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Cascade Medical Spa & Tattoo Removal Center Logo

Cascade Medical Spa & Tattoo Removal Center

Skin Care Clinic, Medical Spa, Laser Hair Removal Service

1292 SE Holgate Blvd Portland, Oregon 97202
Heather Updike

The clinicians and the facility's oversight doctor are very knowledgeable. They take time to assess an individual's needs/wants and then explain the best path to achieve ... more

( 288 Reviews )
Milano Body Piercing Logo

Milano Body Piercing

Body Piercing Shop

17068 Southeast McLoughlin Boulevard Portland, OR 97267
Hi Bye

got my industrial here february of last year, had a horrible time trying to get it to heal, called around june to make an appointment to get a downsize for the jewelry a ... more

( 19 Reviews )
Shamanic Ink Logo

Shamanic Ink

Tattoo Shop

3543 SE Belmont St Portland, OR 97214
Angela Mellen

Super professional, amazing rates and moreover...fantastic artistry! Husband has started his sleeve with Gabe over the weekend, can't wait to get back in and finish up! ... more

( 198 Reviews )
IRIS Piercing Studio and Jewelry Gallery Logo

IRIS Piercing Studio and Jewelry Gallery

Body Piercing Shop

6656 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR 97202
Eric Toombs

Great people and perfect work. Service: Nose piercing

( 35 Reviews )
Portland Tattoo Removal Logo

Portland Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal Service, Skin Care Clinic, Laser Hair Removal Service

8225 SW 19th Ave Portland, OR 97219
Katie Kent

I don't believe there's a better tattoo removal business - or practitioner - than Justin at Portland Tattoo Removal! Everything about my experience there was curated to b ... more

( 156 Reviews )
Removery Tattoo Removal & Fading Logo

Removery Tattoo Removal & Fading

Tattoo Removal Service, Medical Spa

4220 N Williams Ave Portland, OR 97217
Mikala Marshall

Yesterday I made a super spontaneous decision to finally call about removing a face tattoo ive had for roughly 5 years! Thanks to the kindness from the individual on the ... more

( 84 Reviews )
Plush Tattoo Logo

Plush Tattoo

Tattoo Shop, Permanent Make-up Clinic, Fortune Telling Services

1320 NW 20th Ave. Portland, OR 97209

They tattooed freckles on us -- Plush is incredible, professional, and kind. Highest recommendations!

( 153 Reviews )
The UnTattoo Parlor Logo

The UnTattoo Parlor

Tattoo Removal Service

1306 NW Hoyt St #205 Portland, OR 97209
Sheila P

The Untattoo Parlor was great. It was very clean, I had an appointment with Jacqueline Perte. I found her to be very professional, knowledgeable and kind.

( 144 Reviews )
Martian Arts Tattoo Studio Logo

Martian Arts Tattoo Studio

Tattoo Shop

3352 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland, OR 97214
Michelle Bonner

We had a great experience with the artist Adam. The shop was very clean, very friendly, they took extra care to make us feel comfortable and it made the whole process fun ... more

( 76 Reviews )
Soulfire Body Piercing & Tattoo Logo

Soulfire Body Piercing & Tattoo

Body Piercing Shop

2534 NW Vaughn St Portland, OR 97210
Jason Randolph

Took my wife here to get a birthday piercing. This establishment is extremely professional and clean. Astrid was her piercer and was fabulous! Explaining every step of t ... more

( 49 Reviews )
Zodiac Tattoo Logo

Zodiac Tattoo

Tattoo Shop

5621 SE Woodstock Blvd Portland, OR 97206
Garagon Draconi

The young man who did mine and my sister's ink was great. We had a great conversation while he was working on my arm. We even talked about future work for my lady and I.

( 110 Reviews )
Sellwood Tattoo Parlor Logo

Sellwood Tattoo Parlor

Tattoo Shop

8213 SE 17th Ave Portland, OR 97202
T Towers

Devon is such a sprite! I love her passion around doing first tattoos and educating those getting them. She did my daughter's first, my 3rd my son's 2 & 3rd (so far). The ... more

( 111 Reviews )
Thrive Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Center Logo

Thrive Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Center

Spa, Hair Removal Service, Laser Hair Removal Service

11850 SW 67th Ave #110 Portland, OR 97223
Esther Shin

My very 1st treatment at Thrive went great! Not only Lauren was awesome but everyone else was so nice and friendly. Very clean, calm and inviting atmosphere! Thank you!

( 109 Reviews )
DeRosso Brothers Tattoo and Barber Logo

DeRosso Brothers Tattoo and Barber

Barber Shop, Tattoo Shop

7907 SW 37th Ave Portland, OR 97219
Leo Pichette

Been seeing Luke for better part of the year now and wish Id been getting my hair cut here for years. The care and attention he gives each session, and the great conversa ... more

( 42 Reviews )
Ferngully Tattoo Studio Logo

Ferngully Tattoo Studio

Tattoo Shop

80 SE Madison St Portland, OR 97214
Dalia Zamarripa

Services: Fine line tattoos, Tattoo design

( 29 Reviews )
Piercing Pagoda-CLOSED Logo

Piercing Pagoda-CLOSED

Tattoo And Piercing Shop

2201 Lloyd Center, K-3 Portland, OR 97232
( 46 Reviews )
Timeless Tattoo Logo

Timeless Tattoo

Tattoo Shop

1218 SE 7th Ave Portland, OR 97214
Nathan Hanbury

Dymond is the man. Super accommodating and a true tattoo artist. Light handed, quick and quality. Just top quality work what more is there to say. I'll be back.

( 41 Reviews )
Evolved Arts Tattoo Studio Logo

Evolved Arts Tattoo Studio

Tattoo Shop

10 NE Shaver St Portland, OR 97212
Christopher Schuring

Laura Webber is THE person to go to if you have a delicate or intricate tattoo idea. She's also amazing at working with scars.

( 45 Reviews )


Tattoo Shop, Body Arts

1323 NE Fremont St #2218 Portland, OR 97212
Jonathan Foster

I love this shoppe. Everyone is so nice there and Avalon is the best and does amazing work. Can't wait for my next one.

( 48 Reviews )
Albatross Tattoo Logo

Albatross Tattoo

Tattoo Shop

1125 SE Division St #103 Portland, OR 97202
Joshua W

I have been tattooed by Trevor a few times. Extremely nice, funny, caring and doesn't take life so seriously like other posters do. I have a great time when I get to han ... more

( 51 Reviews )
Dire Wolf Tattoo Company Logo

Dire Wolf Tattoo Company

Tattoo Shop

1904 NE Broadway Portland, OR 97232
Carissa Fitzgerald

Skot is amazing. My husband got his first tattoo with him at Dire Wolf, it was a really nice, clean, and welcoming space with equally pleasant artists. If you're looking ... more

( 48 Reviews )
Girls & Roses Tattoo Studio Logo

Girls & Roses Tattoo Studio

Tattoo Shop

2117 NE Oregon St Ste 505 Portland, OR 97232
Mariah Charnley

THE BEST TATTOO EXPERIENCE. Ruben and Stephanie are the greatest hosts. Theyve created such a great simple, easy, approachable system for getting a gorgeous tattoo. The s ... more

( 47 Reviews )
Happy Camper Tattoo Logo

Happy Camper Tattoo

Tattoo Shop

3372 NE Sandy Blvd Portland, OR 97232
Amy Mendez

Redd was super helpful in answering all my questions! He made me feel comfortable and drew up something beautiful for me. Im very happy with my tattoo :)

( 131 Reviews )
Dead Gods Tattoo Logo

Dead Gods Tattoo

Tattoo Shop

11509 SW Pacific Hwy Portland, OR 97223
Maria N.

Friendly, clean, excellent customer service! First tattoos for my MIL and I, somewhat of a bonding experience and Mason treated us with the kindness and care you would ex ... more

( 138 Reviews )
Captain Jack's Tattoo School Logo

Captain Jack's Tattoo School

Tattoo Shop, School

6111 SE 82nd Ave Portland, OR 97266
Jeannie D.

Friendly people with great artistic abilities. During the time I was there I observed a lot that made me feel comfortable going to a school for the first time. (Cleanline ... more

( 277 Reviews )
Ritual Arts Logo

Ritual Arts

Tattoo And Piercing Shop, Body Piercing Shop, Tattoo Shop

2005 NE 42nd Ave #1304 Portland, OR 97213
Mackenzie Reynolds

I got my first piercing done at Ritual Arts. Andru is fabulous, they are knowledgeable and helped me feel comfortable and welcome. Many thanks.

( 185 Reviews )
New Rose Tattoo LLC Logo

New Rose Tattoo LLC

Tattoo Shop

4823 SE Division St Portland, OR 97206
Sarah Kinn

A comfortable, inviting, and clean space with amazing artists who are also awesome, kind, and accepting individuals. These are all by MJ Beaton and there are more that I ... more

( 69 Reviews )
Pearl MedSpa Logo

Pearl MedSpa

Plastic Surgeon, Alternative Medicine Practitioner, Day Spa

1339 NW Couch St Portland, OR 97209
A Reat

Ive been coming here for soo many years (dont even remember how long) and it has always been a great experience. Connie and Payton always go out of their way to give me t ... more

( 646 Reviews )
Adorn East Logo

Adorn East

Permanent Make-up Clinic, Body Piercing Shop, Ear Piercing Service

Adorn East, 3941 SE Hawthorne Blvd #3941 Portland, OR 97214
Maria Jimenez

They have great jewelry, but the staff is really rude. My partner and I went there and wanted to get piercings. We spoke to a piercer who kept rolling his eyes at us when ... more

( 12 Reviews )
The Electric Buffalo Tattoo Logo

The Electric Buffalo Tattoo

Tattoo Shop

1722 NW Raleigh St # 204 Portland, OR 97209
Ethan Boam

Aaron is amazing. I've had scars on my arm for years now that I've been waiting to get them covered up. He gave me an amazing, creative tattoo that's totaly original. Now ... more

( 190 Reviews )
Cosmetiq Medicine Logo

Cosmetiq Medicine

Laser Hair Removal Service, Tattoo Removal Service, Laser Hair Removal Service

10735 SE Stark St Suite 206 Portland, OR 97216

I'm 25 years old and this was my first time ever getting work done so I read tons of reviews and did plenty of research before going in. My main goal was to get under-eye ... more

( 36 Reviews )
Permanent Cosmetics Northwest Logo

Permanent Cosmetics Northwest

Permanent Make-up Clinic, Tattoo Shop, Beauty Supply Store

1820 S Vermont St Suite K Portland, OR 97219
D Corbitt

GreaT sales, got $18.00 slab of thick cut Bacon for $8.88. .. yummy!

( 96 Reviews )
Vertigo Tattoo LLC Logo

Vertigo Tattoo LLC

Tattoo Shop

17641 SE Stark St Portland, OR 97233
Zahin Rahman

Emily is the absolute best. Phenomenal artist with an incredible eye for detail. She did an excellent job with a tiger tattoo on my calf - the whole process from start to ... more

( 513 Reviews )
Adorn West Logo

Adorn West

Permanent Make-up Clinic, Tattoo Shop, Permanent Make-up Clinic

9217 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy Portland, OR 97225
casey a

Service: Philtrum piercing

( 130 Reviews )
Bollywood Eyebrow Threading Salon & Spa Logo

Bollywood Eyebrow Threading Salon & Spa

Beauty Salon, Hair Salon, Make-up Artist

3280 NW 185th Ave Portland, OR 97229
shruti agarwal

Not a good experience. Sejal ..mentioned 95 for both makeup and hair do, even their board said 115$ for both. After the stuff was done, she mentioned 195$ out of no wher ... more

( 125 Reviews )
Anatomy Tattoo Logo

Anatomy Tattoo

Tattoo Shop, Permanent Make-up Clinic

2820 NE Sandy Blvd Portland, OR 97232
Aurora Danley

Everyone is so nice, accommodating and very talented! One of my favorite tattoo shops to go to! Shoutout to Dev (@devdoestattoos on Instagram) who has done 9 of my tattoo ... more

( 161 Reviews )
Robot Piercing and Tattoo Logo

Robot Piercing and Tattoo

Tattoo And Piercing Shop, Body Piercing Shop

602 NW 23rd Ave Portland, OR 97210

Got my nostrils pierced here. It was super fast and straight forward, i was in and out in less than 20 minutes. They gave me good thorough info about aftercare too. The s ... more

( 36 Reviews )
Alternative Tattoo Logo

Alternative Tattoo

Tattoo Shop

4642 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy Portland, OR 97221
Dominique Taylor

Great shop! Great prices! Good time

( 20 Reviews )
Dust Tattoo Logo

Dust Tattoo

Tattoo Shop

1410 N Alberta St Portland, OR 97217
Tell Truth

Definitely probably harder to get an opponent now

( 78 Reviews )
Optic Nerve Arts Tattoo Logo

Optic Nerve Arts Tattoo

Tattoo Shop, Art Gallery

2224 NE Alberta St Portland, OR 97211
RS Hall

Great service, really good Pizza.

( 169 Reviews )
Historic Tattoo Logo

Historic Tattoo

Tattoo Shop

2001 SE 50th Ave Portland, OR 97215
K e a J e s s

I received my tattoo from Jason! Jason was so wonderful, very professional and precise! He spent 30 minutes helping me center my sternum tattoo to where it rested to my l ... more

( 1317 Reviews )
Paramount Tattoo Studio Logo

Paramount Tattoo Studio

Tattoo Shop, Body Piercing Shop

9921 SE Stark St Portland, OR 97216
Selina Washington

Current system of "online update for store hours" isn't really helpful if its not updated

( 73 Reviews )
Nomad Piercing Studio Logo

Nomad Piercing Studio

Body Piercing Shop, Ear Piercing Service

833 SE Main St #124 Portland, OR 97214
Julia Vickery

The shop is a little hard to find. It's upstairs, you can find the elevator in the breezeway. My 8 year old had her ears pierced here. Blake made both of us feel very com ... more

( 289 Reviews )
Black Hole Piercing and Tattoo Logo

Black Hole Piercing and Tattoo

Tattoo Shop, Tattoo And Piercing Shop, Tattoo Shop

2946 NE Glisan St Portland, OR 97232
Claire Hafer

Great people, great service, much better than expected. Highly recommend!

( 146 Reviews )
Lady Luck Tattoo Logo

Lady Luck Tattoo

Tattoo Shop

611 SE Morrison St Portland, OR 97214
Loren Corella

Medusa is easily my new favorite artist and the person I will go to for all my future tattoos! And its not just her thats amazing, everyone there makes the entire experie ... more

( 39 Reviews )
Blacklist Tattoo Logo

Blacklist Tattoo

Tattoo Shop

2401 NE Broadway Portland, OR 97232
Adam G.

Jodie did my tattoo yesterday and I love it. Although it's not a very complicated design, her lines are clean, straight where they need to be, and it looks as great as I ... more

( 13 Reviews )
Mi Bella Tattoo Logo

Mi Bella Tattoo

Tattoo Shop

15831 SE Division St Portland, OR 97236
daniel hunt

Neil is an amazing artist. He is honest! His prices are super fair. He know his stuff when it comes to creating a great custom tattoo. Very clean and percise when it come ... more

( 103 Reviews )
Infinity Tattoo Logo

Infinity Tattoo

Tattoo Shop

3316 N Lombard St Portland, OR 97217
Richard Flowers Jr.

Worst experience here. Caked and set up an appointment over the phone on a Wednesday seeing as we would be in town the weekend. Was told to email what we wanted, to Colby ... more

( 17 Reviews )
Floating Lotus Tattoo Logo

Floating Lotus Tattoo

Tattoo Shop, Body Arts

833 SE Main St Portland, OR 97214
Suzanne Dixon

I cannot say enough good things about Floating Lotus Tattoo. Really, Victoria is that good. She is a phenomenal artist and has such vision and wisdom about how your tatto ... more

( 56 Reviews )
Ink Therapy Tattoo Logo

Ink Therapy Tattoo

Tattoo Shop

9113 SW Barbur Blvd Portland, OR 97219
chris Regis

Anthony did a great job amd I really enjoyed the experience