Portland, OR Health Consultant

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Miguel Carreon, DNP, FNP-C, AAHIVS Logo

Miguel Carreon, DNP, FNP-C, AAHIVS

Medical Clinic, Health Consultant, Nurse Practitioner

1818 NE Irving Street, 240 Portland, Oregon 97232
traveling FA

What a great experience! Kind, thoughtful, patient and thorough interaction. Not easy to find nowadays. I am so happy I have finally found a great doctor.

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Regenerative Health Solutions Logo

Regenerative Health Solutions

Medical Clinic, Alternative Medicine Practitioner, Health Consultant

12511 SW 68th Ave #120 Portland, OR 97223
Kyle Lee

I went to see Dr. Glen for my shoulder pain that hasn't been resolved for over 10 years. I received PRP treatment and am now gaining mobility back in my shoulder. Dr. Gle ... more

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Coach Jimmy K Logo

Coach Jimmy K

Biotechnology Company, Health Consultant

865 NE Tomahawk Island Dr Portland, OR 97217
Rae Hart

Avoided back surgery and months of severe pain with training from Coach Jimmy using the Denas PCM6 SCENAR Therapy device and 14 months of dedicated use. Worth every doll ... more

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Become Bodywise Consulting Logo

Become Bodywise Consulting

Life Coach, Counselor, Health Consultant

402 NW 12th Ave Portland, OR 97209
Nanette Nielson

Megan and bodywise is brilliant. She was able to provide a body and food neutral experience and meet me where I was at in my recovery. Her insight helped identify a fract ... more

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Kerry Mann Wellness Logo

Kerry Mann Wellness

Health Consultant, Life Coach, Wellness Program

7051 NE 7th Ave Portland, OR 97211
Susan High

I have worked with Kerry for the past few months and am happy to say she is very organized, responsive, flexible, supportive, and provides great resources tailored to the ... more

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Amber Wellness Group Logo

Amber Wellness Group

Health Consultant, Doctor, Fertility Physician

1944 NE 45th Ave Portland, OR 97213
Lynn Wolfstone

The care I have received through Amber Wellness has been uniformly professional, thorough and wholistic. I originally sought out the advice of Dr. Dickenson to help with ... more

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HearingLife of Portland OR Logo

HearingLife of Portland OR

Audiologist, Health Consultant, Hearing Aid Repair Service

12724 SE Stark St Building H Portland, OR 97233
Roger Ley

I was extremely happy with Lorraine and her staff. They were attentive and answered all my questions and showed me all I needed to be comfortable with my new hearing aid ... more

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Be Well Acupuncture and Holistic Health Logo

Be Well Acupuncture and Holistic Health

Health Consultant

3125 NE Holladay St Portland, OR 97232
Robert Smith

The Be Well Team provides endless support in meaningful ways. I highly encourage you to take the leap!

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MacroLove Nutrition Logo

MacroLove Nutrition

Nutritionist, Health Consultant

11419 NW Laidlaw Rd Portland, OR 97229
Christina Diss

Tiffini Is an incredible coach. I've been working with her for more than three years, and I'm grateful for all that she's helped me accomplish. She helped me set long-ter ... more

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Gyre Wellness Logo

Gyre Wellness

Health Consultant, Massage Therapist, Physical Fitness Program

2928 SE Hawthorne Blvd #101 Portland, OR 97214
Kristin Boggs

Great stretch session and massage! I feel amazing. I highly recommend.

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Interior Medicine Logo

Interior Medicine

Health Consultant

2115 NE Halsey St Portland, OR 97232
Rachel Warkentin

Meg is such a wealth of information about everything healthy homes! Highly recommend scheduling a consult with her if you're looking to do a remodeling project, or even j ... more

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Mind of Clarity Intuitive Healing Logo

Mind of Clarity Intuitive Healing

Health Consultant

2605 SE 50th Ave Portland, OR 97206
Ariel McGhee

Clara is awesome! I had never tried Reiki before and didn't really know what to expect. She answered all my questions and really put me at ease. I came away from the expe ... more

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Daria J. Howell, FNLP, CTNC Logo

Daria J. Howell, FNLP, CTNC

Health Consultant, Service Establishment

Serving Portland, OR 97212
Laura Rowe

I had a craniosacral session with Daria last week and I was blown away. This was not like any session I have ever had. The healing was deep and I felt deeply relaxed duri ... more

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Full Milk Moon Logo

Full Milk Moon

Health Consultant, Health Counselor

3828 NE Flanders St Portland, OR 97232
Alison Schneider

Kate was extremely helpful in offering simple exercises & lifestyle tips regarding breastfeeding for both my daughter & myself. I feel my daughter has been nursing more h ... more

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Holistic Hand Health Logo

Holistic Hand Health

Health Consultant

SW 46th Pl Portland, OR 97221
Emily Lorang

I first heard Jessica speak at the OTAO conference in 2020 and was amazed by her knowledge of nutrition! Not only did I sign up for her nutrition consultation services, b ... more

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Passionate Healthcare Advocacy & Wellness, LLC Logo

Passionate Healthcare Advocacy & Wellness, LLC

Home Help Service Agency, Occupational Therapist, Health Consultant

11125 SW 125th Pl Portland, OR 97223
Ted Holt

The medical and care facilities these days are stretched thin. They do not have the staff to provide proper care for our family and loved ones. We have found that they ... more

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PDX Acupuncture Logo

PDX Acupuncture

Acupuncture Clinic, Health Consultant, Massage Therapist

510 SW 3rd Ave #201 Portland, OR 97204
M Kato

This was my first acupuncture experience. I came in with multiple issues ranging from consistent upper back pain to just good old-fashioned anxiety and an inability to re ... more

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Lice Clinics of America - Portland Logo

Lice Clinics of America - Portland

Medical Clinic, Walk-In Clinic, Health Consultant

5201 SW Westgate Dr Suite 106 Portland, OR 97221
Lindee Lewit

Nancy was great! Dont waste your time at home and save on expenses by coming straight to the Lice Clinic of Portland! We arrived at 11:30 and were done by 1:00- Head scre ... more

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The Natural Path Logo

The Natural Path

Weight Loss Service, Health Consultant, Medical Center

6030 SE Division St Portland, OR 97206
Annemarie Downey

The staff are very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. I've experienced significant improvement by working with Dr. Cara regarding my premenopausal symptoms as well as ... more

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Jaclyn Creations LLC Logo

Jaclyn Creations LLC

Health Consultant, Class, Wellness Program

1225 SW Alder St D Portland, OR 97205

Jaclyns knowledge has been earned by healing herself, which is the best school of health and healing one can get. She turned her own health around and now shares her wisd ... more

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Personal Trainer, Personal Trainer, Health Consultant

5435 SE 46th Ave Portland, OR 97206
Roni V

I started working with Rebel Health NW in February of this year and completed my work in early June. Within those 4 months, I received more than just more muscle tone and ... more

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All and One Medicine (formerly All and One Acupuncture) Logo

All and One Medicine (formerly All and One Acupuncture)

Acupuncture Clinic, Meditation Instructor, Wellness Center

2705 E Burnside St #205 Portland, OR 97214
Josey Anthony-Moore

Dana is amazing

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Health Plans in Oregon Logo

Health Plans in Oregon

Health Consultant

333 SW 5th Ave #410 Portland, OR 97204
Lou Pelagalli

Diane reached out to me when she found better coverage for less premium. That is what I call exceptional service. I don't have to shop the confusing world of insurance, D ... more

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Luna Lactation & Wellness Logo

Luna Lactation & Wellness

Health Consultant

2301 NW Thurman St suite s Portland, OR 97210
Anna Potoczny-Jones

Melissa Cole was fantastic to work with. A lot of lactation consultants around town seem to focus on newborns, but Melissa was able to help my 5 month old baby and me re ... more

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Gladys McCoy Building Logo

Gladys McCoy Building

Association Or Organization, Health Consultant, Public Health Department

619 NW 6th Ave Portland, OR 97209
Sharon Carter

Very nice building. Very clean inside and nice staff.

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Bliss Lactation, LLC Logo

Bliss Lactation, LLC

Women's Health Clinic, Health Consultant

4004 SE Woodstock Blvd Portland, OR 97202
Keely Mohr

Chelsea and Bliss lactation helped our family immensely!! I can't recommend them enough! Chelsea helped us navigate a shallow latch, frenectomy, mastitis, etc.! She would ... more

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Fusion Natural Health Center Logo

Fusion Natural Health Center

Health Consultant

4422 S Corbett Ave Portland, OR 97239
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Hartmann Holistic Services Logo

Hartmann Holistic Services

Health Consultant

2000 NE 42nd Ave, 181 Portland, OR 97213
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Better Forever Logo

Better Forever

Chiropractor, Health Consultant, Massage Therapist

6101 SE Belmont St, Suite 105 Portland, OR 97215
Amanda Falke

Dr Kennedy is brilliant; she solved an issue in 30 minutes that a team of physical therapists and chiropractors couldn’t figure out in about 6 months. She's a chiroprac ... more

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Body Elements Chiropractic at Encore Logo

Body Elements Chiropractic at Encore

Weight Loss Service, Health Consultant, Nutritionist

925 NW Overton St Portland, OR 97209
Jamon S.

I have been a patient of Body Elements Chiropractic for the past eight years--stemming from my diagnosis of scoliosis, Dr. Zare has been there every step of the way in im ... more

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Tracy Andrews Acupuncture Logo

Tracy Andrews Acupuncture

Acupuncture Clinic, Health Consultant

200 NE 20th Ave #120 Portland, OR 97232
Lana Ferris

I have been working with Tracy for over a year now and she has really saved me. I was struggling with depression and PTSD and the acupuncture and bodywork helped when not ... more

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NW Pediatric & Family Nutrition Logo

NW Pediatric & Family Nutrition

Nutritionist, Health Consultant

5201 SW Westgate Dr Bldg B ste 100 Portland, OR 97221
Phillips Frasier

Compassionate, thorough, and professional! Katharine Jeffcoat is great at connecting with her patients and working with them to work toward improved health and nutrition ... more

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Kelli Preston Logo

Kelli Preston

Health Consultant, Health Consultant, Wellness Program

2279 NW Irving St Portland, OR 97210
kasey zimmer-stucky

I love, Kelli and her magical facials! Everything she does and tells me to do at home works like a charm! My skin is healthy, glowy and much, much prettier than it ever h ... more

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Infertile Goddess | Supporting Life After Infertility Logo

Infertile Goddess | Supporting Life After Infertility

Health Consultant, Alternative Medicine Practitioner, Health Consultant

1920 N Killingsworth St #4 Portland, OR 97217
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Health by Your Design Logo

Health by Your Design

Health Consultant

4110 SE Hawthorne Blvd #294 Portland, OR 97214
Barb Timper

I couldn't be happier with the care I received from Dr. Delatore. The fact that she has integrated Western and Eastern medicine together so well gives her patients the b ... more

( 8 Reviews )
Zest Wellness & Nutrition LLC Logo

Zest Wellness & Nutrition LLC

Wellness Program, Health Consultant, Wellness Program

12670 NW Barnes Rd Suite 102 Portland, OR 97229
robert nichols

I went to monica walker for help when my weight loss stopped. I started at 303 (jan 2020). I was stuck at 270 (nov 2020). With her help getting my nutrition closer to whe ... more

( 3 Reviews )
FACS: Industrial Hygienists & Environmental Consultants Logo

FACS: Industrial Hygienists & Environmental Consultants

Environmental Consultant, Business To Business Service, Consultant

17700 SW Upper Boones Ferry Rd #130 Portland, OR 97224
Garrett Dayfield

The staff at Forensice Analytical is highly trained and fully equipped to handle your environmental testing needs. I strongly recommend their services if you are searchi ... more

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AllMed Healthcare Management Logo

AllMed Healthcare Management

Health Consultant

111 SW 5th Ave #1400 Portland, OR 97204
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Gemisphere Logo


Jeweler, Gemologist, Boutique

2661 NW Thurman St Portland, OR 97210
Magda S

The bloodstone cleared through my body and purified it.

( 9 Reviews )
Dr. Khivan Oberoi (Portland Office) Logo

Dr. Khivan Oberoi (Portland Office)

Doctor, Health Consultant, Holistic Medicine Practitioner

1730 SW Skyline Blvd UNIT 110 Portland, OR 97221
Kevin Coffeeman Sinclair

Dr Oberoi is very thorough, has deep insight into medical problems, and is like an expert detective - she keeps looking for the right answer until she finds it. Highly r ... more

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higi Logo


Health Consultant

451 NE 181st Ave Portland, OR 97230
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Shira's Infirmary Logo

Shira's Infirmary

Health Consultant

9604 S Kelly Ave Portland, OR 97219
Risa Stahl

Lots of attention to detail.

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Diana Egusa Health Coaching LLC Logo

Diana Egusa Health Coaching LLC

Health Consultant

3955 NE Mallory Ave Portland, OR 97212
Brian J Vandecoevering

Diana has been awesome as a health coach - she spent time with me to understand my goals and then worked to customize a program that works for me. I am so grateful and h ... more

( 6 Reviews )
Rising Sun Massage Logo

Rising Sun Massage

Massage Therapist, Health Consultant, Reiki Therapist

4120 NE Ainsworth Ct Portland, OR 97211
Mugsie Pike

Penny is so wonderful! I was in from out of town for a conference and a chronic shoulder injury got agitated by the flight in. Fortunately, she was able to squeeze me int ... more

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Pacific BodyMind Therapies Logo

Pacific BodyMind Therapies

Counselor, Health Consultant, Holistic Medicine Practitioner

2800 NE 70th Ave Portland, OR 97213
Andrine de la Rocha

Erica is a genius

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Better U Today - REAL Weight Loss Logo

Better U Today - REAL Weight Loss

Weight Loss Service, Health Consultant, Nutritionist

1137 SW Yamhill St #100b Portland, OR 97205
Derrick Hale

I have just started my journey this week. Samantha has been awesome and I am looking forward to reaching my goals on this program. I will be posting monthly updates about ... more

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HappyHands Alcohol Detox Portland OR Logo

HappyHands Alcohol Detox Portland OR

Health Consultant

8317 N Ivanhoe St Portland, OR 97203
Monshjay Davis

Great place the most friendliest people you'll ever meet

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Penny Hill, EFT Tapping for Stress Relief Logo

Penny Hill, EFT Tapping for Stress Relief

Health Consultant

4120 NE Ainsworth Ct Portland, OR 97211
Gail Serna

I had a tapping session with Penny Hill today. I loved it and tapping really works. If you are at the point where you are ready to release issues that have been holding y ... more

( 4 Reviews )
Cascadia Lactation Logo

Cascadia Lactation

Health Consultant

5412 SE 52nd Ave Portland, OR 97206
Nikki Guillot

Ashley is so compassionate and has seen it all. We really appreciated her insight and flexibility with a virtual visit.

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Plantiful Anna Logo

Plantiful Anna

Health Consultant

975 SE 11th Ave Portland, OR 97214
Johanna Martinez

I LOVE Anna's bubbly positivity and non-judgemental coaching style! Her programs have been invaluable to me for over a year now. I started working with her to get healthi ... more