Philadelphia, PA Warehouse

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Alchemize Fightwear Logo

Alchemize Fightwear


3245 Amber St Philadelphia, PA 19134
Sabrina K

I am obsessed with this brand!!! Every piece Ive worn is exceptionally well made, comfortable, and long lasting. My most recent snag is their leggings and theyre some of ... more

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Fulfillville Logo


Shipping And Mailing Service, Warehouse

2715 E Schiller St Suite 115 Philadelphia, PA 19134
David Bok

Fulfillvile has been doing the fulfillment for our shoe brand for the last two and half years and has been doing a terrific job! They turn consumer orders around quickly ... more

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DDP3 Amazon Logo

DDP3 Amazon


6901 Elmwood Ave Philadelphia, PA 19142
Candace Williams


( 41 Reviews )
Delaware Enterprise Logo

Delaware Enterprise


3301 S Christopher Columbus Blvd Philadelphia, PA 19148
Bilal Parvez

Very bad warehouse dont get door 14 they are one big whole my tire get flat in whole

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IK Marketplace inc Logo

IK Marketplace inc


11200 Roosevelt Blvd Philadelphia, PA 19116
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4940 Rhawn St Philadelphia, PA 19136
Ashley Dume-Charles

This place is the best!

( 47 Reviews )
US Postal Inspection Services Logo

US Postal Inspection Services


1900 Byberry Rd Philadelphia, PA 19116
Greg Ladd

Surprisingly fast and efficient

( 2 Reviews )
Almera Logo



4730 Blakiston St Philadelphia, PA 19136
( 3 Reviews )
Philadelphia Retail Systems Logo

Philadelphia Retail Systems


11000 Roosevelt Blvd Philadelphia, PA 19116
Elizabeth Magobet-Rodriguez

Best deals no one can top this place!

( 2 Reviews )
David's Factory Logo

David's Factory


5000 E Flat Rock Rd Philadelphia, PA 19127
J. Xander Crawford

David did a great job with the place.

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Michael Logo



124 N 2nd St Philadelphia, PA 19106
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Marshalls Annex Logo

Marshalls Annex


9801 Blue Grass Rd Philadelphia, PA 19114
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Globe Dye Works Logo

Globe Dye Works

Arts Organization, Art Studio, Real Estate Developer

Main Building: 4500 Worth Street // Event Space: 4501, Torresdale Ave Philadelphia, PA 19124
Anwar Md Hossain

Globe Dye Works in Philadelphia is a vibrant hub of creativity and industry, housed in a historic building that once operated as a yarn-dying factory. Established in 1865 ... more

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UPS Warehouse - Philadelphia International Airport Logo

UPS Warehouse - Philadelphia International Airport


7 Hog Island Rd Philadelphia, PA 19153
Neidra Nei Pray

I work here..

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Northeast Philadelphia Distribution Center- Regency Furniture Logo

Northeast Philadelphia Distribution Center- Regency Furniture


9401 Blue Grass Rd Philadelphia, PA 19114
( 3 Reviews )
Philadelphia Distribution Center (PDC) Logo

Philadelphia Distribution Center (PDC)


3550 S 3rd St Philadelphia, PA 19148
Sadullo Mukhiddinov

Appt was 10:30 it's been 1pm now , Still waiting no dock even , They said it's port delivery , That's omly check in adress

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Jillamy Packaging and Warehouse Logo

Jillamy Packaging and Warehouse


7071 Milnor St Philadelphia, PA 19135
Ingrid Caminero

I have been to this place several times and the service is really very nice, the lady who always assists me is very kind and the guys who load my truck are all very frien ... more

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Busa-PLCB Philadelphia (KLS) Logo

Busa-PLCB Philadelphia (KLS)


11601 Roosevelt Blvd Philadelphia, PA 19154
Jerfrey L Garcia

Personal at the security very professional and polite. My appointment was at 900am got there at 8:20 got my a door ASAP. I only brought 8 pallets took them almost 3 hours ... more

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USPS Philadelphia NDC Annex Logo

USPS Philadelphia NDC Annex


2021 Woodhaven Rd Philadelphia, PA 19116
Md Islam

This USPS Annex facility usually open to work from 7AM to 7PM. Special occasion depends on management. Right now this facility is being used other than regular postal act ... more

( 76 Reviews )
Veho Philadelphia Logo

Veho Philadelphia


11350 Norcom Rd Philadelphia, PA 19154
Jason Imperato

The worst delivery experience I have had. They have held package for days and lied about attempting to deliver. Their customer support team is only available via chat and ... more

( 2 Reviews )
Vesuvius USA Logo

Vesuvius USA


8701 Torresdale Ave # B Philadelphia, PA 19136
J Hardy

For tractor trailer delivery is ok. Reverse off Pennypack Street on North side of building. Lots of room before 7am. Gets busier and tighter after 7.

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UPS Logo


Shipping And Mailing Service, Warehouse

75 Hog Island Rd Philadelphia, PA 19153
Neidra Nei Pray

This is where I work.. it's not open to the public..

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3500 Scotts Lane Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19129
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Tommy D's Home Improvement Center Logo

Tommy D's Home Improvement Center

Cabinet Store, Cabinet Store, Discount Store

Red Building, 2600 E Tioga St Philadelphia, PA 19134
Carmen Rivera

Have good things but did not have what I was looking for

( 8 Reviews )
Zagar Mosaic Warehouse Logo

Zagar Mosaic Warehouse


1006 Watkins St Philadelphia, PA 19148
Greg Avakian

The fascinating and enchanting workspace of Isaiah Zagar. If you get a chance to come here you should. In the future, I hope this will be a museum or something that every ... more

( 11 Reviews )
American Supply Logo

American Supply


2411 N American St Philadelphia, PA 19133

Getting here was the hard part with all the one way streets and tight right turns with cars lining both sides of the streets. I found out easier to come in on the opposit ... more

( 51 Reviews )
Amazon Logistics DDP2 Logo

Amazon Logistics DDP2


2400 Weccacoe Ave Philadelphia, PA 19148
Vincent Martin

Very good secure place

( 102 Reviews )
Amazon Logistics DPH8 Logo

Amazon Logistics DPH8


7575 Brewster Ave Philadelphia, PA 19153
Noelle Harmon

Deja Reynolds is one of the most courteous drivers on the team. She is amicable to the people she delivers to and handles all products with care. She serviced my school i ... more

( 12 Reviews )
WareSpace Logo


Warehouse, E-commerce Service, Logistics Service

3500 Scotts Ln Philadelphia, PA 19129
Philly Snap Booth

The units at WareSpace offer wifi, electricity and common areas such as a kitchen, parking, bathrooms and loading docks. What I don't like is that there is only one loadi ... more

( 39 Reviews )
Jewish Relief Agency Warehouse Logo

Jewish Relief Agency Warehouse


10980 Dutton Rd Philadelphia, PA 19154
David Tabby

What great organization

( 8 Reviews )
ELEGANT Furniture & Lighting Logo

ELEGANT Furniture & Lighting


649 W Glenwood Ave Philadelphia, PA 19140
Jose Ramirez

Haven't been here in quite a while. Looks alot better, easy in and out now. PS. The docks aren't marked correctly, so just go off the canopy and line it up in between.

( 11 Reviews )
McDaniel Furniture Services Logo

McDaniel Furniture Services


3500 Scotts Ln Philadelphia, PA 19129
William Cowan

They've delivered furniture for us three times - and always have done an exceptional job, especially when moving solid wood furniture up three stories along a narrow stai ... more

( 10 Reviews )
Philadelphia Zoo Warehouse Logo

Philadelphia Zoo Warehouse


3300 Fairmount Ave Philadelphia, PA 19104
Ade Barry


( 22 Reviews )
Philadelphia Warehousing|Warehouse America Logo

Philadelphia Warehousing|Warehouse America


1771 Tomlinson Rd Philadelphia, PA 19116
Geo Estrada

Be advised its no trucks route, from Roosevelt Blvd take right at Red lion Rd take right at Jamison Ave get straight you are see signs American Warehouse tires Distributo ... more

( 2 Reviews )
warehousing by jps Logo

warehousing by jps


3250 S 76th St Philadelphia, PA 19153
David Ruiz

Good morning am David Ruiz I living now in Massachusetts Beverly .when was living in Philadelphia I send a package to my mama.She I was living in Puerto Rico.My mama name ... more

( 27 Reviews )
Thackray Crane Rental Logo

Thackray Crane Rental

Equipment Rental Agency, Construction Equipment Supplier, Crane Service

2071 Byberry Rd Philadelphia, PA 19116
Ross Plyler

Had a Crane Rental for a delivery on residential roof in downtown. Was easy quick and responsive. No issue with quick turnaround for permit and street closures highly rec ... more

( 1 Reviews )
Dependable Distribution Services Logo

Dependable Distribution Services


84 S Piers Philadelphia, PA 19148
Bern B

One hour in and out. Just go at the gate at the end of South Delaware Avenue. They will let you in if you got a TWIC or a driver's license ID. Park the truck facing the s ... more

( 1 Reviews )
Building 611 Logo

Building 611


Serving Philadelphia, PA 19112
( 2 Reviews )
PakSafe Industries Logo

PakSafe Industries


9302 Ashton Rd Philadelphia, PA 19114
( 11 Reviews )
Amazon Flex Logo

Amazon Flex


2101 Pennsylvania Ave Philadelphia, PA 19130
Theyron Gonzalez

Worst customer service ever

( 3 Reviews )
I. Rice Co Shipping and Receiving Logo

I. Rice Co Shipping and Receiving


Serving Philadelphia, PA 19116
MrSingh Vlogs

Worst place to deliver workers are slower than slow Checked in 8 am Appt 11:30am Got dock 1:30pm Unloaded 4:30pm

( 10 Reviews )
Chaby International Logo

Chaby International


10981 Decatur Rd Philadelphia, PA 19154
Aim T

Good pick up place

( 2 Reviews )
Thackray Crane Rental, Inc. - Warehouse Logo

Thackray Crane Rental, Inc. - Warehouse


2100 Byberry Rd Philadelphia, PA 19116
Michael Kay

I deliver carrier units there great people. Best crane operators. You should call them for crane work

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House Of Beauty World Logo

House Of Beauty World

Beauty Products Wholesaler, Warehouse

2191 Hornig Rd Philadelphia, PA 19116

Thanks for the hair!! I am from the UK and the reviews for this place were scaring me. I ordered on the 20th December and received it on the 8th December. The customer se ... more

( 226 Reviews )
Marshalls Distribution Center Logo

Marshalls Distribution Center


2760 Red Lion Rd Philadelphia, PA 19114
Lon Lon

******truckers****** takes slightly long to check in & out. Staff at guard shack extremely nice & pleasant.

( 1 Reviews )
International Warehouse Group Logo

International Warehouse Group


11501 Roosevelt Blvd Philadelphia, PA 19154
Andrey Rusavuk

Long hours loading (!) Not enough space to turn.

( 29 Reviews )
Poja Warehouse LP Logo

Poja Warehouse LP


446 Rising Sun Ave Philadelphia, PA 19140
chu chu

Always has the right parts in stock. If you are having trouble finding a part for your vehicle, call Morris auto parts. They'll find it for you.

( 178 Reviews )
Penn Warehousing & Distribution, Inc. Logo

Penn Warehousing & Distribution, Inc.


2147 S Christopher Columbus Blvd Philadelphia, PA 19148
T Gracchus

Penn Warehousing's disgusting money-grab may end up sending an historic ship out to sea to be sunk. Isn't greed great?

( 124 Reviews )
Pepsi Bottling Group Logo

Pepsi Bottling Group

Warehouse, Beverage Distributor, Vending Machine Supplier

11701 Roosevelt Blvd Philadelphia, PA 19154
InterstateBullly Enygunna

I'm giving one Star before even arriving at this place .... I picked up from another Pepsi location I. New York upstate and they took 12 hrs now I'm reading f review for ... more

( 22 Reviews )
Philadelphia Warehousing & Cold Storage Logo

Philadelphia Warehousing & Cold Storage

Cold Storage Facility, Food And Drink, Warehouse

500 N Christopher Columbus Blvd Philadelphia, PA 19123
Teddy 1989

To backup 53f trailer is weird and there is a guy probably crazy talking loudly,other than that pretty fast to unload fcfs.