Michigan Business License

Michigan Business License

Small Business Information And Programs In Michigan

If you are in the process of starting a business in Michigan, then you probably have questions about operating your small business. In Michigan, the best place to find answers to your questions is at the Michigan Development Corporation (MEDC).

The MEDC website contains a wealth of resources and links for licensing and permits. The Starting Up Page on the site is particularly helpful for new businesses in the State of Michigan.

New business owners will also find the SBDC website helpful. The Michigan Small Business Development site provides data to help secure funding, create a business plan, and a host of other financial management tools.

Besides the resources mentioned above, Michigan maintains another great online resource center. The Michigan Business One Stop website has everything you need to start and run a business in Michigan. This official website primarily focuses on topics relating to financing and business taxes.

Different types of business have different requirements. Using the resources above, you can determine the best choices for your particular business. Take the time to answer these questions before you start your business to save yourself time and headache. There are many steps to acquiring your business license in Michigan. Here we attempt to help you navigate the process.

Secure All Required Business Licenses

Licensing and permit requirements may vary for small business owners in Michigan. Some companies require multiple licenses, while others may not require any. Specific State Agencies are often in charge of issuing permits and licenses. Michigan.gov, the State's official website, features sections that are devoted to permits and State issued licenses. A convenient search feature allows users to easily navigate the site and find the information they are seeking.

Michigan has an extensive list of licenses, ranging from permits required for acupuncturists to X-ray technologists. Each features a clickable link that opens a page that includes data such as the correct state agency for licensing and regulations and laws that relate to licensing.

Getting Business Records On File Accurately

Running a legitimate business requires that owners file all appropriate records with governing agencies. When you apply for your business license, you will need to identify which particular business structure you have chosen.

Sole proprietorship might be the easiest form of business entity, but is it right for you? Will you have employees, or choose to use freelancers for contract work? If you have employees, you will need to form a corporation or LLC (limited liability company).

LLCs and Corporations are required to register and file documents with the Michigan Dept of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. You will also need to file for a federal employee identification number. The benefit to doing this is you will not need to use your social security number on your business license paperwork. More information is available on the LARA website.

Secure A Professional License

In Michigan, several occupations and professions are subject to special licensing requirements by law. Some occupations that require individual licenses include physicians, attorneys, accountants, engineers, veterinarians, nurses, and architects. These regulatory bodies help assure companies are above board and meet all stated requirements to conduct business in Michigan.

To find out whether your company requires different permits from the Bureau of Professional Licensing, refer to the Michigan Department of Regulatory and Licensing Affairs. In some cases, more than one permit may be needed to meet state or local-level licensing requirements.

Register your Business Name

Often, small business owners don't use their formal name for business operations. A business name offers flexibility and adaptability in changing business environments. LLC's and Corporations can maximize the benefits of their company structure by using other names under one corporate umbrella.

Instead of having to form multiple business entities to operate, DBA's help streamlines operations associated with running various businesses or managing numerous franchises. To use an assumed or fictitious name in the industry, the company must get formally registered with the State using its primary business name.

Once registered, companies can choose to use other names to operate. To use a DBA or assumed business name in Michigan, LLC's and Corporations are required to file all appropriate forms with governing agencies. Whatever name you choose, you will want to legally protect it by registering your business name.

Trade Name Or Trademark Registration

In business, several types of Intellectual Property help protect business owners against infringements from misuse. Service marks, trademarks, and trade names are among the most widely recognized forms of IP. Commonly used to differentiate businesses, products, and services from competitors, these marks build equity in your brand.

If registered business marks get used without permission, the registrant holds recourse to get them removed from the infringing party. Business owners in Michigan can register their marks with the State. However, State registration is separate from registering on the federal level. If you are a small business owner in Michigan seeking more information on the Trademark process, you can find all the appropriate forms and information at the Michigan Dept. of Licensing and Regulatory Affair (LARA) website.


Doing business in Michigan can be tricky. However, with the right road map and tools, you too can enjoy the dream of entrepreneurship. Different types of businesses have different business needs; hopefully, this article has helped you to determine which path you will take that will give you the best benefits for running your small business.