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Safeco Insurance

Safeco Insurance is located at 1001 4th Ave in Seattle, Washington 98154. Safeco Insurance can be contacted via phone at 800-332-3226 for pricing, hours and directions.

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  •   800-332-3226

Questions & Answers

Q What is the phone number for Safeco Insurance?

A The phone number for Safeco Insurance is: 800-332-3226.

Q Where is Safeco Insurance located?

A Safeco Insurance is located at 1001 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98154

Q What is the internet address for Safeco Insurance?

A The website (URL) for Safeco Insurance is:

Q How big is Safeco Insurance?

A Safeco Insurance employs approximately 20+ people.

Q How is Safeco Insurance rated?

A Safeco Insurance has a 1.3 Star Rating from 116 reviewers.

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Safeco Insurance

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Overall Rating
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Kat O'Brien on Google

image They can't be bothered to respond to me and it's clear from their reviews that they can't be bothered to deal with most things, so let me be one more voice encouraging you to stay away. If they follow up and email me like I've been asking them to, I'll edit those review after I faint.

JABKATrans LLC on Google

image Don't use this insurance company, they are happy to collect money from you until you use them and they will tell you that you can't renew your policy next year for only 1 simple accident due to weather related.

Light on Google

image Cant even talk to anyone and if I do try they transfer me to an agent that never picks up.

TJ on Google

image Never made a claim in 20 years and they just raised my rates $100 for nothing. Cant get ahold of anyone and had to call my 3rd party agent. Apparently no one works for them. Changing insurance immediately

Trevor Greene on Google

image I wouldn't wish Safeco on my worst enemy. I was building a new house and requested a quote stating that the house was in a high-risk fire zone. Safeco said they could insurance my house, so I signed the agreement. Three days later, I received a call that the risk is too high and they couldn't insurance my new house.
Several months later, I moved into my new house and received a notice from a debt collection that I owe $212.70 to Safeco. I called Safeco and after three hours of jumping through hoops, Safeco tells me me when they cancel a policy, they give you 7 days to find a new one and I owe $212.70 for those 7 days. I told them I never wanted the 7 days and why wasn't I notified, they said they mailed letters to my house, I asked them what address they have on file and when were those letters mailed. The letters were mailed to the house that was being built, and the 7 day grace period took place several months before I owned the house or the start of my insurance with them. I have called Safeco several times, and they absolutely refuse to correct their mistake.
I have spent 10 hours dealing with Safeco trying to resolve this matter. I am currently in the process of suing Safeco for wrongfully charging me and refusing to remove the debt even when they have confirmed it was an error in their automation system.
Please, never do business with Safeco.
Update: My lawyer sent a demand letter with no response, so we filed a lawsuit. My lawyer received a phone call a few weeks later. Safeco still tried to charge me $212.70, even with proof sent to them that my policy was for a house that was still being built at the time the 7 day grace period was provided and that the policy should not have taken effect for several months later per the signed contract.
Safeco agreed to drop the $212.70, but I had to contact them several more times as I was still receiving collections notices and calls, and the collection agency said they needed Safeco to update their system.
After several attempts to ask Safeco to update their accounting, we reopened the lawsuit and finally received a notice from Safeco that my account had been credited $212.70 and is no longer active.
My lawyer said that in his 23 years of practicing law, he has never dealt with a more incompetent and infuriating company than Safeco.
Safeco will do everything they possibly can to keep your money in hopes you let them have it, don't give it to them in the first place.

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Overall Rating

Overall Rating
( 116 Reviews )

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