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Your CBD Store | SUNMED - Ashburn, VA Logo

Your CBD Store | SUNMED - Ashburn, VA

Organic Shop, Organic Shop

44921 George Washington Blvd #110 Ashburn, VA 20147
Patrick Drennan

Great THC products in the store!

( 55 Reviews )
EatLoco Farmers Market at Brambleton Logo

EatLoco Farmers Market at Brambleton

Produce Market, Farmers' Market

22850 Brambleton Plaza Ashburn, VA 20148
Ritvik Nag

This is truly one of the more underrated farmers' markets. Just to be clear, this is one of the highest ratings I have given to any farmers market, and that should def sa ... more

( 604 Reviews )
Ashburn Farm Market Center Logo

Ashburn Farm Market Center

Shopping Mall, Grocery Store, Restaurant

43761 Junction Plaza Ashburn, VA 20147
Susan Slugg

Not a lot to offer. The Giant is rather small and expensive.

( 359 Reviews )
Harris Teeter Logo

Harris Teeter

Grocery Store

42780 Creek View Plz ASHBURN, Virginia 20147
Ben Gump

Rude staff, especially the individual in the light blue polo shirt standing by the self checkout. Very condescending and inconsiderate. Definitely not coming back to this ... more

( 409 Reviews )
Harris Teeter Logo

Harris Teeter

Grocery Store

43300 Southern Walk Plz Ashburn, Virginia 20148
Suri Dash

We LOVE this Harris Teeter! Friendly staff, great variety of grocery, and convenient pharmacy and gas station with it.

( 339 Reviews )
Giant Food Logo

Giant Food

Grocery Store

44110 Ashburn Shopping Plz Ashburn, Virginia 20147
Shannon Sedlak

Smelled a lot of cleaning solution when shopping in store. Otherwise a good grocery store.

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Giant Food Logo

Giant Food

Grocery Store

43330 Junction Plaza Ashburn, Virginia 20147
Antonio Bl

The pharmacy service's horrible don't know exactly what they Doing most of the time they mix my medicine and they give me the wrong medicine and they not organized at all ... more

( 1074 Reviews )
Nando's PERi-PERi Logo

Nando's PERi-PERi

Chicken Restaurant, South African Restaurant, Chicken Shop

20556 Easthampton Plaza Ashburn, VA 20147
Andrew Noronha

Recommended dishes Fries, Peri Chicken More

( 8 Reviews )
7-Eleven Logo


Convenience Store

21880 RYAN CENTER PKWY Ashburn, VA 20147
Angel Alvarado

(Translated by Google) Very good place to buy something to eat And buy some snack It's full of things (Original) Muy buen lugar para comprar algo de comer Y comprar algu ... more

( 301 Reviews )



43150 Broadlands Ctr Plaza Ashburn, Virginia 20148
George M

Love it. My go to supermarket! Awesome prices

( 12 Reviews )
7-Eleven Logo


Convenience Store

43305 JUNCTION PLAZA Ashburn, VA 20147
George M


( 267 Reviews )
Giant Food Logo

Giant Food

Grocery Store

43670 Greenway Corp Drive Ashburn, Virginia 20147
Brian Fox

Well stocked and very pleasant employees.

( 39 Reviews )
Walgreens Logo


Drug Store

42820 Creek View Plz Ashburn, Virginia 20147
Pegah Javanbakht

The pharmacy doctor/Manager on this location is very rude. Stopped by to pick up my second prescription by another doctor and she refused to give me the medication becaus ... more

( 36 Reviews )
7-Eleven Logo


Convenience Store

20630 ASHBURN RD Ashburn, VA 20147

Always stop off here to pick up a few lottery tickets except when the ticket machines were not working. Finally took a few pictures of the inside as the owner was trainin ... more

( 114 Reviews )
Four Season Pastry Logo

Four Season Pastry

Pastry Shop

20931 Ashburn Rd Suite 100 Ashburn, VA 20147
Sheida Jowkar

If you never tried Persian sweets this is the only place it can give you the best experience

( 30 Reviews )
Velvet Cake Logo

Velvet Cake

Cake Shop

21632 Monmouth Terrace Ashburn, VA 20147
Theresa Cornett

I ordered a cake for my parents 50th anniversary party and it was delicious. Beautifully designed, elegant and tasty. All the guests loved it and so did I. Thank you!

( 77 Reviews )
Walgreens Logo


Drug Store

20321 Susan Leslie Dr Ashburn, Virginia 20147
ItsKade MAN

Always a long wait, drive through is always broken. Staff is friendly but can never get in and out of the place.

( 54 Reviews )
Filling Co. Gas & Grub Logo

Filling Co. Gas & Grub

Convenience Store

20050 Ashbrook Commons Plaza Ashburn, VA 20147
Lindsay Navas

Amazing staff, very helpful and kind. DoorDash driver delivered the wrong ordered and they took the time to remake my order and deliver it. Food here is amazing!! 100% re ... more

( 286 Reviews )
Bruster's Real Ice Cream Logo

Bruster's Real Ice Cream

Ice Cream Shop, Frozen Yogurt Shop, Dessert Shop

43150 Broadlands Center Plaza Suite 114 Ashburn, VA 20148
Anne Qu

Everything is good. Feel like the taste is a little too sweet to my Asian standards.

( 11 Reviews )
Albaik house Logo

Albaik house

Grocery Store, Butcher Shop

21760 Beaumeade Cir Suite #125 Ashburn, VA 20147
Abdullah Ageed

Great quality and reasonable prices.

( 28 Reviews )
Circle K Logo

Circle K

Convenience Store, Gas Station, Diesel Fuel Supplier

44680 Wellfleet Dr Ashburn, VA 20147
Jeffrey Chandler

The only place you can get the purple thunder Mt dew flavor!

( 948 Reviews )
Patel Brothers Logo

Patel Brothers

Indian Grocery Store, Supermarket

43761 Parkhurst Plaza Ashburn, VA 20147
thainee xavie

Good stock of groceries. BUT SWAD brand cheaper than all other popular brand which are cheaper in other asian stores? Quality of SWAD? Compromised! Must think twice to b ... more

( 999 Reviews )
Brambleton Town Center Logo

Brambleton Town Center

Shopping Mall, Doctor, Grocery Store

42395 Ryan Rd Ashburn, VA 20148
William Wright

very friendly and great coffee

( 210 Reviews )
EatLoco One Loudoun Farmers Market Logo

EatLoco One Loudoun Farmers Market

Farmers' Market, Produce Market

C Hogan

Fun way to get some steps and support Loudoun County farm economy and food trucks.

( 149 Reviews )
The Wine'ing Butcher Market Logo

The Wine'ing Butcher Market

Butcher Shop, Wine Store, Seafood Market

20915 Ashburn Rd Suite 120 Ashburn, VA 20147
Scarlett Sutton

The employee was very friendly and clearly loved his work, but there wasn't as a big a selection of wine as I'd expect from someplace with "wine" in the name. The butcher ... more

( 1563 Reviews )
Lotte Plaza Market - Ashburn Logo

Lotte Plaza Market - Ashburn

Asian Grocery Store, Supermarket

43930 Farmwell Hunt Plaza Ashburn, VA 20148
Navaneetha uppu

It's an Asian specially Indian Chinese groceries store. You get fresh veggies, fruits, packed items like snacks, spices, grains, lentils, everything Asians use in their ... more

( 1027 Reviews )
Lidl Logo


Grocery Store, Supermarket, Produce Market

21285 Coopers Hawk Dr Ashburn, VA 20148
Rosanne Penningroth

I absolutely loved the bakery area. The bread and rolls were delicious.

( 33 Reviews )
Sheetz Logo


Convenience Store

19910 Riverside Cmns Plz Ashburn, VA 20147
Nelly Angeles

(Translated by Google) I will definitely come back, I had a pleasant experience with two very attentive ladies, Saraid and Julissa, thank you very much for understanding ... more

( 0 Reviews )
Harris Teeter Logo

Harris Teeter

Grocery Store

20070 Ashbrook Commons Plz Unit 151 Ashburn, Virginia 20147
( 103 Reviews )
CVS Logo


Drug Store, Wine Store, Vitamin & Supplements Store

23684 Strickland Dr Ashburn, VA 20148
Nirmala devi Nallasamy

I have been calling the pharmacy for three days for my prescription refill. They give some reason every time and doesn't work to resolve the issue. Finally the doctor's o ... more

( 480 Reviews )
Lidl Logo


Grocery Store, Supermarket, Produce Market

44175 Ashbrook Marketplace Plaza Ashburn, VA 20147
Soleil kabyle


( 25 Reviews )
Sunoco Logo


Gas Station, Convenience Store

43974 Pipeline Plaza Ashburn, VA 20147
Matthan Easterlin

Good sandwiches and the one of the few gas stations for miles.

( 46 Reviews )
Delhi Bazaar Logo

Delhi Bazaar

Indian Grocery Store, Flea Market, Grocery Store

44260 Ice Rink Plaza # 110 Ashburn, VA 20147
Java learn

Obscene display of arrogance from the owner!! Google says the hours are until 9pm, we get there at 8:45 to pick up a quick couple of things, and the owner straight up wal ... more

( 150 Reviews )
Dollar Tree Logo

Dollar Tree

Variety Store, Craft Store, Discount Store

43150 Broadlands Center Plaza Suite 110 Ashburn, VA 20148
Jes 4This

WHY did I stop here. Slow service due to helping the balloon customers..always here. So your dollar is no longer a dollar if you get paid 50 an hour. My last time her ... more

( 31 Reviews )
Ariana Bazar is now called My Home Groceries(We are Open) Logo

Ariana Bazar is now called My Home Groceries(We are Open)

Grocery Store

21760 Beaumeade Cir Suite #125 Ashburn, VA 20147
Prassanni Sharma

Very well organized and tried his best to get everything in my list. Curb side pick up was very convenient and efficient. Thank you for stepping in time of need.

( 174 Reviews )
Mahi Bazaar LLC Logo

Mahi Bazaar LLC

Grocery Store

21770 Beaumeade Cir Ashburn, VA 20147
Nikokar, Shams

Good place to buy Halal meat, you can see, chose and buy it. A little price but be honest on prices and tagging really helps their Royal customers.

( 57 Reviews )
Shell Logo


Gas Station, Convenience Store, Car Wash

44245 Ice Rink Plaza Ashburn, VA 20147
hadj Han

I recently visited the gas station that advertised a touchless car wash, and unfortunately, my experience left me feeling quite disappointed. The machine used at this par ... more

( 1159 Reviews )
Trader Joe's Logo

Trader Joe's

Grocery Store, Cheese Shop, Fresh Food Market

44755 Brimfield Dr Ashburn, VA 20147
Stephen Garnier

Good for all the stuff that is harder to find at the larger markets. They have the staples also, but you will pay more.

( 4 Reviews )
Mediterranean Market Logo

Mediterranean Market

Grocery Store

21760 Beaumeade Cir Ashburn, VA 20147
Nana Gobran

What's your phone number please

( 105 Reviews )
More Ind-Pak Groceries Halalmeat Logo

More Ind-Pak Groceries Halalmeat

Indian Grocery Store

43540 Yukon Dr Ashburn, VA 20147
Yuva Kishore

Found nail in the food

( 22 Reviews )
Sunoco Gas Station Logo

Sunoco Gas Station

Gas Station, Convenience Store, Car Wash

42870 Truro Parish Dr Ashburn, VA 20148

Worst service , bad attitude , no smile at cashiers faces , no greetings , not once or twice , it happened thrice and on top of that they refuse to cash a ticket for $5 d ... more

( 5 Reviews )
7-Eleven Logo


Convenience Store

43971 Farmwell Hunt Plaza ASHBURN, VA 20147
Rebecca In America.

The cashier is so cheap and rude. He started to curse us in Indian language without any reason. DO NOT GO THERE

( 5 Reviews )
7-Eleven Logo


Convenience Store

42870 Truro Parish Drive Ashburn, VA 20148
Izzi Aliriza

Guy here just stole my change i put on the tank. He must steal cents from every customer and rack up a couple bucks a day Edit.. went there again for apple juice. I drank ... more

( 5 Reviews )
7-Eleven Logo


Convenience Store

43740 Parkhurst Plaza ASHBURN, VA 20147
januka basnet

first of all i am satisfied for my duty and job, in this areas 90% customer have honest and helpful and my employ team helpful for each other other too.

( 2 Reviews )
Prime Gourmet LLC Logo

Prime Gourmet LLC

Gift Basket Store, Bakery, Cheese Shop

20691 Ashburn Rd Ashburn, VA 20147
Simran Behl


( 142 Reviews )
My Home Groceries Halal Meat, Bakery, Chaat & More Logo

My Home Groceries Halal Meat, Bakery, Chaat & More

Indian Grocery Store

21760 Beaumeade Cir #125 Ashburn, VA 20147
A Google User

Best goat meat you can get, very tender and juicy. Definitely recommend to try it.

( 22 Reviews )
Priya Spices/Ashburn Logo

Priya Spices/Ashburn

Grocery Store

20630 Ashburn Rd # 160 Ashburn, VA 20147
Jitu Champaneri

Ask for one plastic container , he got mad even though i ofer him $5 for it!!!

( 5 Reviews )
EatLoco Farmers Market at Loudoun Station Logo

EatLoco Farmers Market at Loudoun Station

Farmers' Market

22050 Eastside Dr Ashburn, VA 20147
Ritvik Nag

The selection of vendors here is pretty swell. The vendors here are decent enough, and some are even nice. So far I have come about twice or so here. Mostly passing by du ... more

( 21 Reviews )
In & Out Market Logo

In & Out Market

Convenience Store

21807 Shellhorn Rd Ashburn, VA 20147
Ram kunwar

Good product and good price more than other store

( 8 Reviews )
The Wine'ing Butcher Restaurant Logo

The Wine'ing Butcher Restaurant

Butcher Shop

20915 Ashburn Rd Suite 115 Ashburn, VA 20147
Natalie Corley

Delicious bread and au jus sauce on the sandwich. The staff was friendly and helpful. Lots of beverage options i.e. wine and beer. Premade baked goods, sides, and fresh ... more