San Diego, CA Engineering Consultant

( 16 Reviews )
Dassault Systmes Logo

Dassault Systmes

Software Company, Biotechnology Engineer, Mining Consultant

5005 Wateridge Vis Dr San Diego, CA 92121
Vernon Forbes

An amazing place to work!!

( 1 Reviews )
Infinita Lab Logo

Infinita Lab

Engineering Consultant

402 W Broadway Suite 400 San Diego, CA 92101
Paul Bosomworth

We have a good working relationship with Infinita Lab. They were very helpful in helping us complete a mechanical testing project. Very reliable! They also follow up freq ... more

( 12 Reviews )
BorgWarner Logo


Engineering Consultant

10915 Technology Pl San Diego, CA 92127
Frank A

God bless this company and their employees for providing a free DCFC (DC fast charger) for the general public's Electric Vehicles.

( 2 Reviews )
Wave Loch LLC Logo

Wave Loch LLC

Engineering Consultant, Manufacturer

9747 Olson Dr San Diego, CA 92121
adam nordman

Its been 10 years since your first and last review, heres to another 10.

( 3 Reviews )
Flight Evolved Logo

Flight Evolved

Mapping Service, Engineering Consultant, Corporate Office

10441 Roselle St suite c San Diego, CA 92121
Deb Jean

There are a lot of drone companies out there with a very WIDE variety of skills and equipment. This makes it particularly hard to know who you're hiring. We hired Flight ... more

( 1 Reviews )
Terracon Consultants Logo

Terracon Consultants

Engineering Consultant

9123 Chesapeake Dr San Diego, CA 92123
( 1 Reviews )
Blue Sky Scientific, LLC Logo

Blue Sky Scientific, LLC

Engineering Consultant

11413 W Bernardo Ct San Diego, CA 92127
Joshua Cumpian

Great businesses

( 1 Reviews )
Olympus Controls Logo

Olympus Controls

Engineering Consultant

10451 Roselle St UNIT 100 San Diego, CA 92121
( 2 Reviews )
Drake Integrations Logo

Drake Integrations

Engineering Consultant

2515 Camino del Rio S #338 San Diego, CA 92108
Philip Lewis

Very professional and they perform great work

( 1 Reviews )
United Total Otie International Logo

United Total Otie International

Engineering Consultant

2247 San Diego Ave #238 San Diego, CA 92110
( 1 Reviews )
Talon Communications Inc Logo

Talon Communications Inc

Engineering Consultant

3750 Convoy St San Diego, CA 92111
Ruben Vasquez

I had an internship job here ... everything is so professionaly done ... All thier inventions are amazing

( 1 Reviews )
JD7 Logo


Engineering Consultant

7710 Kenamar Ct San Diego, CA 92121
christopher espinoza

I work here

( 1 Reviews )
Freebody Inc Logo

Freebody Inc

Engineering Consultant

4268 Sierra Vista San Diego, CA 92103
Jackie Herman

Incredible book

( 2 Reviews )
Highbury Defense Group Logo

Highbury Defense Group

Engineering Consultant

2725 Congress St #1M San Diego, CA 92110
( 0 Reviews )
2M Locating, LLC Logo

2M Locating, LLC

Engineering Consultant

1001 Garnet Avenue, Suite 200 San Diego, CA 92109
( 2 Reviews )
Oerlikon Metco (US) Inc. Logo

Oerlikon Metco (US) Inc.

Engineering Consultant, Industrial Equipment Supplier, Metal Finisher

15936 Bernardo Center Dr San Diego, CA 92127
( 1 Reviews )
TKJ Structural Engineering Logo

TKJ Structural Engineering

Engineering Consultant, Civil Engineer, Engineering Consultant

9820 Willow Creek Rd #490 San Diego, CA 92131
( 11 Reviews )
C2 Group Logo

C2 Group

Engineering Consultant

8340 Juniper Creek Ln San Diego, CA 92126
nicholas S

I have worked at C2 Group for a few years now and I have immense respect for their ability to bring growth as well as the bottom-up driven company structure. C2 is a fast ... more

( 70 Reviews )
Advanced Test Equipment Corporation Logo

Advanced Test Equipment Corporation

Equipment Rental Agency, Energy Equipment And Solutions, Engineering Consultant

10401 Roselle St San Diego, CA 92121
Hollee Britton

ATE has been a wonderful business partner for us for many years. I have personally had the pleasure of working with Kathy Adams, who is always quick to respond and provid ... more

( 17 Reviews )
Kleinfelder Logo


Engineering Consultant

770 1st Ave. Suite 400 San Diego, CA 92101
Kendra Locke

Vinh was super amazing he did everything he could to help me with the repairs so much to help me get connected with Max and actually got something new. He was the best ev ... more

( 13 Reviews )
BWE, Inc. Logo

BWE, Inc.

Engineering Consultant

9449 Balboa Ave San Diego, CA 92123
Alexis K

Didn't use services but company truck driving recklessly on the 5. If you're going to tailgate people, speed excessively, and cut people off then perhaps you shouldn't ha ... more

( 12 Reviews )
Geocon Incorporated Logo

Geocon Incorporated

Engineering Consultant

6960 Flanders Dr San Diego, CA 92121
Noe Martinez Torres

Very good

( 10 Reviews )
Atlas Technical Consultants Logo

Atlas Technical Consultants

Engineering Consultant

9085 Aero Dr Suite B San Diego, CA 92123
Ali Yousefi (Ali)

Stay away from them. San Diego division manager is very inexperienced and unethical. He asked me several questions about very personal aspects of my life during the inter ... more

( 13 Reviews )
Computer Clinic Logo

Computer Clinic

Computer Repair Service, Computer Consultant, Computer Security Service

9340 Carmel Mountain Rd San Diego, CA 92129
Ethan Brown

We have a Synology NAS that would not power on. I called a number of computer repair shops, but none were familiar with these types of devices. When I called Computer C ... more

( 16 Reviews )
Quartus Engineering Logo

Quartus Engineering

Engineering Consultant

9689 Towne Centre Dr San Diego, CA 92121
M Goh

Good employee centered employer.

( 3 Reviews )
Ready to Build Logo

Ready to Build

Engineering Consultant, Service Establishment

Serving, Unit 146 San Diego, CA
Roi Omer

I spoke directly with Eden. He is the business owner. The communication was excellent, very responsive, and he could understand my opinion quickly. I liked working with E ... more

( 1 Reviews )
Fraitag Engineering, Inc. Logo

Fraitag Engineering, Inc.

Engineering Consultant, Engineer

6753 Eldridge St San Diego, CA 92120
( 2 Reviews )
Blue Pacific Computing Logo

Blue Pacific Computing

Software Company, Computer Consultant, Engineering Consultant

12290 Dormouse Rd San Diego, CA 92129
( 1 Reviews )
Shapouri & Associates Logo

Shapouri & Associates

Engineering Consultant, Civil Engineer

18029 Calle Ambiente Suite 501 92067 San Diego, CA 92127
juan gilberto

Excellent service by the firm

( 1 Reviews )
Visual Concepts Lighting, Inc Logo

Visual Concepts Lighting, Inc

Engineering Consultant, Electrical Engineer

4655 Ruffner St #220 San Diego, CA 92111
Joniene Swick

VC is a sub- consultant to my company. They are highly recommended.

( 20 Reviews )
Leidos Logo


Engineering Consultant, Engineering Consultant

4161 Campus Point Ct San Diego, CA 92121
Charles Nunley

Great place to work.

( 2 Reviews )
TerraPacific Consultants, Inc Logo

TerraPacific Consultants, Inc

Engineering Consultant

4010 Morena Blvd Suite 108 San Diego, CA 92117
Mitch S

SUPER helpful! Even though I wasnt able to use them for what I needed, they answered a ton of questions and helped point me in the right direction. Luis was great. Highly ... more

( 2 Reviews )
Harris & Associates Inc Logo

Harris & Associates Inc

Engineering Consultant

Comerica Bank Building, 600 B St #2000 San Diego, CA 92101
Gene Kogan

Amazing views of SD downtown, the bay, Coronado Island, and Balboa Park

( 1 Reviews )
Beta Engineering California LP Logo

Beta Engineering California LP

Engineering Consultant

9990 Mesa Rim Rd # 150 San Diego, CA 92121
( 2 Reviews )
eSmart Tech Inc. Logo

eSmart Tech Inc.

Engineering Consultant

16835 W Bernardo Dr Suite 205 San Diego, CA 92127

Got a chance to work on couple of complex IOT projects with eSmart Tech and have found them a very sound team. They helped us cut cost with their valuable suggestions reg ... more

( 5 Reviews )
Engineering Partners INC. Logo

Engineering Partners INC.

Engineering Consultant

10150 Meanley Dr Ste 200 San Diego, CA 92131
( 2 Reviews )
Dimensional Inspection Services Inc. Logo

Dimensional Inspection Services Inc.

Engineering Consultant

9353 Activity Rd # C San Diego, CA 92126
( 1 Reviews )
West Coast Civil Logo

West Coast Civil

Engineering Consultant

9740 Appaloosa Rd Suite 200 San Diego, CA 92131
Cameron Lapuaho


( 1 Reviews )
Networks inMocean, Inc. Logo

Networks inMocean, Inc.

Engineering Consultant

2785 Kurtz St #12 San Diego, CA 92110
Kimanh Vo

Would recommend their services. The gentleman that owns the unit always drives up with a different vehicle.

( 2 Reviews )
RJ Engineering Logo

RJ Engineering

Engineering Consultant

600 W Broadway Suite 700 San Diego, CA 92101
Justifire Technologies

RJ engineering saved us.. We first hired Kickr Design in Atlanta Ga, who robbed us of $75,000.00.. Its a horrible feeling to have spent that much money only to have nothi ... more

( 2 Reviews )
Jacobs Logo


Engineering Consultant

401 B St Suite 1560 San Diego, CA 92101
( 19 Reviews )
VTG Logo


Engineering Consultant

4241 Ponderosa Ave suite a San Diego, CA 92123
Eddie Paulsen

It's work

( 6 Reviews )
TÜV SÜD America, Inc. Logo

TÜV SÜD America, Inc.

Engineering Consultant, Engineer, Laboratory

10040 Mesa Rim Rd San Diego, CA 92121
( 6 Reviews )


Engineering Consultant, Structural Engineer

928 Fort Stockton Dr # 201 San Diego, CA 92103
Jason Florence

Florence Architects has enjoyed working with Patterson Engineering on several projects over the course of many years now and many more to come. The principal Curtis is a ... more

( 5 Reviews )
Kimley-Horn Logo


Engineering Consultant, Civil Engineer, Civil Engineering Company

401 B St #600 San Diego, CA 92101
Andrew Lowe

The greatest place to work!

( 1 Reviews )
VRPA Technologies, Inc. Logo

VRPA Technologies, Inc.

Engineering Consultant, Transportation Service

9747 Businesspark Ave # 210 San Diego, CA 92131
( 2 Reviews )
Walsh Engineers Logo

Walsh Engineers

Engineering Consultant

4711 Viewridge Ave #210 San Diego, CA 92123
Mark Hyde

A group of professional engineers dedicated to producing quality code compliant and energy efficient mechanical and plumbing documents.

( 1 Reviews )
Beyaz & Patel Inc Logo

Beyaz & Patel Inc

Engineering Consultant

10920 Via Frontera #210 San Diego, CA 92128
( 6 Reviews )
Fehr & Peers Logo

Fehr & Peers

Engineering Consultant

555 W Beech St #302 San Diego, CA 92101
Jonathan Goetz

Unanimously recommended by the Jamul-Dulzura Community Planning Group

( 1 Reviews )


Engineering Consultant

8451 Miralani Dr n San Diego, CA 92126
natalie s

Very professional, very thorough! Easy to work with...highly recommend!