Louis R. Marion DMD MS LLC

Louis R. Marion DMD MS LLC

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Louis R. Marion DMD MS LLC

Louis R. Marion DMD MS LLC is located at 1500 Locust Street, Suite 1416 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102. Louis R. Marion DMD MS LLC can be contacted via phone at (215) 732-5110 for pricing, hours and directions.

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Q What is the phone number for Louis R. Marion DMD MS LLC?

A The phone number for Louis R. Marion DMD MS LLC is: (215) 732-5110.

Q Where is Louis R. Marion DMD MS LLC located?

A Louis R. Marion DMD MS LLC is located at 1500 Locust Street, Suite 1416, Philadelphia, PA 19102

Q What is the internet address for Louis R. Marion DMD MS LLC?

A The website (URL) for Louis R. Marion DMD MS LLC is: http://www.louismariondmd.com

Q How big is Louis R. Marion DMD MS LLC?

A Louis R. Marion DMD MS LLC employs approximately 20+ people.

Q How is Louis R. Marion DMD MS LLC rated?

A Louis R. Marion DMD MS LLC has a 4.9 Star Rating from 44 reviewers.

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Louis R. Marion DMD MS LLC

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Ruth Holt on Google

image Dr. Marion was both understanding and thorough with my appointment. He took the time to listen to my concerns and spent time explaining the process he would follow. It is a relatively complicated process but I feel comfortable that he has my best interest at heart.

glenavie norton on Google

image The best.

Thomas Eshelman on Google


Lar Dav (LARDAV34) on Google

image Was really excited about changing dentists after my regular dentist retired. Spent hours of my time researching many, many dentists here in the Philadelphia area. And Dr. Marion was the best as far as I could tell from all my research.
So I go to schedule as a new patient first thing this Monday morning. Waited till like 8:20 min the morning to call (they open at 8AM) and phone just keeps ringing and ringing. Huh. Maybe its a bad connection on my end.
Try again. Same result. Not even a voice message or nothing. Re check the number to make sure Im dialing the correct number. Right number, both times.
Ok, it is Monday morning, beginning of the week, probably bombarded with calls I think. Give a few minutes and try again. Ring....ring.....ring..... You get the idea. Let it ring for so long this time that Verizon (my provider) ended the call lol.
Maybe there was a fire or something at the office.
Let me try one more time. Getting frustrated by the tenth ring, then someone picks up. But says nothing. Hello? Hello? Nothing. Hello? and then I get the same response from someone. The hello's right back at me. I'm like yeah, I hear you, is this the dentist office. Get a hello again. IS THIS THE DENTIST OFFICE? Yes. Yes it is.
Ok, I calm down and inform whoever on the other end that I would be a new patient and would like to make an appointment. First thing out of the womans mouth is ok it is $350.00 for a consultation.
I ask if she would like my insurance information hoping that they would be a participating office with my insurance because like I said earlier, he's sound like the best dentist in Philly.
The woman replies with we don't accept insurance, would that be cash or charge? Must be paid in full before i can schedule an appointment.
What a minute, you don't even know which insurance I have yet, I reply, not comprehending what I was just told.
Sir, we do not accept any insurance. You still want the appointment? I laugh out loud and say nah, not for $350 just to talk to the dentist, can't imagine what he charges for his services. I'm good. Thanks for wasting my time.
I've never heard of dentist or doctors who dont take ANY insurance except those who work out of back alley's and the like. Not saying the guy is doing anything like that but makes me question all his wonderful reviews that he has here.
1 star for wasting my time. And my review is 100% accurate of what happened to me this morning.

Linda Altman on Google

image Great cleaning. Friendly and highly competent staff!

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Overall Rating
( 44 Reviews )

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