Dallas, TX Machine Shop

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Maldonado's Welding & Hydraulics Repair Logo

Maldonado's Welding & Hydraulics Repair

Welder, Hydraulic Repair Service, Machine Shop

7324 Military Pkwy Dallas, TX 75227
Omar Towing

These people are Lifesavers, great customer service, and friendly. The price is very fair.

( 1 Reviews )
Texas Tool & Die Logo

Texas Tool & Die

Tool & Die Shop, Machine Shop, Metal Fabricator

2925 Mican Dr Dallas, TX 75212

Fast & friendly!

( 4 Reviews )
Commerce Grinding Co Logo

Commerce Grinding Co

Machine Shop

635 Fort Worth Ave Dallas, TX 75208
nathan nguyen

Best and biggest machine shop in Dallas, hands down. Employee owned and the entire team is top notch. Have been working with Tim and his team for years and have done so ... more

( 4 Reviews )
Micron Machine & Tool Inc Logo

Micron Machine & Tool Inc

Machine Shop

4824 Vicksburg St Dallas, TX 75207
John Donovan

The people who work here are amazing!!! Jack, the foreman, is the easiest guy to talk and will find out exactly what you need done. I was given an honest fair price for ... more

( 3 Reviews )
Speedy Cnc Machining Logo

Speedy Cnc Machining

Machine Shop

4540 Brass Way Dallas, TX 75236
Koraima Espiricueta

Great business to work with and does the job exactly how you want it. They care about the work and want you to have a good experience.

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R & D Machinery Logo

R & D Machinery

Machine Shop

3443 Morse Dr Dallas, TX 75236
Joe T O R R E S

To make deliveries push * 1 # that will get you in the gate

( 2 Reviews )
Industrial Metal Specialties Logo

Industrial Metal Specialties

Steel Fabricator, Machine Shop, Metal Fabricator

4023 Singleton Blvd Dallas, TX 75212
Kevin LaTour

Excellent service.Good people. Great price.

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Metal Tech Logo

Metal Tech

Manufacturer, Machine Shop, Manufacturer

10877 Rockwall Rd #1213 Dallas, TX 75238
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OEM Outsourcing Logo

OEM Outsourcing

Machine Shop, Manufacturer

4230 Shilling Way Dallas, TX 75237
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Arnim Tool Inc Logo

Arnim Tool Inc

Machine Shop

2204 Joe Field Rd Dallas, TX 75229
mac keel


( 2 Reviews )
Western Grinding Co Logo

Western Grinding Co

Tool Grinding Service, Machine Shop

9000 S Hampton Rd Dallas, TX 75232

they were great and nice.

( 3 Reviews )
Trinity Frame and Fabrication Logo

Trinity Frame and Fabrication

Machine Shop, Motorcycle Shop, Welder

2353 Santa Anna Ave #32 Dallas, TX 75228

Soild dude. Hooked me up with some parts. Very reasonable.

( 5 Reviews )
McDougal Machine & Manufacturing Logo

McDougal Machine & Manufacturing

Machine Shop

1912 Garden Springs Dr Dallas, TX 75253
Jeremy Gray

So awesome and sweet hot hearted people. My old pan bolt was stripped so bad I didnt think it ever get fixed I gave Mr. McDougall a call he said to come over and fixed it ... more

( 19 Reviews )
Jose's Machine Shop Logo

Jose's Machine Shop

Machine Shop

3320 Dilido Rd # N Dallas, TX 75228
Larry Smith

They do good work but do not open at 8am they get there till about 8:30..

( 6 Reviews )
Applegate Edm Inc Logo

Applegate Edm Inc

Machine Shop

2405 Squire Pl Dallas, TX 75234
blaine spicer

Temperature controlled workplace for the triple digit summers. Good pay with bonuses. The management was professional and extremely helpful. Good benefits as well with a ... more

( 9 Reviews )


Machine Shop

4741 Norma St Dallas, TX 75247
Alberto Arcaserz

Best guys in town

( 2 Reviews )
USA ACCU Production Corporation Logo

USA ACCU Production Corporation

Machine Shop

4722 Almond Ave Dallas, TX 75247
Alex Solano

I been looking for a machine shop like this all my life, i love this place, you gotta trust his knowledge just explain with detail what you want and he'll make for you, v ... more

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Kw gear & hydraulic | industrial gearbox repair | Extruder gearbox repair Logo

Kw gear & hydraulic | industrial gearbox repair | Extruder gearbox repair

Machine Shop

539 W Commerce St # 3670 Dallas, TX 75208
Samantha Valvano

We have been dealing with kw gear since the past 4 years and they always come Thru on theyre awesome turn around times glad they now have expanded another location in Tex ... more

( 2 Reviews )
Z Squared Precision Mfg Logo

Z Squared Precision Mfg

Machine Shop

10753 Mapleridge Dr Dallas, TX 75238
Anthony Little

Great work at fair prices! Dealing with Josh has been easy and a pleasure. He completed my project ahead of schedule. I would recommended him to anyone who is looking for ... more

( 3 Reviews )
All Axis Machining Logo

All Axis Machining

Machine Shop

6316 4825 Top Line Dr Dallas, TX 75247
Justin Berry

Exceptional machine shop with incredible capabilities. They have an 11-Axis machine!!! Short turn around times, reasonable pricing, and can machine just about anything! ... more

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Koch Fabricating Machinery Co Logo

Koch Fabricating Machinery Co

Machine Shop

4354 Spring Valley Rd Dallas, TX 75244
Mark Koch

Dallas, TX 75244

( 7 Reviews )
Monroe Machine Logo

Monroe Machine

Machine Shop

3359 Garden Brook Dr Dallas, TX 75234
Beto Recio

I went to another machine shop locally and they could not help me And referred me to monroe machine- I wasn't hopeful that they could assist me but they did! I spoke with ... more

( 1 Reviews )
Juan & Jose Machine Shop Logo

Juan & Jose Machine Shop

Machine Shop

2403 Quincy St Dallas, TX 75212
( 2 Reviews )
Carroll Machine Co Logo

Carroll Machine Co

Machine Shop

2514 Burbank St Dallas, TX 75235
Gary Waller

Family owned and operated business for many years that shows great care for their customers. Always willing to help and suggest options. Ready to do quick immediate machi ... more

( 2 Reviews )
Goodwin Machine Works Logo

Goodwin Machine Works

Machine Shop, Service Establishment

Serving Dallas, TX
Matt Logan

Great people and services. Highly recommended.

( 16 Reviews )
The Flagg Group Inc. Logo

The Flagg Group Inc.

Machine Shop

2931 Irving Blvd Ste 105 Dallas, TX 75247
Henry Christy

Going out of business. They are no longer accepting work. Suprised someone didn't want to take over and buy and run tbis long time taxidermist business

( 3 Reviews )
OEM Industries Inc. Logo

OEM Industries Inc.

Machine Shop

1015 N Justin Ave Dallas, TX 75211
John Kirkpatrick

The Two Ed's are awesome. Top notch gear manufacturers..they produce high quality products. I have been using them for Years.

( 1 Reviews )
RGM Tool & Die Machine Shop Logo

RGM Tool & Die Machine Shop

Machine Shop

11243 Leo Ln Dallas, TX 75220
Patrick Eargle

bad servis

( 3 Reviews )
North Texas Machine Tool Group Logo

North Texas Machine Tool Group

Machine Shop

11052 Shady Trail Dallas, TX 75229
( 7 Reviews )
Register Marks Logo

Register Marks

Commercial Printer, Invitation Printing Service, Machine Shop

8517 Directors Row Dallas, TX 75247
Goldstar siding

very dishonest with lack of integrity.

( 4 Reviews )
Manda Machine Co Logo

Manda Machine Co

Machine Shop

2683 Myrtle Springs Ave Dallas, TX 75220
Thane Hayhurst

We engaged Manda Machine to build a prototype for one of our new product lines. Andy went above and beyond what I've experienced in the industry, consulting with us on d ... more

( 2 Reviews )
Windham Manufacturing Company Logo

Windham Manufacturing Company

Machine Shop

8520 Forney Rd Dallas, TX 75227
Sy Symonds

Windham has always handled our work quickly and professionally. The technical staff is very knowledgeable and responds promptly. A great company for machining.

( 2 Reviews )
Novatech Corporation Logo

Novatech Corporation

Manufacturer, Machine Shop

8388 C F Hawn Fwy Dallas, TX 75217
( 1 Reviews )
Will Rosellini Logo

Will Rosellini

Machine Shop

3824 Cedar Springs Rd UNIT 419 Dallas, TX 75219
( 3 Reviews )
Lu-Ros Tool Machine Shop Logo

Lu-Ros Tool Machine Shop

Machine Shop

9449 S Central Expy Dallas, TX 75241
Jeff Smith


( 6 Reviews )
American Eagle GSE Shop Logo

American Eagle GSE Shop

Machine Shop

1600 W 19th St Dallas, TX 75261
Bobby Gonz

Tracked my lost wallet here. Keep the money, Send the wallet, it was gift from someone no longer alive.

( 3 Reviews )
Abc Doors of Dallas, Inc Logo

Abc Doors of Dallas, Inc

Machine Shop

4014 Scottsdale Dr Dallas, TX 75227

Less than one star. Chris, the salesman, insisted that I was wrong when I was telling him what I wanted. Wanted me to PROVE to him I knew what I wanted. No dice. I'll tak ... more

( 3 Reviews )
Expert Tool & Machine Logo

Expert Tool & Machine

Machine Shop

2433 Arbuckle Ct Dallas, TX 75229
( 7 Reviews )
Beacon Industries Inc Logo

Beacon Industries Inc

Machine Shop

1814 S Woody Rd Dallas, TX 75253
Jesus Gonzalez

Fat nasty supervisors and OSHA violations EVERYWHERE

( 0 Reviews )
Micro-Tool Inc. Logo

Micro-Tool Inc.

Machine Shop

933 Viola St Dallas, TX 75203
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Commercial Machining Logo

Commercial Machining

Machine Shop, Elevator Service

2110 Panoramic Cir Dallas, TX 75212
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MacroLever Inc. Logo

MacroLever Inc.

Industrial Equipment Supplier, Machine Shop

17811 Davenport Rd #27 Dallas, TX 75252
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R.W. Smith Company Logo

R.W. Smith Company

Tool Grinding Service, Machine Shop

1318 W Commerce St Dallas, TX 75208
( 0 Reviews )
Fabricating Machinery Inc Logo

Fabricating Machinery Inc

Metal Machinery Supplier, Machine Shop

6315 Toronto St Dallas, TX 75212
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Aip Machine Shop Logo

Aip Machine Shop

Machine Shop

8909 Sovereign Row Dallas, TX 75247
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Anytime Machine Shop Logo

Anytime Machine Shop

Machine Shop

2403 Quincy St Dallas, TX 75212
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A&S Machining Inc. Logo

A&S Machining Inc.

Machine Shop

4702 Carol Ln Dallas, TX 75247
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CNC Precision Manufacturing Logo

CNC Precision Manufacturing

Machine Shop

14850 Venture Dr Dallas, TX 75234
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G & G Machine Works Logo

G & G Machine Works

Machine Shop

3909 Main St Dallas, TX 75226
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G2 Automated Technologies, LLC. Logo

G2 Automated Technologies, LLC.

Manufacturer, Corporate Office, Machine Shop

10500 Metric Dr Suite 122 Dallas, TX 75243