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The state of Wyoming which is predominantly a mountain range region is located in the northwest area of the United States.  An interesting comparison in terms of population and size is that both categories are complete opposites of one another.  Wyoming is one of the biggest states in the country ranking at 10, but in terms of population its the smallest.  There are only about 533,000 residents, but there has been an increase of about 6% as of late.  The residents of the city are known as "Wyomingnite" and the majority of them live in the city of Cheyenne, which is also the state capital.  Since being the lowest in terms of population, it only makes sense that Wyoming is ranked 49 in regard to its density.  If you like taking in the sites, Wyoming will definitely be a suitable destination.  With a vast amount of mountains spread throughout the state, the High Plains is the most known landmark in the region.  Wyoming is the 44th state having been admitted to the Union 119 years ago. Political issues are very important to the state since they are mostly conservative.  Wyoming is a representative of the Republican party.  Since Wyoming could almost be considered a home for many mountain ranges, there are some ideal mountains that those visiting Wyoming may want to see.  The Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains are very close to each other which are two landmarks that can draw significant attention from people. 

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