Portland, OR Historical Landmark

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Lan Su Chinese Garden Logo

Lan Su Chinese Garden

Tourist Attraction, Corporate Entertainment Service, Cultural Center

239 NW Everett St Portland, OR 97209
Phil Foster

My friend and I had a great time coming here. Very peaceful and casual. You are totally free to wander about at your leisure and take as much time as you want. It was not ... more

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Oregon Myrtle - Heritage Tree Logo

Oregon Myrtle - Heritage Tree

Historical Landmark

2904 N Rosa Parks Way Portland, OR 97217
JC Vogt

love this for her!!

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Horse Trough Fountain Logo

Horse Trough Fountain

Historical Landmark

3045 NW Thurman St Portland, OR 97210
Nora Gruber

My horse loves this trough. Hes a history buff.

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Fogelbo House Logo

Fogelbo House

Historical Landmark

Serving Portland, OR 97223
George Scott

We visited to see the Troll art exhibit and walk the grounds, but were lucky enough to the get a peek inside the Fogelbo House. The house is a Steiner log cabin, built b ... more

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Statue of George Washington Logo

Statue of George Washington

Historical Landmark

5626-5698 NE Alameda St Portland, OR 97213
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Jacobberger House Logo

Jacobberger House

Historical Landmark

1428 SW Hall St Portland, OR 97201
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Totem pole Logo

Totem pole

Historical Landmark

4001 SW Canyon Rd Portland, OR 97221
That random Kitty

Its a totem pole its really pretty

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New Market Theater Building Logo

New Market Theater Building

Historical Landmark

50 SW 2nd Ave Portland, OR 97204
Wendy Hurst

Beautiful old building in gorgeous down town PDX

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St. Patrick Catholic Church Logo

St. Patrick Catholic Church

Catholic Church, Christian Church, Church

1623 NW 19th Ave Portland, OR 97209
Katarina Homo

Catholic Mass is ok Sundays at 10am. All are welcome!

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Pioneer Child Grave Logo

Pioneer Child Grave

Historical Landmark

Serving Portland, OR 97230
Keyser Soze

Historically, pretty cool. Its sad its stuck in a corner & crowded by a highway. Not a respectful resting place for a childs grave. Wish the city/state wouldve been more ... more

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Treasury Ballroom Logo

Treasury Ballroom

Event Venue, Banquet Hall, Conference Center

326 SW Broadway #3736 Portland, OR 97205
Jeff Crowl

Quite charming, though a little hard to find.

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The Slab Logo

The Slab

Historical Landmark

620 SE Water Ave Portland, OR 97214
Troy Ander

Do you mean Pirate Island?

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Burnside and 82nd Crab Logo

Burnside and 82nd Crab

Historical Landmark

East Burnside Street &, SE 82nd Ave Portland, OR 97216
Trillium Austin

curb crab

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Bart Simpson Drawing by Matt Wuerker with permission by Matt Groening Logo

Bart Simpson Drawing by Matt Wuerker with permission by Matt Groening

Historical Landmark

1030 SW 18th Ave Portland, OR 97205
Grace V

Its not on 18th and salmon. Maybe it once was? 16th and Sw Salmon. Hope the second pic helps.

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Old House Portland Logo

Old House Portland

Historical Landmark

13 NW 3rd Ave Portland, OR 97209
John Karl

Its been demolished

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Criddler's Cove Logo

Criddler's Cove

Historical Landmark

Serving Portland, OR 97227
Erik O

Limited access behind private company building, short walk for the effort in getting here. Limited beach access. Not a destination path.

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Wong Laundry Building Logo

Wong Laundry Building

Historical Landmark

219-227 NW 3rd Ave Portland, OR 97209
Lily Yang

The building is no longer occupied but there is wonderful window display explaining the history of the building and mini exhibition of the generational journey of Chinese ... more

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East Bank Logo

East Bank

Historical Landmark

Burnside Brg Portland, OR 97214
Darren Barnes

It looks better at night.

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Pittock Mansion Logo

Pittock Mansion

Tourist Attraction, Art Museum, Book Store

3229 NW Pittock Dr Portland, OR 97210
Ray Sal

Great time touring the Mansion and gardens. Craftsmanship of building is impressive.

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Portland's Favorite Tree Logo

Portland's Favorite Tree

Historical Landmark

818 SW Vista Ave Portland, OR 97205
Jennifer Cramer

Impressive girth. 6/5.

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Old Town Chinatown Logo

Old Town Chinatown

Historical Landmark

13 NW 4th Ave Portland, OR 97209
Trish Arnquist

Traveling, heartbreaking to see how damaged the area is. One armed half naked female in wheelchair shooting up drugs with blood shooting out arm. Guy who helped ran off ... more

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Portland Japanese Garden Logo

Portland Japanese Garden

Tourist Attraction, Art Gallery, Botanical Garden

611 SW Kingston Ave Portland, OR 97205
Meine Frage

Very beautiful Garden. The garden really beautifully arranged and seems almost flawless. As a foreigner, it feels weird to pay for a city garden but its definitely worth ... more

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Pioneer Courthouse Logo

Pioneer Courthouse

Historical Landmark

700 SW 6th Ave Portland, OR 97204


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Paul Bunyan Statue Logo

Paul Bunyan Statue

Historical Landmark

SW corner of, N Denver Ave Portland, OR 97217
Minji Cho

I finally met him! It's much bigger and grander than I thought. The surrounding commercial area is also very good. Highly recommend stopping by this neighborhood!

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Lewis and Clark Column Logo

Lewis and Clark Column

Historical Landmark

6200 SW Sacajawea Blvd Portland, OR 97205
Danny Tram

It is a historical column related to Oregon's history. I went here on a windy day so there were not many people. It offers some gorgeous views of Portland city. This colu ... more

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McMenamins Fulton Pub & Brewery Logo

McMenamins Fulton Pub & Brewery

Miscellaneous, American Restaurant, Brewery

0618 SW Nebraska St Portland, OR 97239
Xeo 087

Great service, food, and atmosphere chill but fancy. A great restaurant and a great bar. Dietary restrictions: Experienced staff, modifications welcomed.

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The Grotto Logo

The Grotto

Tourist Attraction, Botanical Garden, Catholic Church

8840 NE Skidmore St Portland, OR 97220
James Moursund

The best

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Portland Oregon White Stag Sign Logo

Portland Oregon White Stag Sign

Historical Landmark, Tourist Attraction

70 NW Couch St Portland, OR 97209
Jerzy Durda

Welcome to Oregan

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Sacajawea Statue Logo

Sacajawea Statue

Historical Landmark

2600 SW Lewis Clark Way Portland, OR 97205
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The Rookery Bar Logo

The Rookery Bar

Gastropub, Cocktail Bar, Historical Landmark

1331 SW Broadway Portland, OR 97201
Chad Harper

I was looking forward to trying this place but apparently they don't know how to answer the phone. If they don't pay attention to the phone, do they pay attention to good ... more

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Portland Police Block Logo

Portland Police Block

Historical Landmark

209 SW Oak St Portland, OR 97204
Cam Kay

The Portland Police Block was built in 1912 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1985.

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Portland 's first heritage tree, an American Elm Logo

Portland 's first heritage tree, an American Elm

Historical Landmark

1298-1198 SW 10th Ave Portland, OR 97205
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The Kendall House 1884-1889 Logo

The Kendall House 1884-1889

Historical Landmark

3908 SE Taggart St Portland, OR 97202
Quinn Millegan

Absolutely gorgeous piece of Portland history! Stunning when you walk by. From its historic plaque: "Built by architect Joseph Kendall, this is one of the last remaining ... more

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Morris Marks House Logo

Morris Marks House

Historical Landmark

1S1E04DD -08200 Portland, OR 97201
Pamela Macready

Beautuful restoration and a very difficult move. Great job!

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IRA FROST POWERS commemorative plaque Logo

IRA FROST POWERS commemorative plaque

Historical Landmark

OR-43 Portland, OR 97219
Victor Barrios

Nice view.

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Dekum Building Logo

Dekum Building

Historical Landmark, Tourist Attraction

519 SW 3rd Ave Portland, OR 97204

The building is temporarily closed. Not sure when it will reopen.

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Elks Temple - 1940s Logo

Elks Temple - 1940s

Historical Landmark

2504 N Williams Ave Portland, OR 97227
Vincent Moore


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W. S. Salmon House Logo

W. S. Salmon House

Historical Landmark

923 SE 13th Ave Portland, OR 97214
ethan shoemaker

Cool place

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Denver Water Tower Logo

Denver Water Tower

Historical Landmark

Water Tower at Going and Denver in North Portland, 1915 N Going St Portland, OR 97217
Cassie Satchwill

timmy failure's house under the water tower! XD

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Reflecting Pool Logo

Reflecting Pool

Historical Landmark

615 SW Palatine Hill Rd Portland, OR 97219
Carla Romero

it is a pool and it reflects literally no complaints here

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Alberta Street Black Heritage Markers: Donna Hammond Logo

Alberta Street Black Heritage Markers: Donna Hammond

Historical Landmark

1627 NE Alberta St Portland, OR 97211
John Leckie

A Must see/read .

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Poulsen House Logo

Poulsen House

Historical Landmark

3040 SE McLoughlin Blvd Portland, OR 97202
francine buelna

An amazing visit it was my daughter jazzy's dream to see this home. Thanks to Ronnie she made it possible. Thank you to her and the owner for sharing this home and histo ... more

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Hawthorne International Peace Poles Logo

Hawthorne International Peace Poles

Historical Landmark

4969 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland, OR 97215
Roger Jones

The 2021.09.21 observance of International Peace Day at the Hawthorne Peace Poles was well attended by representatives of HBBA, UNA-PDX and GPSEN.

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The Society Hotel - Portland Logo

The Society Hotel - Portland

Hotel, Event Venue, Historical Landmark

203 NW 3rd Ave Portland, OR 97209
Nathanael Peachey

Very good experience, would go back.

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Odd Fellows Building (Portland, Oregon) Logo

Odd Fellows Building (Portland, Oregon)

Historical Landmark

1019 SW 10th Ave Portland, OR 97205
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Terminal Sales Building Logo

Terminal Sales Building

Historical Landmark

1200 SW Alder St Portland, OR 97205
Nikolaus Albrecht


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The Meier & Frank Building Logo

The Meier & Frank Building

Historical Landmark, Tourist Attraction

555 SW Morrison St #2200 Portland, OR 97204
Robin Martinez

beautiful building

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The Old Church Concert Hall Logo

The Old Church Concert Hall

Concert Hall, Event Venue, Historical Landmark

1422 SW 11th Ave Portland, OR 97201
springpx springpx

VAX MANDATE policy is a deal breaker. I will not forget this for years to come.

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The Victorian Belle Mansion Logo

The Victorian Belle Mansion

Wedding Venue, Event Planner, Event Venue

1441 N McClellan St Portland, OR 97217
Edward Darlington


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Lovejoy Columns Logo

Lovejoy Columns

Historical Landmark

316 NW 10th Ave Portland, OR 97209
Rose City Ronin

I remember when these babies were some of the actual support columns underneath the long-gone Lovejoy Ramp; which USED to be the way to get to inner NW Portland off of th ... more