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Welsh Manor

Welsh Manor is located at 2700 Northview St in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19152. Welsh Manor can be contacted via phone at (215) 698-6110 for pricing, hours and directions.

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  •   (215) 698-6110

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Q What is the phone number for Welsh Manor?

A The phone number for Welsh Manor is: (215) 698-6110.

Q Where is Welsh Manor located?

A Welsh Manor is located at 2700 Northview St, Philadelphia, PA 19152

Q How is Welsh Manor rated?

A Welsh Manor has a 2.7 Star Rating from 3 reviewers.

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Welsh Manor

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Alyx Bonet on Google

image I currently live here.
Honestly, as you can imagine, they're not great. The buildings are run down and old, as the other reviewer on here said, the third floor is 100° in the summer and -10° in the winter as there's no insulation and drafts. When you need maintenance they're usually okay, but can only fix so much. Last year we had a few robberies and they installed security cameras on the outside and inside, when I had a stolen package and requested that they check the security cameras they said that day 'they weren't working'. The said camera was the one right on the first floor, so whether they actually work or not is up for debate. (So your shady neighbors WILL steal your mail) The building is under new management, so hopefully things improve. They added nice signs and 'fixed' the parking lot. The parking lot for all 3 buildings is small and with the new lot they made the spaces SMALLER so people have problems parking (and honestly your car might get hit because the people who live here can't park straight to save their lives) It was cheap to live here (cheapest in the area because it's known as the worst apartments in the area) but with new management they bumped up my rent almost 200 dollars. Also note they only have ONE washer/dryer in a SINGLE BUILDING that costs around 4 dollars a load (it only accepts quarters). And yes, it's always taken by someone and its located in the basement which is something straight out of a horror movie. The musty odor adds to the ambience. With these people charging 950 for a busted 1 bedroom apartment and little to no security I'd expect a decent laundry room. They accept ZERO pets, so heavy on that policy they don't even allow fish. Yet you can probably break that rule too as I see at least 3 fat cats sitting in the windows of one building alone.
So unless they plan on making interior changes to the older apartments I don't plan on staying in this slum any longer. In my opinion just find another area to move to.

Elisa Sierra-Andino on Google

image at this point in time not concerned that my name will appear on this review! I have to agree with the other 2 people submitting reviews on this establishment. 'ROACHES' are a huge problem, no matter how clean you are-they are everywhere. Great when we moved in, brand new cabinets/kitchen, fresh paint and carpeting. Now... doors slamming, theft in the storage room, parking is a joke, and snow clean-up in the winter-time is extreemly poor! No management office on like my fellow tenant said-you have an emergency after hours, good luck. You look around at other properties in the neighborhood and you can see a notable difference! I am on the basement level and I have had my bathroom completly destroyed 2x in 2yrs by neglegance on the part of the upper floor tenants. Yea they "FIXED IT" but I had to get new towels and rugs. there is mold growing on the walls, no matter how much i clean it is still a problem to this day. The found a leak in the wall behind the tub, when they opened the access door to get to the pipes, the space was filled withtrash left my previous tenants-old baby bottles, toys, phone-totally grossed me out!!!! I demanded they clean it out immediatly. I recall the fire alarm in our buiding was malfunctioning and going off at all hours, fire department was called and they tried getting a hold of management to turn it off, we had to live with the noise for the entire weekend. OH!!! AND forget being even 1day late on your rent, you are dragged into court and hit with a bunch of attorney and court fees. These people are shady, My husband and I can't wait to get the heck outta here!!!

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Overall Rating
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