Phoenix, AZ Park

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Dreamy Draw Recreation Area Logo

Dreamy Draw Recreation Area

Park, Tourist Attraction

2421 E Northern Ave Phoenix, AZ 85020

My go to place for hiking/running.If you enjoy the break from the city this is the perfect spot. The left trail going across the freeway is mainly used by people on bikes ... more

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Enchanted Island Amusement Park Logo

Enchanted Island Amusement Park

Amusement Park, Amusement Center, Boat Rental Service

1202 W Encanto Blvd Phoenix, AZ 85007
Donnell Johnson

Great dog walk and walking trails

( 5901 Reviews )
Encanto Park Logo

Encanto Park

Park, Tourist Attraction

2605 N 15th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85007
Bowie Lockhart

Very nice park, but severely roach infested.

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Coyote Basin Park Logo

Coyote Basin Park

Park, Tourist Attraction

2730 E Beardsley Rd Phoenix, AZ 85050
Megan Frye

It's okay... Barely any shade there.. huge field and runners track that goes around the field.... Children's playground is kinda small.... cold water fountain for drinkin ... more

( 206 Reviews )
Cave Creek Park - Larkspur Logo

Cave Creek Park - Larkspur

Park, Tourist Attraction

2356 W Larkspur Dr Phoenix, AZ 85029
Rachel Raymond

Nice park ,family fun.

( 169 Reviews )
Desert Storm Park Logo

Desert Storm Park

Park, Tourist Attraction

1700 E Colter St Phoenix, AZ 85004
John Norris

It's just nice clean and very beautiful at night

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Piestewa Peak Park Logo

Piestewa Peak Park

Park, Hiking Area, Tourist Attraction

2701 Piestewa Peak Dr Phoenix, AZ 85016

Watch out for chomos here ...a guy walked up staring hard at my boys then down to their private area.

( 53 Reviews )
Murphy Bridle Path Logo

Murphy Bridle Path


6005 N Central Ave Phoenix, AZ 85012
Maria Martinez

(Translated by Google) Well (Original) Bueno

( 369 Reviews )
Holiday Park Logo

Holiday Park

Park, Tourist Attraction

4530 N 67th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85033
Karinaymario Garcia

When I went was clean and empty and the have a splash pad

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Mountain Vista Park Logo

Mountain Vista Park

Park, Tourist Attraction

13647 S 50th St Phoenix, AZ 85044
Andrea Thatcher

No bathrooms and Porta potties are locked. From outta town needed a place to let me dog out and potty and myself and husband...amazing to me no where to use a restroom or ... more

( 415 Reviews )
Little Canyon Park Logo

Little Canyon Park

Park, Tourist Attraction

3201 W Missouri Ave Phoenix, AZ 85017

(Translated by Google) more or less the park (Original) Mas o menos el park

( 374 Reviews )
Cave Creek Park - Cholla Logo

Cave Creek Park - Cholla

Park, Tourist Attraction

2505 W Cholla St Phoenix, AZ 85029
Kristen Carlos

It's a great park but there are way too many homeless druggies there.

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Hoshoni Park Logo

Hoshoni Park


8515 N 39th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85051
Nahir Duque

Diviértete en familia

( 226 Reviews )
Desert West Community Center Logo

Desert West Community Center

Community Center, Park

6501 W Virginia Ave Phoenix, AZ 85035
Sean Moore

JR. Sun's is a great affordable basketball program

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South Mountain Park and Preserve Logo

South Mountain Park and Preserve

Tourist Attraction, Hiking Area, Park

10919 S Central Ave Phoenix, AZ 85042
Nixi Travels

Beautiful views of the Valley... you can see for miles and miles!

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Rose Mofford Sports Complex Logo

Rose Mofford Sports Complex

Sports Complex, Park

9833 N 25th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85021
Deb F

We visit the dog park here. It's up and down as to whether there are going to be other dogs there for mine to play with. Sometimes nobody in the small dog side. Then the ... more

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Papago Park Logo

Papago Park


625 N Galvin Pkwy Phoenix, AZ 85008
Deborah S.

Gorgeous views in every direction!!

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Yapa Mini Park Logo

Yapa Mini Park

Park, Tourist Attraction

2732 E Mobile Ln Phoenix, AZ 85040
Bill Walsh

Nice community park. Playground: Nice for small children. Dog-friendliness: Open area for visiting other friendly dogs. Picnic area: BBQ available and picnic table.

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Arcadia Park Logo

Arcadia Park


3402 N 56th St Phoenix, AZ 85018
Irena Horodynska

Loved it!

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Paradise Cove Park Logo

Paradise Cove Park

Park, Tourist Attraction

3930 E Monte Cristo Ave Phoenix, AZ 85032
Jer C

One bum and no bathrooms.

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Verde Park Logo

Verde Park

Park, Tourist Attraction

916 E Van Buren St Phoenix, AZ 85006

Definitely a bit sketch but you can play during the day. Could be cleaner and have more kk ids but there are worse parks....

( 281 Reviews )
Maryvale Community Center Logo

Maryvale Community Center

Community Center, Park, Recreation Center

4420 N 51st Ave Phoenix, AZ 85031
( 63 Reviews )
Mercury Mine Basin Park Logo

Mercury Mine Basin Park


3325 E Mountain View Rd Phoenix, AZ 85028
Kathy Landis

Met with City of Phoenix staff to coordinate GAIN event. The park and staff were great.

( 103 Reviews )
Nuestro Park Logo

Nuestro Park


1433 S 9th St Phoenix, AZ 85034
Melanie Baxter

Park closed under construction

( 70 Reviews )
Virginia Park Logo

Virginia Park


2605 N 15th St Phoenix, AZ 85006
Jessi Sage

Very small park but very clean and the play area is new and pretty cool for the small space

( 223 Reviews )
Barrios Unidos Park Logo

Barrios Unidos Park


1501 E Mohave St Phoenix, AZ 85034
Lisa Albrecht

Nice park. Located in a safe area with police and fire stations flanking the park. It was a great place meet family after flying in and getting our rental car.

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Venturoso Park Logo

Venturoso Park


14425 N 32nd St Phoenix, AZ 85032
Robin Beitman

Great place to walk dogs

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Cashman Park Logo

Cashman Park


22222 N 44th St Phoenix, AZ 85050
Anthony Rivale

Great park in the Sonoran desert

( 67 Reviews )
John W. Teets Park Logo

John W. Teets Park


4380 E Ramuda Dr Phoenix, AZ 85050

We love this big open park. Grass, play gym, basketball and sand volleyball and new sidewalk around the grass!

( 425 Reviews )
Paseo Highlands Park Logo

Paseo Highlands Park


3435 W Pinnacle Peak Rd Phoenix, AZ 85027
jon hendry

Nice place. Great place to hang at lunch

( 196 Reviews )
Kachina Park Logo

Kachina Park


4304 E Campbell Ave Phoenix, AZ 85018
mayra aguirre

I love it

( 199 Reviews )
Lindo Park Logo

Lindo Park


2230 W Roeser Rd Phoenix, AZ 85041
kaitlyn vanatti

Great park, even has a rec center for the kids, the neighborhood is not very good tho.

( 124 Reviews )
Maryvale Park Logo

Maryvale Park


4420 N 51st Ave Phoenix, AZ 85031
Michael Soliz

I think 2 baseball diamonds so alot of people practice there

( 199 Reviews )
Sumida Park Logo

Sumida Park


1809 E Gardenia Ave Phoenix, AZ 85020
Brandon Gnatebis

A nice little and tucked away park. Could use a couple more benches/tables. But the playground is great to bring the kids to get rid of energy.

( 170 Reviews )
Turtle Rock Basin Logo

Turtle Rock Basin


17414 N 12th St Phoenix, AZ 85022
Alecia Call

We were just parked next to the open field park because we were in the area looking at apartments. I recommend this park to kids who live in the area. Any ages would feel ... more

( 79 Reviews )
Central Park Logo

Central Park


140 E Tonto St Phoenix, AZ 85004
Wicked Thai

Extremely nice for kids between the ages of 2-5, couple other kids so not packed but enough that the kids were able to play on whatever they wanted. Will definitely bring ... more

( 302 Reviews )
Laveen Village Park Logo

Laveen Village Park


3146 W Vineyard Rd Phoenix, AZ 85041
Masum Vijan

What a nice little park.

( 362 Reviews )
Acacia Park Logo

Acacia Park


2944 W Hearn Rd Phoenix, AZ 85053
X mark's the spot

its a quiet park definitely not what it used to be in that the playgrounds have been downsized

( 134 Reviews )
Cholla Cove Park Logo

Cholla Cove Park


4121 E Lupine Ave Phoenix, AZ 85028
Teri Bartlett

Nice clean and quiet

( 66 Reviews )
Arcadia Park Logo

Arcadia Park


5502 E Osborn Rd Phoenix, AZ 85018
Jeremy Lesser

Small, but efficient. I like to start in the park and then venture into the adjacent neighborhood to continue my walk. The homes are beautiful and well designed and the a ... more

( 119 Reviews )
Roesley Park Logo

Roesley Park


4205 S 15th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85041
Francis Casaccio

Cute little Park. It was a little dirty. The jungle gym is really nice my grandkids live right down the street from there .

( 214 Reviews )
Surrey Park Logo

Surrey Park


3835 W Joan De Arc Ave Phoenix, AZ 85029
corey duran

Good people. Friendly place

( 59 Reviews )
Townsend Park Logo

Townsend Park


520 E Lynwood St Phoenix, AZ 85004
HJ Wright

Just walked by. They keep it clean. Homeless people like to sleep on the grass. Really small park.

( 215 Reviews )
G.R. Herberger Park Logo

G.R. Herberger Park


5802 E Indian School Rd Phoenix, AZ 85018

4 of Pickleball courts and 2 of Tennis courts.

( 71 Reviews )
Adobe Mountain Park Logo

Adobe Mountain Park


3410 W Crest Dr Phoenix, AZ 85027
Wade Horne

Nice park and playground. Parking after hours at school lot as parking is very limited.

( 33 Reviews )
Hermoso Park Logo

Hermoso Park


Serving Phoenix, AZ 85040
Cornelius Jones

April 2 Saturday beautiful day at the park cozy Lil park for family

( 157 Reviews )
Playa Margarita Park Logo

Playa Margarita Park


3615 W Roeser Rd Phoenix, AZ 85041
Chichirico Almada


( 42 Reviews )
Ninos Park Logo

Ninos Park


1146 W Hadley St Phoenix, AZ 85007
Giggley Garcia

Nice and peaceful

( 101 Reviews )
Reach 11 Recreation Area Logo

Reach 11 Recreation Area


19226 N Tatum Blvd Phoenix, AZ 85050
Larry Smith

Best place in NE Phoenix for a light hike & dog walking.

( 329 Reviews )
Pecos Park Logo

Pecos Park


17010 S 48th St Phoenix, AZ 85048
Meagan Johnson

Busy park, lots of pickle ball courts, two dog parks, play grounds, pool, community center... And lots of fields to have a picknic.