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DAC Funding Solutions & Business Loans

David Allen Capital (DAC) specializes in Small Business Funding Solutions. We provide Business Owners with Fast Business Loans, Same Day Business Cash Advance Loans, Working Capital Term Loans, Alternative Business Financing, Retail Financing, Restaurant Business Loans, Business Expansion Loans, Equipment Funding Solutions that include Business Equipment Financing, Construction Equipment Financing, Commercial Vehicle Financing, Farm Equipment Financing, Agriculture Equipment Financing, Heavy Equipment Loans & more. We also offer Business Owners Customer Financing Solutions, & Payment Processing Software & Systems.

David Allen Capital has 17 in-house Funding Partners so we are able to provide Business Owners with a Best Offer Guarantee. Unlike a lot of online Business Lenders, we do not send your personal or business information out to multiple Lenders who will inundate you with multiple phone calls. We are adamant about protecting your information and you will work directly with David Allen Capital and our Funding Team. We are the only Lender that will contact you. To Learn More, please visit: https://davidallencapital.com/102166080

Minimum Qualifications to Apply:
Same Day Business Loans $2,000-$25,000:
- 6 Months in Business, LLC or Corp
- $5,000 Monthly Revenue
- Business Checking Account
- EIN #
- 450 FICO Score-No Hard Credit Pull
- 3 Months Bank Statements
Learn More at:  https://davidallencapital.com/25k-today/102166080

Working Capital Business Loans $10,000-$2,000,000
- 4 Months in Business
- $10,000 Monthly Revenue
- Business Checking Account
- EIN #
- 500 FICO Score-1x Only Hard Credit Pull
- 4 Months Bank Statements
- Tax Return may be required for Business Funding  >$100k
Learn More at: https://davidallencapital.com/102166080

About DAC Easy Small Business Loan Funding Online:
Business Loans $2,000-$25,000

* Instant Approval Decision <60 Seconds
* Same Day Deposits
* No Hard Credit Pull
* Simple Online Application Process
* No Collateral Required
* No Obligation Quote
* Minimal Documentation Required
* 4-6 Month Terms
* Industry Leading Early Pay Discounts
* Use Business Loan for Any Purpose
Learn More at: https://davidallencapital.com/25k-today/102166080

Business Loans $25,000-$2,000,000
* True Working Capital Business Financing
* Pre-Qualify Immediately
* No collateral required
* 1x Only Hard Credit Pull for ALL Business Loan Lenders
* Simple 1-page Application
* Minimum Documentation Requested
* 4-24 Month Terms
* Approval Decision in 1 Business Day
* Funding as fast as 1 Business Day
* Any Purpose Working Capital Business Loan
* You decide how to use the Capital
Learn More at: https://davidallencapital.com/102166080

To ensure the highest standards, DAC only works with top-rated, quick-turnaround Business Lending Companies in the U.S. that provide Best in Class Service. We believe that this level of care is what all Business Owners deserve. Our Business Loan Lenders will compete for your business and we bring you back the absolute best offer. Due to our volume discounts, these offers are very competitive and are often better than what the top lenders can offer directly to you as a business owner. And as previously stated, your information is protected and we are the only company that will contact you. Our Business Lenders have already delivered over $10 billion dollars to Small Businesses just like yours.

Regardless of your business industry, DAC can help you find a Business Loan to meet your needs. We've worked with thousands of Small Business Owners and will work hard to ensure you receive the best competitive offer. Contact us today for your free no-obligation quote.


Why Choose DAC?
* If you’re looking to expand, grow your business, or launch new products, getting the financing you need is hugely important. When banks aren’t able to help, it can be an extremely stressful experience. DAC offers a quick application process and instant business funding with absolutely no obligation, meaning you can get fast results without the pressure you’d get from banks. 

* DAC provides Capital faster than a traditional bank with less intensive qualifications. You can get Business Financing even when the banks have already pulled your credit and turned you down, and even if you have bad credit scores. Unlike most banks, with DAC "Your revenue is valued most, rather than your credit score." And instead of having multiple inquiries on your credit report, we only run your credit 1 time to protect it from unnecessary penalties. Note: Business Loans $100k and below WILL NOT receive a hard credit pull.

* Our pricing is simple and transparent. You will be shown the total Business Loan Proposal plus the total cost of capital. The big banks rarely share the total cost of business capital. We will show you how much you can receive and what the total payback will be.  

* DAC provides fast access to Business Capital, with funds deposited within as little as 1 business day. This means that you can get reliable financing for the tools you need, all from the one-stop solution that is David Allen Capital.

5 Simple Steps to Easy Small Business Loan Funding:

Business Loans $2,000-$25,000
Get an immediate decision and same-day deposit for loans up to $25k. 

1. Complete basic 6 Question Application. If approved, you will immediately receive a Business Loan Proposal showing you the Business Loan amount you have been approved for based on your previous answers. The Business Loan Proposal will also include the payment term length and payment amount.

2. Enter Basic Business Demographics

3. Complete Bank Statement Page. Note: The initially quoted business loan amount may fluctuate up or down after your bank statements have been reviewed.  

4. Sign e-Signature Contract & Return

5. Business is funded and deposit is made into your Business Checking Account

For more details or to apply, please visit: https://davidallencapital.com/25k-today/102166080 

Business Loans $10,000-$200,000,000
Receive Working Capital as fast as 1-3 days.

1. Complete a simple 1-page online application

2. Look for an Email from DAC Submissions. You will also receive a phone call from one of our DAC Funding Processors to discuss available options and answer any questions.

3. Submit the Documentation Requested by Submissions:  

* The completed application
* 3 months of bank statements
* Copy of your last filed business tax return if >$100k 
* Voided business check 
* Copy of your driver's license.   

4. Documents are reviewed and your Business Loan is funded if you meet the Business Loan Criteria. You will be notified via phone or email if you cannot be reached on the phone.

5. Receive Your Funds Fast! Business Funds are either Wired or ACH deposited into your bank account so you can start using your Business Financing immediately.

For more details or to pre-qualify, please visit: https://davidallencapital.com/102166080

It's your business so you get to decide how and what to use the funds on. What Are You Waiting For? Kick-start Your Business Today!! 

For more details or to learn more about all of the services that David Allen Capital offers, please visit: https://davidallencapital.com/102166080

DAC can help you obtain the Business Capital you need to purchase new or used equipment to grow your business. We work with the best Equipment Financing Companies to offer Equipment Funding Solutions that include Business Equipment Financing, Commercial Equipment Financing, Heavy Truck Financing, Tractor Trailer Loans, Machinery Financing, Medical Device Financing, Heavy Equipment Loans and much more (See List Below). The qualification process is simple and we will craft a plan that works specifically with your business objectives. Don't sacrifice potential growth or profits when obtaining Business Capital is only an application away. There's no reason for you to pass on opportunities that could increase your business revenue. To Learn More, please visit: www.DACEquipmentLoans.com

Our Equipment Finance Lenders Represent All Industries, You Choose:

·      Commercial Equipment Financing

·      Heavy Truck Financing such as Tow Truck Financing & Semi Truck Financing

·      Construction Equipment Financing

·      Restaurant Equipment Financing including Food Trailer Loans

·      Farm Equipment Financing

·      Agriculture Equipment Financing

·      Machinery Financing, Machine Loan Finance

·      Industrial Equipment Financing

·      Engineering Equipment Financing

·      Tractor Financing

·      Tractor Trailor Financing

·      Semi Trailer Financing

·      Bobcat Equipment Financing

·      Earth Moving Equipment Financing

·      Tree Equipment Financing including Wood Chipper Finance

·      Logging Equipment Financing

·      Waste Equipment Financing

·      Printing Equipment Financing

·      Trucking Equipment Financing

·      Medical Equipment Financing

·      Dental Equipment Financing

·      IT Equipment

·      & Much More

Equipment Funding Benefits for Your Business:
We only work with top-rated Equipment Financing Companies to ensure that you get the absolute best offer available in the industry. 

* Simple qualification process

* Simple 1-page application

* Get up to $ 1 Million dollars (based on annual revenue & time in business)

* Terms from 24-60 months

* 24 Hour Credit Approvals

* Purchase new or pre-owned equipment

* Acquire Commercial & Business Vehicles

* Upgrade technology, software, and more

* $25k Monthly Revenue & 2 Years in Business Required

 For more details or to pre-qualify, please visit: www.DACEquipmentLoans.com


Increase Your Sales While Helping Your Customers with Affordable Payments!! To Learn more, please visit: www.DACCustomerFinancing.com

Studies have shown that you can immediately increase your sales conversions by up to 85% and grow your business with Customer Financing!!  Encourage Upgrades & Add -Ons by Offering Customer Financing and Let Your Customers Pay Over Time. 

By enabling consumers to apply for loans on the spot at no extra cost with budget-friendly payment plans, you make your product or services more affordable to them. Instead of having to pay for a high-cost ticket all at once, these financed sales allow consumers to break down large purchases into smaller weekly or monthly payments. This makes your goods more accessible, allowing a bigger audience to buy, thus increasing your opportunity for additional sales that you may not have gained without a Customer Finance Plan. 

DAC Offers Quick Set-up with Your Own Private Branded Portal Website Where Your Customers Can Apply Directly from Your Store, Cell Phone or PC.

Key Benefits for Your Business: 

* No Recourse for Non-Payment (You are not responsible for defaults) 

* No Financials, Tax Returns, or Bank Statements Required

* No Annual Sales Volume Requirements 

* No Time in Business Requirements

* No Restrictions on What Products or Services that Can be Financed

* Flat Rate Pricing Regardless of Consumer Credit Score (Many other services charge more for lower credit scores) 

* Apply Page Included – Just Send Customers to Your Page to Apply (No Staff Training). 

* Instant Approval or Decline & Fast Funding

* 10+ Lenders on our Platform with 14 Billion Available to Loan

* Funding to Customer Averages 3-5 Days
* Loans from $300-$100,000

* Fast Setup Allows You to Start Offering Financing Within 2-3 Days 

* Avoid the liability associated with running your own credit checks and managing payment collection on your own.

* All Industries Included

Consumer Benefits:

* Easy Application Process

* Rates Starting as Low as 6.99%-34.99% (depends on credit profile) 

* No Hard Credit inquiries

* 450+ Credit Score

* Soft Credit Pull (No Impact to Credit Score Until After Taking Loan) 

* National Lenders Compete for Your Clients Business 

* Machine Learning Matches Your Client with the Best Offer

How It Works:

Step 1: Direct your customer to your own private and branded web page to apply

Step 2: Customer applies from your store, mobile phone or PC.

Step 3: Customer is instantly approved or declined. If approved they will be matched with all of the lenders they have qualified for and can choose the offer that best fits their needs. 

Step 4: Customer works with the bank directly to complete the simple loan documents and terms 

Step 5: Lender funds the customer within 3-5 days.  Note: We also offer programs for in-store or on-site approval & funding.

Step 6: Customer comes back into your store to complete the purchase or you pick up a check upon service completion or product purchase.

*We provide daily/weekly reporting, so that you know which clients have been approved or declined. We also provide all of their contact information to you so that you can easily follow-up and complete the sale.

Unlike most traditional customer financing programs, we do not charge higher discount rates based on challenged credit. Many consumer finance programs discount your proceeds by over 20% for challenged credit clients. A $2000 sale could cost you over $400 to participate in a traditional finance program and that’s before any charges for promotional offers have been applied. Our pricing is very straightforward and does not penalize you based on the consumer credit score, we are more in line with the cost of running a credit card transaction.

* One Time Setup Fee: $199 

* Monthly Subscription Fee: $99 (includes reporting and personalized website for customers to apply for your products or services). 

* Discount Rate: 5% (Typical Customer Financing Platforms Can Average from 10-20%) 

* We DO NOT charge you a Per Transaction Fee like you may find with many other Customer Financing platforms

Solve the "Affordability" Issue by Offering the Right Financing for Your Customers and Watch Your Business Grow while You Gain a Competitive Edge over Your Competition Not Offering Payment Plans. For more details or to get a No-Obligation Quote, please visit: www.DACCustomerFinancing.com

If you are losing money on Merchant Payment Processing, we can show you how to immediately stop losing money on credit card fees, reverse the process and start making the money you deserve without all of the typical fees involved. Our payment processing program options will allow you to Eliminate 95% of your Payment Processing Fees. It's truly simple to implement, we supply the equipment or you may be able to use your own.

We are so confident that we can help you save money on your payment processing fees that we offer a $500 Gift Card GUARANTEE if we cannot meet or beat your current credit card fees. Let us submit you with a no-obligation quote. We beat the competition, simple as that! To Learn More, please visit: www.DACPaymentProcessing.com

Added Payment Processing Benefits:      

* Free Plug & Play Equipment Options or Use Your Own

* State of The Art Technology 

* Equipment Ships Pre-Programmed 

* Transparent Fees 

* Free Statement Analysis 

* Exceptional Service 

* Next Day Funding at NO Additional Cost 

* Late Batch Times 

* Door/Window & Point of Purchase signage included  

* Peace of mind with technical help & support 

* Every Merchant receives our Gold Level Care Support!!

“Save Money with Our Standard Processing, or Save A Bunch with Our New Edge Processing”                         
Standard Processing:
Merchant Pays a % on all transactions
Example: $100,000 in Processing, pay $3900 in fees.

We Offer savings to Business Owners:  Example: lower fees from $3,900/mo to $3,400 saving a Business Owner about $6000 per year

EDGE DAC "Non-Cash Fee" Processing:  
Merchant Passes fee to Non-Cash Customers (Note: This option can be waived on a per-customer basis).
Example: $199,000 in Processing, Business Owners pay near $0 in fees

We offer Massive savings to Business Owners:     
Example: lower fees from $3,900/mo to $0 saving Business Owners about $45,000 per year

For more information or to request a No-Obligation Quote, please visit: www.DACPaymentProcessing.com      


Specializing in small businesses, our team WORKS WITH YOU to get you the money you need so that you can focus purely on RUNNING YOUR BUSINESS. Call or email us today and get on the path to your future success. To Learn More, please visit: https://davidallencapital.com/102166080

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Questions & Answers

Q What is the phone number for DAC Funding Solutions & Business Loans?

A The phone number for DAC Funding Solutions & Business Loans is: 404-946-3966.

Q Where is DAC Funding Solutions & Business Loans located?

A DAC Funding Solutions & Business Loans is located at 570 Piedmont Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30308

Q What is the internet address for DAC Funding Solutions & Business Loans?

A The website (URL) for DAC Funding Solutions & Business Loans is: https://davidallencapital.com/102166080

Q Is there a key contact at DAC Funding Solutions & Business Loans?

A You can contact Pamela Warnock at 404-946-3966.

Q What days are DAC Funding Solutions & Business Loans open?

A DAC Funding Solutions & Business Loans is open:
Saturday: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Tuesday: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Wednesday: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Thursday: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Q How is DAC Funding Solutions & Business Loans rated?

A DAC Funding Solutions & Business Loans has a 5.0 Star Rating from 6 reviewers.

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DAC Funding Solutions & Business Loans

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Overall Rating
( 6 Reviews )
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Alexander Puckett on Google

image I dont normally write reviews but felt that I should because of positive experience I recently had while applying for a small business loan. I called DAC funding and spoke to a lady named Pam who was extremely helpful on the phone. She explained to me the same day loan process and how to apply online for my business loan. I had spoke to several other people that same day regarding different loan offers and this program had the best options with the easiest qualifications. It was easy to apply online and everything happened the way it was advertised. If you need an option for a fast loan, this is definitely the place to check out first.

Emanuel Lewis on Google

image When I recently needed to borrow some money for my restaurant, I choose this specific company after doing a lot of in-depth research to find my best option. My research paid off as I found them to be very helpful and informative about the types of business loans that they offer. Everything is automated which I like since I didnt have to assemble a lot of paperwork to apply for the loan. The application was very easy to answer and I received an offer back in less than 30 seconds. I was really surprised by how fast I received a decision and was even more surprised when I received a deposit in my account later the same day. Overall, Im very happy with the level of professionalism and service that was offered to me. If you ever need a business loan, this company is a really good place to consider.

Lucas Matthews on Google

image Great company to work with for business loans including any other type of loan like personal loans, commercial loans, mortgage loans, 401k startup loans, safe debt consolidation loans, credit lines and a lot more. I found Pam to be genuinely interested in helping me position my business to get the best financing offers. I called her to ask about business loans but she taught me so much more than that. I learned about ways to improve my already good FICO score, insight into how lenders underwrite loans, what they look for, how they determine the loan amount and even ways to better market my business. She told me her goal was to educate, not sell. I recommend this business and will work with Pam again when I need more business funding.

Steven Williams on Google

image DAC Funding Solutions helped me get a loan for my business during a time when I needed it most. I was turned down by my bank and needed quick funding to bid on an upcoming project. DAC Funding Solutions got me the money I needed within a day and I was able to win the bid. Highly recommend to anyone needing quick money for their business.

Diane Hightower on Google

image Excellent experience fast and easy. David Allen Capital found me a loan that worked for my business. The online application was easy to fill out and the results were quick. I had several different options to choose from and I was able to choose which one was right for me. I worked with the lender and my loan was available the following day. I just wish I had known about them sooner. Its comforting to know there is a company out there that values people and their individual needs towards progress. Getting a business loan has never been easier. Thank you David Allen Capital! To infinity and beyond! God bless you for this amazing opportunity!! If you are looking for a business loan definitely give them a try. They go the extra mile to help you out.

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Overall Rating
( 6 Reviews )

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