Portland, OR Art Center

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Ive Been Framed- Art Supply Center Logo

Ive Been Framed- Art Supply Center

Art Supply Store, Art Center, Craft Store

4950 SE Foster Rd Portland, OR 97206
Gromett Moore

Found all the stuff I needed for my college class. Everyone was super friendly and helpful. I love this store!

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PDX Hackerspace Logo

PDX Hackerspace

Community Center, Woodworker, Print Shop

7608 N Interstate Ave Portland, OR 97217

I was denied membership with no explanation. Don't know if I didn't have the right clique cred or what. Took the tour, seemed cool (if small). Filled out application, ne ... more

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Bullseye Glass Resource Center Portland Logo

Bullseye Glass Resource Center Portland

Art Supply Store, Stained Glass Studio, Glass Merchant

3610 SE 21st Ave Portland, OR 97202
leone Bryson

The staff was so knowledgeable, the gentleman that helped us was fantastic

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Dance With Joy Studios Logo

Dance With Joy Studios

Dance School, Wedding Venue, Recreation Center

8051 SE 16th Ave Portland, OR 97202
Ursina T.

I have spent many happy hours in this studio and highly recommend it! I'm usually there for tango (with Rachel), but I also took some beginner classes in West Coast S ... more

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Parallax Art Center Logo

Parallax Art Center

Art Center

516 NW 14th Ave Portland, OR 97209
Harold McNaron

Mostly good sh*t. Reliably yummy.

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Holocene Logo


Night Club, Wedding Venue, Event Venue

1001 SE Morrison St Portland, OR 97214
Leonardo Jonathan

great club especially when it comes to sorry for party rocking/satisfaction edm bangers (yes, rave goers). One star down for being really hot and warm inside, gotta do so ... more

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Craft Store, Art Cafe, Art Center

3522 N Vancouver Ave Portland, OR 97227
Roux TheDay

Don't let the name fool you. No food, No drinks.

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Experiment PDX Logo

Experiment PDX

Children's Museum, Craft Store, Art Gallery

1421 SE Stark St Portland, OR 97214
Alan K.

Fun space. Great events, lovely owner, and a weekly game night! Go in and say hi to the bugs.

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Interstate Firehouse Cultural Logo

Interstate Firehouse Cultural

Art Center, Art Center

5340 N Interstate Ave Portland, OR 97217
karen Harris

The place it self is a good place to rent for events, the show we attended that night was awful

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Smartypants Logo


Art Center

5512 N Montana Ave Portland, OR 97217
Cendy Prator

I went to meet my Brice and her kids to hand out. It was a really cool place for kids to create, paint, and have done fun. You would have to go to understand and see for ... more

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Oak Street Building Logo

Oak Street Building

Art Center

232 SE Oak St #101 Portland, OR 97214

Affordable, pretty nice spaced studio for any group setting practice! I had music practice with 7 people and it was perfect space.

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Wacom Experience PDX Logo

Wacom Experience PDX

Art Center

1455 NW Irving St Portland, OR 97209
C L (CrystallikeIce)

Get to test out their products! Nice staff

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Art Haus Life Drawing @ Milepost 5 Logo

Art Haus Life Drawing @ Milepost 5

Art Center

8155 NE Oregon St Portland, OR 97213
Daniel Haile

It's great. There are good people there.

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High Low Art Space Logo

High Low Art Space

Art School, Art Studio, Art Gallery

936 SE 34th Ave Portland, OR 97214
Andrew Peterson

This art studio is fantastic! Maeve is an exceptional teacher and has a remarkable ability to explain complex art concepts. Looking forward to attending an upcoming works ... more

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Tourist Attraction, Tourist Attraction, Non-Profit Organization

15 NE Hancock St Portland, OR 97212
Aurelius Lillie

I choked and died on smoke, but the music brought me back to life.

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Bicycle Art Logo

Bicycle Art

Art Center

400 SW 13th Ave Portland, OR 97205
Michael Pommer

Just a bunch of bicycles on a pole

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Steel Door Art Gallery Logo

Steel Door Art Gallery

Arts Organization, Art Center, Art Dealer

2412 NW Raleigh St Portland, OR 97210
Fern Greenberg

Good collections!

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Broad Space LLC Logo

Broad Space LLC

Art Center, Event Venue

425 SE 3rd Ave #305 Portland, OR 97214
Leticia Juarez-Sisson

Love having a dedicated space with a view!

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Portland Abbey Arts Logo

Portland Abbey Arts

Art Center

7600 N Hereford Ave Portland, OR 97203
Rob Stoltz

Flim-flam. I think it's dead and gone

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New Day Center for the Arts Logo

New Day Center for the Arts

Art Center

5516 SE Foster Rd Portland, OR 97206
Jose Ignacio Garcia Ortiz

Went to salsa social and they never opened

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Scout & Co., LLC Logo

Scout & Co., LLC

Art Center

5229 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Ste. 103 Portland, OR 97211
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River Street Studios Logo

River Street Studios

Art Center

820 N River St Portland, OR 97227
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Art From the Heart Logo

Art From the Heart

Art Center, Art Center

4852 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Portland, OR 97211
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Grant Art Building Logo

Grant Art Building

Art Center

2445 NE 36th Ave Portland, OR 97212
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FLOCK Dance Center Logo

FLOCK Dance Center

Art Center

2516 NW 29th Ave STE 60 Portland, OR 97210
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Taylor Electric Building Logo

Taylor Electric Building

Art Center

2 SE Clay St Portland, OR 97214
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UpLife Logo


Art Center

424 NE Killingsworth St Portland, OR 97211
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Studio Akimbo Logo

Studio Akimbo

Art Center

2127 N Albina Ave UNIT 315 Portland, OR 97227
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Zimbabwe Artists Project Logo

Zimbabwe Artists Project

Art Center

107 SE Washington St #162, Ste 162 Portland, OR 97214
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L. Alan Arts Logo

L. Alan Arts

Art Center

4810 NE Garfield Ave. Portland, OR 97211
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Misfit Academy Logo

Misfit Academy

Art Center

210 SE Madison St Portland, OR 97214