Atlanta, GA Immigration Attorney

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Lopez Immigration LLC

Immigration Attorney

3350 Northlake Pkwy NE Atlanta, Georgia 30345
prince okyere-boateng

I will recommend Lopez immigration to anyone with immigration issues. They will handle your case with professionalism and help you achieve an outstanding result. They are ... more

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Ross & Pines, LLC

Immigration Attorney

5555 Glenridge Connector, Suite 435 Atlanta, Georgia 30342

Noah Pines is the BEST lawyer ever!!!! I am so happy that my good friend recommended me to him! Noah truly helped my brother with his case!! Just pay him in full and the ... more

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Elliott Immigration Law LLC

Immigration Attorney

2310 Parklake Dr NE Suite 284 Atlanta, GA 30345
G Bodei

I had a wonderful experience with Carrie for my immigration case. She always went above and beyond and kept me in the loop throughout this whole process. She has made the ... more

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Diaz & Gaeta Law

Personal Injury Attorney, Immigration Attorney

1700 Water Pl SE Unit 110 Atlanta, Georgia 30339
Juan Pedro Moreno

Excellent results and close attention. Very good work!!!

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Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc.

Immigration Attorney

303 Peachtree St #4100 Atlanta, GA 30308
Buckeye88 Global

Ms. Shirazi is very knowledgeable immigration attorney and most importantly, with vast network of contacts in that arena. She can make good things happen with 1% chance o ... more

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Immigration Law Center LLC

Immigration Attorney

2100 Parklake Dr NE, Ste D Atlanta, Georgia 30345
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Kuck Baxter

Immigration Attorney

365 Northridge Rd Atlanta, Georgia 30350
Juana Toro Alvarado

By this means I want to thank God first and the Kuck Baxter Family for the great help in obtaining Entry to the United States. They have been Efficient in what they do. T ... more

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Bader Scott Injury Lawyers

Personal Injury Attorney, Criminal Justice Attorney, Family Law Attorney

3384 Peachtree Rd NE, #500 Atlanta, GA 30326
Tianna Patterson

Micheal was very helpful and made sure he got all the right information.

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Malone Immigration Law, LLC

Immigration Attorney

3355 Lenox Rd NE, Suite 750 Atlanta, Georgia 30326
Johan Murcia

Brian is an amazing person to work with, we worked together for almost two years and even that he moved from Charleston to Atlanta he always answered all my questions and ... more

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Schwartz Posel Immigration Law Grp

Immigration Attorney

5500 Interstate North Pkwy Atlanta, GA 30328
Shamsu Charania

Outstanding representation even for complex cases. Got me through the entire immigration process up till my citizenship. THANK YOU SAM RADIN!!!

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Hudani Immigration Law

Immigration Attorney

300 Galleria Pkwy SE Ste 960 Atlanta, GA 30339
Thomas Vescovo

Thamk you so muxh for all your help.

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Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc.

Immigration Attorney

303 Peachtree St NE, Suite 4100 Atlanta, GA 30308
Jessica C

(Translated by Google) I hired Shirazi Immigration for a criminal immigration case on Saturday 10/30 and she was able to quickly and effectively resolve my husbands case ... more

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Sharma Law Offices, LLC

Immigration Attorney

2255 Cumberland Pkwy SE Bldg 1200 Suite 120 Atlanta, Georgia 30339
Ibrahim El-Shekeil

I had a fantastic experience with Sharma Law Offices, LLC. They were incredibly organized and provided honest guidance throughout the entire process. Their expertise and ... more

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Akpele & Associates LLC

Immigration Attorney

3355 Lenox Rd NE Ste 600 Atlanta, GA 30326
Vincent Adeyemi

Stay away from her. I paid her to get an immigration file since October. She never got back to me and each time I call her office she's never available. They always promi ... more

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Velloza & Associates, LLC

Immigration Attorney

2295 Parklake Dr NE #466 Atlanta, Georgia 30345
Keke Cooksey (YRC)

I I recieved the best most affordable professional service from Velloza and Staff They are very knowledgeable, very understanding very patient and empathetic everything i ... more

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Alien Attorney Atlanta

Immigration Attorney

1175 Peachtree St NE Suite 1000 Atlanta, GA 30361
Lori Slaton

We had a great experience with Pandeli he is taking care of my whole process. I do recommend him to everyone !

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Levine & Eskandari LLC Logo

Levine & Eskandari LLC

Attorney, Attorney, Immigration Attorney

280 Interstate N Cir SE UNIT 450 Atlanta, GA 30339
Sanat Kohli

My family has worked with Levine & Eskandari LLC and Mr. Kenneth Levine on multiple cases over the past 10 years. Ken has successfully assisted us ranging from work and b ... more

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The Hottle Law Firm, LLC

Immigration Attorney

1100 Spring St NW #316 Atlanta, GA 30309
Erick Martinez

Mrs Hottle and her staff was simply amazing. My case was a very complex case but her determination and professionalism helped us with the status adjustment. She was alw ... more

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The Fogle Law Firm, LLC Logo

The Fogle Law Firm, LLC

Immigration Attorney

75 14th Street NE, #3050 Atlanta, GA 30309
Fusion Surge

I am writing this review to highly recommend the services of The Fogle Law Firm for everyone regardless of whether your case is simple or very complex like mine. From hel ... more

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Zambrano and Ruiz Immigration Attorneys

Immigration Attorney

1995 N Park Pl SE Suite 360 Atlanta, GA 30339
Betty Montenegro

I highly recommend Zambrano y Ruiz for any immigration process. Alexis Ruiz was exceptional in helping me obtain my citizenship. Her expertise and dedication made the pro ... more

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L Marcius Joseph & Associates LLC Logo

L Marcius Joseph & Associates LLC

Immigration Attorney

2900 Chamblee Tucker Rd bldg 4-200 Atlanta, GA 30341
Dufresne Pierre

I had a nice and positive experience with Attorney Lana Marcius Joseph, regarding a speed ticket that a police officer gave me on the Georgia side while returning from Fl ... more

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Thiru & Doyle, LLC Logo

Thiru & Doyle, LLC

Immigration Attorney

1900 Century Pl NE Suite 220 Atlanta, GA 30345
Hashini Herath

I want to express my gratitude to Audra Doyle immigration team for their outstanding work on my EB2-NIW case. This team is simply the best, and they are very professional ... more

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The Fogle Law Firm, LLC Logo

The Fogle Law Firm, LLC

Immigration Attorney, Immigration & Naturalization Service

55 Ivan Allen Jr Blvd NW #830 Atlanta, GA 30308
Danny Ali

Working with Fogle Law Firm has been the best decision I have ever made in my life. My journey to become a US permanent resident started back in 2014. I had a very compli ... more

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Reynolds Law Group, LLC Logo

Reynolds Law Group, LLC

General Practice Attorney, Administrative Attorney, Criminal Justice Attorney

Lenox Towers, 3390 Peachtree Rd NE #1100 Atlanta, GA 30326
Rodney Blu

Wow. The best experience I've had with anyone in the field of law and entertainment. Mr. Reynolds phoned me personally after leaving a message with his office, just as I ... more

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Immigration law office of Zainab-Khan, LLC Logo

Immigration law office of Zainab-Khan, LLC

Immigration Attorney

1870 The Exchange SE #200 Atlanta, GA 30339

Great courtesy and customer service right at the entrance of the firm till you leave.....great people I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you guys!!!

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Weinstock Immigration Lawyers Logo

Weinstock Immigration Lawyers

Immigration Attorney, Immigration & Naturalization Service

1827 Independence Square Atlanta, GA 30338
Thomas Kaleekal

I chose Weinstock immigration Lawyers after spending some time reviewing a bunch of immigration law firms after seeing solidly favorable reviews for help with my mothers ... more

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Kennedy, Nalepa & Soloway, P.C. Logo

Kennedy, Nalepa & Soloway, P.C.

Immigration Attorney

1800 Century Pl NE # 100 Atlanta, GA 30345
Ali AY

We had a great experience working with Tara Nalepa on our spouse's green card case. She gave us a lot of confidence in the process, prepared our documents in a timely man ... more

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Immigration Attorney

750 Hammond Dr building 10 suite 300 Atlanta, GA 30328
Zhantao Liu

Great services.

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Davies & Associates, LLC     Immigration Lawyers Logo

Davies & Associates, LLC Immigration Lawyers

Immigration Attorney

1010 Midtown, 1075 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309, USA Atlanta, Georgia 30309
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Sessoms Law Group, LLC Logo

Sessoms Law Group, LLC

Immigration Attorney, Criminal Justice Attorney

2801 Buford Hwy NE #160 Atlanta, GA 30329
Marelyn P

Kamala and her team are the best at what they do they have been so helpful and patient with my family and I throughout our whole process they became like family to us tha ... more

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Law Office of Attorney David Cheng Logo

Law Office of Attorney David Cheng

Immigration Attorney

260 Peachtree St NW Suite 2200 Atlanta, GA 30303
Charlie Puth

David took his time to reach out to me and provided invaluable consultation on my immigration case, free of charge. I will certainly reach out to him again if I need assi ... more

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Brownstein & Nguyen, LLC Logo

Brownstein & Nguyen, LLC

Attorney, Immigration Attorney, Legal Services

2295 Parklake Dr NE #460 Atlanta, GA 30345
Lc Giang

Thanks for consultation

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Marti Law Firm, LLC Logo

Marti Law Firm, LLC

Immigration Attorney

3225 Cumberland Blvd SE Suite 100 Atlanta, GA 30339
Ana Cajina Everhart

In these difficult times in which Central Americans are immigrating to the North, Attorney Marti assisted me in the bail bond process for my brother in the state of Georg ... more

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The Prince Firm, LLC Logo

The Prince Firm, LLC

Immigration Attorney, Civil Law Attorney, Personal Injury Attorney

2302 Parklake Dr NE Suite 620 Atlanta, GA 30345
Rose Holland

I Highly recommend The Prince Firm LLC for any immigration services! They were incredibly knowledgeable, efficient, and supportive throughout the entire process. I am so ... more

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Kaysee Legal Group, LLC Logo

Kaysee Legal Group, LLC

Attorney, Civil Law Attorney, Family Law Attorney

2302 Parklake Dr NE Atlanta, GA 30345
Stacia Johnson

Attorney Kaysee, I truly appreciate your professionalism and responsiveness. Thank you so much for all of your assistance in making a diffult situation a lot less stres ... more

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Immigration Attorney, Estate Planning Attorney, Real Estate Attorney

2302 Parklake Dr NE Suite 340 Atlanta, GA 30345
Marques Lunn

Awesome services would highly recommend!!!!

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Acker Berger Immigration Law LLC Logo

Acker Berger Immigration Law LLC

Immigration Attorney

303 Perimeter Center N #300 Atlanta, GA 30346
Samer Falahat

Acker Berger Law provides excellent service. Ive worked with twice now, and both times were superb. I got my E2 visa approval in just 12 days the first time and within f ... more

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Ibrahim & Rao LLC Logo

Ibrahim & Rao LLC

Immigration Attorney

3339 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd Atlanta, GA 30341
Rufino Bautista

Is good layer lbrahim

( 387 Reviews )


Immigration Attorney, Law Firm

3190 Northeast Expy #220 Atlanta, GA 30341
Elvin Mencia

First of all, I thank God because he was with us in this process. I also thank the lawyer Thad Servi and the paralegal Yasmin Ramos. Thank you for your hard work. I was a ... more

( 102 Reviews )
The Moreno Law Firm LLC Logo

The Moreno Law Firm LLC

Attorney, Immigration Attorney, Law Firm

2853 Henderson Mill Rd Atlanta, GA 30341
Julian Puerta

Great service! As fast as they could do the work and it got completed and done correctly. Case closed on time and the team did a great job with everything. Now my wife is ... more

( 369 Reviews )
Solano Law Firm, LLC Logo

Solano Law Firm, LLC

Immigration Attorney, Trial Attorney, Legal Services

1900 Century Pl NE Suite 222 Atlanta, GA 30345
Alden Charlemagne

Great law firm I love the team work they're really fast on working on your case.

( 46 Reviews )
Rampersad Immigration Law Logo

Rampersad Immigration Law

Immigration Attorney

3088 Mercer University Dr #200 Atlanta, GA 30341
Utpal Patel

I personally dont recommend, very hard to get in touch with staff & no one responds to calls or emails. Very disappointed.

( 11 Reviews )
Gibbons Law Offices, LLC Logo

Gibbons Law Offices, LLC

Immigration Attorney

3401 Norman Berry Dr #109 Atlanta, GA 30344
Mackenderson Meme

Working with Mrs Gwenne on my immigration process was very great, shes very helpful, professional, friendly, responsive with any issues or questions, she really works har ... more

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Jean Padberg & Associates, P.C. Logo

Jean Padberg & Associates, P.C.

Immigration Attorney

3136 Clairmont Rd Atlanta, GA 30329
Shami Khan

Highly recommended! Jean Padberg & Associate works in a very professional way. Best experience on my case with Mrs. Audra 💯

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Garvish Immigration Law Group, LLC Logo

Garvish Immigration Law Group, LLC

Immigration Attorney

2970 Peachtree Rd NW #525 Atlanta, GA 30305
Jeff Maloba


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Antonini & Cohen Immigration Law Group Logo

Antonini & Cohen Immigration Law Group

Immigration Attorney, Immigration & Naturalization Service

2751 Buford Hwy NE Suite 500 Atlanta, GA 30324
Ozer Akin

They have been taking care of my visa last 6 years They are great with experience to deal with immigration Thank You Ms Karnani Thank You Ms Campagne Thank You Ms Avenda ... more

( 35 Reviews )
The Dhanani Law Firm, LLC Logo

The Dhanani Law Firm, LLC

Immigration Attorney

1100 Peachtree St NE #200 Atlanta, GA 30309

Rahim Dhanani is a true professional - not only is he competent and intelligent, but highly compassionate in what he does. He acknowledged the situation on hand and offe ... more

( 3 Reviews )
Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophete, LLP Logo

Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophete, LLP

Attorney, Labor Relations Attorney, Immigration Attorney

230 Peachtree St # 2400 Atlanta, GA 30303
Angela Kneale

Very professional

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Merolla and Gold, LLP Logo

Merolla and Gold, LLP

General Practice Attorney, General Practice Attorney, General Practitioner

75 14th St NW Atlanta, GA 30309
Joe Brennan

Excellent attorney. Helped me sell a business to a PE firm and was timely and accurate and one of the few times I did not feel like I was being billed excessively! Stra ... more

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Immigration Attorney, Immigration & Naturalization Service, Immigration Detention Centre

5725 Buford Hwy Ne, Ste 215 Atlanta, GA 30340
Robinson Contreras

Great lawyer