Philadelphia, PA Architect

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Stanev Potts Architects Logo

Stanev Potts Architects


1103 Spruce Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107

Extremely helpful and talented architectural firm. Unparalleled professionalism, communication, and enthusiasm.

( 7 Reviews )
Mershon Design Logo

Mershon Design


44 University Mews Philadelphia, PA 19104
Joseph Pernaselli

Had a great experience working with Bill on my project. He was both creative and collaborative on options, esthetics and structural integrity. He was also extremely hel ... more

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LO Design Logo

LO Design


2116 Locust St Philadelphia, PA 19103
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Sowinski Sullivan Architects Logo

Sowinski Sullivan Architects


336 S 16th St Philadelphia, PA 19102
( 16 Reviews )
Always by Design Logo

Always by Design

Architect, Architectural Designer

771 South 2nd Street, Ste G Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19147
Philip Goslin

Working with Ed has been a great pleasure. He is creative, yet practical. He is an excellent collaborator with the client, builder, and trades people. He listens and is ... more

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Woodcock Design Logo

Woodcock Design


1518 Walnut St Suite 303 Philadelphia, PA 19102
Lance Losey

Highly recommended. Smart, talented, professional team.

( 2 Reviews )
Parallel Architecture Studio Logo

Parallel Architecture Studio


230 S Broad St Philadelphia, PA 19102
Gulf Seafood

Very professional company.

( 9 Reviews )
Stantec Logo


Architecture Firm, Architect, Engineer

1500 Spring Garden St #1100 Philadelphia, PA 19130
Tom Pisarek

I work here. Awesome place. Great people. If you are an architect or engineer you need to check them out.

( 11 Reviews )
KieranTimberlake Logo



841 N American St Philadelphia, PA 19123
Tin Tox

Top knock Architect, becoming too much of politics at their interior organization.

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Friday Architects/Planners Inc Logo

Friday Architects/Planners Inc

Architect, Interior Designer

1420 Walnut St Suite 1502 Philadelphia, PA 19102
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Alesker and Dundon Architects Logo

Alesker and Dundon Architects

Architect, Architecture Firm, Interior Designer

718 Arch St Philadelphia, PA 19106
J Coleman

Designing classy buildings for Philadelphia and down the East Coast since 1969.

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Lasota Architects Inc. Logo

Lasota Architects Inc.


1355 E Susquehanna Ave Philadelphia, PA 19125
Diane LayTon (Roxane)

Positive energy. Great food. Great music. This place is awesome!!

( 13 Reviews )
Cadre Design Logo

Cadre Design


123 Leverington Ave #300 Philadelphia, PA 19127
JC Arceo

People here are very unprofessional, unreliable, and really bad at communication. I will never EVER have business with them again!

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Lighthouse Architecture Logo

Lighthouse Architecture

Architect, Design

The Land Title Building, 100 S Broad St Suite 1810 Philadelphia, PA 19110
Timothy Hessing

A secret hidden Park gem!

( 2 Reviews )
Kelly/Maiello Inc. Architects & Planners Logo

Kelly/Maiello Inc. Architects & Planners


1420 Walnut St 15th floor Philadelphia, PA 19102
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BWA Architecture + Planning Logo

BWA Architecture + Planning

Architect, Architect, Interior Architect Office

4818 Baltimore Ave Philadelphia, PA 19143
( 3 Reviews )
OOMBRA Architects, LLC Logo

OOMBRA Architects, LLC


915 Spring Garden St Suite 306 Philadelphia, PA 19123
( 22 Reviews )
Designblendz Logo


Architect, Architectural Designer, Construction Company

4001 Main St STE 203 Philadelphia, PA 19127
Brian Phillips

We want to express our sincere appreciation for the Design Blendz Team. Your talent in understanding and portraying the client's vision is truly commendable. We value the ... more

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Stokes Architecture + Design Logo

Stokes Architecture + Design


1700 Sansom St 12th floor Philadelphia, PA 19103
Suzy Ndandji

My name is Guy Ndandji, President of F&S Kitchen and Bath Studio Located in Voorhees, NJ. I visited Pinsetters Bar & Bowl in Merchantville, NJ I was amaze by Mr. Stokes a ... more

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Ian Smith Design Group LLC Logo

Ian Smith Design Group LLC

Architect, Interior Designer

322 E Thompson St Philadelphia, PA 19125
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PZS Architects LLC Logo

PZS Architects LLC


4141 Station St Suite 107B Philadelphia, PA 19127
Joseph Becker

Great architect to work with. They are very professional and have a great staff!

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ISA - Interface Studio Architects LLC Logo

ISA - Interface Studio Architects LLC


1400 N American St Philadelphia, PA 19122
( 24 Reviews )
Bright Common Architecture & Design Logo

Bright Common Architecture & Design


1417 N 2nd St Unit 3E Philadelphia, PA 19122

Thanks to Bright Common we are living in the perfect neighborhood in our perfect home. We knew nothing about home building when we started contemplating building somethi ... more

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Gensler Logo



2005 Market St #1550 Philadelphia, PA 19103
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DAS Architects Inc Logo

DAS Architects Inc

Architect, Design

1628 John F Kennedy Blvd Philadelphia, PA 19103
Pamela Campbell

Excellent specialized architectural firm.

( 2 Reviews )
Frank Kakos Architects Logo

Frank Kakos Architects


1550 Latimer St Philadelphia, PA 19102
Andrea Kyan

Frank is honest, trustworthy and gets the job done!

( 2 Reviews )
Kaminski + Pew Logo

Kaminski + Pew

Architect, Interior Designer

912 N 2nd St Philadelphia, PA 19123
( 2 Reviews )
IEI Group, Ltd. Logo

IEI Group, Ltd.

Architect, Architect

428 N 2nd St Philadelphia, PA 19123
Michaveli Rare4orm

Thorough and clean

( 1 Reviews )
Terra Studio, LLC Logo

Terra Studio, LLC

Architect, Architectural Designer

1420 Walnut St #1400 Philadelphia, PA 19102
( 1 Reviews )
HOK Logo


Architect, Consultant, Engineer

1 Logan Square #1510 Philadelphia, PA 19103
( 2 Reviews )
Lawrence Gilbert Architects Logo

Lawrence Gilbert Architects


735 Bainbridge St Philadelphia, PA 19147
Rachel G.

Larry Gilbert is the highest quality architect yet reasonably priced. He is willing to work within your budget without sacrificing creativity, quality and sustainability. ... more

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BKP Architects, P.C. Logo

BKP Architects, P.C.


1525 Locust St 5th floor Philadelphia, PA 19102
( 2 Reviews )
Moto Designshop Inc. Logo

Moto Designshop Inc.

Architect, Interior Designer

228 Vine St Philadelphia, PA 19106
( 6 Reviews )



340 N 12th St Philadelphia, PA 19107
Grace Wittek

Love their jobs. Excellent.

( 2 Reviews )
Matthew Millan Architects Logo

Matthew Millan Architects


15 W Highland Ave Philadelphia, PA 19118
ellen kaplan

My husband and I hold Matthew Millan Architects in the highest regard. We contacted them to design a swimming pool for our back yard, a project that was complicated by a ... more

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230 N 21st St Philadelphia, PA 19103
( 2 Reviews )
VSBA Architects & Planners Logo

VSBA Architects & Planners


116 Shurs Ln Philadelphia, PA 19127
Lilian Lima

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( 2 Reviews )
Hexagon Studio Architects Logo

Hexagon Studio Architects


2229 E Huntingdon St Philadelphia, PA 19125
Kim Creighton

Excellent staff and affordable prices, Reliable efficient and very talented

( 7 Reviews )
Tantillo Architecture Logo

Tantillo Architecture


2400 Market St Suite 307 Philadelphia, PA 19103
Wajeeh Huweih


( 5 Reviews )
JKRP Architects Logo

JKRP Architects


100 E Penn Square #1080 Philadelphia, PA 19107
Mark McWilliams

Amazing office space with excellent employees. They do incredible work and are very easy to work with!

( 3 Reviews )
Krieger Architects Logo

Krieger Architects


14 W Highland Ave Philadelphia, PA 19118
Joanne deMenna

Jeff Krieger and his talented team helped transform our little cottage. A new kitchen, a new flow through our home, a new exquisite room we've named "The Chapel." We came ... more

( 9 Reviews )
Harman Deutsch Ohler Architecture Logo

Harman Deutsch Ohler Architecture

Architect, Architect, Building Design Company

1225 N 7th St Philadelphia, PA 19122
Lance Losey

Great firm made of talented professionals

( 2 Reviews )
Canno Design Logo

Canno Design


109 S 13th St Philadelphia, PA 19107
Lance Losey

Top notch Architecture firm in Center City. Personal, Professional.

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Robert B. Bernstein Architect Logo

Robert B. Bernstein Architect


225 E Mt Pleasant Ave Philadelphia, PA 19119
Anne C.

Robert is fantastic!Nothing is too small or too big of a project. His attention to detail is absolutely jaw dropping.His blueprints will amaze you. He is full of architec ... more

( 7 Reviews )
JacobsWyper Architects Logo

JacobsWyper Architects

Architect, Building Restoration Service, Interior Designer

1232 Chancellor St Philadelphia, PA 19107
Erwan de Saint Mars

While overseeing a 3 year building renovation project in PA, I have had the pleasure to work closely with Jacobs Wyper architects, mostly Terry and Magda. This was a comp ... more

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Wulff Architects Logo

Wulff Architects


1515 Locust St UNIT 200 Philadelphia, PA 19102
( 3 Reviews )
Landmark Architectural Design Logo

Landmark Architectural Design

Architect, Interior Designer

1325 Snyder Ave Philadelphia, PA 19148
( 3 Reviews )
CICADA Architecture/Planning, Inc. Logo

CICADA Architecture/Planning, Inc.

Architect, Architect, Architectural Designer

1520 Locust St #702 Philadelphia, PA 19102
Edward MacConnell

Great people all the way around! Top notch professionals.

( 6 Reviews )
WRT Design Logo

WRT Design


1700 Market St Philadelphia, PA 19103
Megan Wilcox

WRT is a great place to work, and they actually design buildings and homes to help people who need assistance.

( 7 Reviews )
Martin Architectural Group PC Logo

Martin Architectural Group PC


240 N 22nd St Philadelphia, PA 19103