Portland, OR Park

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Timberland Park Logo

Timberland Park

Park, Tourist Attraction

11600 NW Stone Mountain Ln Portland, OR 97229
moriah wolters

One of our favorite parks so fun and has a splash pad too!!

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Washington Park Logo

Washington Park

Park, Tourist Attraction, Arboretum

4033 SW Canyon Rd Portland, OR 97221
Robert Freiberg

Beautiful spot.

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Hoyt Arboretum Logo

Hoyt Arboretum

Arboretum, Museum, Park

4000 SW Fairview Blvd Portland, OR 97221
Hank Hell

Beautiful area. Easy to spend an entire day here taking in the wonderful sights and still want more.

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Sara Hite Rose Garden Logo

Sara Hite Rose Garden

Garden, Park, Tourist Attraction

5440 SE Kellogg Creek Dr Portland, OR 97222
Roberto Rios

Beautiful place for a venue also

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Columbia View Park Logo

Columbia View Park

Park, Tourist Attraction

1000 NE 169th Ave Portland, OR 97230
Katherine Kloiber

Great for a good walk.

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Gilbert Heights City Park Logo

Gilbert Heights City Park

Park, Tourist Attraction

4209 SE 130th Ave Portland, OR 97236
Danika Diamond Haller

Community garden, short paved walkway around the parm. Friendly neighbors and there's a baseball field for use

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Durham City Park Logo

Durham City Park

Park, Tourist Attraction

17095 SW Arkenstone Dr Portland, OR 97224

Best place to bring your dog off leash

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April Hill City Park Logo

April Hill City Park

Park, Tourist Attraction

Serving Portland, OR 97219

Cute as all get out. Nice field, small playground and a tiny little path through.

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Florence Pointe Park Logo

Florence Pointe Park

Park, Tourist Attraction

7484 SW Florence Ln Portland, OR 97223
Evan Scott

Fun place to take the fam

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Bethany Lake Park Logo

Bethany Lake Park

Park, Tourist Attraction

5061 NW 185th Ave Portland, OR 97229
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Pirate Park Logo

Pirate Park

Park, Tourist Attraction

Near NW Energia Street between NW Brandberry Drive and, NW Graf St Portland, OR 97229

Very unique park .... designed structures to look as pirate ships .... there is sand and and it's set up unlike any other park I've seen. My daughter loved this park as a ... more

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Hansen Ridge Park Logo

Hansen Ridge Park

Park, Tourist Attraction

Serving Portland, OR 97229
Vidya Nimbalkar


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Rock Creek Park Logo

Rock Creek Park

Park, Tourist Attraction

20101-20175 NW Rock Creek Blvd Portland, OR 97229

Great park to go and relax with the kids or the dog. I went and just threw the ball for my dog for a bit. Fenced in, basketball hoops, plenty of space.

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Rock Creek Powerline Park Logo

Rock Creek Powerline Park

Park, Tourist Attraction

Serving Portland, OR 97229
TK Resendez

4 stars recent visit. 3 stars when the mowing isn't consistent and the grass gets to tall!

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Garden Home Park Logo

Garden Home Park


8020 SW 83rd Ave Portland, OR 97223
Alaina May

I love my neighborhood park. It's perfect for kiddos, with slides and swings and a giant field to romp around in. They have tennis courts, soccer field and they're dog ... more

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Kaiser Woods Natural Area Logo

Kaiser Woods Natural Area

Park, Tourist Attraction

Serving Portland, OR 97229

We liked our walk through the wooded trail out onto a sunny corridor.

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Cedar Mill Park Logo

Cedar Mill Park

Park, Tourist Attraction

10385 NW Cornell Rd Portland, OR 97229

A great park with lots of green space and a few benches for picnic. There is a medium sized soccer field and two tennis courts with kids' playground. Parking lot is also ... more

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Roxbury Park Logo

Roxbury Park

Park, Tourist Attraction

10700-, 10714 SW Berkshire St Portland, OR 97225
Denise Allen

Nice little park. Well kept, pretty trees. It has a nice playground for the kids, a tennis court and a good size field. The best part is they have 3 garbage cans and real ... more

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Commonwealth Lake Park Logo

Commonwealth Lake Park

Park, Tourist Attraction

SW Butner Rd &, SW Huntington Ave Portland, OR 97225
Carla Myriel Chan

Absolutely love this park. Very small play structure thought but lots of space! Lots of ducks too.

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Roger Tilbury Memorial Park Logo

Roger Tilbury Memorial Park

Park, Tourist Attraction

965 NW 93rd Ave Portland, OR 97229
Andrew Coe

Nice spot for kids without any adjacent street traffic. Nice natural features.

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Jackie Husen Park Logo

Jackie Husen Park

Park, Tourist Attraction

10955 NW Reeves St Portland, OR 97229
Maulin Shah

Dog-friendliness: Off-leash area for dogs to play. Has become our go-to!

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Ridgewood View Park Logo

Ridgewood View Park

Park, Tourist Attraction

10001 SW Ardenwood St Portland, OR 97225
Caed Turner

Great park to play with the kids. Soft surface for the rambunctious toddlers and babies learning to walk! Quiet area, not a very busy park! Really want to try the tennis ... more

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Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District Logo

Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District


18300 NW Park View Blvd Portland, OR 97229
Pooja Pervaiz

Best park near us nice rides for kids and the best thing that when we have sunshine in Hillsboro its great place to sit in sunshine with kids.. and the kids are enjoy sl ... more

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McCoy Park Logo

McCoy Park


4677 N Trenton St Portland, OR 97203
Mark Chase

Nice and clean. I went during the day and it was not busy. Could play with my granddaughter on any of the slides and swings she wanted to play on.

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Nadaka Nature Park & Garden Logo

Nadaka Nature Park & Garden

Park, Tourist Attraction

17615 NE Glisan St Portland, OR 97230
Susan B

Beautiful Peaceful and bathroom wasn't too bad.

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Beggars Tick Wildlife Refuge Logo

Beggars Tick Wildlife Refuge

Park, Tourist Attraction

Serving Portland, OR 97266

I was threatened by people in a tent blocking the trail here. Otherwise Its mind blowing that tents and an open air drug scene has been allowed here for years in a spot w ... more

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West Slope Park Logo

West Slope Park

Park, Tourist Attraction

2560 SW 73rd Ave Portland, OR 97225
Daniel Kim

I live near the area so whenever I take my dog for a walk I always get a chance pass by this park. Overall, good spot to stop by when you're strolling around the west slo ... more

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Portland Audubon Logo

Portland Audubon

Tourist Attraction, Tourist Attraction, Camp

5151 NW Cornell Rd Portland, OR 97210
Beth Buckley

Fun hiking spot on the northwest side of town. They accept baby birds and other small critters, but no visitors are allowed in the wildlife rescue building. There are a c ... more

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Sunset Park Sports Complex Logo

Sunset Park Sports Complex

Park, Sports

13707 NW Science Park Dr Portland, OR 97229
saurabh jain

This is an old building. So not the cleanest place for swimming. There is no family room. So if you want to take your toddler daughter swimming, make sure you get mom alo ... more

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Somerset West Swim Center Logo

Somerset West Swim Center


18300 NW Park View Blvd Portland, OR 97229
paola Rg

Playground: This playground keeps my little one happy and entertained. In the summer, we use the pool and he has had the time of his life. Restrooms: The women's restroom ... more

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Friends Of Tryon Creek Logo

Friends Of Tryon Creek

Non-Profit Organization, Park

11321 SW Terwilliger Blvd Portland, OR 97219
Tim Powell

Great trails, close to town. Very busy on weekends.

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Delta Park Logo

Delta Park


10737 N Union Ct Portland, OR 97217
Allen Wickham

Weve been hear a number of times for softball tournaments, and we enjoy being here. The have a great concession stand with a large indoor area to get out of the heat or c ... more

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International Rose Test Garden Logo

International Rose Test Garden

Garden, Park, Tourist Attraction

400 SW Kingston Ave Portland, OR 97205
Elizabeth Aguilar

Loved all the varieties of roses

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Eastridge City Park Logo

Eastridge City Park

Park, Tourist Attraction

14100 SE Crystal Springs Blvd Portland, OR 97236
Crys B

I live how quiet this park is. We go when we visit my mom and there's rarely anyone there. I only have it 3 stars because there isn't a bathroom there. That's tough when ... more

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Gilbert Primary Park Logo

Gilbert Primary Park

Park, Tourist Attraction

SE 134th Ave & Foster Rd, 13132 SE Ramona St Portland, OR 97236
The Progression Project

Sometimes practice skate tricks here, cuz the ground is rubbery stuff, so you don't get hurt if you fall lol

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Brookside Wetlands Logo

Brookside Wetlands

Park, Tourist Attraction

11201-11243 SE Brookside Dr Portland, OR 97266
Darth Revan

This park looks abandoned. Grass has overgrown

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Glenfair Park Logo

Glenfair Park

Park, Tourist Attraction

NE Couch Ct & NE 154th Ave Portland, OR 97230
shawn shaw

My dogs like it

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Heron Grove City Park Logo

Heron Grove City Park

Park, Tourist Attraction

7811 SW Kingfisher Way Portland, OR 97224
Camille DeMere

Bench is gone just trying to grab some lunch in a safe spot but this seems to be more a through way for neighbors and not really a park

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Mocks Crest Logo

Mocks Crest

Park, Tourist Attraction

2206 N Skidmore Ct Portland, OR 97217
Anson Whiting

The pictures dont do it justice. Its so nice out there!

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Woods Memorial Natural Area Logo

Woods Memorial Natural Area

Hiking Area, Park, Tourist Attraction

9550 SW Wood Pkwy Portland, OR 97219
Matthew Hammerly

Restrooms: No restrooms

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Forest Hills Park Logo

Forest Hills Park

Park, Tourist Attraction

1070 SW Portola Ave Portland, OR 97225
Chris Friends

Nice clean and have nit seen any homeless.

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Foege Park Logo

Foege Park

Park, Tourist Attraction

125 NW Cedar Hills Blvd Portland, OR 97229
Chris Friends

Not much of a "park". One bench and table. Steep paths.

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Lost Park Logo

Lost Park

Park, Tourist Attraction

Serving Portland, OR 97229
Eustolio Rodriguez

(Translated by Google) Perfect for walking with the family (Original) Perfecto para caminar con la familia

( 5 Reviews )
Fanno Creek Trail at Garden Home Rec Center Logo

Fanno Creek Trail at Garden Home Rec Center


Fanno Creek Trail Portland, OR 97223
The Liz

Lots of friendly neighbors and dogs

( 134 Reviews )
Munchkin Playland Logo

Munchkin Playland

Playground, Cafe, Park

18335 NW West Union Rd Portland, OR 97229
Mariana P

i normally love this place but last Sunday the staff was inconsistent with the typical cleanliness /disinfecting that the usual staff Im used to usually does. we were the ... more

( 102 Reviews )
Lotus Isle Park Logo

Lotus Isle Park


N Tomahawk Island Dr Portland, OR 97217
( 237 Reviews )
Harper's Playground - Arbor Lodge Park Logo

Harper's Playground - Arbor Lodge Park

Park, Tourist Attraction

Arbor Lodge Park Path Portland, OR 97217
Allistrata GG4

This is the park you take your kids to as a front for your pokemon go addiction. 4 pokestops in one seating area (5 from the street) with full view of the playground. The ... more

( 224 Reviews )
Gateway Green Logo

Gateway Green

Park, Tourist Attraction

Serving Portland, OR 97220
Garrett Lance Schull

Jump this!

( 565 Reviews )
South Park Blocks Logo

South Park Blocks


1436 SW Park Ave Portland, OR 97201
John Herrera

Just be careful after dark

( 128 Reviews )
Terry Schrunk Plaza Logo

Terry Schrunk Plaza


431 SW Madison St Portland, OR 97204
Christopher Miller

We heard you like brick circles so we put brick circles in your brick circles