Motel 6 Portland, OR - Mall 205

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3.2 - (1100 reviews)

Motel 6 Portland, OR - Mall 205

Motel 6 Portland - Mall 205 Is Conveniently Located Off Of I-205 Near The Portland International Airport. Dining Is With Walking Distance. Mall 205 Is Only 1/2 Mile. Reserve Our Conference Room. All Guest Rooms Have Micro-Fridges And Free Wi-Fi.

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  •   503-255-0808

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  • Cash

Questions & Answers

Q What is the phone number for Motel 6 Portland, OR - Mall 205?

A The phone number for Motel 6 Portland, OR - Mall 205 is: 503-255-0808.

Q Where is Motel 6 Portland, OR - Mall 205 located?

A Motel 6 Portland, OR - Mall 205 is located at 9225 SE Stark St, Portland, OR 97216

Q What is the internet address for Motel 6 Portland, OR - Mall 205?

A The website (URL) for Motel 6 Portland, OR - Mall 205 is:

Q How big is Motel 6 Portland, OR - Mall 205?

A Motel 6 Portland, OR - Mall 205 employs approximately 20+ people.

Q How is Motel 6 Portland, OR - Mall 205 rated?

A Motel 6 Portland, OR - Mall 205 has a 3.2 Star Rating from 1100 reviewers.

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Motel 6 Portland, OR - Mall 205

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Overall Rating
( 1100 Reviews )
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Lisa Parker on Google

image We have 2 dogs and it's so nice that they don't charge here and pets are welcome

Business Response on Google Apr 7th, 2024
We’re glad you enjoyed your stay! Come back real soon. Until then, we’ll leave the light on. For You. Nancy Y.#Team6

Danielle NO'ELLE Jimenez Herr on Google

image The manager of immature and gossips with other guest about other guest who are there, the Indian house keeper in the back row named Raj is a thief, she robbed me for my kids christmas money and then got bleach on my dress, air matress, and bathroom floor mat. Then had the nerve to try and threaten me by saying if i complain on her then she will complain on me. All the rooms have mold growing in the bathrooms and made me and my girls sick! Not to mention all the people who smoke fentanyl in the rooms and are now contaminated but they keep renting them out! This place is a joke of a buisness and needs to be condemned! I'm only saying this because im allergic to fentanyl and i had gotten so sick from it and i don't want anyone else to go through what i did! Im just lucky i was able to sanatize my whole room after i found out what was affecting me! Please be careful of you stay there with kids!
Rooms: All rooms have mold growing and have had serious drugs used in them like fentanyl which can cause serious bodily injuries, or even death!
Safety: Not a safe place due to lack of obvious reasons with mold exposure and drug usage along with theft from employees, and managment along with owner are aware of these issues and will not fire the employee because she is friends with the owner mike and his wife!
Noteworthy details: Please be advised that there are serious conditions that need to be addressed that can harm people!

Business Response on Google Apr 7th, 2024
After reading your review, we’re disappointed to learn that we fell short of your expectations. We’re constantly trying to improve in order to provide the best guest experience possible, so we appreciate your honesty. In the meantime, we’ll look into these issues and do our best to address them. Thanks again for your time, and we hope to see you again soon. Nancy Y.#Team6

Becca Taylor on Google

image Everyone minded their business, even the employees and it was wonderful, pe5 friendly!

Business Response on Google Mar 30th, 2024
Hi Becca,We’re glad you enjoyed your stay!Lilith#Team6

Cori Patton on Google


Business Response on Google Apr 3rd, 2024
Hi Cori,Thanks for your review, we really appreciate the support. Lilith#Team6

Ryan on Google

image The service here is terrible Im going to start with that. If youre an lgbt person or not don't come here I was misgendered continuously after already stating that Im a guy (Im cisgender) but continued on using she/her pronouns (again Im cisgender born a dude always a dude). While getting dressed housekeeping comes by thankfully I locked the door, as they knocked and tried to come into my room I yelled saying that I was undressed and that I didnt want housekeeping since typically it is a choice. I then get a call from the room phone as Im still trying to get pants on saying that housekeeping is MANDATORY which I responded shocked since Ive stayed at many places including other motel 6s and never had I heard that it was mandatory I said ok well I was getting dressed and they kept trying to come in after I told them I was undressed, with full attitude the lady replied well its mandatory so 20 minutes I just said sure because at this point Im already upset that someone tried to walk in on me naked. Notice how they say pets are allowed well what they dont tell you is if you bring a dog you need to have them on leash and if you have cats then they need to be in a carrier, Im sorry whats the point of letting animals stay if they have to confined anyways? With that being said I have 2 cats (which 2 is the max number of pets you can have) I put them in the bathroom so I could get ready and have housekeeping come up. I no sooner get them in and housekeeping starts knocking I ask for a second as the door is locked and I was getting my cats in they would not be patient whatsoever they tried the key again but I still had the door locked. I told them my cats are in the restroom I cannot open the door since they left the front door wide open and didnt give me enough time to adequately put them away. The housekeeper kept trying to ask for things out of the bathroom as I continued to explain that I wont be able to due to the front door being wide open and they will run out before I can catch them (cats are fast lets be honest) I had said that over 6 times at that point. Overall the room is decent a normal room but service needs a lot of work, the whole mandatory housekeeping needs to go because again yall they almost walked in on me naked since I was getting dressed and they really need to update their pet policy to include those instructions because if I knew any of that I wouldnt have booked here at all.

Business Response on Google Mar 30th, 2024
Hi Ryan,To better understand how we can help, we’d like to hear more about your experience. Please reach out to our Guest Relations Team by using the Contact Us feature at you,Lilith#Team6

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Overall Rating

Overall Rating
( 1100 Reviews )

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