Dallas, TX Motel

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Motel 6 Dallas, TX - South Logo

Motel 6 Dallas, TX - South

Motel, Hotel

4610 S R L Thornton Fwy Dallas, TX 75224
Sabrina C.

Our stay at the Motel during our time in Dallas for the Total Eclipse was great. From the moment we arrived, we were greeted by great people and a comfortable room. The l ... more

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Motel 6 Dallas, TX - Fair Park Logo

Motel 6 Dallas, TX - Fair Park

Motel, Hotel

8510 E R L Thornton Fwy Dallas, TX 75228
The Brat (ImOnlyTellinTheTruth)

This place is where fugitives and druggies check into! Rooms: Barely cleaned snd smell of marijuana and cigarettes!!

( 117 Reviews )
Flora Motel-Dallas Logo

Flora Motel-Dallas


2838 Fort Worth Ave Dallas, TX 75211
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Motel 6 Dallas, TX – Downtown Logo

Motel 6 Dallas, TX – Downtown


2023 Market Center Blvd Dallas, TX 75207
Karissa Dale

Super horrible place to stay! The towels were replaced aka just refolded and put back and they definitely didnt clean the room between guests because there was a needle w ... more

( 36 Reviews )
Plaza Inn and suites Logo

Plaza Inn and suites


5860 S R L Thornton Fwy Dallas, TX 75241
Vickie Wilson

This place is great I love it here the worker are nice and friendly and always there to help if need I Love This Place

( 9 Reviews )
Motel 6 Dallas, TX - Methodist Charlton Medical Ctr. Logo

Motel 6 Dallas, TX - Methodist Charlton Medical Ctr.


3203 E Kirnwood Dr Dallas, TX 75237
Guenter Schillinger

The hotel didn't open until 2024. So it is in excellent condition. The location is great, 25 minutes to Dallas center. The staff is very friendly and happy to help with a ... more

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2030 W Northwest Hwy Dallas, TX 75220
Diane Walker

Mgt is nice but it's costly and no amenities it's a cheap place but expensive many things happen at the buzen no kids, Mature audience only Rooms: Smart tvs u can't use ... more

( 257 Reviews )
Downtown Suites Dallas/Cotton Bowl Logo

Downtown Suites Dallas/Cotton Bowl

Motel, Inn

3422 Samuell Blvd Dallas, TX 75223
Emprisse Fincher

Rooms: Comfortable and quiet

( 52 Reviews )
Star Motel Logo

Star Motel

Motel, Lodging

S.M. Wright Fwy Dallas, TX 75216
Henry Raymond Johnson

Well stayed here because needed 10hr break and did not want to stay in truck. . Price ok for what I was charged.

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Heart inn Logo

Heart inn


2815 Carpenter Ave Dallas, TX 75215
John Gotti

I like it they came a long way keep it clean keep it up that's what's up but y'all cost too much

( 66 Reviews )
Shady Oaks Motel Logo

Shady Oaks Motel


1512 Fort Worth Ave Dallas, TX 75208
Ray Solis

It's like living in the past, the room's where clean ,but nothing has been updated. Rooms : 2/5 | Service : 2/5 | Location : 1/5 Hotel highlights Great value More

( 67 Reviews )
Courtesy Inn Motel Zoo Logo

Courtesy Inn Motel Zoo


520 S Ewing Ave Dallas, TX 75203
Stephen Wood (Meansr55)

Expensive no place to hang your clothes and not not real impressed Rooms: There's no place to hang clothes

( 164 Reviews )
Inn Of The Dove Logo

Inn Of The Dove

Hotel, Historical Landmark, Motel

1839 Fort Worth Ave Dallas, TX 75208
Jose Segovia

Your own decent car size parkinggarage, Nearby activities: Downtown Dallas! Food & drinks: Various of Restaurants around.

( 53 Reviews )
Comfort Motel Logo

Comfort Motel


1707 Fort Worth Ave Dallas, TX 75208
Akeem Freeman

You get exactly what you pay for

( 99 Reviews )
Palomino Motel Logo

Palomino Motel

Motel, Hotel

1318 Fort Worth Ave Dallas, TX 75208
Gee Sandoval


( 175 Reviews )
Shangri-La Motel Logo

Shangri-La Motel


3712 W Davis St Dallas, TX 75211
Juana Delgado

Rooms: Very nice rooms. clean and quiet all the time.

( 1230 Reviews )
Motel 6 Dallas, TX - Northeast Logo

Motel 6 Dallas, TX - Northeast

Motel, Hotel

At 635 And, 10921 Estate Lane, Plano Rd Dallas, TX 75238
Eric Linares

Staff is very respectful and professional I had a wonderful stay plus the coffee in the morning is outstanding

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Budget Inn Logo

Budget Inn


12425 E NW Hwy Dallas, TX 75228
Logan Wells

Wam Bam Thank You Ma'am.

( 72 Reviews )
Kool Breeze Motel Logo

Kool Breeze Motel

Motel, Hotel

3318 Irving Blvd Dallas, TX 75247
Chintan Patel

Amazing. The workers there are very friendly and welcoming. Definitely recommend this place!!

( 703 Reviews )
Red Roof Inn Dallas - Richardson Logo

Red Roof Inn Dallas - Richardson

Hotel, Extended Stay Hotel, Inn

13685 N Central Expy Dallas, TX 75243
Pseudonimous X

The rooms don't match the price. Not to mention, the price constantly changes, going from {$75-$94/ night+$50 deposit}. The wifi will cut after a day of constant connecti ... more

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Motel 6 Dallas, TX - Northwest Logo

Motel 6 Dallas, TX - Northwest

Motel, Hotel

2380 W Northwest Hwy Dallas, TX 75220
Camille Dodd

The blankets was very and they dont have a lot of plug ins Rooms: Blankets thing small and a very loud toilet

( 62 Reviews )
Metroplex Motel Logo

Metroplex Motel

Hotel, Lodge, Motel

106 W Ohio Ave Dallas, Texas 75224
Joseph Baraco

Sorry guys. But just not worth a second look and or visit. Nothing personal but it is what it is.

( 181 Reviews )
Bestway Inn Logo

Bestway Inn


13220 Esperanza Rd Dallas, TX 75240
Ryan M

5 star destination resort. Did my anniversary here

( 105 Reviews )
Living Inn Logo

Living Inn


4354 Harry Hines Blvd Dallas, TX 75219
Joshua Clinton

Great location. Good if you're struggling rooms could be updated and aired out. Overall no critters and of course clean up good Nearby activities: Nearby uptown medical d ... more

( 1112 Reviews )
Motel 6 Dallas, TX - Market Center Logo

Motel 6 Dallas, TX - Market Center

Motel, Hotel

1625 Regal Row Dallas, TX 75247
Daphne Zhuang

My partner and I stayed for 2 nights (April 8 and 9, 2024) for the solar eclipse. The room was spacious, we got a king size bed and the bathroom was decently sized as wel ... more

( 320 Reviews )
Anchor Motel Logo

Anchor Motel

Motel, Hotel

10230 Harry Hines Blvd Dallas, TX 75220
Earl Alexander

A Great Hotel Spot for a first time comers. The one bed room was out of my mind Amazing.

( 73 Reviews )
Moonlight Motel Logo

Moonlight Motel

Motel, Hotel

3423 E Illinois Ave Dallas, TX 75216
( 679 Reviews )
Motel 6 Dallas, TX - North - Richardson Logo

Motel 6 Dallas, TX - North - Richardson

Motel, Hotel

13185 N Central Expy Dallas, TX 75243
Trina Oliver

Management and staff are Awesome. Cynthia I will miss your Beautiful Smile the most thank you for making sure I was good. Rooms: I had everything I needed Nearby activit ... more

( 258 Reviews )
Park Forest Inn Logo

Park Forest Inn


11535 Plano Rd Dallas, TX 75243
Geek Bookie

The people got workers who stay here i been here for like 3 years and I can tell the place is not worth your money because when Im gone for a few hours I have stuff missi ... more

( 187 Reviews )
Mustang Inn Logo

Mustang Inn


465 S R L Thornton Freeway Service Rd Dallas, TX 75203
Jr Mosley

Rooms dirty lots of homeless people lots of drugs

( 210 Reviews )
Tampico Motel Logo

Tampico Motel


7201 E Grand Ave Dallas, TX 75214
Michael Preslopski

It's a little shady here....but if you remember that you really only there to sleep...well it does it's job. Food & drinks: Right down the street is some great Mexican fo ... more

( 321 Reviews )
Cole Manor Motel Logo

Cole Manor Motel


7002 Harry Hines Blvd Dallas, TX 75235
Wiconi Long Soldier

Even with their so called remodeling the place is still a dump

( 74 Reviews )
Mi Amor Inn & Suites Logo

Mi Amor Inn & Suites


2404 S Second Ave Dallas, TX 75210

No towel no heater no TV no microwave smh got roaches

( 561 Reviews )
Lamplighter Motel Logo

Lamplighter Motel


9033 E R L Thornton Fwy Dallas, TX 75228
Regina Knox

Trash Rooms: Small and dirty

( 69 Reviews )
Wayside Inn & Bar Logo

Wayside Inn & Bar

Motel, Hotel

2600 S Cesar Chavez Blvd Dallas, TX 75215
Charles F

My Aunt and Uncle managed this Motel when it was new back in the mid 60s. Was once a great stay. They need to level this once great Inn and the memories when it was great ... more

( 88 Reviews )
Winnway Motel Logo

Winnway Motel


1717 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Dallas, TX 75215
Adrian Lopez

Prices were the only thing that made it worth it for what I needed it for and the amount of time given for that price. The rooms aren't what regular people and or, " OSHA ... more

( 121 Reviews )
Century Inn Motel Logo

Century Inn Motel

Motel, Hotel, Indoor Lodging

2126 W Northwest Hwy Dallas, TX 75220
Angela Savage

It's ok. The water pressure in the shower is AWESOME!!! The bed is comfortable too. LaBare's is within walking distance, incase a lady would like to see some eye candy!! ... more

( 103 Reviews )
Relax Inn Logo

Relax Inn

Motel, Hotel

4709 Lucky Ln Dallas, TX 75247
Arkam Javed

I cannot understate how great of a value this Relax Inn is. To start with, the pricing is the best Ive seen in my extensive travels. The entire building including the roo ... more

( 95 Reviews )
Oak Tree Inn Logo

Oak Tree Inn

Motel, Hotel

401 W Illinois Ave Dallas, TX 75224
Shaleka Davis

Its okay just stay to your self and dont be to nice. Its oakcliff, yall know whats going on there. Dont trust anyone

( 85 Reviews )
Embassy motel Logo

Embassy motel


6123 S R L Thornton Fwy Dallas, TX 75232
Linda Hernandez


( 103 Reviews )
Carefree Inn Logo

Carefree Inn


2514 S Zang Blvd Dallas, TX 75224
ahmad ham

Very terrible experience I experienced micro broken glass all over the floor and also small broken glass in the towels and the people her rude!

( 119 Reviews )
Texas Motel Logo

Texas Motel

Motel, Hotel, Lodge

3816 W Davis St Dallas, TX 75211
Martin Galindo


( 164 Reviews )
Palace Inn Motel Logo

Palace Inn Motel


8020 C F Hawn Fwy Dallas, TX 75217
Bayron yulman Ponce lopez

A little neglected, cleanliness, almost everything is a little dirty, needs remodeling

( 240 Reviews )
Red Crown Inn Logo

Red Crown Inn

Motel, Hotel

9616 C F Hawn Fwy Dallas, TX 75217
Neida Rivera

Rooms: Nasty and roaches

( 115 Reviews )
Express Inn Logo

Express Inn


4420 Cedardale Dr Dallas, TX 75241

Hole in the wall......mattress /sheets/towels need to be removed..... Management acted as authority ..No Visitors or 50$ dollar deposit would be charged ...I will sleep i ... more

( 91 Reviews )
Luxury Inn Motel Logo

Luxury Inn Motel


7130 C F Hawn Fwy Dallas, TX 75217
Laura Duran

I'm not even sure what exactly they strive to achieve but not a good place to go unless it's the last resort.

( 613 Reviews )
Stay Express Inn Logo

Stay Express Inn


8303 E R L Thornton Fwy Dallas, TX 75228
Luis F Garcia

I asked for a non-smoking room, but it smelled a lot of tobacco, the good thing is that there is a Denis and 7-11 in front.

( 51 Reviews )
Vallyview Motel Logo

Vallyview Motel


8241 C F Hawn Fwy Dallas, TX 75217
Kenneth Tarpley

It's straight

( 308 Reviews )
Redbird Suites Logo

Redbird Suites

Motel, Hotel

3810 W Ledbetter Dr Dallas, TX 75233
Maureen Yvonne Ramirez

Game room n 24 hr convenient stores around the corner thats ++++ Rooms: Good price good to clean rooms Nearby activities: Game room n 24 hr convenient stores walking dist ... more

( 178 Reviews )
Luxury Inn Logo

Luxury Inn

Inn, Inn, Lodge

5606 S R L Thornton Fwy Dallas, TX 75232
Geni Cossey

Rooms are decent some are remodeled, rates are decent but definitely not an average 2 star Motel. Walkability: Convenient stores nearby, Walmart close, fast food resta ... more