Philadelphia, PA Engineering Consultant

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Brooksource - Philadelphia Logo

Brooksource - Philadelphia

Business Management Consultant, Recruiter, Engineering Consultant

2005 Market St Suite 930 Philadelphia, PA 19103
Roman Ivanchenko

Great company. I have got awesome experience working with Brooksource. Especially thanks for Michael.

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Cornerstone Consulting Engineers & Design Services, Inc. Logo

Cornerstone Consulting Engineers & Design Services, Inc.

Engineering Consultant, Structural Engineer, Land Surveyor

3 N 2nd St 2nd Floor Philadelphia, PA 19106
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Burns Engineering, Inc. Logo

Burns Engineering, Inc.

Engineering Consultant

2001 Market St #600 Philadelphia, PA 19103
Nick Bockman

Set up an interview with me, canceled last minute, then rejected my application without further explanation. Very unprofessional organization.

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The GBS Group Logo

The GBS Group

Engineering Consultant, Engineer

4613 S Broad St Philadelphia, PA 19112

Perfect place, the people in there are super nice.

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CDM Smith Inc. Logo

CDM Smith Inc.

Engineering Consultant, Environmental Consultant

1500 John F Kennedy Blvd #1208 Philadelphia, PA 19102
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Langan Logo


Engineering Consultant

1818 Market St #3300 Philadelphia, PA 19103
Nicholas Jones

This firm along with Foundation Experts, LLC for Special Inspections did a great job for our client. Highly recommend.

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IntelliSys Solutions Group Logo

IntelliSys Solutions Group

Engineering Consultant

1930 S Broad St Suite 33 Philadelphia, PA 19145
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Singularis Solutions Logo

Singularis Solutions

Engineering Consultant

2275 Bridge St Philadelphia, PA 19137
Stephen Sensenig

The Singularis team has been great to work with! We have had various projects that we needed assistance on design, as well as structural analysis studies. The service, c ... more

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Elzly Technology Corporation Logo

Elzly Technology Corporation

Engineering Consultant

4801 South Broad Street BLDG 100 | Suite 350 Philadelphia, PA 19112
Harry Jones

Most talented staff, solving corrosion through engineering. Dealt with them several times

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BR+A Consulting Engineers Logo

BR+A Consulting Engineers

Engineering Consultant

2401 Walnut St #701 Philadelphia, PA 19103
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Joseph B Callaghan, Inc. Logo

Joseph B Callaghan, Inc.

Engineering Consultant

One Penn Center, 1617, John F Kennedy Blvd #1655 Philadelphia, PA 19103
Michael Bonner

The JBCI group members are nothing shy of a class act providing excellent Engineering services to property owners in the greater Philadelphia area. We try to work with th ... more

( 4 Reviews )
Gannett Fleming, Inc. Logo

Gannett Fleming, Inc.

Engineering Consultant, Architecture Firm, Engineering Consultant

Ten Penn Center, 1801 Market St Suite 2600 Philadelphia, PA 19103
Luke Durkin

Gannett Fleming is a pristine engineering firm. Everyone I've met associated with the company has been friendly and professional, not to mention the quality of work is aw ... more

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Michael Baker International, Inc. Logo

Michael Baker International, Inc.

Engineering Consultant

1818 Market St # 3110 Philadelphia, PA 19103
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Life Cycle Engineering, Inc. Logo

Life Cycle Engineering, Inc.

Engineering Consultant

4900 S Broad St STE 230 Philadelphia, PA 19112
Tri Nguyen

Had the pleasure of working with some of the most talented and wonderful individuals here.

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McCormick Taylor Logo

McCormick Taylor

Engineering Consultant

1818 Market St 16th floor Philadelphia, PA 19103
Matt Jacobson

Great company.

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Concord Engineering Group Logo

Concord Engineering Group

Engineering Consultant

3020 Market St #103 Philadelphia, PA 19104
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Kimley-Horn Logo


Engineering Consultant, Civil Engineer, Civil Engineering Company

Liberty Place, 50 S 16th St Suite 3300 Philadelphia, PA 19102
Justin Lyon

High quality engineering firm. Very professional and hard working.

( 5 Reviews )
Hargrove Life Sciences Logo

Hargrove Life Sciences

Engineering Consultant

1880 John F Kennedy Blvd # 700 Philadelphia, PA 19103
Michael Gaffney

Brian Lipko is probably the nicest, most intelligent professional I may have ever met. He is courteous and responsive and I would highly recommend Mr. Lipko to anyone!

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Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson Logo

Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson

Engineering Consultant

1600 Market St # 520 Philadelphia, PA 19103
( 3 Reviews )
HDR Logo


Engineering Consultant

1515 Market St #2020 Philadelphia, PA 19102
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Jacob's Engineering Group Inc. Logo

Jacob's Engineering Group Inc.

Engineering Consultant

3145 Salmon St Philadelphia, PA 19134
Tina Vahey

Itsa made up location don't know who did it

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Engineering & Land Planning Associates, Inc. (E&LP) Logo

Engineering & Land Planning Associates, Inc. (E&LP)

Engineering Consultant

219 Cuthbert St 5th Floor Philadelphia, PA 19106
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Stantec Logo


Architecture Firm, Architect, Engineer

1500 Spring Garden St #1100 Philadelphia, PA 19130
Tom Pisarek

I work here. Awesome place. Great people. If you are an architect or engineer you need to check them out.

( 24 Reviews )
Pennoni Logo


Engineering Consultant, Civil Engineer

1900 Market St Suite 300 Philadelphia, PA 19103
Grady Rollins

I am employed by Pennoni in the Surveying Department. Coming to work every day is amazing. Pennoni has been friendly, helpful, and attentive. I love Philly and I love pen ... more

( 14 Reviews )
Ballinger Logo


Architect, Engineering Consultant, Interior Designer

833 Chestnut St #1400 Philadelphia, PA 19107
Neil R

Professional people, great architecture and engineering

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Qed Systems Logo

Qed Systems

Engineering Consultant

1201 Admiral Peary Way Philadelphia, PA 19112
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Robson Forensic Logo

Robson Forensic

Civil Engineer, Architect, Civil Engineer

111 S Independence Mall E Philadelphia, PA 19106
( 3 Reviews )
Oat Foundry Logo

Oat Foundry

Design Engineer, Engineering Consultant, Mechanical Engineer

2275 Bridge St #208-1A Philadelphia, PA 19137
Katie Gard

What a great mission statement and kind, friendly people! To get there, turn into same driveway as the Charter School, go all the way to the guard, go through the gate an ... more

( 3 Reviews )
Bhg Consulting Logo

Bhg Consulting

Engineering Consultant

1812 S 22nd St Philadelphia, PA 19145
dara m johnson

Very professional and easy to work with. They were efficient and quick turnaround on the drawings

( 6 Reviews )


Engineering Consultant

1700 Market, 1700 Market St Suite 1600 Philadelphia, PA 19103
Edward Condoleo

AECOM is a multidisciplinary engineering firm that has provided me tremendously rewarding challenges and career opportunities. It’s a complex matrix organization which ... more

( 3 Reviews )
Arcadis US, Inc. Logo

Arcadis US, Inc.

Engineering Consultant

1600 Market St 18th Floor Philadelphia, PA 19103
Will JV

Phenomenal staff and food. Excellent every time. Highly recommended!

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Sera Engineering Logo

Sera Engineering

Engineering Consultant

1700 Sansom St #400 Philadelphia, PA 19103
( 15 Reviews )
Jacobs Logo


Engineering Consultant

2001 Market St Suite 900 Philadelphia, PA 19103
Ayesha Crenshaw

I hear that the food is good however after sitting for an hour and a half we left . The wait was ridiculous!. Nice slosh . Good music.

( 6 Reviews )
BuLogics, Inc Logo

BuLogics, Inc

Engineering Consultant

3721 Midvale Ave #3 Philadelphia, PA 19129
( 3 Reviews )
Wood Logo


Engineering Consultant

1635 Market St 10th floor Philadelphia, PA 19103
( 6 Reviews )
Menard USA Logo

Menard USA

Engineering Consultant

1601 Market St 19th Floor Philadelphia, PA 19103
Anthony Maiorano

Great place to work . Love it

( 4 Reviews )
Exponent, Inc. Logo

Exponent, Inc.

Engineering Consultant

One uCity Square, 25 N 38th St Ste. 700 Philadelphia, PA 19104
Tom Coleman

Real good consultancy. But comes at a comensurate price!

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Jaros, Baum & Bolles Logo

Jaros, Baum & Bolles

Engineering Consultant

50 S 16th St Ste 1700 Philadelphia, PA 19102
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Gryphon Technologies Logo

Gryphon Technologies

Engineering Consultant

4601 S Broad St M-2 Philadelphia, PA 19112
( 3 Reviews )
Bohler Logo


Civil Engineering Company, Civil Engineer, Engineering Consultant

1515 Market St # 920 Philadelphia, PA 19102
Kevin McCartney

Great team to work with!

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Arora Engineers, Inc. Logo

Arora Engineers, Inc.

Engineering Consultant

1600 Market St #1630 Philadelphia, PA 19103
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AKRF, Inc. Logo

AKRF, Inc.

Engineering Consultant

530 Walnut St #998 Philadelphia, PA 19106
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HBK Engineering Logo

HBK Engineering

Engineering Consultant

2401 Walnut St #204 Philadelphia, PA 19103
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Whitman, Requardt & Associates LLP Logo

Whitman, Requardt & Associates LLP

Engineering Consultant

1500 Market St Philadelphia, PA 19102
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HDR Logo


Engineering Consultant

1500 John F Kennedy Blvd Philadelphia, PA 19102

Amazing work environment. Very creative and very detail oriented in design.

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Ambric Technology Corporation Logo

Ambric Technology Corporation

Engineering Consultant

Serving Philadelphia, PA 19107
Jerome Donovan

Joe was very helpful

( 3 Reviews )
The Rock Brook Consulting Group, PA Logo

The Rock Brook Consulting Group, PA

Engineering Consultant, Corporate Office

1628 John F Kennedy Blvd #1200 Philadelphia, PA 19103
( 5 Reviews )
J and M Engineering Logo

J and M Engineering

Engineering Consultant, Engineering Consultant

11 W Thompson St Philadelphia, PA 19125
Gene Sung

Richard is very knowledgeable and professional. I would highly recommend his services no matter what type of building project you are doing.

( 7 Reviews )
STV Inc Logo


Engineering Consultant

1818 Market St # 2300 Philadelphia, PA 19103
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CFA Consultants Logo

CFA Consultants

Engineering Consultant

157 Pelham Rd Philadelphia, PA 19119
darp jani