Philadelphia, PA Public Library

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Richmond Library Logo

Richmond Library

Public Library

2987 Almond St Philadelphia, PA 19134
Maryann Rakowski

Closed again on Friday at 1. Happened 2x before. What's going on???? It's exhausting after going there carrying books and doors closed with Closed sign up!!

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Joseph E. Coleman Northwest Regional Library Logo

Joseph E. Coleman Northwest Regional Library

Public Library

68 W Chelten Ave Philadelphia, PA 19144
Johnnie McKie

Has homework help for children

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Charles Santore Library Logo

Charles Santore Library

Public Library

932 S 7th St Philadelphia, PA 19147
L Seesman

Love this library. When we had no aftercare, this was such a crucial place! My kid and I would walk here to relax, read, and play after school - rain or shine. Friendly s ... more

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Thomas F. Donatucci, Sr. Library Logo

Thomas F. Donatucci, Sr. Library

Public Library

1935 W Shunk St Philadelphia, PA 19145
Dennis Bohner

Great staff great library. It's a shame we have a mayer that does not care about the library system. Still the same. Maybe using the soda tax to better the library

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Lovett Memorial Library Logo

Lovett Memorial Library

Public Library

6945 Germantown Ave Philadelphia, PA 19119
Andrea Dressner

The staff here are simply lovely! The building is fully wheelchair accessible, including the bathrooms. They have a variety of programs for children. And, they have a nic ... more

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Jenkins Law Library Logo

Jenkins Law Library

Public Library, Public Library, Library

Ten Penn Center, 1801 Market St Suite 900 Philadelphia, PA 19103
Hyo Jin Lee

Such a gem - I love it here!

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Bustleton Library Logo

Bustleton Library

Public Library

10199 Bustleton Ave Philadelphia, PA 19116
Kristi Burleigh

Great hours, very clean and librarian was helpful. Will be back for printing and computers!

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Nicetown-Tioga Library Logo

Nicetown-Tioga Library

Public Library

3720 N Broad St Philadelphia, PA 19140
Umm Kelechi

Very nice staff. The adult librarian is super helpful to all the patrons and is ready to answer any questions. The childrens librarian is very nice to both parents and ch ... more

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Tacony Library Logo

Tacony Library

Public Library

6742 Torresdale Ave Philadelphia, PA 19135
Daniel Rodrguez

(Translated by Google) Brilliant! (Original) Genial!

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West Oak Lane Library Logo

West Oak Lane Library

Public Library

2000 E Washington Ln Philadelphia, PA 19138

Las personas son amables, buen aseo e internet rpido. El tema es nicamente el sonido, si quieres complemente silencio podras buscar otras opciones pero si traes tus audfo ... more

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South Philadelphia Library Logo

South Philadelphia Library

Public Library

1700 S Broad St Philadelphia, PA 19145
Brenda Haselden

Great library

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Walnut Street West Library Logo

Walnut Street West Library

Public Library

201 S 40th St Philadelphia, PA 19104
Ambeezy C

They are closed on the weekends I came down thinking they were open because on the internet it still says Sat. 10-5 Someone needs to update their hours so they will not b ... more

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Kensington Library Logo

Kensington Library

Public Library

104 W Dauphin St Philadelphia, PA 19133
fred early


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Torresdale Library Logo

Torresdale Library

Public Library

3079 Holme Ave Philadelphia, PA 19136
Dc G

Closed to the public with no explanation. Kenney has destroyed this city.

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Frankford Library Logo

Frankford Library

Public Library

4634 Frankford Ave Philadelphia, PA 19124
Poppopdeath Ppd

The library is under construction and remodeling at the moment

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Bushrod Library Logo

Bushrod Library

Public Library

6304 Castor Ave Philadelphia, PA 19149
Azhar Haj

Eww! Nasty library, nasty and rude staff just went to check the library out and the staff were so rude! Couldnt stay more than 5 minutes it was my first time and absolute ... more

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Logan Library Logo

Logan Library

Public Library

1333 Wagner Ave Philadelphia, PA 19141

i love this library so much. nglbased on the neighborhood its placed in, i was in a bit of shock when i saw the inside a couple years back. so well kept. generous librari ... more

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Greater Olney Library Logo

Greater Olney Library

Public Library

5501 N 5th St Philadelphia, PA 19120
Kristein Sullivan

They closed at 1:40pm on a Friday and that was my first time there I came at like 12 something and I thought they closed at 5 and the man tap me and said they were leavin ... more

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Fumo Family Library Logo

Fumo Family Library

Public Library

2437 S Broad St Philadelphia, PA 19148
Cindy Borrelli

Fumo has good programs available or everyone. Staff is friendly and helpful.

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Parkway Central Library Logo

Parkway Central Library

Public Library

1901 Vine St Philadelphia, PA 19103
Evetta (Queen)

An absolute beautiful library and so much to see and take in

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Falls of Schuylkill Library Logo

Falls of Schuylkill Library

Public Library

3501 Midvale Ave Philadelphia, PA 19129
Kelly Claiborne

Love bringing my daughter here. The kids section has toys/puzzles and an abundance of books. The handicap entrance is also very helpful.

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Lucien E. Blackwell West Philadelphia Regional Library Logo

Lucien E. Blackwell West Philadelphia Regional Library

Public Library

125 S 52nd St Philadelphia, PA 19139
Anwar Md Hossain

The Lucien E. Blackwell West Philadelphia Regional Library is a cornerstone of community education and engagement in Philadelphia. Named after the late congressman and lo ... more

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Holmesburg Library Logo

Holmesburg Library

Public Library

7810 Frankford Ave Philadelphia, PA 19136
Phil Brandes

Such a nice little library, staff is friendly and helpful. And the guard there is super cool and awesome!

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Kingsessing Library Logo

Kingsessing Library

Public Library

1201 S 51st St Philadelphia, PA 19143
Molly Summers

I wish they hosted regular events more often for little ones like weekly storytime and arts&crafts . It would be nice to have more fun library events to take toddlers an ... more

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Paschalville Library Logo

Paschalville Library

Public Library

6942 Woodland Ave Philadelphia, PA 19142
Amina K

Amazing Library & Summer Program.

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Cecil B. Moore Library Logo

Cecil B. Moore Library

Public Library

2320 Cecil B. Moore Ave Philadelphia, PA 19121
Nicole Flood

Came here not to long ago since I was in the area and its a very nice little library with a great selection of books and the librarians were also very nice too. Will come ... more

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Widener Library Logo

Widener Library

Public Library

2808 W Lehigh Ave Philadelphia, PA 19132
Nathaniel Murphy

Information is power!! Power is knowledge!! The building is comfortable, and the staff is excellent

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Ramonita G. de Rodriguez Library Logo

Ramonita G. de Rodriguez Library

Public Library

600 W Girard Ave Philadelphia, PA 19123
Emani McNugget

This library is awsome! Me and my niece went there and the lady at the kids section let us make flowers and these spring projects! And they have so many good books here!

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Philadelphia City Institute Logo

Philadelphia City Institute

Public Library

1905 Locust St Philadelphia, PA 19103
Jim P.

What is up with the severely limited hours. This is just one more example of my frustration in visiting Philadelphia.As WC Fields said. "I went to Philadelphia and it ... more

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Library Company of Philadelphia Logo

Library Company of Philadelphia

Library, Historical Place, Public Library

1314 Locust St Philadelphia, PA 19107
Masaki Matsubayashi

(Translated by Google) Founded by Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States, the library is famous as a membership library, and is also the orig ... more

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Queen Memorial Library Logo

Queen Memorial Library

Public Library

1201 S 23rd St Philadelphia, PA 19146
Sarah Ehsan

A real shame that this wonderful branch is open four hours a day and not at all on weekends. How is any regular working person meant to enjoy the library that they pay ta ... more

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Roxborough Library Logo

Roxborough Library

Public Library

6245 Ridge Ave Philadelphia, PA 19128
Sara Freed

Staff are super friendly and helpful! The library may not have a big selection of books but you can request books from the huge inventory available across other branches

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Foundation Board-Free Library Logo

Foundation Board-Free Library

Public Library

1901 Vine St Philadelphia, PA 19103

Great library. Great staff. Great books & other stuff. Great place.

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Haverford Library Logo

Haverford Library

Public Library

5543 Haverford Ave Philadelphia, PA 19139
Walter B.

I enjoyed my time at the library. Being Friday they closed at 5:00 p.m. not crowded with any kids. Computers working and available. Staff very helpful.

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Fox Chase Library Logo

Fox Chase Library

Public Library

501 Rhawn St Philadelphia, PA 19111

Fox chase library has been here a long time and still looks the same ! I love bringing my kids here to show them books and get the off line at times !! Its crazy how time ... more

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Lawncrest Library Logo

Lawncrest Library

Public Library

6098 Rising Sun Ave Philadelphia, PA 19111
Carlos Tineo

(Translated by Google) Perfect (Original) Perfecto

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Oak Lane Library Logo

Oak Lane Library

Public Library

6614 N 12th St Philadelphia, PA 19126
Evetta (Queen)

I work here and it is my pleasure to help everyone that comes through our door. Just a good place to be. Still here and loving what I do...

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Central Childrens Department Logo

Central Childrens Department

Public Library

1901 Vine St Philadelphia, PA 19103

It's a overall lovely and beautiful library, I learned how to play chess here also this place has a working typewriter

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Blanche A. Nixon/Cobbs Creek Library Logo

Blanche A. Nixon/Cobbs Creek Library

Public Library

5800 Cobbs Creek Pkwy Philadelphia, PA 19143
Tish Ruff

The loudest library I ever been too. It wasn't the people going to the library, it was the people that worked there! If you looking for quiet, that's not the place to go.

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Wadsworth Branch Logo

Wadsworth Branch

Public Library

1500 Wadsworth Ave Philadelphia, PA 19150
Alfonzo Foster

I work there.

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Overbrook Park Library Logo

Overbrook Park Library

Public Library

7422 Haverford Ave Philadelphia, PA 19151
Dr. Hopelyn M Brown

Excellent service. The staff worked together as a team.

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Wyoming Library Logo

Wyoming Library

Public Library

231 E Wyoming Ave Philadelphia, PA 19120
Johnnie McKie

The Library is open to the community

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Wynnefield Library Logo

Wynnefield Library

Public Library

5325 Overbrook Ave Philadelphia, PA 19131
Stephen Bynum

I miss Wynnefield Library

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Haddington Library Logo

Haddington Library

Public Library

446 N 65th St Philadelphia, PA 19151
Erica Washington

Social distancing rules are followed. Hours of operation are a little different. I'd advise that you check the hours via the web or by call before arrival. Today's vis ... more

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Welsh Road Library Logo

Welsh Road Library

Public Library

9233 Roosevelt Blvd Philadelphia, PA 19114
Leo Gates

Open Tues and Thurs til 6. My "go to". Quiet -- you'll have the whole place to yourself. Nice staff.

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Whitman Library Logo

Whitman Library

Public Library

200 Snyder Ave Philadelphia, PA 19148
Caleb Conner

Staff are always very nice and helpful!

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Art Branch Library Logo

Art Branch Library

Public Library

1901 Vine St Philadelphia, PA 19103
BDiamondz Horizons

I enjoy a good book now and then...this is a place to unwind and wrap your mind in whatever topic you like ....When you come here, enjoy it!

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Katharine Drexel Library Logo

Katharine Drexel Library

Public Library

11099 Knights Rd Philadelphia, PA 19154
Avrill Cunningham

I went to plug my laptop up for studying, and a woman in the staff yelled at me aggressively across the room. I was then scrutinized by several staff members including he ... more

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Fishtown Community Library Logo

Fishtown Community Library

Public Library

1217 E Montgomery Ave Philadelphia, PA 19125
Anwar Md Hossain

Nestled in the heart of Fishtown, the Community Library emerges as a beacon of knowledge and cultural enrichment. This branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia is more ... more

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Charles L. Durham Library Logo

Charles L. Durham Library

Public Library

3320 Haverford Ave Philadelphia, PA 19104
Anwar Md Hossain

The Charles L. Durham Library, nestled at 3320 Haverford Avenue in Philadelphia, is a key branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia. Named to honor Judge Charles L. Durh ... more