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Kool Ace Air Llc

Kool Ace Air Llc is located at 1 W Piute Ave in Phoenix, Arizona 85027. Kool Ace Air Llc can be contacted via phone at (602) 587-8059 for pricing, hours and directions.

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  •   (602) 587-8059

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Q What is the phone number for Kool Ace Air Llc?

A The phone number for Kool Ace Air Llc is: (602) 587-8059.

Q Where is Kool Ace Air Llc located?

A Kool Ace Air Llc is located at 1 W Piute Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85027

Q How is Kool Ace Air Llc rated?

A Kool Ace Air Llc has a 1.0 Star Rating from 4 reviewers.

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Kool Ace Air Llc

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john taglairino on Google

image Told us we needed $3000 in repairs to fix the unit and tried to sell me a $7000 new system
Needed a $100 relay switch. No other problem for the last 8 years since they were here.
Theives! Be aware! Scammers! Service: HVAC repair

walter magni on Google

image They call five times in a row and leave no message. Seconds apart. When they came out for a tune up it was super high pressure to do thousands of dollars worth of "maintenance". By the way if you don't use them for your tune up after purchase of a unit the 10 year warranty is void. Not recommended.

Chris Reth on Google

image I don't know how many times I have to hang up on these idiots before they get it through their thick skulls that I am not interested in their unsolicited telemarketing calls.

Tom Shourd on Google

image Called ACE, who installed and have yearly maintenance agreement with,,, as one unit was running but not cooling. Before hand I had another company I use on another property come by and give me an inspection and opinion of what was wrong. NO SERVICE OR REPAIRS OR "ALTERATIONS " were made. Report from 3rd party firm said a H.P. valve was not operating and the capacitor needed replacing.
Tech, Ryan came to home approx 2 hours after the initial call was made. First order of business for Ryan was to request use of the bathroom. Seems to me he should have stopped somewhere before getting to my house. I explained to Ryan what the other company found. He explained to me that if anything required repair, the work was not covered by the ACE warranty because someone else worked on the unit. I replied that no work was done by anyone other then diagnostics and the warranty was in effect. Ryan made his inspection and walked in the house without knocking. First the bathroom and now he walks in without knocking.
Ryan explained that the capacitor was bad and the valve was not working do to rewiring someone had done. I explained again, no work was done and jumpers were used to perform the test to override the defective valve so the fan motor could be checked, no alterations were made.
Ryan explained that to replace the valve, required the freon be purged, freon disposed of per EPA, new valve welded in and new freon added. All of this was estimated to cost approx. $1000, per a follow up phone call to the service manager, Rick.
I was told again, that none of this work is covered by the warranty. I objected, and asked Ryan to leave, he continued to argue about the contract and after demanding that he leave a third time,,,he did so.
Rick explained that freon cost and disposal was going to be approx. $600. And those cost are what the EPA requires and those exclusions were issued to us. I did not receive these documents and am still awaiting copies to be emailed to me.
The original contract dated 13-Aug-2008, is one one of 1 piece of paper. The "ACE" warranty cost of 6 check boxes.
-10 years parts
-10 years compressor
-10 years labor
-5 years workmanship
-5 years thermostat
-5 years stand or curb
There are no clarifications, or exclusions that Rick and Ryan were telling me that were in force. Nor had anyone performed alterations to the equipment. I insist that all the work be covered under the terms of the signed contract. I have yet to hear from the service manager who just yesterday assured me that I would have a copy of a signed amendment by noon today. Nothing yet.
A day later I had the company that performed the diagnosis, estimate the cost and it would be $300. I have requested that they proceed with getting the unit operational.
In conclusion,
ACE does not honor their warranties and will tell you reasons why they don't by quoting terms that do not exist in writing.
BEWARE ,it seems their techs are also tasked with making sales, it's a shame because the techs are good at the technical part but it is management that should be scolded for adding the burden of sales upon the techs.
I will never recommend ACE.

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Overall Rating
( 4 Reviews )

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