Work With a Purpose: 10 Ways to Effectively Share Company Goals with Your Employees

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Work With a Purpose: 10 Ways to Effectively Share Company Goals with Your Employees

Work With a Purpose: 10 Ways to Effectively Share Company Goals with Your Employees

The responsibilities of any business leader include setting company goals and developing plans to reach them. Setting goals, however, is only half the battle. To achieve success, you need your employees to buy into those goals and dedicate themselves to meeting them. You can’t run the business by yourself, but your employees can’t help you if they don’t know what you want to accomplish. So, how do you effectively share company goals with your employees?

We asked the experts at the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) to weigh in.


While quarterly goals change, long-term goals and your company’s values change slowly, if ever. The key to communicating your vision is simply repetition. At quarterly meetings, tie the last quarter’s performance to your vision along with the goals for the next quarter. That way your team sees their work making progress toward a larger goal.

John Rood, Next Step Test Preparation

Share News Through Video Communication

As a fully remote team, we face communication challenges on a daily basis. When it’s time to share company goals and vision, we create a video that is distributed to the whole team. We find videos to be more effective than wordy documents that often get scanned over. In our videos, we discuss how each department will help us achieve our goals and set individual milestones for every employee.

Jared Brown, Hubstaff Talent

Hold Company-wide, Team and Individual Get-togethers

We hold an annual meeting at the beginning of each year where we go over the three main company goals for the year. This is when we map out each department’s objectives and assign an owner to each objective. Throughout the rest of the year, we have a combination of company-wide weekly and quarterly meetings, and weekly one-on-one meetings, to monitor and measure progress toward company goals.

Nicole Munoz, Start Ranking Now

Tie Achievements to the Big Picture

When you’re buried in small daily tasks, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. So rather than just listing off generic goals, I make a real effort to tie those daily achievements to our larger vision. It shows employees that their work makes a difference and that even “boring” work matters. I’ll even have them talk about their wins, and say how they helped the company as a whole.

Elle Kaplan, LexION Capital

Discuss Goals through an Online Collaboration Platform

We get together on our online collaboration tool and have a group discussion where I share these goals and vision. Then I can get feedback and questions in either a public or anonymous way, whichever way everyone prefers. The idea is that I get instant and group responses that provide a better idea of how everyone feels about it and what they might change or need clarity on.

Drew Hendricks, Buttercup

Organize a Retreat

I’m the kind of person who likes to meet and strategize with my team, so a retreat is a great way to spend time together and focus on these ideas, goals and visions. It’s relaxed yet offers time to work and plan away from the office environment. Plus, we can have some social time that builds further collaboration and consensus.

Murray Newlands, Sighted

Share “Mission Moments.”

Every team meeting — whether it be the huge gatherings at our headquarters each month or the many that happen daily in our cafés — we share our “mission moments.” Our team members pick one moment when another colleague embodied our mission or a core value. These stories vary from small, simple gestures to larger, complicated efforts. They represent our company and remind us why we do what we do.

Nick Bayer, Saxbys Coffee

Align the Team through Quarterly Rallies

Every quarter we hold a company-wide rally to communicate goals, progress and mission to all employees. There are presentations and representation from every department as well as public shout-outs, employee-led workshops on KPIs, giveaways, and competitive quizzes on what was covered. Every rally is different, depending on the message, but they all work to align the team.

David Ciccarelli,

Use a Vision Board

Having your team on board is crucial to achieving your goals. I’ve created a vision board for my company using photos illustrating goals (big and small) that we keep up in the office. I like the visual aspect rather than a written list, as it helps bring the goal to life. We leave it up in the office so it sparks conversation and ideas among my team as far as how to make those things happen.

Leila Lewis, Be Inspired PR 

Communicate Company Goals as Often as Possible

I like to communicate Mappedin’s goals as often as possible. At a minimum, we hold a monthly town hall to go over “highlights and lowlights” and upcoming milestones. Each time, we’ll revisit or expand on something related to strategy. Outside of that, management meets every week to review strategy and relays information as necessary to their teams.

Hongwei Liu, mappedin

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