbor Care go above and beyond for anyone who passed through their doors. In so many ways. It's easy, all a person needs to do is ask. About anything and they are al ... more

( 7 Reviews )
Medical Teams International Logo

Medical Teams International

Charity, Charity, Donations Center

2225 4th Ave #200 Seattle, WA 98121
Christina Doerfel

This place is a perfect free exhibit for our family. We are trying to get them to understand the rest of the world and this place helps!